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The 2 Pillars of the Ego and the Human Animal Body

Today's topic should be pretty revelation-free because the topic at hand is simply so obvious, but that makes the topic no less important. The ego is built on two main pillars of the human animal body. By this, I mean the animal body inside of all of us really only cares about two things. It cares about:
Individual SurvivalSpecies Survival Individual survival is often expressed through the fight or flight mechanism with which all of you are familiar. Species survival is expressed through things like the sex drive because it forces us to seek out mates to have children and keep the species going. See? No spiritual revelations here. You already know this.

Yet, despite the fact that we know these mechanisms exist, somehow we think we can forget about them or think that we have moved beyond them. Yet everyday, we see these mechanisms at work from the woman going into a fight mechanism at the grocery store line because she is scared that she is being over-charged to the man who is prop…

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