Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Webinar: Highly Sensitive People and Everyday Life

There is often a lot of confusion around being a highly sensitive person and someone who is spiritually shifting. Since the world is always shifting around us, a highly sensitive person feels like life is never safe or that they're in a never-ending set of transitions. This is usually because of lack of self-awareness and grounding. Even the most innocuous energy backdraft can send some people into a whirlwind.

On the other side are the people moving through spiritual shifts or even spiritual awakening. Spiritual shifts naturally re-sensitize us to life, and as we feel more and more of what's going on around us, it can be quite unsettling. It can be like taking off a winter coat when it's below freezing. Suddenly, you realize how cold your life is, which can be quite a shock.

In this spirituality webinar, I hope to help you understand how to find comfort with your sensitivities and build a spiritual practice to fit your individual needs. I look forward to your questions as well since I know that many people struggle with this, and if you have a question, it's likely someone else has the same one or a similar experience, which they can then share at the webinar.

Webinar Title: Highly Sensitive People and Everyday Life

Monday, February 24, 2014

Opening to New Layers of Love

On the path of being heart strong, we all go through shifts and openings in our ability to accept and receive love. This includes accepting and receiving our own love. Each time the ego thinks we're done, a new layer seems to inevitably turn up, and we drop back into new cycles of grieving and releasing (or whatever is required to let go into this next space of growth and healing).

In this way, humility is always really important to all of us. There is no real end point--at least not until we pass on from this world--which ultimately is simply a transformation in and of itself. So even if you think you know every corner and aspect of love, let that thought go. Let the mysteriousness of your own heart enamor and refine you further in the many ways of love so that you continue to grow into the profundity of true love, which loves all of consciousness in its entirety.

The Very First Layer

Sunday, February 23, 2014

March 2014 Free Local Spirituality Talk

After having had a wonderful talk on Sunday, February 16th, I'm excited to announce another local talk here in the San Francisco Bay Area coming this March. For the next local event, I'll be offering a guided meditation and talk on abundance and finances in San Francisco. This will be a great chance for those of you who haven't met me in person to connect with me directly and enjoy a small gathering of spiritual people.

You can find all the details for this next local event as well as the registration form below. Best of all, this is free, although your donations are gratefully appreciated.

If you want to be kept up-to-date on all my Northern California events, please sign up for my local newsletter on this link:

Local Newsletter Sign Up Link

Understanding Abundance and Finances on the Spiritual Path

Monday, February 17, 2014

Calming Upset Emotions

As I continue to write about the heart and bringing tranquility and awareness to our emotions, the next stop on this particular train of thought is for those of you who are perpetually lost in your emotions. I've talked about this a little bit in the blog post: Becoming Heart Strong. Now, I'll go into greater depth to help you see how the spiritual path can help you to take ownership of these emotions without closing down or getting lost in control.

Noticing the Turbulent Emotional Landscape

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spirituality Webinar: Releasing Issues

I talk a lot about releasing issues on this blog, so it is fitting to have a webinar focused on this topic. Whether it is grief, physical trauma, a past relationship that ended badly, or another old pain that is still stuck in us, it has to be released for us to be spiritually free. This plane accepts no carry-on baggage, and most of humanity is carrying quite a bit.

In an interesting way, however, releasing an issue is often more of a transmutation of energy. All that grief dissolves into bliss. All that pain melts into joy. It may seem ironic, but the truth of the matter is that pain is a type of energy, and it's usually one that we've been contributing to our whole lives through our attachments and ego. As a result, I hope to be able to shed some more light on this topic as well as what it's like to release an issue and the shifts that naturally result afterwards.

Webinar Title: Releasing Issues

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Fire, Strength, and Resilience of Awakened Love

In the midst of the burning of the initial shifts that spiritual awakening calls forth, one often has to ask oneself, "Is this really love?" And of course this is the unconscious ego self speaking. And of course this is love, but since so few of us ever really touch the fullness and bright intensity of our inner most love and feel its brilliant flame, this intensity and the discomfort it brings to the darkness we carry within can feel like too much. It can feel like pure torture if we identify with the unconscious ego and try to just "get through" this whole process or resist it entirely. This intensity really shows us just how powerful we are, and that intensity we feel inside is only a prelude to the intensity that one day soon we will be able to offer in kindness, courage, and determination to the rest of the world in whatever way we so choose.

Why Does It Burn So Much?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spirituality Poem: The Indescribable Eternal

This gorgeous poem comes from my student, Jackie. It is, as always, a privilege to share these lovely words with you.

You can check out all the student poetry on this blog by clicking the below link:

Spiritual Poetry

You can also enjoy a variety of works from current and past spiritual students on this link:

Thoughts from my Students

The Indescribable Eternal

Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Find Your True Love

I know a whole bunch of people got excited when they saw the title of this blog. "Yes, yes, yes! Tell me. How do I find my true love?"

And I will tell you.

I also know a whole bunch of my regular readers thought in their heads, "Oh, no! It's a trap. I know a Jim Tolles trap when I see one."

And you are right. This is a trick question.

The process of finding your true love has nothing to do with finding the "right" person in the external world. Because your true love is within you. All the love you could ever want to experience is right in your own heart. It doesn't feel this way because you've been taught differently. You've been outright lied to, and since so many people believe the lie, the liars don't even know they're lying. They're your mother, your father, your friends, you last lover, your siblings, and so forth. Because they were taught that your true love is some other mythical person who makes everything rainbows and sunshine all the time for you, they've passed that on.

That's why it's so shocking for most of you to read the words "your true love is within you." Which is usually followed up quickly by the thoughts, "If I already am my love, why can't I feel it?"

Taking a Step Back Before Diving in

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