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Online Talk: Complete Healing

When you go to a doctor with a broken leg, you expect nothing less than to have the bone set and to go through a rehab process that returns you to full functionality. When you can do all the things you did before, you have completely healed.

But when it comes to healing self-worth issues, trauma, and other inner injuries, it seems like the best modern day healers can do for people these days is to give them a few painkillers and some metaphorical crutches to perpetually hobble around upon. Crutches can be things like affirmations where a person is trying to talk themselves into positivity and feeling good, and this practice effectively masks or ignores the wound that is trying to emerge to be healed. This crutch like many others leaves a lot of people extremely limited in their ability to live. Many people are just trying to survive while they struggle with wounds of all sorts.

As I've gone on my journey as a spiritual teacher, I have experienced, helped, and witnessed the comple…

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