Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Face Your Inner Darkness

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It's been awhile since I brought our attention to the darkness and the shadows--at least not overtly. Ultimately, we're always opening our eyes and our hearts to the whole of life--light, dark, and shadow. So at no time is this spiritual awakening blog ever ignoring that. However, sometimes, I am not highlighting darkness quite so directly, and I felt like it was time to do so once more.

Facing and embracing your inner darkness has nothing to do with becoming evil. It is also not an impossible task that will overwhelm and destroy you. It's looking at all you, and only you can embrace all of you. One of the biggest problems many of you will face comes from running from your inner darkness. Some people go to great lengths to do all kinds of good deeds to try to erase, counterbalance, or avoid their darkness, but wherever you go, there it is. When unconfronted, the darkness thrives. It exists precisely because you don't look at it. That is the nature of the dark. It is the absence of the light. Just start to turn and look at it, and already it is evaporating.

But it may not go easily. It's not because it has to be difficult, but rather, we quickly begin to realize how committed we are to these aspects of ourselves and the expansive system of relationships and lifestyles we've created around ourselves. As such, we soon learn that facing our darkness will bring us into a deeper level of commitment to reality that may involve giving up more than a few things. That's usually when things get sticky.

What Is Darkness and the Nature of Evil?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Webinar: Understanding, Processing, and Breaking Triggers

Many of you have had the experience of knowing you should do or say something differently and then watching yourself act out an old unhealthy pattern. It's like something hits a button, and you go on autopilot, which often leads to a crash and burn. This is what I mean when I say, "You've been triggered."

These triggers are a ball of mental, emotional, physical, and instinctual patterning that seem to happen "naturally." Naturally is in quotes because it is not a natural state of flow where your awareness is open and receptive to the truth of a given moment. So generally, I'll use the term "habitual," where the base of this term is "habit." And habit is a learned process. Therefore, you can unlearn this process.

In this free webinar, I'll talk about what makes up a trigger, the many different types of triggers we have, and how we start to break them apart so that we can truly make conscious decisions in our lives. I look forward to your questions and examples so that we can ferret out some more of these pieces as you learn how to unlearn many unhealthy patterns and habits that get triggered.

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Spiritual Awakening Webinar Full Description: 

Understanding, Processing, and Breaking Triggers

Monday, June 23, 2014

Overreacting to Your Spiritual Awakening Transformation

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One of the all too common realities that happens during the process of realizing their spiritual awakening is that people overreact. Overreacting to the pain and discomfort arising within us creates further pain and discomfort. It can and has gotten more than a few people into a lot of trouble. Whether they're making drastic and excessive diet changes or giving away everything needlessly, people can put themselves in a whole world of hurt that is completely unnecessary. The pain and discomfort we feel during this sacred process is simply the pain and discomfort that's always been here. We've been so self-medicated with distractions, noise, media (part of the noise really), work, sex, drugs, alcohol, and more that we couldn't feel ourselves. Awakening helps us to feel the truth, and the truth is that most of us are simply miserable. On top of that, we haven't even known it and have created a backlog of unexperienced misery that is now demanding out attention.

Thus, as we see this hot mess that is us, some unconscious egos may go into uber-fixer-upper mode, trying to address everything immediately. Other egos will try to treat the symptoms of the discomfort instead of getting down to the root cause of the dis-ease. And there are plenty of other ways that people overreact and make a process that certainly can be challenges almost unbearable or even create real physiological problems.

However, I'm here to hopefully put you at greater ease, so let's get into it.

The Arising of Awareness That You Are Suffering

Monday, June 16, 2014

Avoiding Parts of Your Spiritual Work

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Many of you will become very adept at certain tools and addressing certain issues within you. This is a wonderful thing. Having accepted that certain issues needed to be addressed, you found the spiritual tools to help you open, accept, embrace, and release these issues. Each time you've let go, you've found more of yourself in return, and there may even be a sense of accomplishment that is trying to grow up here--but don't pay too much attention to that.

However, we are dynamic individuals with multiple aspects. As such, we heal and expand in many ways and on multiple levels on the spiritual path. Where one tool was the elixir of life and the salve for our wounds on one level, it may be completely useless on the next. The little ego that is still hanging around like that relative that needs to go home runs in and says, "How come my meditation isn't working anymore? How come my yoga practice doesn't feel as good now?" It is easy to start to doubt yourself and think that something has gone wrong.

It may actually be the reverse.

Some things have gone very right, and you have completed certain levels of spiritual shifts within yourself. You have moved (potentially) into a new space. Where the mind needed ideas to help it let go and release old traumatic memories, the heart does not work in ideas. Nor does the body, and the tools that are needed here will take you into new places--places you may not want to go or have been avoiding. This avoidance will only redouble the pain.

Noticing Your Self-Avoidance

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Deepening Shared Love Connections

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Everyone wants to feel love and to be loved. I think it's one of those fundamental drives that people have. Too bad that we all got taught that we had to get love from someone else as if it is some kind of commodity to be earned and bought. We already have the love we want. This is the truth, and of course, I have spent some time pointing out that love isn't just good feelings (You can read more on that in my "What Is Love?" blog post). But for today, I will talk about what people more traditionally call love, which means the pleasurable, expansive, good feeling type of love.

As you continue to open to yourself, your capacity to receive, give, and share in love with other people grows. Consider this simple metaphor: a closed box cannot receive anything. As you punch a few holes into it, then air and light can start to filter in. This closed box are all your ideas about when and how you can receive and/or give love. Most people are closed boxes, and be honest with yourself; you've probably been a pretty closed box yourself. Even if you feel like you've been an open person who has felt overwhelmed by the emotions of others, this tends to be an indication that you've been closed off to your own love. Unable to tap into the stabilizing force that is your own love, every passing breeze has swept you off in this direction or that, leaving you banged, bruised, and frustrated. Often then leads to becoming a totally closed box once more.

But fear not. It does not have to be this way. As you journey inwards into the depths of your own love, you may be surprised how love deepens in your connections with other people.

The First Loving Surprise: A Soulmate Appears

Monday, June 9, 2014

Creating a Spiritual Movement

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There are going to be two phases to this blog post. One will be for those of you focused on your own self work. This is perfect and beautiful, and it is actually the basis for a larger spiritual movement involving other people. The second part is for those spiritual leaders who want to create something larger than yourself to help the world align in a kinder and more harmonious manner.

To begin with the first part, it is all about going within and getting to know yourself. A lot of hidden motives get wrapped up in any kind of spiritual movement out there, and one of those motives is that by making the world seem safer and kinder that we'll feel better. The discerning spiritual seeker soon learns that for he or she to become a spiritual finder you have to want to know what doesn't feel good inside. Where is this feeling coming from? Why is it being triggered?

Because no matter how much you try to fix others or save the world, that feeling still belongs to you, and it won't leave until you've addressed it.

Building Momentum in Your Inner Shifts

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Free Webinar: Holding Space for Yourself and Others

Holding space for yourself and others can sound very esoteric, but it's really not. It is simply a phrase for being fully present for someone and not lost in your own judgments, evaluations, and other mental games. It's a powerful tool not just to share with others, but to share with yourself. As you come into deeper peace and an ability to witness your own emotions, you are learning to hold space for yourself. Many people often feel like they're two people during their spiritual shifts. It's almost like being a parent watching a child have a tantrum. This is a common intermediary time period as we let go of the unconscious ego and begin to truly witness it's work within us.

The same may apply in your physical life as you make space for your boss's tantrums, your close friend's latest heartbreak, and many other situations. Holding space for someone to fully give or receive pleasure in a sexual connection is one of the more fun ways this can manifest. In truth, there are countless ways that you can learn to hold space and fully be with yourself or others.

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Webinar Full Description: Holding Space for Yourself and Others

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Joy of Not Needing Anyone or Anything

I know this title sounds a little bit like the start of one of those American country songs where the guy or gal is proclaiming their freedom from a bad relationship. This isn't about that. I mean it could be, I suppose, but mainly the joy people feel in those situations is because they no longer have to have their own issues mirrored back to them. They are in a period of relief as opposed to release, which is when an issue is gone for good.

In this instance, I'm talking about how we settle into awakened awareness and we stop needing or wanting anything. It's a lovely space. You are complete in and of yourself. Obviously, most people don't understand this space, and for many people in your life, they may seem to think that you don't care about them anymore. Honestly, the more you rest in awakened awareness the easier it sometimes is to trigger any and everyone. It's not because you mean to cause others trouble, but it's because some of you are more actively living a life where your role is to call to the depths of awakened awareness that is stored in others. When someone else's awareness starts to naturally bubble up in your presence, it generally runs into all kinds of resistance that people immediately want to project onto others. Nonetheless, there is no need to be concerned if you are resting in this joy more and more. You can't control how others respond and react to you. If you are fully grounded in this joy, you already know this, but on the off chance some of you are still getting hooked into old patterns and are concerned about how seemingly indifferent you are in your relationships, this spiritual awakening blog post is for you.

The Awakened Consciousness: A Whole Unto Itself

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