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Focusing on the Wrong Pain, the Wrong Issues

Everybody has different kinds of comfort zones, and somepeople are already comfortable and able to work through certain types of pain and discomfort. For instance, an ultra-marathoner may know all about physical pain. She can push herself through excruciating segments of a long race and has little to no fear of her body's limits. But then, she runs up against an issue of the heart. Maybe it's a man she's been longing after but can't express it. Maybe it's an inability to speak her heart to her mother. Wherever there is a limitation like this, that is where we must go.

However instead of dealing with the heart issue, the opposite is what more commonly happens. The ultra-marathoner would rather find a new physical challenge to deal with than this heart issue. A man in-touch with his emotions would rather share feelings than deal with his laziness that is making him obese. The intellectual would rather think more thoughts or talk about more spiritual ideas than deal …

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