Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Webinar: Your Body and Awakening

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Most of the long lists of awakening symptoms that you may have seen tend to comprise body ailments, but let's be honest with ourselves: not every sneeze we have is attributable to a spiritual awakening. In this webinar, I hope to debunk some of that as well as help you identify body sensations that are actually attributable to a spiritual awakening or spiritual shift. From there, we can talk about how to make adjustments to your life or spiritual practice in a way that addresses root causes instead of trying to ameliorate superficial symptoms (no matter how upsetting them may feel).

Furthermore, while spiritual awakening can influence anything in our spheres of perception (physical, psychic, emotional, mental, and so on), oftentimes the upset we feel in our bodies is simply part of the unnumbing that is going on. This means that the pain was already there. You were just too numb to experience it before.

There's plenty to talk about here, so I encourage you to sign up. As always, this webinar is free to all.

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Your Body and Awakening Full Description

Monday, October 27, 2014

Between Disbelief and Belief

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As you melt more into your awakened consciousness, the need for beliefs goes away. This seems counterintuitive to everything people have been taught from day one, but beliefs aren't that necessary for our survival. They are tools that are occasionally useful, but then you put them down. You sit on a bench, and you watch the birds swimming around at the lake in the park. You are not believing in the birds or the lake. You are witnessing them. You don't need to believe in lower back pain to naturally make an adjustment to how you are sitting. The experience of being in the moment requires no belief. You are already here.

For people who have spent so much time believing this or that, this phase of clarity that comes to our minds is deeply unsettling. For those without as much attention to the mental sphere, it really isn't much of a surprise. As such, the latter will find more ease melting into this space where you don't have to believe or not believe in things. You simply engage with whatever is coming to you in any given moment.

But like any good tool, the mind takes sharpening from time to time. We can learn and use ideas to create other beliefs that are useful. We can believe in creating clean energy systems and better water management. We can do this for a couple of hours, but then we put it down. During the course of a day, we don't really consciously and constantly believe in these concepts though. We are in meetings, on phone calls, with clients, etc., etc. As such, we stay agile to the changing present moment, and when things don't go the way we would have wanted them to go (which comes from a hidden belief about how they should have gone), then we adjust to the new situation. As always, the awakened space is an extremely agile and dynamic space, which is the truth of life.

The Problems of the Believing and Disbelieving Mind

Monday, October 20, 2014

Assigning Your Pain to Another

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I often talk about projecting our issues as well as our desires and love onto other people and situations. It's like we break ourselves into these little pieces and fling them on to everyone else. Then we go through this elaborate game of trying to recollect all these pieces back (well, at least the good ones).

With the painful ones, we try to avoid the situations and people who seem to be the bringers of pain, and putting aside serious things such as physical assault and abuse, we are actually caught up in a game of trying to avoid our own pain. Our pain is within us. Other than the aforementioned physical injury, we choose the emotional responses that come up inside of us. It is powerful medicine to not choose to be angry, scared, or otherwise upset when someone is yelling at you. It means that you now are the master of your emotional space. Until then, pretty much anyone can manipulate you consciously or unconsciously, and that's a lot of power to give up to other people whether it is your misbehaving dog or a cruel and sadistic lawyer.

But to deal with our pain and our responses to it, we have to take ownership of it. That's why assuming that someone else is in pain is so problematic. Furthermore, our pain is very shifty. Sometimes the ego will assign a perception of pain and darkness on another and then try to heal that person, who may or may not actually have any of that issue. The wounded healer is a very common role people take on to do just that. Furthermore, some people go so far as to look at actual healers and other helpers in their life and project their pain onto those people. In this way, some of the people who could help them the most are now neutralized in this person's mind. They're either not good enough or pure enough to help, or they need to help fix the healer (which of course is simply trying to help heal their own issue).

Yes, it can be a sticky mess, but let's explore it together to unwind this gnarly bit of yarn so that you can see yourself and others more clearly.

Noticing the Mud on Your Windshield

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Webinar: Melting Into Oneness

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I've talked a lot about oneness on this spirituality blog, but I thought it was time to have a webinar about the topic. I know people have a lot of questions, and there's a lot of perceptions that this space will make us always feel good and always give us everything we want. But this is not how it is. The space of oneness is lovely, but it is also a simultaneously dynamic and evolving place. Much like the ocean, it is always shifting and changing, yet its fundamental essence is always the same.

This is also an opportunity to potentially share an experience you've had in touching oneness and gain additional insights if you'd like them.

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Melting Into Oneness Full Description

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dreams and Processing Your Issues Through Your Subconscious

For a number of years, my sleep was a kind of warzone. So many issues were getting churned through that I'd awaken exhausted in the mornings. The way I coped with this was through a very dedicated morning meditation. After meditating for a half hour, then I'd feel like I'd had a full night's sleep. This subconscious spiritual processing wasn't a whole lot of fun, and it was part of an opening series of years where old pain and issues were being brought up into the light for me. And every part of me had to grapple with it, explore it, embrace it, and release it in their own way, including my subconscious.

Many people have a very different relationship with their dreams and subconscious. You may already use it for guidance. You may enjoy your dreams more casually. You may use lucid dreaming, or you may not dream much at all. In the context of a spiritual awakening, you may have your current relationship with your dreams dramatically changed. If you find that you are processing a lot of issues through your dreams, you may really feel like you've been thrust into the ocean without a boat. The subconscious is a powerful place with its own unique depths to plumb. There's all kinds of imagery and feelings that need to be interpreted in their own way if they need to be interpreted at all. If you are in awakening or a significant spiritual shift of any kind, I generally encourage some level of interpretation so that you can let any lessons that your subconscious is attempting to teach you integrate into your waking awareness.

The Shifting of the Dream World

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Spiritual Backslide

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The spiritual backslide is when we return to an old habit, lifestyle, social circle, job, or something else that no longer serves us. It can happen with food. It can happen with relationships. It can happen with jobs. It can happen with pretty much anything. The main thing is that you are done with this old thing, but a part of you is still attached to the idea of it.

The spiritual backslide is a great teaching moment because you get to see what you're attached to, why, and how things really are. That last part is important, and the less aware you are, the more likely you are to try and explain away a situation that doesn't resonate with you. The more aware you are, the more likely you are to say, "Yes, this has served its purpose in my life" or "This never supported me at all."

Regardless of the conclusions that arise for you, we are human beings. So more than a few backslides can happen as we grow as spiritual people. There's no need for judgment around it. Obviously, at the level of higher truth, there is no possible way to backslide, but always remember that higher truth embraces all pain and joy. So do not be too quick to try and intellectualize something away. You know when something does not resonate for you and no longer serves you.

On that note, let's talk about the spiritual backslide and how it can manifest in your life.

The Relationship Backslide

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Webinar: Improving Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar has been moved to a new day.


Monday, October 13, 2014


10:30 AM Pacific Time

I hope those of you who have already signed up can still attend.

Spirituality Webinar Overview

For this webinar, I wanted to talk more about intuition especially as it relates to psychic awareness. For those of you who don't know how I talk about these things, I consider intuition to be the basis of psychic awareness. Intuition is our ability to know ourselves. From that inner clarity, it becomes easier to understand others and external events, including what we sense beyond our five senses. Personal clarity is a fundamental cornerstone for those who are already naturally psychic. Those who are having their psychic abilities open up to them because of their spiritual shifts will find greater peace with their new levels of perception the more they understand themselves.

I use the term psychic to broadly encapsulate a whole bunch of extrasensory perceptions and abilities such as seeing auras, seeing/sensing spirits and energy, being empathetic, having out of body experiences, being clairvoyant, and so on. None of these are inherently bad or unusual. If someone was particularly good with their psychic abilities in bygone days (and were approved of by local communities), they were often called prophets. (If they weren't approved of, they were called witches and warlocks, albeit abuse of these abilities has elicited some of those titles to some degree).

In any event, this is a broad topic, and I invite you to this webinar to ask questions and to learn about what it means to be in integrity with these abilities and how to consciously improve them.

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Improving Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities Full Description

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