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Adding Breathwork to the Spiritual Toolkit

I often talk about "breathing in to issues" on this spiritual awakening blog, so I wanted to take a moment to explain that a little more.

My experience of the human body and in working with others is that we have two central ways of engaging with ourselves: rest and action. This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, and yet these basics seem to be overlooked. Maybe people have gotten too caught up in complicated ego stuff to appreciate the simplicity of this.

In general, it seems like people don't fully return to rest after taking action. There seems to be some way that we have gotten stuck in different levels of activation that have gradually built up throughout our lives. It's like a part or parts of us stay stuck in "alert-mode," and then that ends up getting stuck emotionally, physically, and energetically in our bodies. The breath is a way to unstick those parts.

With that said, I'm generally interested in using breath to engage with the r…

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