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Online Talk: Choosing to be a Spiritual Teacher or Leader

For the purposes of this talk, I'm going to primarily focus on upper level spiritual teachers and spiritual masters. For an explanation of what "upper levels" means, please check out my blog post below on what a spiritual teacher is.

In general, I feel there are enough resources available to those who want to follow an easier spiritual teaching route. By "easier," I mean that to be a Catholic priest there is already a whole support network to guide someone to that type of service and to support the teacher. That doesn't mean that what they'll do will be easy, but the support mechanisms are there just as yoga teachers, Reiki energy healers, and other spiritual teacher/leader/healer paths have plenty of support systems.

However, for those who are called to be a beacon and role model of spiritual freedom, there are different demands placed upon them. Most traditional religions will be too confining for the individual, and they'll have to do many thing…

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