Monday, December 29, 2014

We Are All One: The Law of Interconnection

The spiritual path takes us unequivocally towards several important truths. One of which is that we are all one.

This is not a new saying. I'm sure many of you have heard it before. I'm sure many of you have used this phrase, but to really know this from nose to toes is a whole other thing.

In a spiritual awakening, someone is thrust into this truth and feels the profoundness of it. However, people rarely abide there completely. So there tends to be a lot of bouncing in and out of that state of awareness. In a spiritual awakening glimpse or opening, someone many briefly experience this truth, and then that moment passes. As such the individual in this scenario tends to think of the associated feelings and experiences as the only way to feel oneness. But it isn't. Because oneness embraces all states of awareness, all experiences, and all feelings.

However, the glimpse or the yo-yoing of awakening are powerful. A glimpse can suddenly cause someone to start their journey to understand life and to begin to question things. Of course, the awakening more or less thrusts the individual into a process of deep healing and growth that seem to arise of their own accord. It is a powerful thing to touch this space of oneness and begin to appreciate the truth: that we are all interconnected.

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The Truth and Illusion of Connection

The truth of interconnection is that we've always been connected to one another and to all of the universe. The lie is that we need to do something to get connected again. In all the ways that we feel cut off, that cutting off is caused by us. It is our thoughts, fears, assumptions, karmic pain, unacknoweldged physical pain, and so much more. Pain, itself, is not separate from our life. We are as much interconnected to pain as we are to pleasure. The Divine never comes along and says there is no pain in this world. The Divine never says that if we are feeling pain that we have failed on the spiritual path. The Divine embraces all. That is the nature of oneness. Nothing is left out. No one is going to a separate place called Hell for being bad. No one is placed above anyone else. The ocean of consciousness embraces all of us equally.

That is precisely its power.

That deep encompassing embrace naturally dissolves away our illusions. Again and again, when we try to cling to an illusion (especially in awakening), the pain of that holding on is felt, and the pain of resisting our own interconnection and oneness is felt. Anywhere that we resist what life is, we are doing so from the illusion of the individual. While we have this lovely ability to play in a seemingly "independent" life as a human, we are deeply and ultimately connected to all things. Our choices are much smaller (and bigger) than we understand.

Dropping More Deeply Into Oneness

Most people don't know how to navigate the truth of oneness. As such, some people are overwhelmed by touching the truth. It seems like too much of a fairy tale. The major issues of security and fear of death are illuminated in countless people on the spiritual path. And most people would rather cling to their fears than have faith in the grandness of oneness. To be sure, it's not a certain place. Oneness doesn't bring human certainty. There is no certainty in the realm of duality, because in duality (the world we actively live and believe in where we are all separate beings), there is constant change. Connecting to oneness does not stop that constant change. Instead, it helps us to clarify the currents of duality we are in and how we chose to be in them. It gives us the awareness and perspective to get a sense of where we are going.

For instance, connecting to the profound love and joy of oneness shows us all the love that we have inside of us. The striving for external relationships and events to make us feel good gets illuminated as not only illusory, but counter-productive. If you already feel good, you don't need anything or anyone else to feel good. From this perspective, someone with a sugar addiction can see that they've only been eating the candy, ice cream, sugar-filled coffee, cake, cookies, and so forth to feel good--to feel loved. This person has the opportunity to stop this unhealthy behavior because they have the perspective to see that they've never been cut off from love. That's part of the gift of dropping more deeply into oneness.

If someone drops deep enough into that space, then sometimes that type of change happens over night. They just stop eating those things. However, it is much more common for someone to go back and forth between old unhealthy habits and the truth. Typically if the person is sincere on the spiritual path, it gets harder and harder to backslide (See more on this topic here: The Spiritual Backslide). As awareness comes forth in the body, the body will start to feel less good about eating these things. It may start to feel physically sick, which is how the body often speaks with awareness about food. It was always speaking in this way, by the way. But the body tries to adapt to whatever situation or nourishment we offer to it.

Connecting More Easily to Others

Because we are all connected, I am you, and you are me. That means if I am living from love, there's a general pull to help you live more from love because you are me. If I am living more from unconsciousness and pain, there's a pull to bring you into more unconsciousness and pain. It's why us spiritual teachers talk so much about taking care of oneself to help the world. The unconscious and self-avoiding ego wants to SAVE THE WORLD! This type of individual, however, needs to save him or herself. By dealing with their issues, this person changes the energy and the kind of "spiritual gravity" around them. It kind of is a force of nature (hence why I'm calling this a "law" of interconnection) to drop more deeply into true love. This space of oneness naturally moves us in certain ways, and we move the ocean of consciousness in certain ways. If enough droplets get together, they form a wave. And you don't have to try that hard. You just be you.

But how many of you really know who you are?

It's why I sometimes ask my students the unenviable difficult but oh-so important question: Who are you?

Who Are You Revealed

In oneness, you cannot hide. Connecting to all of life naturally wants to pull you into a certain alignment. It's like being a piece of puzzle finally fitting snuggly where you belong. Sometimes the ego understands. Sometimes it doesn't understand. There are so many cultural lies we believe in on top of our experiences, family karma, and so forth that many people don't understand how perfectly suited they are to where they are. They don't understand how life is moving towards wherever they need to grow. But it does do this when we stop fighting the ocean (Just imagine trying to bail out the ocean to change its tides by using a child's plastic bucket).

In oneness, you accept your talents and faults. All is illuminated. Because much of the unconscious ego likes to hide in the shadows, this tends to be really intense for people. The more a person is aligned with unconsciousness, the more upsetting connecting to the truth can be. They get to see their errors brightly lit in Divine neon lights. For some people, this kind of spiritual awakening leads to intense sickness and pain because that is what is there. And that is what must be detoxed.

All the while, oneness embraces this detox. That's why I like using ice metaphors. The ice may separate itself from the ocean. But it is still fundamentally water. No matter how much you separated yourself from the truth of oneness, your essence is still the same as all of the universe. You can and ultimately will be transformed back into that purest form just as the ice melts back into the water. Along the way, you are fully revealed in who you are and--in the human sense--what really matters to you in this life.

Not a Phrase for Silly Spiritual Slogans

We are all one is not a phrase for making us feel good. More often than not, when people use it in that way, it is to avoid the bad feelings, the sense of separation, and whatever else someone is hiding from. As I said, oneness takes us directly back to the source. This takes us through all of our pain and troubles that have been cutting us off from the Divine. Going through pain is not going around it. We generally have to re-experience it to let it go (although not always). In facing our internal darkness, we are also embracing it. Because much like oneness, we have to embrace all of ourselves. Nothing is left out. When we have left out nothing and no experience or trait within us is resisted, we become truly free.

From that freedom, life as a human being opens up to its fullest. We see the depths of terror, pleasure, delight, and torment here, and we embrace it all as it is. This is a profound space, but the more of us who move from this space, the more naturally the whole of us will move from this space. And if you want to change the world away from terror and torment, then the first and only place to truly change is to go that changeless space of oneness within you.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Return of the Ego

letting go of ego, fall leaves, nature photo, spiritual awakening, spiritual path
I want to start out by re-emphasizing that we'll always have an ego so long as we're in a human body. It is not an inherently bad thing. I define the ego as a lens to process immense amounts of physical, emotional, energetic, and mental information. That lens helps us to decide what is useful and what is not. An itch at the bottom of my foot can be ignored. A sharp stabbing pain means that I should see what I stepped on.

However, there are many unconscious layers of the ego, and that's what we're after. We want to root out all the parts of ourselves that we don't know about. These are social rules, old karma, past life junk, personal beliefs, family patterning, and so much more. At the beginning of someone's spiritual journey, all of this is invisible. Ironically, it's also hidden in plain sight, and as you become more conscious, these seemingly hidden issues become hugely apparent. But this type of sloughing off goes in layers too. So we rub off one layer of old skin only to find another layer of issues underneath it. It can seem endless (it's not). And we do need to be dedicated to uproot all of the issues so that we are aware of them. Otherwise, these dirty old roots will grow up a new unconscious ego, which often acts like it is somehow newer and better. But in truth, it's still playing out the same old hidden issues and agendas.

That Spiritual Ego Thing

Monday, December 15, 2014

Spiritual Power Tools

spiritual power, spiritual tools, spiritual nature, spirituality, spiritual awakening
When I talk about spiritual power tools, I'm really talking about your spiritual power tools. These are the tools that turn the wheel of your growth, healing, and spiritual awareness. You don't need to do much with a spiritual power tool. It's not like a weeklong kundalini yoga intensive. That's a general power tool that many people are using (without much awareness unfortunately) to charge up their energetic systems. It's powerful, no doubt. Even so, some people can still use such a tool and have little to no abiding effect from it. However, were you to discover and use one of your spiritual power tools, the effects on you can be quite profound. You usually don't need to use them very much, and some of you may even still be afraid of them. If you've already found one or two, then you know what I'm talking.

But since most people won't know what I'm talking about, I'll discuss some of the traits of a spiritual power tool and the importance of being mindful when using one.

The Right Mindset

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Student Relationship

spiritual love, spiritual teacher, spiritual protection, nest, birds, spiritual students
The spiritual teacher and spiritual student relationship gets some attention in conversations and spiritual blogs, but I felt like offering my thoughts on this topic. I think it can't be emphasized enough how powerful of a relationship this can be, and like any powerful relationship, a lot of things can get stirred up in both people. So if you are a spiritual teacher, healer, or other spiritual helper, you have as much to do and be mindful of in this relationship as the student.

Many of you helpers already know this, but for those who are beginning or who are thinking about embarking upon this journey, you will get to listen to me talk even more about the importance of your own self-care. When you are working with students, it's a space that's expected to get messy, and it's important that you don't drag your mess into the room. It's better to cancel a session than to go into it if you're really off-balance, but more on this shortly.

As for students, it's like I said; this is a very powerful relationship. In addition to all the other work that you may be doing, this relationship will often be a focus of your self-work. You may be asked to learn how to open your mind more to things you don't like to hear, feelings you don't want to feel, and even physical sensations you don't want to feel (Think about if your teacher is having you do a fast or going on a rigorous hike for self purification). The human instinct to attack/avoid anyone perceived as creating pain or discomfort can often get focused on the teacher, and this is unskillful to say the least.

So these are some opening thoughts about the spiritual teacher-spiritual student relationship, but lest I forget, this can also be the most profound and loving relationship of your life (for both parties). And because of that, we need to be mindful and dedicated to knowing ourselves to truly unlock and appreciate the fullness that is available in this relationship.

Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spiritual Awakening and Holidays

spiritual awakening holidays, spirituality, holiday, spiritual christmas,
Spiritual awakening is a big light bulb that illuminates all of life, and the holidays and their myriad of cultural illusions, beliefs, obligations, and myths get illuminated much like everything else. For many of you, you may suddenly be wondering, "Why am I doing this?"

I'm not writing to say that any holidays are bad, but there certainly is lots of unconsciousness around them. People don't really know why they hand out candy for Halloween in the U.S. or what flying reindeer have to do with the birth of Jesus. But since everyone else seems to go along with it, we do too. Then the light goes on, and we have to look. We can't close our eyes anymore, and it strips away a lot of meaning to these events. We may come to question the whole thing, which is actually quite healthy. Once you've really looked at the thing, you know consciously what you are going along with and what you are supporting. And if you want to reclaim the holiday in a way that is meaningful to you, then you can.

But first, let's start illuminating some of the myths and cultural stories we have around some holidays (at least those holidays here in the heavily Christian-focused, United States--I encourage those of you in other countries and with different religious backgrounds to apply the same rigor to your holidays).

Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly Because Why?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

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As a whole, Western Society is heading down a very strange path. On the one hand, we have learned how to numb ourselves to pain. We numb ourselves in a variety of ways so that we can't hear thoughts we don't want to hear, feel emotions we don't want to feel, and can't sense physical pain that we don't want to experience. Many people also learn to numb themselves to their psychic awareness so that they don't sense energies, see spirits, and learn things about others and themselves that they don't want to know about. In essence, this is a very powerful set of practices meant to cut ourselves off from ourselves, and that leads us naturally down the path to hatred because rejecting parts of ourselves is the nature of hatred. And when we hate ourselves this much is it really that hard to understand why people do mean, jealous, greedy, and hateful things to each other?

But the story has gotten worse. After all the numbing (and I'll go into some ways that we do this shortly), we get upset that we feel nothing. So now that the pain has been buried, we start trying to feel again. But it doesn't work right. We're numb. So we over-compensate. We seek out drugs, alcohol, and sex to get a variety of feelings through sometimes intense forms of stimulation. We seek out experiences including high-state spiritual experiences to make ourselves feel good. We seek out those mythical soulmate/perfect romantic relationships. We seek the perfect do-gooder type job to help everyone else but ourselves. The list is really quite extensive. But you can see where this goes. You can also see the flaws, can you not?

This kind of over-stimulation doesn't feel like over-stimulation at first. You can only begin to realize it as you unnumb and work through pain, which is what a lot of this spiritual awakening blog is about and which I intend to go into greater depth in this particular spirituality post.

Noticing How You Numb

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Letting Go of Your Old Life

awakened decisions, spiritual awakening, spiritual photography
Between a Rock and an Awakened Place
Many people have a great deal of fear and anxiety around letting go of their old lives. It is the way most humans are conditioned socially and instinctually--to see the unknown as a threat. Letting go of the familiar ways of living takes us straight and unequivocally into the unknown. But then again, we have already been there. It is only through our illusions and delusions do we think that we can keep everything the same and that we know how anything will go in life. And holding on brings about no small amount of stress and upset, so once again, spiritual awakening is taking us away from grief and strife, not towards it.

But since most of you don't believe me, let's have a webinar. Let's talk about what gets let go. Let's talk about how to let go. Let's talk about how we don't set new expectations that life will be better from all of this either. I know. It's not sounding like too exciting of a prospect, but I warn you to be cautious of anyone on the spiritual path promising that life will be easier and more enjoyable on the spiritual path. It tends to be easier on the inside, but the external world may still be challenging or even more so. If this is not your cup of tea, I recommend not fiddling around with any of this spiritual stuff any longer.

With that said, here's a form to sign up for this free webinar.

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Spiritual Awakening and Letting Go of Your Old Life Full Description

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Pebble in the Pond

pond ripples, selfless service, spiritual path
Sometimes in life, your life starts to completely change itself over without you realizing it. It's a little pebble that got dropped into your pond, and a small ripple ran out from it. In most circumstances, that ripple runs out of energy and dissipates. The pond remains the same. But every now and then and with a little bit of grace, a pebble drops in. A ripple runs out, and it meets another ripple. The two grow together. Another ripple joins in and then another. Pretty soon a large swell is growing in this otherwise serene setting, and you are suddenly going somewhere, perhaps quite unexpectedly.

This is the power of our intentions and little actions.

I happened to be thinking about this in my own life, and while I am quite certain that my perspective will change as I continue to change and grow through the years, I happened to notice a pebble in the pond about 9 years ago that I hadn't really paid much attention to. I felt like sharing this little story as well as to talk more about the importance of patience, selfless service, and the gradual growth most people experience on the spiritual path.

The Pebble, the Wave, and the Changing of the Pond

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Many Levels of Ego

ego death, ego demolition, spiritual awakening, building photo
You did it! You let go of something that had plagued you for years. You feel like you've come a long way, and you feel like so much ego crap that has kept you tied up in unhealthy patterns is gone. But no sooner than this release comes does a new perspective and deeper perception arise that thrusts the next level of ego crap right in your face. To the unskillful, this is demoralizing, and there is a sense that you have failed somehow. But quite the contrary, if you can see new levels of ego, this is because you have successfully let go of some old blockages that kept you blind and bound to this old way of thinking and interacting with life.

Yet, I can tell that many of you need a little extra encouragement on this point. Early on the spiritual path, many of you will have heard how you can just drop everything. The ego can be completely let go, and these are all true things. tends to be much more prevalent that we human beings drop things in pieces and in levels. The whole 24-story building doesn't get blown up overnight. We tend to throw some sofas and an armoire out the window first just to see if we can do it before we get anywhere near taking out a wall much less one of the 24 floors.

So in this vein of thinking, I'm writing to you today to talk about the many levels of ego we come to face in ourselves; the continued need for patience, humility and dedication; and the fact that we are growing every time we run into a new level we had not seen before.

The Ego Dies and Then Arises Again

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Webinar: Money on the Spiritual Path

money, spirituality, finance, spiritual awakening, coins, photography
It's time for my annual money and spirituality webinar. It's a common concern, so I like to loop back to it once a year to help people sort through their issues on this.

For some reason, people have come to view money as evil or bad. But it is just a tool. On the spiritual path, some spiritual practitioners can have this strange aversion towards it or doing anything with money. This can get them into a lot of unnecessary poverty and hardship. They forget that we are all interconnected, and that money is simply one way that energy flows in this large interconnected web. It only becomes a probably when we start hoarding it or reacting to it in some way. These reactions simply provide a mirror to our egos.

Additionally, people have a lot of survival fears hooked into money. Many people become so defensive about their work purely because of this money-survival fear issue. This tends to lead towards a lot of delusions such as a person has to stay in a job because it's the only way that they think can make money. This and much more can extremely limit a person's life as well as leave him or her locked in misery.

But we don't want that, do we? The spiritual path is about spiritual freedom, so please sign up for this free webinar to gain more freedom from money.

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Money on the Spiritual Path Full Description

Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Fun Spiritual Things To Do

spiritual fun, spiritual silliness, spiritual awakening
I know that this spiritual awakening blog can be pretty serious a lot of the time, but the spiritual path isn't always fraught with constant emotional purging, hours of meditation, and a whole host of difficult and challenging things. Rather, this is usually at the forefront because it's on top of all of your abilities to enjoy life. Your joy and bliss are just bursting to get out of you, but a huge layer of self-judgment, anger, lack of self-worth, old trauma, and whatever else depending on your particular cocktail of pain and issues (and we all have them) are burying that love inside.

And love is easy. It's easy because it's already here. While the high state moments come and go, the depth of our acceptance, peace, and serenity is always here. That is the fullness of love, which embraces all emotions. As such, the more pain you let go of, the more access you will find to that love, which makes finding fun spiritual thing to do not quite so hard to do.

However, I recognize that as you go through this spiritual healing and spiritual rebirth process that you may feel like nothing is fun for awhile. You can't do the old things like partying, drinking, casual sex, and other indulgences. A lot of entertainment is overwhelming, inane, or no longer interesting. All these things no longer feel good and are out of integrity with you. But you may not yet have new stuff to do and aren't abiding in that deep presence where it doesn't matter at all what you do. So, here is my top 10 list of fun spiritual things to do to help you transition into healthier fun.

10 Fun Spiritual Activities

Monday, November 3, 2014

Healing Sexual Abuse

I am sure that you are horrified by the statistic in the picture I've shared from the World Health Organization. While the topic at hand is sexual abuse (and this statistic includes other forms of physical violence), I think we all know that that number is under-reported. In my work as a spiritual teacher and healer, I have had a lot of experiences in helping students heal from sexual violence, and I'm fairly sure that none of them had reported the abuse. As such, we can probably only guess at the true extent of this problem, but it is undoubtedly a huge problem.

Some of the known statistics are sobering and depressing as it is. According to the Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN), "1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime." (Click here for more statistics).

And it is not limited to women. 10% of all sexual assault victims in the U.S. are men. Additional statistics for the U.S. from RAINN include:

"About 3% of American men — or 1 in 33 — have experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime."

For men who are seeking help tailored to them, the following website has been recommended to me by a reader:

Male Survivor (

So if the U.S. population is 316 million people and we'll split it roughly in half for men and women, then approximately 4.65 million men and 25.83 million women have been sexually abused just in the U.S.

I'm not here to depress you. I'm here to offer a snapshot on just one major issue in the world and offer an opportunity to understand how it can be healed. Keep in mind that healing sexual abuse is no picnic, but it is so necessary. It influences so many factors of our society, and we don't even realize it. As such, it is of the utmost importance that if you or someone else is a victim of sexual abuse that help be sought out. In those interests, let me offer some help through this spirituality blog today.

Recovering From Sexual Assault

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Webinar: Your Body and Awakening

spiritual surprises, unknown
Most of the long lists of awakening symptoms that you may have seen tend to comprise body ailments, but let's be honest with ourselves: not every sneeze we have is attributable to a spiritual awakening. In this webinar, I hope to debunk some of that as well as help you identify body sensations that are actually attributable to a spiritual awakening or spiritual shift. From there, we can talk about how to make adjustments to your life or spiritual practice in a way that addresses root causes instead of trying to ameliorate superficial symptoms (no matter how upsetting them may feel).

Furthermore, while spiritual awakening can influence anything in our spheres of perception (physical, psychic, emotional, mental, and so on), oftentimes the upset we feel in our bodies is simply part of the unnumbing that is going on. This means that the pain was already there. You were just too numb to experience it before.

There's plenty to talk about here, so I encourage you to sign up. As always, this webinar is free to all.

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Your Body and Awakening Full Description

Monday, October 27, 2014

Between Disbelief and Belief

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As you melt more into your awakened consciousness, the need for beliefs goes away. This seems counterintuitive to everything people have been taught from day one, but beliefs aren't that necessary for our survival. They are tools that are occasionally useful, but then you put them down. You sit on a bench, and you watch the birds swimming around at the lake in the park. You are not believing in the birds or the lake. You are witnessing them. You don't need to believe in lower back pain to naturally make an adjustment to how you are sitting. The experience of being in the moment requires no belief. You are already here.

For people who have spent so much time believing this or that, this phase of clarity that comes to our minds is deeply unsettling. For those without as much attention to the mental sphere, it really isn't much of a surprise. As such, the latter will find more ease melting into this space where you don't have to believe or not believe in things. You simply engage with whatever is coming to you in any given moment.

But like any good tool, the mind takes sharpening from time to time. We can learn and use ideas to create other beliefs that are useful. We can believe in creating clean energy systems and better water management. We can do this for a couple of hours, but then we put it down. During the course of a day, we don't really consciously and constantly believe in these concepts though. We are in meetings, on phone calls, with clients, etc., etc. As such, we stay agile to the changing present moment, and when things don't go the way we would have wanted them to go (which comes from a hidden belief about how they should have gone), then we adjust to the new situation. As always, the awakened space is an extremely agile and dynamic space, which is the truth of life.

The Problems of the Believing and Disbelieving Mind

Monday, October 20, 2014

Assigning Your Pain to Another

spiritual shadow, spiritual pain, spiritual awakening, spiritual photography
I often talk about projecting our issues as well as our desires and love onto other people and situations. It's like we break ourselves into these little pieces and fling them on to everyone else. Then we go through this elaborate game of trying to recollect all these pieces back (well, at least the good ones).

With the painful ones, we try to avoid the situations and people who seem to be the bringers of pain, and putting aside serious things such as physical assault and abuse, we are actually caught up in a game of trying to avoid our own pain. Our pain is within us. Other than the aforementioned physical injury, we choose the emotional responses that come up inside of us. It is powerful medicine to not choose to be angry, scared, or otherwise upset when someone is yelling at you. It means that you now are the master of your emotional space. Until then, pretty much anyone can manipulate you consciously or unconsciously, and that's a lot of power to give up to other people whether it is your misbehaving dog or a cruel and sadistic lawyer.

But to deal with our pain and our responses to it, we have to take ownership of it. That's why assuming that someone else is in pain is so problematic. Furthermore, our pain is very shifty. Sometimes the ego will assign a perception of pain and darkness on another and then try to heal that person, who may or may not actually have any of that issue. The wounded healer is a very common role people take on to do just that. Furthermore, some people go so far as to look at actual healers and other helpers in their life and project their pain onto those people. In this way, some of the people who could help them the most are now neutralized in this person's mind. They're either not good enough or pure enough to help, or they need to help fix the healer (which of course is simply trying to help heal their own issue).

Yes, it can be a sticky mess, but let's explore it together to unwind this gnarly bit of yarn so that you can see yourself and others more clearly.

Noticing the Mud on Your Windshield

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Webinar: Melting Into Oneness

nonduality, nature, spiritual photography, spirituality, redwoods
I've talked a lot about oneness on this spirituality blog, but I thought it was time to have a webinar about the topic. I know people have a lot of questions, and there's a lot of perceptions that this space will make us always feel good and always give us everything we want. But this is not how it is. The space of oneness is lovely, but it is also a simultaneously dynamic and evolving place. Much like the ocean, it is always shifting and changing, yet its fundamental essence is always the same.

This is also an opportunity to potentially share an experience you've had in touching oneness and gain additional insights if you'd like them.

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Melting Into Oneness Full Description

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dreams and Processing Your Issues Through Your Subconscious

For a number of years, my sleep was a kind of warzone. So many issues were getting churned through that I'd awaken exhausted in the mornings. The way I coped with this was through a very dedicated morning meditation. After meditating for a half hour, then I'd feel like I'd had a full night's sleep. This subconscious spiritual processing wasn't a whole lot of fun, and it was part of an opening series of years where old pain and issues were being brought up into the light for me. And every part of me had to grapple with it, explore it, embrace it, and release it in their own way, including my subconscious.

Many people have a very different relationship with their dreams and subconscious. You may already use it for guidance. You may enjoy your dreams more casually. You may use lucid dreaming, or you may not dream much at all. In the context of a spiritual awakening, you may have your current relationship with your dreams dramatically changed. If you find that you are processing a lot of issues through your dreams, you may really feel like you've been thrust into the ocean without a boat. The subconscious is a powerful place with its own unique depths to plumb. There's all kinds of imagery and feelings that need to be interpreted in their own way if they need to be interpreted at all. If you are in awakening or a significant spiritual shift of any kind, I generally encourage some level of interpretation so that you can let any lessons that your subconscious is attempting to teach you integrate into your waking awareness.

The Shifting of the Dream World

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Spiritual Backslide

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The spiritual backslide is when we return to an old habit, lifestyle, social circle, job, or something else that no longer serves us. It can happen with food. It can happen with relationships. It can happen with jobs. It can happen with pretty much anything. The main thing is that you are done with this old thing, but a part of you is still attached to the idea of it.

The spiritual backslide is a great teaching moment because you get to see what you're attached to, why, and how things really are. That last part is important, and the less aware you are, the more likely you are to try and explain away a situation that doesn't resonate with you. The more aware you are, the more likely you are to say, "Yes, this has served its purpose in my life" or "This never supported me at all."

Regardless of the conclusions that arise for you, we are human beings. So more than a few backslides can happen as we grow as spiritual people. There's no need for judgment around it. Obviously, at the level of higher truth, there is no possible way to backslide, but always remember that higher truth embraces all pain and joy. So do not be too quick to try and intellectualize something away. You know when something does not resonate for you and no longer serves you.

On that note, let's talk about the spiritual backslide and how it can manifest in your life.

The Relationship Backslide

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Webinar: Improving Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar has been moved to a new day.


Monday, October 13, 2014


10:30 AM Pacific Time

I hope those of you who have already signed up can still attend.

Spirituality Webinar Overview

For this webinar, I wanted to talk more about intuition especially as it relates to psychic awareness. For those of you who don't know how I talk about these things, I consider intuition to be the basis of psychic awareness. Intuition is our ability to know ourselves. From that inner clarity, it becomes easier to understand others and external events, including what we sense beyond our five senses. Personal clarity is a fundamental cornerstone for those who are already naturally psychic. Those who are having their psychic abilities open up to them because of their spiritual shifts will find greater peace with their new levels of perception the more they understand themselves.

I use the term psychic to broadly encapsulate a whole bunch of extrasensory perceptions and abilities such as seeing auras, seeing/sensing spirits and energy, being empathetic, having out of body experiences, being clairvoyant, and so on. None of these are inherently bad or unusual. If someone was particularly good with their psychic abilities in bygone days (and were approved of by local communities), they were often called prophets. (If they weren't approved of, they were called witches and warlocks, albeit abuse of these abilities has elicited some of those titles to some degree).

In any event, this is a broad topic, and I invite you to this webinar to ask questions and to learn about what it means to be in integrity with these abilities and how to consciously improve them.

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Improving Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities Full Description

Monday, September 29, 2014

Emotional Eating and Eating to Regulate Emotions

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The topic of emotional eating probably won't seem particularly spiritual, but I will simply remind you that all of life is spiritual. This aspect of unhealthy coping shows us how out of alignment we are with our natural healthy bodies.

If you've been reading this spiritual awakening blog for awhile, you'll have noticed that I'm using the term "natural body" more and more. I want to encourage you to think about coming into your natural body type and shape and not into an idea of what your body should look like. Most people's ideas around their bodies are completely polluted by cultural nonsense. Which often leads to upset feelings and emotional eating (you see how we've come full circle).

But dealing with our emotions by eating is not healthy. It's not the function of food to make us feel good. It is important that as we become more mature on the spiritual path and become heart strong that we face upset emotions instead of burying them. But it is an all too common thing to try to make ourselves feel better through food and to regulate our inner emotional environment with food. So let's take some time to identify what this looks like, the fallout from doing so, and the importance of getting healthy emotionally and physically.

The Inability to Process Emotions

Monday, September 22, 2014

Spiritual Awakening Clearing and Processing

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As far as I can think, I really haven't given too much time to what clearing is like. I've given a general sense of the over-arching process of expansion and contraction, healing and growing, and those types of paradigms. But I don't think I've really said too much about clearing and processing after a realization or release. This is actually a very interesting topic because much like the spiritual awakening (which is the beginning not an ending), a realization and release can lead to a lot of clearing and processing on internal and external levels. A realization around food arising within you can be one example. If you suddenly realize that dairy has been making you sick your whole life, you aren't done here, right? Now you have to change your eating habits, and your taste buds are probably still trained to "like" dairy. Because you're so accustomed to it, you probably even get some cravings, although some deep healing releases will get rid of those. But not all issues release completely.  As such, the realization has now lead to a lot of dietary shifts will likely make your body feel even more unsettled as you clear  internal residual junk built up over the years from eating a food that makes you sick.

Yes, it is a muddy gray world sometimes. Just like when you hoist some junk up off the bottom of the lake, the whole lake gets muddier for awhile even though the junk is now out of that "system."

So let's take some time looking at what happens after a release and why the clearing and processing that leads to deeper integration can be just as challenging as the build up beforehand.

Light Ignites, Realization Is Illuminated

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Webinar: Spiritual Breathing Tips

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While I'm not sure that there's any real need to call this "spiritual breathing," perhaps it gets across the point that we're bringing more presence to our breath. I know that many of my students have really gotten an ear-full from me about breathing. It is the simplest and most present spiritual tool that I can think of beyond the Truth that we already ARE. And there is nothing to be done to be here now because we are already here and now.

But we have done a good job of getting ourselves caught up and lost in illusion, and the breath is a constant reminder to be here now. You can't wait to breathe. It's not like, "Well, I only have time in my busy schedule for breathing at Tuesdays at 7 pm." No. You'd be dead.

So in this spiritual webinar, I'll talk a little bit about what spiritual breathing is, how it is always with us, how it can help us be more mindful and present in all situations (easy and difficult), and ways to go more deeply into it.

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Spiritual Breathing Tips Full Description

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Spiritual Belief System Vacuum and Filling the Void

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Let's start with the most important part: you're not going to fill the void where your old spiritual belief system once was. You're going to get used to the space. You're going to find the enormity of your potential and life's vastness by sitting in this void, not trying to make useless human meaning out of infinite consciousness. Clear? I want to make sure that we're starting with what matters. This is where this spiritual blog post will end, so there's no confusion from step one even though you may not understand it now or at the end of this post. It's okay. Some things you return to later. Some of the truths I share with my students lie dormant inside them for weeks, months, and even years. Then they bloom forth, and I get an email saying, "I finally get what you said."

So don't be upset if the very concept of having no belief system and no need to make meaning is too much or sounds too ridiculous. It's probably the first time you've ever heard someone propose it. And while this may sound like a belief that I'm proposing, see what the truth is for you. See what happens when you rest in this here and now. Do you need to believe in anything while you are resting in this moment to be here? Does finding the next step after this moment require all that much thinking and believing, or do things naturally seem to arise when you are fully here and now?

Find out. Test drive the Truth before you close your mind to the concept that you don't need any beliefs or a spiritual belief system to tell you how to live your life.

The Imploding of Your Belief System

Monday, September 8, 2014

Letting Go of Beliefs

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Letting go of beliefs is a natural part of the spiritual path. As you've come to identify and accept a lot of core and limiting beliefs, letting go is what eventually must follow. Early on, this can be a big thing because people are so identified with the unconscious ego. There's a lot of fear because people feel like they wouldn't know who they are or what to do without the belief system. As people let go of a lot of the littler beliefs--although at the time they tend to feel really big--they discover how much space is let into their lives. For some, that extra space is very confronting. They feel like they don't know what to do with it and may immediately try to fill the space. But wiser souls let this space consume them and open them further. In that openness a great deal more love, light, and truth become evident and accessible. This further illuminates other beliefs.

People may start to wonder what is there to believe in at all, and truly, living our lives is much simpler when we aren't caught up in an intricate web of beliefs. So many beliefs are fear-based that everything must be seen first to see if any beliefs are really necessary at all. In many ways, a belief is like clinging onto an idea and trying to apply to other things in life. But you don't really need to believe in gravity for it to be there, do you? It simply is, and the more you let go of beliefs, the clearer your perception gets of what is and what is made up.

After the Identification

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Different Relationships

For this spiritual awakening webinar, I'm not talking about different relationships such as romantic relationships, friends, co-workers, and so forth. I'm going to talk about a deeper quality of relationships in regards to how they structurally function. I know. It sounds pretty sciency serious. Don't worry. Like everything I do, I'll try to make it accessible.

Right now (and this will change as I grow on my path), I really see five types of relationships:

Static relationships
Karmic relationships
Transitional relationships
Evolving relationships
Conscious relationships (which can include some of the above ones)

In this webinar, I hope to help you identify the types of relationships that you're in and to better understand how they're functioning for you in your spiritual growth. The point is not to find the perfect relationship, but to better understand yourself and what you are co-creating with others.

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Spiritual Awakening and Different Relationships Webinar Full Description

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pausing the Awakening

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It may sound absurd to some of you in awakening, but you can pause it. You can hit the brakes. But I wouldn't recommend it.

So why write about it? It's because in some instances, I think a few of you may need to know where to find the pause button so you can catch your breath. The wash, clean, rinse, and repeat cycles can be intense, and while they may seem completely involuntary, they are us. This energy is us. Us has been coming out of seclusion and suppression and reshaping us into our natural form. It is a beautiful process, and it is a rare one. Most of the time people who are talking about "awakening" are talking about the conscious path. The conscious path is where we learn more about ourselves and grow over time. It is the path we all must walk--awakened or not.

The awakened path is the one that knows that we are perfect as we are, and yet it pushes us persistently towards the total understanding of this truth in every aspect of ourselves. This knowing isn't an idea. It can only partially be talked about because otherwise it becomes just a concept. And I am not actually much interested in concepts here.

As such, pausing is in and of itself a kind of concept. So we mustn't hold onto it to tightly. Otherwise, we can get caught up into ideas about control, which comes from hidden fears.

Nonetheless, I'll talk a little bit about why, when, and how you pause in awakening to get a momentary gulp of fresh air before letting the next wave take you back down.

The Waves of Awakening

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Intuition: A Short Guide to Improving Your Inner Knowing

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I talk a lot about intuition on this spiritual awakening blog, so I thought now would be a good time to collect a few of the many blogs on that topic as well as a couple YouTube videos. Hopefully, this can be a one-stop shop for learning about your intuition and trusting it.

This blog has posts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced intuitives out there, although please don't hold onto this kind of rating. I am simply saying this to honor that some of you have never practiced with your intuition while others have been doing it your whole lives.

Mostly, intuition is a way to tune into ourselves and the deeper divine flow of all of life. It is simply taking us on the journey that is most true to us in this lifetime, whatever that may be.

Feel free to request additional subtopics for this very important topic. Enjoy!

9 Spirituality Blogs and Videos About Intuition

Monday, August 25, 2014

Piercing the Wound

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You know what you're in for with this spirituality blog post. We're not dancing around issues. We're not coddling egos. We're going straight for it. Until a wound is pierced and the inner damage is seen, it will continue to be a wound. No alcohol, spiritual mantra, psychological coping mechanism, or any other tool can cover it up for long. This must be done. This is the courage required of you on the spiritual path.

I often describe our wounds like broken bones. You cannot truly live with broken bones in your body. Your entire life has been compromised. But this is what we try to do. We also try to blame other people and the world for breaking our bones, and while other people have their own karma to bear for inflicting damage on us, most of the pain that we carry is of our own making and choosing. We choose to feel abandoned. We choose to degrade ourselves and perpetuate a sense of unworthiness. We choose to forget that we are interconnect to a greater whole that supports and sustains us.

In that forgetfulness, we then create intentional ignorance, and the pain deepens. The cycles of pain and suffering build up as we try more and more things to ignore how much we are hurting. But at some point, this has to stop if we are going to truly live. At some point, we have to pierce the wound.

Nobody Loves Needles

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Webinar: The Letting Go Process

We definitely can make this whole letting go thing a bigger problem than it has to be. As such, it's easy to over-complicate the process of letting go, which is actually a natural one. Every day, we have thousands of little experiences that we process effortlessly. It's effortless because we don't choose to make these experiences into problems or part of our overall "story" of who we think we are. Obviously, there are traumatic things that have happened to some people, but a lot of the rest of letting go is much simpler than we think it is.

To help you along, I wrote this spirituality blog post which is entitled:

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

I encourage you to read it before coming to this webinar. It'll help you to understand what I'm talking about, and I'm going to use the above four steps as the framework for letting go.

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Letting Go Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 18, 2014

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

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What I'm about to offer in this blog post isn't revolutionary. It's been done before. Really, all spiritual tools and techniques have been done before. Any time I hear someone trumping a tool as the latest and greatest thing, I am more than a little skeptical. That's not even the right word. It's not skepticism. I simply know that all these tools are leading us back to the simplicity of letting go, and they're all really the same thing.

As such, I am happy to announce this is NOT the latest and greatest thing. You most likely have and/or will find other people saying the exact same things with different words in other spiritual traditions, psychology, and so forth. So let me repeat. This is not new. But hopefully, it is immensely helpful.

In this vein of thinking, I wanted to offer this spiritual awakening blog post as one of the more fundamental spiritual techniques and ways of thinking about healing and spiritual growth. Especially for healing, this process of identifying, accepting, embracing, and letting go can be immensely valuable. Initially, you probably will experience these things as a jumble. Then you'll get better at separating them as you practice looking within yourself, and then they very naturally start to happen all at once. In truth, we are very used to having something pass through us--an experience or thought--very easily. It's only when we have some attachment, pain, or story that some new experience or thought can latch onto does this whole process become necessary.

With that said, I'd like to break out these four phases and talk about what they are and how to use them.

Identify: Bringing Light to the Problem

Monday, August 11, 2014

Spiritual Awakening Body Changes and Rebirth

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I haven't written about the body and physical aspects of spiritual awakening in some time, so I felt like circling back to this topic. I expect to talk about it much more next year, which will be dedicated to the awakened body. This is the year of the awakened heart; there's no reason behind this. I just felt like doing it this way. Here's the blog post about the awakened heart, which I kicked off the year with:

Becoming Heart Strong

Just as the mind and heart go through big shifts during an awakening so too must the body. The body goes through as much shifting as you need to come into your natural healthy body. Your natural healthy body is not something to be found in a fitness or yoga magazine, and it certainly isn't likely to be found in a fashion magazine. You would do well to get rid of any of those types of body propaganda. It perpetuates so many lies.

No, your body is your own, and your body knows exactly what shape it naturally should be to be in optimal health. As such, a spiritual awakening simply takes you down the path to becoming that natural shape and will require any and all changes necessary to get there.

There Is No Idea to Believe In

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Webinar: It's All About Energy Again

One of my first webinars last year was called, "All About Energy." It was really popular, so I thought I'd bring the topic back around for an encore. I know a lot of you are sensitive to energy--you feel things, thoughts, and random impulses that perhaps you don't feel like you understand. Some of it may feel quite disturbing or upsets. Some others of you are going through big inner shifts that are bringing forth your sensitivities as well as sacred knowledge in regards to how to be with this energy and move it in your life. And I'm sure some of you are just plain curious.

That means this spirituality webinar is for you.

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Spiritual Energy Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 4, 2014

Unconfirmed Intuitions

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Let me be clear from the start that we're having the graduate-level discussion of intuition in this blog post. It's an important discussion for those of you who are deeply intuitive but have probably found yourself in completely foreign and uncertain waters. None of your friends can understand these discussions. Even your intuitive friends and maybe even your favorite psychic don't quite understand what you're talking about in terms of the new challenges and uncertainties of living almost purely off of intuition. So this spirituality blog post is for you today.

For everyone else who is earlier in their practice of using their intuitions, please check out these posts:

Using Your Intuition

Confused Perceptions and Wrong Intuitions

Well After the Beginning

Monday, July 28, 2014

Limiting Beliefs and Core Beliefs

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Beliefs and belief systems offer us a broad way to interpret a lot of life experiences, feelings, and sensations and to generally make sense of things. They aren't inherently troublesome things. But by and large, beliefs aren't being used to help us to open and flourish. We use our beliefs to protect and defend ourselves, which typically has the outcome of limiting the way we experience our lives. In general, core fears around death and pain tend to underpin a lot of beliefs and belief systems. Whenever this happens, beliefs become limiting beliefs, and the more powerful the fear or underlying issue is, the more limiting the belief tends to become.

In general, my thinking is that words, ideas, and beliefs should help us to free ourselves. This too is a belief, but you can probably sense the openness to it. Holding beliefs lightly allows us to stay agile with each evolving moment so that we don't get trapped trying to make life conform to an idea. Holding onto a belief is part of what defines limiting and core beliefs. Essentially, we try to make ourselves, other people, and our environment conform to these beliefs. This brings nothing but aggravation even when our beliefs are seemingly positive and meant to benefit others because life is bigger than our beliefs. And so are we. Thus to continue your journey deeper into yourself and into the awakened awareness that simply Is, you will have to confront many limiting and core beliefs.

What Are Limiting and Core Beliefs?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Webinar: Breaking Triggers Part 2

emotional trigger, spiritual trigger, spiritual webinar, spiritual awakening
I know I recently had a spiritual webinar about breaking emotional, mental, and physical triggers, but people had lots of questions. I don't feel like we had enough time to get them all answered in the spirituality webinar we had a couple weeks ago. So I'm doing this topic again with a little more time for questions and less of my initial talk.

If you wanted to come to the topic and missed it, here's your chance. If you had more questions, please write them down and bring them with you.

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Spiritual Awakening Webinar Full Description

Monday, July 21, 2014

Having a Problem With Having No Problems

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The unconscious ego is an amazing thing. It will continue to reveal itself over and over again. Right when life is going well, it may suddenly run in shouting, "Stop the presses!" Everyone in the metaphorical room will pause and turn around, asking, "What? What's the problem?" And that unconscious part of us may say with great concern and distress, "We have no problems!"

It seems absurd. For some of you without the problem-solver ego, you will probably not have to do this dance. But for many of you, you've gotten good at resolving issues. Even if you aren't good at it, many of you also will be constantly seeing places to fix your life or are trying to get somewhere. One of the big illusions for many people is that safety and happiness are "over there somewhere." But they're not. They're always right here. And yet sometimes as we are becoming more right here and right now, we are so deeply trained to look elsewhere and to be unsettled within ourselves that we keep looking elsewhere and keep looking for things to resolve to get to that mythical "there" point where we can have happiness. Relax. You are already here.

The Problem-Solver Ego

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top 10 Spiritual Cities

It's time for some fun, so I felt like doing something completely different than usual. This list comes from my Google Analytics, which tells me from where people come. As such, these are the top 10 spiritual cities for this little spiritual awakening blog over the past 4 years. Some of it might surprise some of my regular readers, and here's a quick little teaser: the top city isn't in the U.S.

Now, I can't say that any of these cities are more spiritual than any other city. As many of you know, I see spirituality in everything. But if you happen to live in one of these cities, you might be reassured to know that more than a few people near you are interested in spirituality.

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Top 10 Spiritual Cities

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Inability to Ask for What You Want

A common core issue that people struggle with is the inability to ask for what they want. If you can't ask for what you want, generally speaking, you won't get it. Now, of course, I spend a lot of time helping people understand why they want what they want, but for this post, I'll assume you've done your work. You've drilled down past the outer defenses and socially trained responses to get the core of things. Maybe you've even touched the Truth (a spiritual opening or glimpse of awakening) or that Truth is now abiding within you (spiritual awakening).

Regardless, this is a post for the more advanced practitioner. This isn't about "manifesting" or "attracting" whatever you think you need to be happy. This is the superficial level that many spiritual seekers are caught at. They don't really know why they want what they want, so they keep looping around trying to manipulate themselves and the universe to give them stuff: six-figure jobs, soulmates, exotic trips, etc., etc. But the mature spiritual adult knows what is truly meaningful to them, and depending on where you are in your path, you may find that you have an incredible inability to ask for what truly matters to you.

Finding Out What Matters

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Webinar: Making Conscious Decisions

This webinar was requested by one of my students. She has learned as many of us have learned that for most of our lives we have not made conscious decisions. We might not even have made one.

To the unconscious ego (which of course thinks it's making all kinds of great decisions and that this webinar doesn't apply to you), this is a very humbling realization. It's only as we start to know ourselves do we see the profound influence of social programming, family upbringing, life karma, and instinctual patterning. As we gain more and more perspective, we see how our choices for friends, lovers, jobs, living situations, and so forth has been heavily dictated to us by this programming. As such, we realize we haven't been making decisions; we've just been acting out a program.

So for this webinar, I'll talk about what it's like to make conscious decisions as well as the ongoing uncovering of deeper programs and unconscious motives.

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Webinar Full Description: Making Conscious Decisions

Monday, July 7, 2014

Feeling Like You're Not Enough

One of the core programs of the unconscious ego goes something like this: "I am never good enough." It's a simple little idea that infects and destroys countless lives. It can take an easy, wonderful life and destroy it because a person is simply never satisfied. I can think of one relative who was never satisfied with his artwork. Amidst a bountiful and wonderful life, he could never really embrace the breadth of wonderful things that were there because an aspect of his life never really fit his idea of what good enough would be. As a result, he was never good enough. This didn't lead to any spectacularly horrible fallout that I know of, but it is such a common theme for many people that it must be addressed.

Not every unconscious ego has the same core issues, although they all lead towards different levels of illusion that cut us off from each other, from our own love, and from the divine consciousness. But this issue of not feeling like we're enough is prevalent. It's so epidemic that we don't even consider it a problem. For instance, you'll hear people talk about not being faster enough, trying to learn more to be smarter, and so forth. There's quite a list that I can come up with, but I do encourage you to write down where you don't feel like you're enough (pretty enough, rich enough, etc.). Because this is a sure sign that you've been infected by this feeling that you're not enough.

Assessing the Damage

Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Face Your Inner Darkness

spiritual darkness, inner darkness, spiritual awakening, spirituality, photography
It's been awhile since I brought our attention to the darkness and the shadows--at least not overtly. Ultimately, we're always opening our eyes and our hearts to the whole of life--light, dark, and shadow. So at no time is this spiritual awakening blog ever ignoring that. However, sometimes, I am not highlighting darkness quite so directly, and I felt like it was time to do so once more.

Facing and embracing your inner darkness has nothing to do with becoming evil. It is also not an impossible task that will overwhelm and destroy you. It's looking at all you, and only you can embrace all of you. One of the biggest problems many of you will face comes from running from your inner darkness. Some people go to great lengths to do all kinds of good deeds to try to erase, counterbalance, or avoid their darkness, but wherever you go, there it is. When unconfronted, the darkness thrives. It exists precisely because you don't look at it. That is the nature of the dark. It is the absence of the light. Just start to turn and look at it, and already it is evaporating.

But it may not go easily. It's not because it has to be difficult, but rather, we quickly begin to realize how committed we are to these aspects of ourselves and the expansive system of relationships and lifestyles we've created around ourselves. As such, we soon learn that facing our darkness will bring us into a deeper level of commitment to reality that may involve giving up more than a few things. That's usually when things get sticky.

What Is Darkness and the Nature of Evil?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Webinar: Understanding, Processing, and Breaking Triggers

Many of you have had the experience of knowing you should do or say something differently and then watching yourself act out an old unhealthy pattern. It's like something hits a button, and you go on autopilot, which often leads to a crash and burn. This is what I mean when I say, "You've been triggered."

These triggers are a ball of mental, emotional, physical, and instinctual patterning that seem to happen "naturally." Naturally is in quotes because it is not a natural state of flow where your awareness is open and receptive to the truth of a given moment. So generally, I'll use the term "habitual," where the base of this term is "habit." And habit is a learned process. Therefore, you can unlearn this process.

In this free webinar, I'll talk about what makes up a trigger, the many different types of triggers we have, and how we start to break them apart so that we can truly make conscious decisions in our lives. I look forward to your questions and examples so that we can ferret out some more of these pieces as you learn how to unlearn many unhealthy patterns and habits that get triggered.

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Spiritual Awakening Webinar Full Description: 

Understanding, Processing, and Breaking Triggers

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