Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Find Answers on this Spirituality Blog

It's amazing to say that there are over 700 blog posts on this spirituality blog. But with all of that wonderful spirituality writing, so much of it can be easily missed or overlooked. In this blog post, I'm offering some tips on how to find stuff on this blog so that you can get your spiritual questions answered and find the support you want.

The spiritual tips that follow offer some of the least used items that may be helpful for you. I know these are least used because I did a survey on whether people were finding what they were searching for. The good news is that most of you do seem able to find what you need, but let's see if we can't make this even easier.

Finding Spiritual Answers Tip #1

On the right hand-side, you will see several links under the header "Categories." These include:
When you click on one of these links, you'll go to a page where all the posts categorized under those topics can be found. You can think of "Cultivating" as in the beginning of the spiritual awakening story before someone has awakened, "Surviving" as in the middle and past the actual awakening, and "After" as at the end, when everything calms down internally. The reality isn't exactly like that, but you get the idea.

Finding Spiritual Answers Tip #2

At the very top of the page in the upper left hand corner, but beneath your browser's main toolbar, there should be a dialogue box with Blogger's "B" icon in front of it. Type in search terms here to search this spiritual awakening blog. For instance, here are the results for several popular spiritual topics:

If you can't find this little dialogue box (it's not very big), you can do the same type of search by going to a search engine's page and typing in a topic such as "spiritual awakening" and then typing in "".

Finding Spiritual Answers Tip #3

There's also the Blog Archive you can peruse. It's on the right-hand side and in the middle of all the other links there. You can click on the different years and months to quickly view the titles of many different spiritual blog posts. Click on the arrows to expand and collapse the folders.

Finding Spiritual Answers Tip #4

Finally, there are the little picture icons at the very bottom of each post. Above them, there is a title reading:

"You might also like"

This is a widget I've installed on the blog, and each picture comes with a title of a blog post that may be related to the one you just read.

Finding Spiritual Answers Tip #5

Lastly, on the right hand side of the blog under the "Receive Notifications" dialogue box is a box that has a header of "Search this Blog." It basically does the same thing as the search box mentioned in spiritual answer tip #2.

Enjoy this Spiritual Awakening Blog!

I hope you can continue to find what you need on this blog. If not, you are welcome to contact me with questions or topic requests.
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