Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Uncovering and Debunking Cultural Gender Stereotypes

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One of the truths of the spiritual path is that we are all One. We are that which simply IS. From that space, the whole gender identity thing doesn't make much sense. Traits that are associated with men or women are completely made up, and yet people cling to them rather ferociously. It's not that we go into a denial of the sex we are. I am male; I'm very clear about that. But much of the rest is completely up to us, and so for many people as they delve deeply into themselves, at some point or another, you will become confronted with the social and cultural lies of how you should act as a man or woman.

Being Everyone, Anyone, and No One

There is immense freedom in not having to act a certain way and conform to certain rules.

Monday, April 29, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area Hike and Talk

This May I'm setting up a hike and spirituality talk for those in the San Francisco Bay Area. It can be a nice way to get out of our busy lives and back into nature, and it helps to get people out of their minds and back into their bodies. This often adds to people's receptivity to spiritual talks.

Spirituality Hike and Talk General Details

Here is more information on the hike that I have planned.

Participants: 4 to 5

Date: Sunday, May 19th

Start Time: 9:30am PST

Approximate End Time: 1:30pm PST


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bringing Spirituality Into Everyday Life Webinar

I'm working on getting into the swing of doing webinars again (and if anyone has a recommended service, feel free to message me).

For the next webinar that I'm doing, the details are as follows:

Title: Bringing Spirituality Into Everyday Life


Monday, April 22, 2013

Dissolving the Veils of Illusion

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I'm taking up this topic more specifically for the "After the Awakening" section of this blog. While nothing is mutually exclusive in my writing as far as the different parts of your spiritual path, some things are a little more specific to a given rhythm than others. So while many of you are still only cultivating your spiritual path and others are still just embracing the awakening and are in the initial "Holy Shit" phase (which can last days to years, btw), this post is for those who have settled into the awakened state and are finding that there is still deep and profound shifting at work within them.

Resting In Your Natural Life Rhythms

Monday, April 15, 2013

Discovering Your Commitment to Pain

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We have to be brutally honest with ourselves on the spiritual path. More often than naught, we are completely committed to being in pain.

This tends to be really shocking, and most of you may not believe me. Those of you who have discovered this truth already understand the feelings of self-betrayal and anger that may arise as you gain awareness to how much you've sold yourself out. But in this realization is the light of awareness. In seeing all the ways that you repeat painful cycles and get lost in illusions, you now can break free.

Outlining All Your Lies

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Join My Social Media Team

As I look at this picture, I am thinking that I should have had that one on the Meet Me on the Playground blog post. But anyway, I am putting together a team to help me spread the word for my blog around the Internet and beyond. If you are interested, I have a sign up link below.

Joining the Spiritual Media Team

The rules are quite simple:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spiritual Sexuality 101

When I talk about spiritual sexuality, I often feel like I'm speaking a whole other language to people. Most of the way people discuss sexuality tends to be very crude and lost in desire and attachment. For others, it's just a form of pleasure-seeking that has gotten out of hand, and yet still others are so shut down that they can't even hear words like "penis" or "vagina." It's insane. Sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of being a human being, yet it's been degraded, ignored, and turned into a second-class citizen.

Some time ago, I wrote a post to compile my thoughts on spiritual sexuality, but I've realized I haven't build enough awareness around the terms I'm using or the different roles of sexuality. I encourage most of you to have humility and assume that we aren't using the same definitions. Then enjoy a potentially new way of seeing sexuality in your life.

More Than Just Masturbation

Friday, April 5, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Evolving Your Spiritual Community

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I'm continuing the topic of spiritual community, which you can always read about under the tab on this Web site with the same name. Assuming you've found one or three communities and you've got a little bit of a spiritual network of friends going, at some point you may find the need or interest in evolving your spiritual community. This can happen for many reasons, and one of the big ones for those of you who are growing and doing your spiritual work is that you outgrow a particular community. Or you may need to spend less time with one community and find another way to meet other needs that you've now discovered. There are quite a few reasons to evolve and expand or even shrink your spiritual community. It is all part of being an evolving, growing spiritual being.

The Many Reasons for Letting Go

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