Thursday, August 28, 2014

Intuition: A Short Guide to Improving Your Inner Knowing

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I talk a lot about intuition on this spiritual awakening blog, so I thought now would be a good time to collect a few of the many blogs on that topic as well as a couple YouTube videos. Hopefully, this can be a one-stop shop for learning about your intuition and trusting it.

This blog has posts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced intuitives out there, although please don't hold onto this kind of rating. I am simply saying this to honor that some of you have never practiced with your intuition while others have been doing it your whole lives.

Mostly, intuition is a way to tune into ourselves and the deeper divine flow of all of life. It is simply taking us on the journey that is most true to us in this lifetime, whatever that may be.

Feel free to request additional subtopics for this very important topic. Enjoy!

9 Spirituality Blogs and Videos About Intuition

Monday, August 25, 2014

Piercing the Wound

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You know what you're in for with this spirituality blog post. We're not dancing around issues. We're not coddling egos. We're going straight for it. Until a wound is pierced and the inner damage is seen, it will continue to be a wound. No alcohol, spiritual mantra, psychological coping mechanism, or any other tool can cover it up for long. This must be done. This is the courage required of you on the spiritual path.

I often describe our wounds like broken bones. You cannot truly live with broken bones in your body. Your entire life has been compromised. But this is what we try to do. We also try to blame other people and the world for breaking our bones, and while other people have their own karma to bear for inflicting damage on us, most of the pain that we carry is of our own making and choosing. We choose to feel abandoned. We choose to degrade ourselves and perpetuate a sense of unworthiness. We choose to forget that we are interconnect to a greater whole that supports and sustains us.

In that forgetfulness, we then create intentional ignorance, and the pain deepens. The cycles of pain and suffering build up as we try more and more things to ignore how much we are hurting. But at some point, this has to stop if we are going to truly live. At some point, we have to pierce the wound.

Nobody Loves Needles

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Webinar: The Letting Go Process

We definitely can make this whole letting go thing a bigger problem than it has to be. As such, it's easy to over-complicate the process of letting go, which is actually a natural one. Every day, we have thousands of little experiences that we process effortlessly. It's effortless because we don't choose to make these experiences into problems or part of our overall "story" of who we think we are. Obviously, there are traumatic things that have happened to some people, but a lot of the rest of letting go is much simpler than we think it is.

To help you along, I wrote this spirituality blog post which is entitled:

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

I encourage you to read it before coming to this webinar. It'll help you to understand what I'm talking about, and I'm going to use the above four steps as the framework for letting go.

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Letting Go Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 18, 2014

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

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What I'm about to offer in this blog post isn't revolutionary. It's been done before. Really, all spiritual tools and techniques have been done before. Any time I hear someone trumping a tool as the latest and greatest thing, I am more than a little skeptical. That's not even the right word. It's not skepticism. I simply know that all these tools are leading us back to the simplicity of letting go, and they're all really the same thing.

As such, I am happy to announce this is NOT the latest and greatest thing. You most likely have and/or will find other people saying the exact same things with different words in other spiritual traditions, psychology, and so forth. So let me repeat. This is not new. But hopefully, it is immensely helpful.

In this vein of thinking, I wanted to offer this spiritual awakening blog post as one of the more fundamental spiritual techniques and ways of thinking about healing and spiritual growth. Especially for healing, this process of identifying, accepting, embracing, and letting go can be immensely valuable. Initially, you probably will experience these things as a jumble. Then you'll get better at separating them as you practice looking within yourself, and then they very naturally start to happen all at once. In truth, we are very used to having something pass through us--an experience or thought--very easily. It's only when we have some attachment, pain, or story that some new experience or thought can latch onto does this whole process become necessary.

With that said, I'd like to break out these four phases and talk about what they are and how to use them.

Identify: Bringing Light to the Problem

Monday, August 11, 2014

Spiritual Awakening Body Changes and Rebirth

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I haven't written about the body and physical aspects of spiritual awakening in some time, so I felt like circling back to this topic. I expect to talk about it much more next year, which will be dedicated to the awakened body. This is the year of the awakened heart; there's no reason behind this. I just felt like doing it this way. Here's the blog post about the awakened heart, which I kicked off the year with:

Becoming Heart Strong

Just as the mind and heart go through big shifts during an awakening so too must the body. The body goes through as much shifting as you need to come into your natural healthy body. Your natural healthy body is not something to be found in a fitness or yoga magazine, and it certainly isn't likely to be found in a fashion magazine. You would do well to get rid of any of those types of body propaganda. It perpetuates so many lies.

No, your body is your own, and your body knows exactly what shape it naturally should be to be in optimal health. As such, a spiritual awakening simply takes you down the path to becoming that natural shape and will require any and all changes necessary to get there.

There Is No Idea to Believe In

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Webinar: It's All About Energy Again

One of my first webinars last year was called, "All About Energy." It was really popular, so I thought I'd bring the topic back around for an encore. I know a lot of you are sensitive to energy--you feel things, thoughts, and random impulses that perhaps you don't feel like you understand. Some of it may feel quite disturbing or upsets. Some others of you are going through big inner shifts that are bringing forth your sensitivities as well as sacred knowledge in regards to how to be with this energy and move it in your life. And I'm sure some of you are just plain curious.

That means this spirituality webinar is for you.

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Spiritual Energy Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 4, 2014

Unconfirmed Intuitions

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Let me be clear from the start that we're having the graduate-level discussion of intuition in this blog post. It's an important discussion for those of you who are deeply intuitive but have probably found yourself in completely foreign and uncertain waters. None of your friends can understand these discussions. Even your intuitive friends and maybe even your favorite psychic don't quite understand what you're talking about in terms of the new challenges and uncertainties of living almost purely off of intuition. So this spirituality blog post is for you today.

For everyone else who is earlier in their practice of using their intuitions, please check out these posts:

Using Your Intuition

Confused Perceptions and Wrong Intuitions

Well After the Beginning

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