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Online Talk: How Oneness and Duality Can Coexist

Thanks very much to everyone who has donated to keep the talks going! Thirteen people offered almost $400 in donations. Since I'm offering a talk for every $150 in donations, I'm moving forward on offering two more talks, starting with this one. We're only $50 away from funding another talk, and if you'd like to support these talks, you can donate here. Leave a note saying that the donation is "for online talks" so that I know. Thanks!

Donate to Support More Online Talks

With that said, this talk and the others will continue to be ABSOLUTELY FREE to anyone who wants to come thanks to the generosity others.

Oneness and Duality, Together Forever
Oneness and duality are two of the great fundamental truths of human life. Oneness is. It's that eternal stillness within us that also permeates us and connects all of life. Changeless and timeless, oneness is the source we return to on our paths to spiritual freedom. Duality is separation. It's constantly changi…

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