Monday, April 14, 2014

Lost on the Spiritual Path

It's a sad truth that so many people who go looking for themselves on the spiritual path can become quite lost. There are some ways that the overt spiritual path as seen in different spiritual traditions, religions, philosophies, and so forth can become some of the most entrapping. People can get themselves so caught up in ideas, tenets, commandments, astrological sign charts, robes, and more that they cannot see the truth. They are simply mired in another elaborate ego game.

I wrote some time ago a post called "Beware the Spiritual Ego." This is precisely what this spirituality blog post is going to address for those of you who have been ensnared. One way or another, the core ego with all its beliefs and fears found a new set of clothes to wrap around itself, so you simply acted out the same types of patterns again and again. The very minor difference is that you did it in "spiritual" ways. But lying is still lying. Cheating is still cheating. Running away from difficult moments is still running away from difficult moments. And being afraid of the unknown is still being afraid of the unknown. The true spiritual path that I'm always writing about is a turning inwards, and so where you got lost was in turning outwards to find external comforts and spiritual experiences to make you feel good, validate you, love you, or some thing else that you thought you needed. Now, it's time to go inside.

Turning Inside and Coming Out of the Rain

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spiritual Writing: Just Me Inside of Our We

The latest in spiritual musings from my student, Jackie, is more spiritual prose than spiritual poetry. But it is lovely all the same. You can read more from her and some of my other current and past students on this link:

Thoughts from a Student  

Just Me Inside of Our We

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dissolving Issues With Awareness

This will probably sound so fantastical that you won't want to believe it. But it is the truth. We can dissolve fear, pain, anger, sadness, or anything else simply with awareness of it. We look at it, and it evaporates.

It sounds too good to be true. I could tell most of you that you need to do 30 years of penance, 4,000 hail Mary's, and meditate for 10 years to heal, and you'd believe that instead. But letting go is simple and natural. Cultural lies have made us believe that healing is hard, and our own commitment to living in pain makes things doubly hard. As those of you who have awakened and those who have cultivated stronger and stronger consciousness go on your journey of self exploration, you will come to a point where you can simply notice an issue arising. You will have little to no commitment to that issue, which is key. Then with a look, not even half a look, the issue is seen, accepted, embraced, and released.

This is how issues dissolve through awareness.

The Bright Fire of Your Light

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Webinar: Phases of Awakening

One of my students requested this topic about the phases of spiritual awakening, and I'd like to add that I am always open to webinar topic requests. I may not always feel guided to use one, but they are always appreciated.

Off the bat, I want to be sure you understand that awakening isn't a linear progression. It doesn't really go from step 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Some of the "phases" of spiritual awakening are more like flavors. Some people have more of one flavor in the ice cream of their awakening than others. However, there are some common flavors (both bitter and sweet) that many people experience as they melt into their awakened space, so I'll happily discuss those as well as answer other questions people have about awakening at this next webinar.

As always, this webinar is free, but donations are greatly appreciated, especially since I need to renew my webinar service soon. If you feel guided to help support me, please use the PayPal donate button to the right. Thank you!

Webinar Title: Phases of Awakening

Monday, March 31, 2014

Confusing Healing Work With Life Work

One of the interesting things about awakening or having a profound spiritual opening is that we are often moved to make more than a few changes in our lives to facilitate inner healing. It's very rare that a shift so radical arises that all is dropped at once and no external world changes are required. Oftentimes, we make changes in the external world because we have so out of alignment with what is true for us, and with that, there come many changes in work, social circles, and more as inner core beliefs and old pains are dissolved.

Thus, often the first things that people gravitate towards in a shift are aimed at helping them learn their life lessons and heal old wounds. One example that is fairly common is quitting the "evil" corporate job to become a yoga teacher. Since teaching yoga also offers a clear path in terms of doing and achieving something and it is culturally accepted, it can feel like a safe choice. But many times, that initial falling in love with something like yoga is simply about falling in love with you. You may have been out of tune with your body, so yoga can offer a lot of wonderful ways to access yourself and to heal your body in a variety of ways. It doesn't mean that it should be your life work. It may only be one brief stop on your spiritual ride.

Appreciating the Importance of Healing

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spiritual Poem: Your Melody

Today's spirituality poem from my student, Jackie, continues to take us back to the amazing song and musician that Love is. I hope you enjoy these words and are inspired to let Love turn you into her latest beautiful melody.

For more spirituality poems, you can check out this link:

Spiritual Poetry

You can also find other spiritual blog posts from my students on this link:

Thoughts from a Student


Your Melody

Monday, March 24, 2014

Glimpses of Awakening

Many, many people have glimpses of awakening. More than a few of you probably can instantly recall these moments where suddenly you felt filled with love, peace, or silence. It's like a window opened up inside you, and you were bathed in light. Then, for whatever reason, that window shut. For some of you, that little glimpse into the truth became the basis for your spiritual journey, and this can be a very beautiful thing when the journey doesn't become an endless quest. For others, it wasn't enough, or you didn't like what else the light showed you.

Because the light simply reveals what is. If the light that comes in through the window shows a beautiful inner space, it's easier to want to follow that light. If it shows all kinds of garbage and emotional debris, many people try to blame the light, and then they want that spiritual opening to close. And it usually does.

Since these spiritual glimpses or spiritual openings are so common, it's important to appreciate them and the opportunity for revelation and conscious change that they offer. It can also be important to not confuse them with a spiritual awakening or assume that we've achieved something. The awareness that is revealed in a spiritual opening is simply helping us to learn how to start to see life and ourselves. With that seeing, change naturally wants to arise. But you will most likely have to make space for it.

The Difference Between an Opening and Awakening

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