Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spiritual Poem: Painted in Magnificence

Color, life, divinity. A swirl of feelings and emotions. I hope you dive into this latest poem from Jackie and let it swirl you around in colorful, divine playfulness and sacredness.

As always, you can check out this and many other poems under the Community section at the bottom. This link takes you there directly:

Spiritual Poetry


Painted in Magnificence

Monday, December 30, 2013

Spiritual Allegories

spiritual path, spiritual picture, lighthouse, spiritual light, spiritual allegory
Those of you who have been following this blog for some time know that I like to write spiritual allegories from time to time. It lets my inner fiction/short story writer come out to play and share with all of you. Plus, it's a nice way to change the tone of the blog from the more overt teaching that I usually do to a more subtle teaching. In any event, this page is a collection of those stories I've written thus far. I have also added in the interpretations for those of you who want to know more about the symbolism that is within the stories. If you need a recommendation for where to start, I still love "A Chance Encounter With Love."


Spiritual Allegories

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Spiritual Poem: Holy Communion

I felt like sharing this beautiful poem on Christmas because I think it is a wonderful reclaiming of a core religious practice. For many people, communion has been denuded of its deeper meaning, it's greater divinity. But my student, Jackie, brings this term back to us and renews it with the depth of her loving awareness. In this poem, we have a chance to see that communion is in essence a "coming into union" with the divine, and we can have that sacred connection within ourselves at any moment.

To enjoy more of her poems as well as poetry from another of my students, you can click on the following link:

Spiritual Poetry


Holy Communion

Monday, December 23, 2013

Humility and the Prideful Intellectual Ego

I've spent a lot of time talking about the qualities of love, patience, and even faith, but I don't think I've spent too much time writing about humility. Humility is often a misunderstood trait. Too often it becomes false humility where the person abdicates their personal power or their knowing about life and themselves. Otherwise, humility is considered a kind of weakness by the ego, which thinks it needs to declare itself as amazing or important. Why do you think so many people pursue fame? It's for the ego's aggrandization and validation. When we love ourselves, we don't need external validation, which is simply a watered-down, polluted form of love. If we achieve notoriety of some sort, then that is fine, but this too shall pass. There's no reason to hold onto it or defend it.

In humility, we see this, and we more easily can see all the ways our prideful egos try to hide from the reality of the ridiculous three-ring circus we turn our lives into.

Meeting the Intellectual Ego for the First Time

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Embracing Your Light Phase

spiritual light image, spiritual awakening picture, spirituality, light, love
Following up from the dispelling the darkness phase spirituality blog post, we naturally must talk about embracing of the light. In fact--as I mentioned before--they're not really separate. They are whirling together at all times post spiritual awakening. They are very much intertwined with the phases of expansion and contraction that are inherent in the rebirthing process, and there's a lot of overlap in these ideas with the way I write about "The Process of Healing Pain from Your Energy Body." It's all just made-up words anyway, and there's no need to hang onto words or ideas for any longer than necessary.

The more you step into your inner radiant light, the more you understand this. There is no need to hang onto anything longer than it is helpful or healing. Words and ideas must be understood in this light, or else we can get lost in the many philosophical rabbit holes that the intellectual ego tries to hide in. There's no need to hide in the mind, and in this phase, there's no need and much less the will to hide anymore.

Enough Is Enough

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Shadow and Dispelling the Darkness Phase

spiritual shadow, spirituality, spiritual awakening, awakening phase, image, picture,
I've been toying with a new way to discuss spiritual awakening and the arising of consciousness that emerges from that deep connection. Once again, I always like to remind people that I am using the term "awakening" in a very specific way. I don't use it as a verb that means to gradually become more aware. I refer to that as the path of consciousness. On the path of consciousness, we can become more aware. We can improve. We can see more. It is an important path of self growth, and one that also naturally arises from the awakened state when we no longer resist who and what we are.

So while awakening includes this, the individual who awakens feels almost carried along by some greater more intelligent and loving force that automatically rips down illusions while simultaneously revealing one's greatest light. In this space, gentleness and acceptance tend to be crucial, and the energy needs a little bit, but not much focusing inwards. This awareness abides, and it sees everything as perfect. Everything Is. That is enough, and yet from that Is-ness, there arise often dramatic changes, usually starting by clearing out illusions and the darkness resulting from those illusions.

For those on the conscious path, discipline, building up internally focused energy, and a host of other spiritual tools are important because otherwise the individual is still in their old habits and patterns and much prefers to roll along with those currents. The greater inner current has not been set loose, and much of the work is about how you learn to open that space so that inner intelligence naturally shaping your life in accordance to the divine plan.

With all of this said, you'll still find plenty of elements in this post that apply to you regardless of if you have awakened or if you're on the path of developing greater consciousness. While the latter happens naturally with the person in awakening, we all move through opportunities for greater clarity in our spiritual growth cycles for this lifetime. So if you do find yourself generally in a time of dispelling the darkness, I can only encourage you to persist and go deeper to pass through it instead of avoiding it.

The Dance of Light and Dark

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spirituality Webinar: The Art of Giving and Receiving

This is my last spirituality webinar for the year since the next webinar after this one falls on Christmas. The next webinar will be on January 8, 2014.

It seems fitting to talk about giving and receiving at this time of year as many people who celebrate Christmas are focusing on that. It, unfortunately, often is a time of great stress, and many people are caught up in feelings of obligation, looking for the "perfect" gifts for everyone, trying to get others to give them what they really want, and receiving gifts that they don't really want. Clearly, we can see that the ego is hard at work, which is why so many people hate the holidays. In the hopes of helping you remember the joys of giving and receiving, I am offering this free webinar.

Webinar Title: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Monday, December 2, 2013

Breaking the Glass

Sometimes I like to step all the way back. I like to bring this blog back to the beginning--to where most people are. They're still locked in their ideas of themselves. They're in solid glass statues or tiny capsules unable to move but completely convinced of their flexibility and freedom. Stuck in place, life continues to show them the same lessons over and over, but instead of learning from these lessons, these people assume that life is being cruel to them or that's just how it is. They blame their bosses, co-workers, children, parents, the government, the Democrats, the Republicans, and everything else for their situation and their feelings. They are hopelessly lost in their illusions.

This is the state of the world.

Is the World Awakening?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spiritual Poem: The Wound of the Beloved

beloved, spiritual poetry, spiritual image, love, pain, grief, darkness, light
This latest poem from my student, Jackie, takes us into the pain we carry. It is a sacred view into the wounding so many of us carry from very early on in life, and it is an opportunity to see how that very pain and grief can free us into our own true love.

But I'll stop talking now. No need for too much analysis. Just enjoy, enjoy!

Please feel free to catch up on all of her poetry as well as poems from my former student, Rach, on this link: 

Spiritual Poetry

The Wound of the Beloved

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