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Finding Out You're Wrong About Yourself

There are very few egos that like to find out that they're wrong, but a big part of the initial stages of the spiritual path show people just that. Particularly after a spiritual awakening, people find out that their ideas about themselves and about life are wrong in countless ways, and to go further on the spiritual path, they have to accept that. Yet, many people won't.

It's surprising how much people prefer their illusions to reality, and even when reality continues to frustrate them and confound them, people will choose to be "right" about their beliefs, their self-concept, their world-concepts, and many more ideas rather than to accept the truth.

But accepting the truth is the only sane way to engage with reality. Accepting the truth is the only sane way to understand ourselves, and without that acceptance, so many other stages of spiritual development and understanding are beyond our reach.

So on this topic, I want to offer some thoughts on coming through …

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