Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spiritual Poem: Painted in Magnificence

Color, life, divinity. A swirl of feelings and emotions. I hope you dive into this latest poem from Jackie and let it swirl you around in colorful, divine playfulness and sacredness.

As always, you can check out this and many other poems under the Community section at the bottom. This link takes you there directly:

Spiritual Poetry


Painted in Magnificence

Monday, December 30, 2013

Spiritual Allegories

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Those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that I like to write spiritual allegories from time to time. It lets my inner fiction/short story writer come out to play and share with all of you. Plus, it's a nice way to change the tone of the blog from the more overt teaching that I usually do to a more subtle teaching. In any event, this page is a collection of those stories I've written thus far. I have also added in the interpretations for those of you who want to know more about the symbolism that is within the stories. If you need a recommendation for where to start, I still love "A Chance Encounter With Love."


Spiritual Allegories

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Spiritual Poem: Holy Communion

I felt like sharing this beautiful poem on Christmas because I think it is a wonderful reclaiming of a core religious practice. For many people, communion has been denuded of its deeper meaning, it's greater divinity. But my student, Jackie, brings this term back to us and renews it with the depth of her loving awareness. In this poem, we have a chance to see that communion is in essence a "coming into union" with the divine, and we can have that sacred connection within ourselves at any moment.

To enjoy more of her poems as well as poetry from another of my students, you can click on the following link:

Spiritual Poetry


Holy Communion

Monday, December 23, 2013

Humility and the Prideful Intellectual Ego

I've spent a lot of time talking about the qualities of love, patience, and even faith, but I don't think I've spent too much time writing about humility. Humility is often a misunderstood trait. Too often it becomes false humility where the person abdicates their personal power or their knowing about life and themselves. Otherwise, humility is considered a kind of weakness by the ego, which thinks it needs to declare itself as amazing or important. Why do you think so many people pursue fame? It's for the ego's aggrandization and validation. When we love ourselves, we don't need external validation, which is simply a watered-down, polluted form of love. If we achieve notoriety of some sort, then that is fine, but this too shall pass. There's no reason to hold onto it or defend it.

In humility, we see this, and we more easily can see all the ways our prideful egos try to hide from the reality of the ridiculous three-ring circus we turn our lives into.

Meeting the Intellectual Ego for the First Time

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Embracing Your Light Phase

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Following up from the dispelling the darkness phase spirituality blog post, we naturally must talk about embracing of the light. In fact--as I mentioned before--they're not really separate. They are whirling together at all times post spiritual awakening. They are very much intertwined with the phases of expansion and contraction that are inherent in the rebirthing process, and there's a lot of overlap in these ideas with the way I write about "The Process of Healing Pain from Your Energy Body." It's all just made-up words anyway, and there's no need to hang onto words or ideas for any longer than necessary.

The more you step into your inner radiant light, the more you understand this. There is no need to hang onto anything longer than it is helpful or healing. Words and ideas must be understood in this light, or else we can get lost in the many philosophical rabbit holes that the intellectual ego tries to hide in. There's no need to hide in the mind, and in this phase, there's no need and much less the will to hide anymore.

Enough Is Enough

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Shadow and Dispelling the Darkness Phase

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I've been toying with a new way to discuss spiritual awakening and the arising of consciousness that emerges from that deep connection. Once again, I always like to remind people that I am using the term "awakening" in a very specific way. I don't use it as a verb that means to gradually become more aware. I refer to that as the path of consciousness. On the path of consciousness, we can become more aware. We can improve. We can see more. It is an important path of self growth, and one that also naturally arises from the awakened state when we no longer resist who and what we are.

So while awakening includes this, the individual who awakens feels almost carried along by some greater more intelligent and loving force that automatically rips down illusions while simultaneously revealing one's greatest light. In this space, gentleness and acceptance tend to be crucial, and the energy needs a little bit, but not much focusing inwards. This awareness abides, and it sees everything as perfect. Everything Is. That is enough, and yet from that Is-ness, there arise often dramatic changes, usually starting by clearing out illusions and the darkness resulting from those illusions.

For those on the conscious path, discipline, building up internally focused energy, and a host of other spiritual tools are important because otherwise the individual is still in their old habits and patterns and much prefers to roll along with those currents. The greater inner current has not been set loose, and much of the work is about how you learn to open that space so that inner intelligence naturally shaping your life in accordance to the divine plan.

With all of this said, you'll still find plenty of elements in this post that apply to you regardless of if you have awakened or if you're on the path of developing greater consciousness. While the latter happens naturally with the person in awakening, we all move through opportunities for greater clarity in our spiritual growth cycles for this lifetime. So if you do find yourself generally in a time of dispelling the darkness, I can only encourage you to persist and go deeper to pass through it instead of avoiding it.

The Dance of Light and Dark

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: The Art of Giving and Receiving

This is my last spirituality webinar for the year since the next webinar after this one falls on Christmas. The next webinar will be on January 8, 2014.

It seems fitting to talk about giving and receiving at this time of year as many people who celebrate Christmas are focusing on that. It, unfortunately, often is a time of great stress, and many people are caught up in feelings of obligation, looking for the "perfect" gifts for everyone, trying to get others to give them what they really want, and receiving gifts that they don't really want. Clearly, we can see that the ego is hard at work, which is why so many people hate the holidays. In the hopes of helping you remember the joys of giving and receiving, I am offering this free webinar.

Webinar Title: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Monday, December 2, 2013

Breaking the Glass

Sometimes I like to step all the way back. I like to bring this blog back to the beginning--to where most people are. They're still locked in their ideas of themselves. They're in solid glass statues or tiny capsules unable to move but completely convinced of their flexibility and freedom. Stuck in place, life continues to show them the same lessons over and over, but instead of learning from these lessons, these people assume that life is being cruel to them or that's just how it is. They blame their bosses, co-workers, children, parents, the government, the Democrats, the Republicans, and everything else for their situation and their feelings. They are hopelessly lost in their illusions.

This is the state of the world.

Is the World Awakening?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spiritual Poem: The Wound of the Beloved

beloved, spiritual poetry, spiritual image, love, pain, grief, darkness, light
This latest poem from my student, Jackie, takes us into the pain we carry. It is a sacred view into the wounding so many of us carry from very early on in life, and it is an opportunity to see how that very pain and grief can free us into our own true love.

But I'll stop talking now. No need for too much analysis. Just enjoy, enjoy!

Please feel free to catch up on all of her poetry as well as poems from my former student, Rach, on this link: 

Spiritual Poetry

The Wound of the Beloved

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sabotaging the Healing Process and Running When It Gets Tough

There's an old saying about, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." It's not an all bad saying. While I don't prescribe to the no pain, no gain philosophy of success through suffering, there is a lot to be said for perseverance, tenacity, and general dedication and self-discipline. These are core elements prescribed by most true spiritual traditions that I know of. It's just a lot of times people get so hung up on the structures (meditating for 30 minutes, going to church every Sunday, and so forth) that they forget why they are doing it. And sometimes when things get difficult that's a sign to change direction, not simply bulldog your way through it.

So as always, this goes back to you and your inner knowing. You have to know you better than anyone else, including those of us spiritual teachers. You have to understand what your tendencies are and when to lean into something and when to step out of it. In developing that understanding, you will be better prepared for some of the inner intensities that arise especially as deeper healing ignites. In this way, you will avoid the tendency to self-sabotage and run-away. In case this is a new topic for some of you (and it probably is), let me talk a little bit about what it's like as deep healing intensifies and how often people run away from the very healing they want.

The Fire Grows Hotter

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spirituality Poem: Unending

I've read this poem by my student, Jackie, a couple of times, and I encourage you to do so as well, preferably out loud. There's something about certain poems that begs to be spoken and not quietly read, but you are welcome to do that all the same. But if you do read this out loud, I encourage you to listen closely to the cadence of the words. See if you hear the tremors of Truth and feel the rumblings of Love inside you that may get stirred up from that place of "unending" within you.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: Spiritual Sexuality and Sexual Desire

Everybody loves sex. Well, I hope everyone does. That's why I'm sure that this topic will be more than a little popular for many of you. But the approach to sexuality on the spiritual path is generally much different than the way people think about it. It seems like on the one hand we have people who are very extreme in denying sex except for purposes of procreation, and on the other hand, we have people who just want to feel tons and tons of pleasure. Both pleasure and procreation are part of spiritual sexuality, but spiritual sexuality is broader than that.

To help people broaden their appreciation of sexuality and their own creative energy within them, I'll have my next webinar about this topic so that you can see the breadth of opening, healing, creativity, flow, and more than a little pleasure that it can offer to your spiritual practice and your life.

Webinar Title: Spiritual Sexuality and Sexual Desire

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spiritual Poetry

I've been very blessed to be attracting students who have been sharing their poetry with me and all of us on this blog, so I'm creating this page to update with the latest poems. You'll be able to find this blog post under the "Community" section here on this blog.

Being Alive
By Jackie

The Gift of Love
By Jackie

Your Melody
By Jackie

Love's Wings
By Jackie

Meeting Sun
By Jackie

By Jackie

The Indescribable Eternal
By Jackie

The Garden of Life and Light and Bliss
By Jackie

Painted in Magnificence
By Jackie

Holy Communion
By Jackie

The Wound of the Beloved
By Jackie

By Jackie

The Glow
By Jackie

The Happiness Which Does Not Cease
By Jackie

The Divine Dance
By Rach

I See You
By Rach

The Pristine Unseen
By Rach

I Seeing Me
By Rach

That Which Lurks Below
By Rach

In the Still
By Rach

By Rach

By Rach

I Am
By Rach

The flower photo is a gift from Arran Edmonstone--a long-time supporter of this blog. He donated photos in the earlier days of this blog (circa 2011), and I'm honored to be able to share some of his work once more. You can check out his latest photos on this flickr link.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spiritual Poetry: The Glow

Oh goodie. Another poem to share from my student, Jackie. Such a joy to read and share such work on this humble little blog. I hope it inspires you. I hope it encourages you to go within to find that Truth and Love that is already there within you. I hope it helps you to find your inner glow and to shine in your everyday life.

You can read more of her poetry and other students' works on this link: Thoughts from a Student.

The Glow

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Great Master Teaches: Part 2

spiritual clarity, spiritual sight, spiritual photography
Here is the conclusion to the spiritual allegory, "The Great Master Teaches." Be sure to check out Part 1 so you can understand the conclusion, and stay tuned for an upcoming interpretation of the allegory. Enjoy!

As the brown-robed Believer left town, the first lesson came upon the man in the yellow robe who had taken up living in the great house that was meant for the great master. He had spurned her direction to tear it down and donate the proceeds and anything of value back to the Village. He lay slumbering one night when thieves broke into the house. The continued poverty in the area had made many increasingly desperate, and even though this was to be a house dedicated to God, they could no longer resist all the fine furnishings.

So a group of six thieves crept in and using a spell, put the Believer into a deep sleep while they pillaged the house. This went on for several nights, and each morning, the Believer was too muddled in his mind from the spell to notice all the things gone missing.

One day, a friend passing by pointed out that all the stained glass windows were gone. At which point, the man in the yellow robe knew something was up. He decided to stay up all night to catch the thieves. On this last night, he heard the thieves and ran out to confront them. But they knocked him senseless to the ground. He was carted far away outside the town and stripped naked of his clothes. By the time he made it back, the whole house had been torn down.

Penniless, he cursed his luck, cursed the thieves, and wept in repentance. He found a few rags to wear and decided to leave the Village and his ill-luck behind. Upon the ground, he found one of the original candles from the house. He lit it and walked off into the country.

The woman in the red robe heard of these news and sent word to the Great Master about these ill-tidings. Too big too move, she asked the master to come to her to counsel about these things, but the master told her that she must come to her. Deeply concerned to see a long-time friend lose everything, she tried, but despite trying, she could not move to go see the master.

At last, she realized how much her weight had inhibited her, and she began to fast. She had her servants give away much of the remaining food, and she began to pray and meditate regularly. But things were already afoot, and her lesson soon found her despite her decision to fast and to lose weight. A heart attack seized her, and she barely survived. All the doctors came by to help her mend, but she was in a very sorry condition for some time.

Finally, she prayed to God and said, "I promise to never over-eat or take more than my fair share ever again. Please help me to heal."

The next day, she was miraculously healthy. As the weeks went by, she was able to walk again. She decided to leave the Village and to use travel as a form of exercise to let go of all the weight she had put on. Just as she was leaving, she found one of the candles from the great house being sold in a shop. She picked it up, and she lit it to illuminate her way on her journey.

The purple-robed Believer heard these goings on, but she assumed it had nothing to do with her. It just added to her idle gossip topics. She had no intention of moving on to do anything. Then one day, lightning struck her home. A fire sprung up, and everything began burning. She tried to put things out, but she was so slow and out of breath that she could not stop it from spreading. She tried to run to the next home, but she had hardly any stamina to make it down the lane to get help. By the time she got back, everything was burnt to a cinder.

Angry and sad, she cursed her luck, but instead of moving on, she decided that this was a trick by the Devil or a test by God.

She said, "I'll just sit here until you show me the way."

But she knew the way, and she refused to follow it because it seemed like too much work. Then one day, a bird flew by, and it pooped on her head. She said to herself, "Is this what I deserve? To be pooped on? If God can't protect me from such things, then I no longer believe in him."

So the woman in the purple robe gave up the path, married a rich man, and lived with him in comfort, ease, and spiritual ignorance to the end of her days.

The man in the blue robe had long been watching everything from afar, and his desire for the great master had grown yet stronger. He'd begun to get bolder by sending her flowers, cards, and candies, which she promptly gave away or destroyed. So he decided to take more visible action to show that he could be her peer and protector. He stood up for her against the man in the orange robe and the woman in the green robe. But in standing up for her and being noticed, he began to attract the desires of many of the Village women. Some of them were in committed relationships, but they desired him nonetheless. They sent him suggestive notes and winks. They stole pinches if he was nearby.

One night, one of the woman following him lured him into her bedroom saying that the great master had sent for him and had finally succumbed to his advances. But the next morning, he saw that he had not been with the great master and found out that the woman was married. Soon he heard the husband was looking for him to "settle a few things."

Fearful of the reprisal he'd called upon himself, he fled the Village and did not return.

The man in the orange robe had also been paying attention to these events, so he'd created an armed guard around him. Everywhere he went raising the alarm and stirring up anger, the armed guard went with him. He said to himself, "No trickery from this charlatan speaking for God will get to me. I'll always be protected."

But he was not always protected. Even he had to take off his clothes and go to the bathhouse at some point. Sitting in these waters, he happened to make eye contact with a beautiful raven-haired woman. The woman batted her eyes at him and cajoled him to come sit by her. He dutifully went like a hawk called to the perch, and she filled his mind with sweet fantasies that brought him to great excitement. Then suddenly a noise sounded--a very small noise and a pinprick of pain. He realized that the woman had stabbed him with a small needle. At first he did not understand, but quickly the poison spread. He got woozy and slipped underneath the waters before he could call out or run away from his assassin.

The woman slipped away unknown. Her motives remained a mystery, and most of the Village that he somehow drowned in the bathhouse.

Upon hearing this latest news, the last Believer in Village ran to the Great Master.

"Please, please, Great Master. Call off your tricks. Call off your lessons. Spare me. Spare me," the woman in the green robe sobbed.

The master looked at the woman, but saw the coldness still in her heart.

"I have done nothing. I was warning you. I was showing you the way to your heart's bliss in service, but the hard road of the spiritual path frightened you. You turned away. You turned away from God, and therefore you turned away from me. You have called in these lessons into your own lives by your actions and negligence. This is not my doing. It was your own."

Then the jealousy in the Believer's heart flared up, and she shouted, "You think you're so much better than everyone. But I'll show you." She ripped off her clothing, put on rags, and went out into the desert. She was dead of dehydration after three days.

Then the Village had none of the Believers left--none of those who were supposed to guard them and lead them on their soul paths. But the master remained, and she taught and counselled many. She said to them, "The light of your own guidance is already within you. Follow that, and you will not need the guidance of another. But from time to time, it may still serve you to follow those whose vocation is in service to the light."

In particular she taught the children, and in many of the coming days, the upsets and difficulties of the Village began to subside.

Then one day, a man in rags with little more than the candle in his hand came into town. The Villagers wondered who this poor man was, but the Great Master knew.

"Welcome home," she said to the Believer who used to wear a yellow robe.

"Hello good master. Is this my home?"

"You tell me."

"No, my home is in my heart. It is not in things. It is not in a place, and it is not in comfort. I have learned these lessons on my travels, and I thank you." He began to weep and bow to her, but she lifted him up.

"There is only one to whom we bow, dear friend. Stay awhile before you journey on. I can tell that you are finally on your path, so I will not delay you long. But tell me what you have seen."

So he did. And he shared the wonders he'd seen in his travels, and he shared the stories he'd heard. He shared the new names of God he'd heard and the new practices he'd found. Just before he left, she kissed him on the forehead, "May you see and hear even more on this next leg of your journey."

Then he set out to continue to deepen his spiritual path.

The fortune of the Village continued to improve, and where the old great house had once been, a great community center was built instead. Plays, town meetings, weddings, and gatherings of all sorts were now held there, and the from time to time, the Great Master would join in, not to teach, but to play. Because in divine play, God also is revealed. One night as the festivities were going on and much food and drink was available, a frail, thin woman approached the master, who was watching after dancing for awhile.

"Dear sister! Welcome home." She embraced the woman who used to wear a red robe.

"Thank you, sister."

"Come, have some food and drink."

"Thank you sister, but only a little please. I do not need much, and there are others that need much more."

"It will be as you say, but tell me what you have seen."

And the woman who used to wear a red robe spoke of the many foods and bounties in other lands as well as the poverty and famines in other parts. She spoke of the disproportionate distribution of such things, and she spoke of her work to help bring balance to these systems so that all would have enough to eat and to live.

"Then continue on now, dear sister," the Great Master said. "And continue to teach others the importance of balance, taking no more than you need, and finding a greater harmony for all the communities of the world."

Then the woman left to continue her journey.

Now, the Village had grown into new health, and sickness was rare. Hunger and poverty were few. A renaissance had come upon the region, and life was beautiful and peaceful. The Great Master could see her work was coming to a close. She knew it was now time for a new shepherd to come and light the way.

One day, a man in golden robes with a strong, clear demeanor came to town. His eyes were like the clear sky, and his heart like the ocean. The master knew this one as well. It was the Believer who used to wear a brown robe.

"I see you have come back at last," the Great Master says.

"Yes. Thanks to you. You showed me the path, and it has been hard. It has been gentle too, and it has freed me of my pride. It did not stop there. It freed me of many other things, so now I can see what needs to be done, what needs to be left alone, and what needs only God. Quite simply, I can see now."

The master bows to him. "Wonderful. I had been waiting for you. My time to leave has come. Please look after those here. I have done my work. It is your time now dear Teacher. It is my sincere hope that you can better teach those that are here and those who are to come to be free of the vices that have soured this community before and to embrace the love that is already around them."

"Oh dear master, please don't go. I would be sad to lose your company."

She smiles. In her smile, he sees the infinite space of love--the space where nothing can ever be lost. Pressing her hand to his chest, something else begins to open in him, and the path of his heart widens so that he can begin the next phase of his spiritual journey as a Teacher to the Village.

With that, she leaves.

You can read the interpretation of this spiritual allegory on this link.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spirituality Poem: The Happiness Which Does Not Cease

I have the wonderful fortune to attract wonderful spirituality poets. This latest poem comes from my student, Jackie. I hope you all enjoy her way of sharing spiritual truth.

In general, you can always check out the varied voices of spiritual experience from my students under the "Thoughts from a Student" link on the right-hand side of the blog.


The Happiness Which Does Not Cease

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Great Master Teaches: Part 1

This spiritual allegory continues the story that I began some time ago. To catch up on this tale, you can read both "The Coming of the Great Master Part 1" and "The Coming of the Great Master Part 2." There's an interpretation of the allegory available if you are interested as well. Enjoy!

After coming to the Village as prophesied, the Great Master quietly and humbly did her work in all the dark, polluted places of the Village, and no more dark and polluted were the hearts of the Believers who had spent so much time and effort to prepare for her. For they were truly poorly prepared for her arrival, and even after their repentance, other issues soon came to light.

She sent them to tear down the great house that they'd built. She sent them to redistribute the food and clothing. But as they got ready to do as she'd instructed, other thoughts soon surfaced.

"Why should we tear down such a beautiful place," the man in the yellow robe said to the others. "We spent so much time to create it. It would be a waste to get rid of it. I'm sure we can find a use for it."

The other Believers agreed, and before long, the man in the yellow robe had set up his home in that space originally intended to house the master. Living there, he enjoyed the great tapestries and the multi-colored light that streamed in through the beautiful stained glass windows.

All the while the hardships in the Village--which had lessened since the coming of the great master--continued. Poverty continued. Fights and arguments proliferated, and disease and hunger were rampant. Nonetheless, the Believers felt above the needs of the Village and blamed the others for not being righteous enough to be as lucky as they.

This mentality continued to grow in the Believers' hearts and minds, and as the woman in the red robe took on the task  of redistributing all the food, she soon found herself sampling more and more of the stores of cold cuts, fruits, pies, and sumptuous nuts.

"Why should I give away such good foods anyway? Surely others will get by as they always have," she thought to herself.

In the following days, she carried more and more food out in her sacks to her own home, filling her larder to overflowing. Soon she began to grow quite large, having difficulty in moving about in her daily life. But she saw no issue with this and happily gorged herself on the free sustenance.

The man in the blue robe took little interest in the house they'd built or the directions of the master. Instead, he took more and more interest in the master's body. He found himself secretly coveting being with her and wondering what it would feel like to make love to her. But any time he came near, she would ask if the Believers had done what she'd requested. He would answer, "No," and quickly leave to continue watching her from afar.

The woman in the green robe also watched the master from afar, not from sexual interest, but with jealousy. She coveted the attention the master received, and she tried to mimic the movements and words that the master used to heal and to teach. But the people with whom she tried this felt nothing. Their illnesses or misunderstandings continued. Thus, the woman became even more jealous of the master and her abilities, and the green-robed woman's heart darkened.

The man in the orange robe became angry soon after the master had given her instructions. He did not like being told what to do, so he preached against her. He told others that the master was leading them astray and that the divine wisdom she shared was nonsense. He developed a following, and soon the Village became more divided than it had ever been. Conflict and fights sparked in even the most peaceful neighborhoods, and rumors of potential wars with other towns began to circulate.

The newest Believer garbed in a brown robe believed that since he hadn't done any of the things that the other Believers had done that the master's instructions did not apply to him. So he disregarded the directions and went about his business, largely ignoring the master and her work.

Lastly, the woman in the purple robe did nothing. She let all the others do as they choose. She spent her days in idleness and partook of lazy gossiping about the problems the Village continued to experience, assuming that the others and the master were doing the work that really needed to be done.

Word of the actions and lack of actions reached the master, so she journeyed to visit each of them to peer more deeply into their hearts. First she came to the man in the yellow robe who had surrounded himself by the wealth that had originally been gathered for her.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Dear master...I...um," he stammered.

"I told you to tear this place down and give back all this wealth to the Village to continue the healing of this town. Why have you not done this?"

But he could not look at her, and his greedy heart wanted to cling onto his reasoning, unwilling to share even that little bit of himself with her.

In gazing into him, she saw this and nodded. "If you do not do as I ask, you will soon be taught a great lesson about your greed." With that, she left, and the man in the yellow robe breathed a sigh of relief.

"A great lesson, ha!" he thought. "I would be foolish to give up such wealth. What possible reason would I have for living like a pig with those others? If they aren't smart enough to gain wealth as I have, then they deserve what they get."

With those thoughts, he did nothing, and a lesson soon came to him.

Next, she went to the woman in the red robe who had become grossly obese. She had grown so fat that she could not stand unassisted and now had servants to help her lift her body through doorways.

"Look at you, dear sister. What has happened for you to go astray?" the master asked.

But the woman was so buried in her own flesh that she could barely gurgle a response.

"You must leave off this great consumption of goods before it destroys you, sweet one," the master stated and departed.

The thought of no longer eating so many sweet and wonderful foods was now more appalling to the woman in the red robe than any other threatening happenstance. So she too disregarded the master's warning and continued to gorge herself.

The master went looking for the woman in the purple robe, but could not find her in the markets or her place of work. Instead, she found her still lounging bed.

"Why have you not gotten out of bed yet? It is the middle of the afternoon," the master asked.

"Oh yes. I meant to get up soon." But soon after saying these words, she rolled back over and started to snore once more.

"Wake up!" the master shouted, startling the woman.

"Oh, well, there's no need to shout."

"Yes, there is, or I would not have done it. Sometimes, a shout is the only way to get the attention of one such as you. Your Village is unraveling. Dissension is growing, and you do nothing."

"I'm sure one of the others will do something."

"Or perhaps not. You and the others have all grown quite sick, sicker than I'd first thought. But you too will have a lesson come and visit you very soon if you do not soon take the initiative to act."

The woman in the purple robe was troubled by this, but she quickly fell back to sleep to more lazy dreams of lying in the grass and doing nothing.

The man in the blue robe was not hard to find as he'd been following her the whole time.

The master turned around, "Why are you following me?"

"I had an idea...uh...something to share."

"No you did not. You have been dreaming of my body and having me as a sexual partner. This must end. I am not here as a toy for desire and illusion. Do not confuse the image of my body with the deeper union you truly desire. These animal passions in you must be purged or else you too will soon be met with a difficult lesson."

The man in the blue robe quickly agreed outwardly, but once she was gone, he began following her again from a slightly farther distance and continued his erotic nightly dreams and fantasies about her.

Elsewhere, the woman in the green robe and the man in the orange robe had teamed together. When the master found them, they were whipping a small crowd into a frenzy.

"There! There is the heretic. False prophet, I say to you..."

"Such nonsense. Such deceitful anger and envy. You two will have the hardest lessons yet if you do not repent and see the errors of your ways." She spent even less time with them as she knew the truth. She knew that the pain of God's lessons would have to be applied directly and potently before they would see. No words from her would change that.

And they showered her with curses as she left.

Lastly, she found the newest believer. While believing that her original instruction to tear down the house and to go out with a candle doing service wasn't meant for him, he had been spending time in his neighborhood tending to the issues of his people.

"I see you are still here. You do not believe my instruction applies to you," she said.

"Well, I didn't do all that they did."

"But you have joined their cause. You call yourself a Believer. And if you cannot listen to the instruction from a messenger of God, how can you truly call yourself a Believer?"

His mouth moved wordlessly, as he saw his error.

"Now go, take a candle from that great house, and do as I say. Be of service to the other towns. Live in rags. See who will take you in. See who will feed you. See who will clothe you," the master said.

And he did this. The believer in the brown robe got his candle from the great house to illuminate his path and stepped out into the unknown to pave his path of service. He left just as the first great lesson came to visit the man in the yellow robe.

You can read the conclusion on this link: The Great Master Teaches: Part 2. The hand-drawing picture is a lovely gift from my student, Vale.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: Enhancing Your Discernment

discernment photo, telescope photo, spiritual photography
Some time ago, I wrote a blog post called "The Difference Between Discernment and Judgment." Because this is such an important topic, I wanted to dedicate a webinar to these concepts help you better understand what discernment truly is and to help you improve your abilities to be discerning.

The simplest way to describe discernment is that it's the closest we come to seeing life as it is within our human limitations. Judgment is how we use our preferences to cloud what we see, but so often people believe that their judgments are the actual truth. I like to use the example of looking at the sky. The person who is judging may say, "The sky looks ugly." This is unhelpful. You don't know much more about the sky than before, and even if you know this person's preferences for a beautiful sky, you are left at a loss. The person who uses discernment may say, "The sky is full of smog." Here there is no judgment about whether the smog is good or bad, and it allows others to know what is actually there.

If you are interested in enhancing your discernment, read on and register below:

Webinar Title: Enhancing Your Discernment

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Spaces in Between

space, spirituality, photography, awakening, enlightenment
The spaces in between moments are where we often find some of the greatest riches of life. Life is naturally spacious, and it's the space that helps to give meaning to definition. Consider if I wrote with no spaces between words, and consider also if there was no separation from the letters and each other. It would be an unintelligible black mass of stuff on this page that you could do nothing with. Then perhaps, maybe you notice how I use spaces in between paragraphs to give you a rest.

A pause.

Then I go on to the next sentence, which is also given space by the period. This punctuation is more than a metaphor though; it can be an allegory for your life. How do you learn to find space in between moments, between breaths? Or do you just rush on and on. Even in awakening, it is easy to feel swept away by energetic movements and major realizations. Can you breathe in here and find the space between the moments of action and energetic shift? In so doing, we come to rest more deeply in awakened awareness.

That Which Is Is Always Here

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dissolving Into Pure Consciousness

Dissolving into pure consciousness is a fun topic to talk about because it is very different than what most people think it is. Dissolving into this space of "is-ness" is not about going some place. Rather, it's about knowing in the fullness of you that you've never left it, never been apart from it. That is the truth of consciousness. Consciousness is in all things including the unconsciousness ego. This may seem paradoxical, but paradoxes are often much more true than anything else. Paradoxes allow us the freedom to step out of overly rigid ideas and thinking structures/rationales to embrace a much fuller universe, that (for as far as I can tell) has NEVER played by human rules or reasoning and rationale.

As a corollary, dissolving into consciousness isn't a word-play game or a mental idea. You can't simply say, "Oh, well, I'm already consciousness, cool. Great. I'm done." This is one of those ways where the ego tries to "win" at spirituality, but in our hearts, we always know. We know if we've truly accepted and embraced this truth fully or if we're playing a game with ourselves to try and feel good and accomplished or whatever it is the ego is trying to get. And there's nothing here to get either. Becoming spiritually free isn't about getting free; it's about seeing that we've always been free.

After the Jailbreak

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How Meditation Got Easier for Me

meditation, flower, picture, spiritual photography
I asked my student, Brandy, to talk about how meditation has gotten easier for her because I know that many of you struggle to sit down and be with all the mental racket. I always like to remind people that meditation isn't about achieving a state of awareness, but in letting go of needing it to be anything, amazing things may unfold as they have for her.

If you'd like to read more on how to meditate after you finish with this blog, check out the following post:

How to Meditate

How Meditation Got Easier for Me

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spirituality Webinar Recording: Embracing Your Shadow

One of my students requested a webinar about embracing the shadow, so in honor of that request, here's my announcement for my next spirituality webinar about just that topic.

It should be mentioned that the shadow (at least as I'm defining it) is simply that which is ignored, avoided, or repressed. Much of the time, people have left some of their greatest gifts and true light-full Self in the dark, and often times, it is their light and love that is most difficult aspects of themselves to reclaim. As a result, it's not all dark trauma and hateful thoughts hiding out back there (although there is often some of that as well). But we all must learn to embrace the shadow because we all must embrace the totality of ourselves. Nothing can be left out.

Webinar Recording: Embracing Your Shadow

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 from 10:30 to 11:30 am PST. I hope you enjoy it and sign up for one of my future webinars.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One-on-One Weekend Intensives

I offer one-on-one weekend intensives to help people go more deeply into themselves and to break through old patterns. It's a deeply supportive energetic environment, and it's a way for you to learn how to move into a different energy within yourself. This can be critical for some of you to break out of old ways of thinking, acting, and living. As a result, there is the potential for a weekend intensive to be life-changing, although no expectation should ever be held for that.

Things in the weekend intensive unfold in their own divine timing, and it is up to you how you learn and integrate from the experience. If you don't choose to make changes and to melt into your love after this spiritual intensive, then there's no intensive, retreat, or other humanly thing in the world that can do that for you.


This is a two and half day experience going from Friday (either afternoon or evening) to Sunday evening. A schedule/curriculum is tailored to each individual depending on their needs. Activities are secondary to being. This may confuse you if your ego believes action is the way to spiritual understanding, which is also in part the point of this. Being is. To the untrained eye, this is a weekend of hanging out with me, but on the energetic level, there will be conversations of all levels and all depths at work. Strangely enough, it can be very fatiguing, which is why there is typically a sizable break during the full days on Saturday and Sunday

Some activities that generally come up are:
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Eating together
  • 1-hour dedicated sessions
  • Reading spiritual texts
  • Visioning (talking about what a person really wants to do in their life)
  • Talking
  • Energy sensitivity and awareness exercises
  • Meditating
  • Chanting and other things as they arise


The main benefit is that you have a chance to be with a teacher who is grounded in the awakened space. This doesn't mean I'm perfect, btw. You're not going to a spiritual teacher such as myself to find a "perfect" person or to make yourself perfect, whatever perfect may mean to you. You come to remove any obstructions to your love. We will typically spend more time dealing with your darkness than your light. However, meeting one's inner light tends to also be an overwhelming experience. All-in-all, this is deep, sacred work that moves a lot of things and requires a lot of self-care and open communication, especially as you feel more and more connected to me.


This is open to current, regular students. Typically, this means that you have sessions every two weeks with me, but exceptions get made from time to time. This is not ideal for someone who is new to spiritual work and working with me. My energy is very powerful, and your energy is very powerful when unlocked. The amount of shifting that can result can be surprising and deeply unsettling. As I've mentioned in my FAQ about my sessions, here is another space where it is easy to be unskillful. That can manifest as thinking that this is a romantic connection or that this is a torturous journey and the teacher is being cruel in someway. It's essentially two sides of the same ego coin; on the one hand, the ego gets something that it likes, and on the other hand your ego gets something it doesn't like.

As a result, those of who are new to me and are interested in this intensive work are advised to begin working with me as a regular student first and building up to this.

Finding Our Space

I used to do these intensives in my apartment, but now, I am keeping more of my private space to myself. Thus, part of developing an itinerary will be about deciding what type of space you feel most comfortable opening in. That could be renting space in a yoga studio for some activities, spending time in a park, or connecting in nature on regular hikes.

Housing and Food

As I live in a modest apartment, there is no housing on-site, but there are hotels nearby to which I will point you towards.

Food costs are shared to some degree. I may buy lunch or dinner to bring to a site to share. When we go some place, it is expected that we will take care of our own costs. In general, we'll figure it out together as we discuss the itinerary for the weekend.

Weekend Intensive Testimonials

July 2015 Weekend Intensive

"My weekend intensive with Jim is hard to put into words, but it was beneficial in many ways. While it can be an intense thing to spend so much concentrated time in the presence of someone as sensitive and observant as Jim, he created a very gentle, attentive, conscious, and loving space. For me personally, I did not doubt that it would be worth it to do a weekend intensive and that I would be fortunate to have access to such a unique experience. However, my main concern going into it was that I would not be ready to fully open up, communicate as thoroughly as I needed to, and receive the fullness of what was being offered to me through this connection. At the end of the day, though, you can only do your best, and where the student is at the time of the intensive is the perfect starting point.

Jim was very reliable, prepared, and consistent, and he provided great hospitality while I was there for the weekend. He took care of everything including putting the agenda together that encompassed plenty of my input, providing ideas and suggestions for the most appropriate and beneficial activities, and picking me up from my hotel for each block of time. He also cooked all of the meals we shared and accommodated my dietary restrictions. I didn’t have much to worry about except being open, willing and ready to face my own emotions, and being as communicative as I could. Leading up to the intensive, Jim kept the agenda fluid and open to change as the flow of our work and what I would need changed. He provided plenty of opportunities for input and feedback. Most importantly, I felt safe while in his presence.

Some of my favorite parts of the intensive were the unique opportunities to have him assist me with new meditation postures that would help me improve my meditations, as well as assisting me with new yoga postures specifically designed for joints that I hadn’t learned before. Having him examine my postures and give his input was a unique opportunity for me that I don’t normally have at home and was very helpful. It was also helpful to get his take on my posture and energy outside of these activities. This was a new kind of feedback that helped me to understand better how I relate to myself and others. Jim focused much of our time together on helping me to relax, adjusting my posture, and helping me to understand what it feels like to be open versus withdrawn or shut down. This has been very beneficial to me as I can continue to pay attention to these internal shifts and changes in my everyday life.

I think my favorite thing about working with Jim is that pretty much nothing phases him or causes him to pass judgment on what you’re sharing or feeling. It’s a very accepting space that allows anything and everything, and whatever shame or fear or judgment you feel is almost always coming from inside you. It’s a rich space in which to learn about yourself and interact with someone with a very malleable energy and consciousness. Facing and vocalizing some of your deepest, most challenging issues in Jim’s presence and allowing them to be there can be one of those most healing actions in itself because nothing is condemned; nothing is criticized; and nothing is met with hostility, judgment, or contempt. It is an extremely vulnerable place to be, but it allows what needs to be acknowledged and seen to come up. It can definitely feel like stepping into the unknown, but there is a refreshing quality of newness to it as well.

Spending this time with Jim also helped me to get to know him better as a person, and it has helped me to see him on more of a human level, which has enhanced our work together after the intensive. Overall, this was a beneficial and positive experience. It will be a very different experience depending on the student, and it will probably be very different for the same student at different points in his/her growth. Jim is growing and changing too, so it is definitely a fluid process from every angle. More than anything, I found it to be safe, attentive, gentle, and loving."

Alyssa C.

September 2013 Weekend Intensive
"Overall I found my weekend intensive with Jim to be an incredibly moving and deeply personal experience that I don’t feel words can encapsulate. And I am definitely going to use too many words trying to do so, but I’ll do my best to strike a balance….

I left home without any expectations of the experience since I was engulfed in fear and nervousness which also made it difficult to see anything beyond fear and nervousness for the first 24 hours. However, I also found a lot of meaningful work to do within myself because of the first 24 (in the weeks after I returned home), so I wouldn’t change this if I could do it over again.

Once I actually relaxed and opened a little, it felt like everything within began to shift at a pace that seemed to render me both speechless and paralyzed. While it may have appeared otherwise, there was a boatload of processing and movement happening within me. I remember staring out the window at the rain A LOT and feeling relieved that we didn’t go hiking since I also felt physically exhausted.

The journal guidance was great. This was a great way to practice being vulnerable as well as learning how to go more deeply in my journal. As a matter of fact, my most moving journal entry to date came about just a few days ago that I feel is directly related to the intensive.

So then there was the session. This is where I’m not sure if this is a matter of spiritual maturity, and I’m still a bit too skeptical to suggest that it was some sort of mystical event. Luckily I stopped caring what it was either way some time ago, and as I sit here thinking of it a year later, I am still touched when I recall this session. The best way I can describe this is by comparing it to something I remember reading in Jim's writing a while back. Jim told a story about how a student was sitting in a room, and the student could feel that the chair was a part of him. It was as if Jim, me and all the surroundings sort of blended together, and there was nothing but a deep echo of stillness and peace. I seemed to feel weightless while the most interesting sensations moved through my body at the same time.

The food was excellent. I appreciated having clean-eating/awakened-eating food options and the company in which to enjoy it with. And as a mom, I will forever appreciate someone else preparing a meal.

As for the activities, I wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t feel like doing much during my visit, so there was a perfect amount of outings/activities for me. I needed to see a spiritual teacher in a public setting putting one foot in front of the other the same way I do. I also needed to witness someone following their intuition and the chain of events that followed (Jim opted to forgo a hike, then it ended up raining during the time we would have been on the trail). These things were critical for me to witness in my initial stages of growth, though I didn’t realize it at the time.

The experience now has me curious to discover what a follow-up intensive may hold since I have grown more, and we’d be able to move right past those initial layers of fear and nervousness to begin the work on a different level."

Brandy D.

Suggested Donation

As with everything I do, I worked by a suggested donation. The suggested donation for this intensive is 1,250 USD for those with the means. For everyone else, we can come to an agreement on what is fair and manageable within your finances and in being in integrity with my time and energy commitment.

If you are eligible and want to schedule a weekend with me or if you would like to ask me more questions about this offering, you can contact me through my contact form on this blog.

The hand-drawing is a gift from my student, Vale.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spiritual Masters

I felt like writing about spiritual masters to help those of you who are truly dedicated to your spiritual paths to understand those beings and how they are in this world.

A spiritual master truly is someone who has stepped out of the confines and attachments of this world. Their interests in the concerns that are thought to be essential (romance, making money, having a great social network, etc.) are few to non-existent. Their interests tend to focus on what is nourishing, what is healing, and what is real. So if you ever happened to run into a spiritual master staring for long periods of time at a field of unfolding sunflowers, this may not make sense to you because social conditioning has taught you that this is unimportant and that you should overlook it and otherwise assume that this blooming should always happen. But the spiritual master is not that way. The spiritual master assumes nothing and embraces every moment as a beautiful unveiling and unfolding, which will never happen quite like it ever again.

Which brings me to part of the point of this post, and that's about when and how to approach a spiritual master as well as why most of you don't really want to ever meet one.

The Profundity of Spiritual Mastery

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spiritual Poetry: Journeying Home to My Heart

hand drawing, spirituality blog, spiritual flowers
Today I have two treats for you. One is the latest poem from my student, Rach, and the second is this beautiful hand drawing by my student, Vale. I have several more beautiful drawings from her which will accompany upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned for that.

Since Rach has been our poet in residence for awhile, I wanted to point out some of her earlier spiritual poems for those of you who are new to the blog and haven't seen them yet.


I Am


You can always enjoy work from my students on the "Thoughts from a Student" link on the right-hand side of the blog. 

Journeying Home to My Heart

Monday, October 7, 2013

Preparing for Your Life's Work

spiritual awakening, ascension picture, enlightenment, spiritual photography
I've discussed finding our lives' respective purposes and what-not in many other posts, but for the interests of this blog post, I wanted to share a little bit in regards to how we naturally prepare for the work that we are here to do. On one level, we are all very ingenious and creative people who naturally can use past experiences and talents to create something in this moment. It will always be a unique creation as we are ourselves are always a unique creation in any giving moment as we are also constantly changing. So the work that we do in one moment will be different from the next, and that is part of living a fluid, dynamic, and natural life.

While that may sound like you may be constantly changing jobs, the point really is that you can change and do whatever you want. Many people won't have one set purpose to fulfill in this lifetime. Some will have several. Some will have a couple simple things to check off the list, and some will have no purpose, as defined by the ego. In this space of purposelessness, these individuals' only work and purpose in this lifetime will be in being because being is its own purpose.

With that said, those of you who have awakened and are watching many interesting and new experiences arise and pass, in your lives, this blog post is for you.

The Work Finds You

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: The Real Spiritual Awakening Signs

spiritual awakening photo, spiritual opening picture, spirituality,
You've probably seen the lists out there. Everything from insomnia to changing social circles to hemorrhoids (probably) seem to now be a sign of a spiritual awakening. It is all rather absurd, and generally, it just fuels this new level of ego that thinks it is spiritual by giving it new ideas and reference points to justify itself. "Ah, yes. I haven't been sleeping and have been eating lots of kale too. I must be awakening!"

But awakening is something that arises from within and stays. It has less to do with these external world changes and energy changes as with the quality of awareness and depth of love within which we effortlessly reside. Many people go through spiritual shifts, openings, and growth cycles as well as healing cycles, which have a lot of similarities with awakening and all of which should be honored. But there are different flavors to each and different ways that we engage with them, and so in the interests of helping people to better understand the spiritual path as a whole, I wanted to talk about what are really spiritual awakening signs.

Webinar Title: The Real Spiritual Awakening Signs

Monday, September 30, 2013

Developing Conscious Relationships

I know that I haven't talked too much about relationships on this blog. Part of it has to do with the fact that most of us know so little about ourselves that that area must be the focus of our attention before we worry about what type of external relationships we want in our lives. The internal relationship with ourselves--how we live and treat ourselves--must be repaired first if we want to be able to genuinely and sincerely bring consciousness and love into our external relationships. Along the way, I've written about some of the ways that our current relationships can teach us things about ourselves. "Spiritual Growth Through Embracing Karmic Relationships" is a good post about how we can view relationships as mirrors for inner work. However, for this post, I will go into some the details about what it means to develop a conscious relationship and how this is more than any romantic ideal or platonic ideal. It's still a messy, human space, but a conscious relationship just has a lot more room and space to fail and to grow.

It Takes Two Babe

Friday, September 27, 2013

Spiritual Poetry: The Divine Dance

My dancing diva spiritual poet, Rach, shares some of her joy and love of movement. As an individual who loves dance as well, I really enjoy her words here. I think so many people have never really danced before in their lives, and in a way, they do not know the depth of divine intelligence in their body. Dance is more than learning someone else's steps; it's about finding your own steps. In this way, we are also learning to dance in our broader lives because no one can ever really tell us how our lives should unfold. We simply have to find our own ways, one divine step at a time.

The Divine Dance

Monday, September 23, 2013

Misinformed and Over-Informed Spiritual Seekers

spiritual seeking, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, spiritual photography
One of the most relieving aspects of the spiritual path for many people is that you don't have to know anything to walk it. You don't have to be smart, remember spiritual principles, or practice for years on end. You simply allow yourself to be. This, of course, is not a passive place of being because life is dynamic. The river allows itself to be, but it is constantly flowing and shifting, which it allows without question.

As many of you have gone on your spiritual journeys, some of you may have gone astray with misinformation or with simply overflowing the mind with ideas and practices. In this spirituality blog, I hope to help you take a few steps back and return to the inherent simplicity of being that is the truth of the spiritual path.

Nothing to Know

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spirituality Poem: I See You

In today's poem from my student, Rach, we get to go on a lovely journey. It is the essence of the spiritual journey we are all on. It is a journey of knowing, then forgetting, and then remembering. I hope you enjoy her phrases and her wit.

Love to you all!

-- Jim

I See You

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Spirituality Webinar: What Is the Ego?

The ego has become the latest villain in the spiritual world. In some ways, I think it's becoming more and more synonymous with the devil and the dark side or something. But the ego is just a tool. When we don't know how to use a tool, we can get into all sorts of trouble. A hammer can help you build a house, or you can hit yourself and others in the head with it. It is still just a hammer, however.

The spiritual path is simply helping us clearly understand all the mental, emotional, physical, psychic, and energetic tools we have at our disposal. That includes the ego, and that's the inspiration for this particular webinar.

Please click below to read the details and to register.

Webinar Title: What Is the Ego and Why Is It a Problem?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Seeing Life Without Projections

Quite some time ago, I wrote about the importance of understanding projections in a blog post called: Understanding Your Projections and How They Block Your Spiritual Growth. In short, projections are our ideas about other people and how the world should act or interact with us. The term creates the idea that something is being projected out from us onto others. However, we also have our own projections about ourselves and how we choose to present ourselves to others and the responses we want to receive based on our identities. This projection ranges from the clothing we choose to create a specific illusion of who we are to the different traits we profess to have, i.e believing we are humble, loving, mean, intellectual, kind, tough, sweet, open, closed, and a whole variety of other things. In essence, our very lives are projections of all kinds of ideas, and when awakening knocks on your door, the whole house sometimes falls down.

And this is a good thing. Because when the ideas you have about yourself and others drop away, you begin to see yourself and life as they are. This is what I mean in the title of this spirituality post. Seeing life without your projections layered on top can be startling, reassuring, upsetting, or a whole number of other feelings depending on how much you're still functioning from the ego self. To your inner self, this is just seeing life as it is, which is neither good nor bad albeit life will still be full of pain and pleasure. The part of you labeling things has pretty much gone away.

Only Useful Labels Remain

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spiritual Poetry: The Pristine Unseen

I get to share more spiritual poetry from my student, Rach, which I'm always excited about. I occasionally share different voices on this blog to help you get a sense of the many ways that wisdom can be expressed. It's not that you can't go to other blogs and video sites (which I'm sure many of you do, and I encourage this). But rather, I know some of you build up spiritual teachers in your minds, and it's my hope that when you read something from one of my students there's a little less resistance to accepting that the wisdom you read below is also the very same wisdom that you have within.

Enjoy the poem!

The Pristine Unseen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Healing Session Description

healing picture, healing photo, spirituality photo, spiritual awakening picture
I often write about healing, and for me spiritual healing and spiritual teaching are almost synonymous. From the space of oneness comes the greatest teaching and the greatest healing possible. Union--that space of oneness--dissolves all separateness and disease. Hence, stepping into the healing space with me is a dissolving of separateness within you. To some degree, it is the dissolving of separateness between us as well, since we are one. In an interesting way because I am whole and resonating from a healthy vibration, your own vibration naturally wants to resonate with that same vibration. You don't go to my exact pitch and frequency, but in seeing someone being as they are, your own spirit naturally is inspired to be as it normally would be without the pain that it is carrying. Hence, healing within you arises. It is this step of igniting the inner healer that is perhaps the most forgotten part of healing, and it is why I start with that to explain what I "do," which isn't exactly a doing.

Igniting the Inner Healer

Monday, September 9, 2013

All the Dark Corners of Your Soul

Spiritual stairs, spiritual image, spiritual path, spiritual awakening, enlightenment
There are levels and depths to the spiritual path as much as there are not levels and depths. This is part of the many paradoxes of the spiritual path. In the sense that an ego is trying to achieve a level of perfection or self-awareness, that is illusory. The strive for attainment and goals ultimately brings you back to the truth that there is nothing to perfect or enhance. We are divine perfection. However, as you go inside with humility, vulnerability, and compassionate aspiration, you will touch oneness. From the inner oneness, shifts arise naturally on their own. It's like the seedling sprouting from the ground. It does not think that it's going to grow into a peach tree; it has no aspirations to create the best peaches in the world. It simply grows and follows the process. In that process for us, oneness shines light on all the dark corners of our souls. The more we intentionally focus and go into those unknown parts, the brighter our own light shines.

For those of you already shining brightly, you alone may know what amount of self-discipline and love that's taken, and yet there are some ways that it has also been effortless. Here is yet another paradox of the spiritual path: there is no where to go and no work to be done, but there are great and immense shifts that require a lot of focused energy. If your head starts to turn to mush as I write about this, it's okay. Focus on the energy in these words; they too are made up.

Thus the scouring of all the dark corners of your soul will go through phases, and I felt like writing about some of those phases for those of you plunging into the dark within.

The First Light in the Room

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Student Spiritual Poetry: I Seeing Me

I have the lovely honor of getting to share another poem from one of my students. I hope you enjoy the lilt and twirl of her words of truth on this humble like blog page. The picture to the left is also a gift from her.


I Seeing Me

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: Opening Your Heart

One of the great sicknesses of our time is the disease of the closed heart. The closed heart cannot give. The closed heart cannot receive. From the space of self-love deprivation, we can be convinced to do terrible things to ourselves (anorexia for example) or to others (murder, rape, and war). These may seem like extreme examples, but I simply want to show you why opening your heart is such a vital and urgent practice. In opening our hearts, we naturally connect to our own love and can receive the love of others. It's only when we close our hearts that we truly feel heartbreak, and while pain will not go away in this world, we can do the best we can to mitigate self-inflicted pain.

If this topic is of interest to you, read on and feel free to register for this free spirituality webinar.

Webinar Title: Opening Your Heart

Monday, September 2, 2013

What You Don't Know About Yourself

One of the big parts of the spiritual path is that we find out how much we didn't know about ourselves. The arrogant ego and the victim ego that didn't think we had problems or that we could somehow overlook and avoid them must be dealt with. Until we have the humility to go inwards and to occasionally solicit external help, we are living in places of ignorance.

Ignorance on the spiritual path is much more common than people realize. It's because a lot of people are trying to use spiritual feel-good moments to gloss over the inner dis-ease that we feel. So in this way, this so-called spiritual path is nothing more than a distraction, and because this isn't an uncommon way to approach spirituality, it's probably why a lot of you have a pretty cynical, skeptical, and out right disdainful view of the "spiritual" path. But as many of you already know, I'm not taking you down this blind path. I'm pointing you back to where the path has always been--inside of you.

The Humility to Look Inwards

Monday, August 26, 2013

Be Nobody

The spiritual path is actually delightfully simple. Just be nobody. There's no one to be. Who is it that wants to be somebody? What does it mean to be somebody? Who defines all of that?

Past the obvious truth that you are you and you are a human being, there's not a lot more that needs definition for daily living. You probably have noticed a theme on this blog about letting go. What are you letting go of? You're letting go of everything that defines you as somebody. You're letting go of acting as a victim, perpetrator, lover, hater, fool, wisdom-sharer, and everything else. In that letting go, there is a delightful freedom to be anyone. How beautiful is that?

No One Wants to Be Nobody

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