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Spiritual Loneliness and Feeling Disconnected

Loneliness is a big topic, and it is a big issue for many people. Loneliness drives many people to the spiritual path as they attempt to find a refuge from this feeling. It's a powerful body sensation, and because of it's power, we need to take time to really look at it rather than to just obey it.

Too often, we believe what we feel, and we believe how we interpret what we feel. There is a sensation in the body, and the ego-mind labels that as loneliness. We immediately believe this label, and we take action based on that belief in regards to how to "fix" this feeling. But sometimes, the label is wrong. Furthermore, this body sensation may have nothing to do with your physical reality. For instance, you may feel lonely, but you're at a party with friends or in a crowd of people. You are not actually alone; that's not your physical reality. Yet, the feeling remains.

So as we dive into this big issue, let me start by breaking apart the reality of being alone f…

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