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Burning in the Awakened Fire

Lately, I've been emphasizing the intensity that goes on after a spiritual awakening. A true spiritual awakening is like a spark that ignites a fire that takes over a person. If totally embraced, a person can be burned down to nothing. This "nothingness" scares the crap out of the ego, but to the true self, this is spiritual freedom. This is liberation. This is the ability to fully live all of life.

Truly, becoming a nobody is not high on most people's lists. Most people want safety, and being nobody doesn't sound safe at all. No, what most spiritual seekers want is safety and the assurances of safety coming from doing all this spiritual work. But I can't give that assurance because safety is an illusion. In no other place than the awakened fire is it more fully illuminated that our interests and perception of safety runs counter to our best interests. When the fire ignites, people want out. They think they are being harmed when this pain is transforming the…

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