Monday, June 24, 2013

The Profundity of Presence

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We are that which is.

That is the truth.

What more is there to say?

The many words and tools and thoughts smeared across this spiritual awakening blog are all leading you to this truth. That's it. It's so delightfully and maddeningly simple. It is why the ego has to be one of the first things to be let go--because most egos don't want something to be that simple. They want something to be complicated to justify its existence. And yet the truth does not negate the necessity of the ego--a lens to interpreting the millions of little bits of information we get each day. But rather, we must be able to see clearly and not color our lenses to try and see something that we prefer. The truth is meant to help us see things as they are, not as we wish them to be.

In the space of abiding presence, you will see the truth. It will be in everything, and that inner profundity will continue to shift and re-shape life around you.

The Continued Swells and Shifts of the Spiritual Path

Monday, June 17, 2013

Involuntary Resistance Coming to Light

Much of the spiritual path, especially in awakening, is about bringing awareness--bringing your own inner light--to shine fully on yourself. The darkness exists and persists where we refuse to look and refuse to go. It is by its nature a creature that lives in the negative spaces--the spaces where other things aren't. That's why it is so important to have courage to look deeply within yourself again and again. It is so important to learn how to compassionately question who you think you are and why you do what you do because these inquiries lead you to look into every corner and crevice of yourself so that nothing is hidden from your inner eyes.

The active engagement with yourself, however, is but one step on this road.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Awakening Challenges Webinar

Awakening to your true self can be a jarring experience for many, and a time period of transition almost inevitably follows as the individual is asked again and again to let go of old pain--both known pains and hidden pains. With this comes a time of challenges as you have to keep allowing and to keep noticing where you are still committed to the old ways and old pains.

Evening if you aren't in the space of shifting into the awakened state, this can be helpful to you as there are many types of spiritual shifts, openings, and maturations that we all go through, but are rarely talked  about. These too can bring with them many similar challenges of spiritual awakening.

Webinar Title: Awakening Challenges

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Online Spirituality Workshop: Letting Go of Pain and Resistance

People often wonder what it means to let go of pain and resistance. While the simplest way is always to just let go, it can often be helpful to be given pointers and tools to assist us as we come back to our natural state of letting life flow through us. To help people deal with this, I'm offering a 3 hour workshop. There will be three main elements of letting go which I’ll discuss. They are:




By moving through these phases, we can let go of pain and resistance, although such things do have their own timing. The divine timing of letting go must always be honored.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Breaking Apart Mental, Emotional, and Physical Triggers

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One way the shift into the awakened space can feel is like having your engine be taken apart and spread across the garage floor. You are suddenly very aware that this buggy ain't going no where, and you are exceptionally clear about what has actually been in your engine. In the past years, I felt like I re-did the engine multiple times too. It felt like I'd just get it all put back together, drive half a mile, and then stop for another upgrade. Good gravy.

With all that said, having in-depth clarity about your inner workings is incredibly illuminating, but like most things, if you don't really pay attention, you can miss some important and helpful details for knowing yourself. While ultimately we are all "That Which Is," knowing ourselves and our patterns in this world and in this body can be immensely rewarding and provide better ease and clarity in moving through our lives. In that way, we can take a spiritual awakening (or really any spiritual shift because there are many: check out this blog for more on that) as an excuse to understand our triggers and hot buttons. In knowing them clearly, we can dissemble and remove them.

The Engine Breaks Down

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Latest and Greatest Spiritual Flavor of the Month

I often talk about the need to move on and let go of things in life. It is a necessary part of living. Moments and people come into our lives, and then they pass. In trying to hold on to something that is gone or no longer serves us, we perpetuate pain and suffering. If a relationship has run its course, then it is time to let go so that a new relationship or relationships can grow in its place. I've rarely found that the universe leaves us with empty holes in our life, although at times we are encouraged to enjoy greater spaciousness in life. This means that we don't need to be doing or connecting constantly to be fulfilled. We already are fulfilled, and sometimes, we simply have to pause to notice that.

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