Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sessions for January, Coming Home, and Thank You's!

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I'll start this spirituality post with my sincerest "thank you's" to everyone who has offered support to me in some way since the apartment complex fire that took me into a new major life transition. It has truly warmed my heart to have support from so many. That includes the friend who has taken me in to his home for the short-term while I look for a new place to live, my partner who has tirelessly helped in any way she could, one of my students who has helped me pack among other things, and all of the people who have donated to help me. Thank you!

In regards to donations, I have received over $4400 since I started fundraising in November. Little did I know that my fundraising campaign would essentially become a disaster relief fund. I really appreciate the financial support many of you have offered to me as I look for a new place to live. It really is helping to ease the transition.

Coming Home

Monday, November 30, 2015

Out of Touch Due to an Apt Complex Fire

I'm posting this quick blog post to let you know that I've lost my home due to an apartment complex fire. You can see part of what happened to my apartment.

Most importantly, I am unhurt, and a good friend is letting me stay in his guest house. But a lot of my possessions have been smoke-damaged or contaminated by whatever may have been burned during the fire. So I'll need to replace them after finding a new home.

Please expect a delay in my communications and responses to your emails. If you want to help out, please donate. My fundraising drive is officially a disaster relief fund now.

Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 Fundraising Update

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I want to start this post by thanking all of you who have donated to me so far for my 2015 fundraiser. At the time of writing this post, 31 people have donated a total of a little over $2,100 to help me cover this year's financial shortfall. Thank you so much! It really warms my heart to have such amazing supporters.

For those who don't know, I'm working on raising $6,500 to cover a financial deficit that I'll have this year. With the current donations being where they are, I still need about $4,400 more in donations.

This money is going to cover my cost of living. That's rent, food, healthcare insurance, and so on. By donating to me, this financial support also gives me the flexibility to continue to work with my suggested donation rate that I use. This rate structure allows students to donate whatever works for them rather than imposing a set fee that all students have to meet. Because I often receive small donations for sessions, this can create a shortfall for me. As I've developed my practice, students who are in a financial position to donate the full amount for a session have filled in the gaps more and more to balance everything out.

I'm just not quite there yet.

Please Donate

If you are moved to donate, please click on the "Donate" button on the right hand side of the blog. I have a mailing address you can use if you'd prefer to send a check, but PayPal is my preferred means of receiving donations. If you have questions or want to send a donation by mail, you can contact me through my contact form.

Thanks once again to all of your for your support. I couldn't offer this work without you!

In love and kindness,


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Webinar: Holiday Giving and Receiving

As the holidays roll around once again in the Western world, the practice of giving and receiving comes to the forefront of everyone's minds. Why we need one season in a year to focus on reciprocity is a little silly though. The entire year is an opportunity to give and receive selflessly and deeply. But cultural practices being what they are, people remember that giving and receiving is something that they should put time and focus into in November and December in Western Culture. So I'll discuss this practice in this next free webinar to help shed some light on ways we can mindfully give and receive as well as offer tips on dealing with feeling obligated to give, not liking what we receive, and so forth.

I'll also discuss how the spiritual path changes our views of holidays. Upon awakening, many of you realize that everything is made up. This most certainly includes holidays. How and if you engage with holidays is now a very different thing, especially if you're still surfing in the bliss stage where all of life and each moment is a gift.

With all that said, please fill out the form below to sign up for free for my last 2015 webinar. I look forward to having you!

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For some additional thoughts about spiritual awakening and the holidays, check out this blog post:

Spiritual Awakening and the Holidays


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable. This time is 2 AM GMT on Thursday, December 3 and 1 PM AET on Thursday, December 3.


25 (that's the limit of the service I'm using)


Free! However, donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate by using the button in the upper right hand side of the blog. Thank you for your support!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Spirituality Snacks: Ego Stories

I occasionally receive extremely long emails from people telling me their whole life stories. While I am honored that people can be so open with me, it can be disappointing for some of them that I am uninterested in those tall tales. Because it is a tall tale. Our ego stories are conglomerations of very few events while we have forgotten numerous other events and situations that have not fit into our overall idea of ourselves. For instance, trauma survivors sometimes forget or don't see kindness because the ego is seeing everything through the lens of trauma. As such, their story about themselves can be a long miserable story that excludes many good and kind things that happened to them along the way. This can seem impossible, but trust me, it happens.

The reverse is true to. People can be overly "positive" and try to construct stories about how great their lives are. But upon investigation some people discover that their lives have not been very happy. Some people--in the midst of their seemingly content ego story--suddenly realize that they are utterly devastated because they have not been following their hearts. At which point, the person has to either ignore and repress their truth or start to give up their ego story.

It is hard for people earlier on their paths to hear that their ego stories are really not that interesting. Most of the time, these personal belief systems greatly limit or painfully constrict us through this self-definition. People say that these past events and stories "make" them who they are, but more often than not, those stories limit them from being so much more.

So any time you feel yourself getting caught up in telling someone your life story, pause and take a breath. Come back to the present moment and see who you really are right now without any story.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Short Spiritual Thought: Spiritual Redemption

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Spiritual awakening and spiritual growth remind us that no matter where someone has been or how difficult the path, they can grow and change to be happier, healthier, and kinder people. There is no depth of darkness to which people can sink from which they cannot arise again, and this is very good news. It is the nature of the Divine to never reject any one of us, and ultimately, we are all in this together.

However, sometimes society pigeon-holes people, and people can feel trapped by all their past transgressions. Even after they've done a lot of personal growth or even awakened, past mistakes or gross errors (murder, rape, etc.) can haunt a person. To be sure, people need to atone and repent for mistakes and especially the gross errors. Pains inflicted on others that cannot be undone are heavy weights to bear, but you can redeem yourself. And it is up to society to allow a path to healing and redemption and to re-embrace someone who has truly redeemed him or herself.

Fortunately, the ever-forgiving present moment does not hold us captive to our mistakes. It is always offering us the opportunity to step into integrity, truth, atonement, and love. Because of this, some of the kindest and most loving people on the spiritual path often have come from very dark or troubled paths. They truly know what darkness and pain are, and for them, it makes it so much clearer how important it is to embrace the light.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fundraising: Donate to Help Cover my Costs

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I want to send a heartfelt "thank you" to all the people who have donated to me this year. Because of you, I have been able to dedicate my full time to working as a spiritual teacher for most of the year.


All of your donations for meditation recordings, sessions, ebooks, weekend intensives, webinars, and goodwill donations have added up. You've given me the gift to be able to let go of other work I had been doing up until this year.

However, even though this has been my best financial year to date, I need your help to break even for the year. I am projecting that I need about $6,500 to cover all my costs of living.

What are those? Pretty much what you'd expect. A donation will help me to cover rent, food, federal taxes, California taxes, healthcare insurance, car insurance and the usual things. I live a pretty life. Your financial support really is just helping me to take care of myself.

If you are moved to donate, please click on the "Donate" button on the right hand side of the blog. I have a mailing address you can use if you'd prefer to send a check, but PayPal is my preferred means of receiving donations. If you have questions or want to send a donation by mail, you can contact me through my contact form.

The Spiritual Art of Giving and Receiving

One of the practices we learn on the spiritual path is how to give and how to receive. Learning to mindfully give, mindfully ask, and mindfully receive money is important largely because of people's unhealthy interaction with money. People have forgotten that money is just energy. We can move it around into anything, and where we put our energy/money is the world we create. When we put it into weapons and warfare, that's what we're saying is important, and we help propagate more violence in the world. When you donate to myself and other spiritual teachers, you're saying that spiritual helpers and the spiritual path is important. That's really it. Money and how we give and receive are pretty simple in that way.

Since most people are used to having to give up their money out of a sense of obligation or solely as a means to get something, giving from the heart is fundamentally important. If you feel moved to give to me today, then do so. If you do not, then don't. Don't let guilt get in the way. Don't let pride get in the way either. For something so simple as donating money, a whole host of issues can move up inside of someone. If they move up in you, then use this spirituality blog post as an opportunity to do some more inner work.

Finally, whatever amount you feel called to give is fine. Whether it is $30, $300, or $3,000, your financial contribution is greatly appreciated. Your generosity allows me the flexibility to continue to work by my suggested donation rate structure. If you don't already know. I have suggested donation amounts for most of what I do, including my sessions. While I suggested $150 for a one-on-one session, I accept all amounts because everyone is in a different financial position. So when those of you who do have the financial means support me, that ultimately allows me to support some of my other students who don't have much to give.

In short, your donation supports me so that I can support others who are less fortunate.

Thank you for your support. All of you who are supporting me financially or even if it is just "liking" and sharing a post on a social network have made this spiritual teacher vocation a reality for me.

In love and kindness,


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and New Sensitivities

As people awaken or generally shift on their spiritual paths, they often have new sensitivities to life. In truth, this is part of the un-numbing and re-sensitization process. People have been so numb and out of touch with themselves that they can barely feel. If this is your general state of living, then that lack of sensitivity becomes "normal." There are all sorts of ways where people are trying to "tough it out" and push down emotions. Those behaviors reduce and minimize our natural sensitive nature. So when we get re-sensitized to life again, it seems like it is a new thing and that life has been cranked up to a much higher volume. It hasn't. You were just "deaf" before.

In letting go of old unhealthy behaviors as we shift, we often go through a transitional period of increased sensitivities that generally require us to make adjustments in our lives. These adjustments include not using drugs, depressants, and stimulants as much if at all. When we are no longer numb, a lot of entertainment and other activities are simply too overwhelming. It's like going to a rock concert with earplugs, a headband over your ears, and earmuffs for most of your life. If you take off all three, the music goes from being comfortable and fun to unbearably loud. There are lots of parts of life where this is true for people, and this does not even include the highly sensitive people.

When I talk about sensitivities in this webinar, I'm going to be talking about some of the new energy sensitivities people have, but I'll also be discussing:
  • Recovering emotional sensitivities
  • Discovering your physical sensitivities
  • Getting comfortable with your mental sensitivities and abilities to see life clearly

If this sounds interesting, please register below. I look forward to hosting you!

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Spiritual Awakening and New Sensitivities Additional Thoughts

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Spiritual Appetizer: The Trap of Spiritual Ideas

Words and ideas are tools tell help us express ourselves on the spiritual path. They should not be our masters and constrict our ability to understand life or ourselves. The spiritual path shows us that words and ideas simply point to things. They are not the things that they point to. I can write about "oneness," but that word is not the totality of oneness. It is an idea.

Too often people get stuck hanging onto ideas or searching for the best ones. This is particularly problematic on the spiritual path. Many religions and spiritual traditions tell people what to believe and what to do. In truth, this is what most people want. But if you're reading this today, I assume that you want a greater level of inner freedom and do not want to be tethered to the ideas of others. To do that means that you have to untie yourself from your own ideas.

Because ideas and beliefs will not keep you safe. They very easily become obstacles to embracing the truth since people want to believe in stories and fantasies and can actively deny the truth. Fortunately, the truth requires you to believe nothing at all. Embracing the truth simply means allowing yourself and all of life to be as it is.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Spiritual Small Bites: Doubt

Doubt is one of the great absurdities of the ego. I'm not talking about doubting ideas and conjecture. There are lots of ways that questioning the words of another are important with so many people speaking falsities and half-truths.

No, I'm talking about when doubt arises in the face of what you are actually experiencing. I'm talking about how people doubt their own truth and their own pain.

For instance, a powerful memory re-emerges, and the person doesn't want to believe it. When someone remembers repressed childhood trauma, it often upsets their ideas of their family life, who their parents and siblings are, and who they are. Simply, this memory doesn't fit in with their ego's story, so they try to turn a blind eye to it when emotions and even physical pain are erupting to tell them that the event really happened. Or a difficult situation is happening right now, and the person doubts that this situation is real. "No, I can't be in a car accident." But you are! That doubt and denial is getting in the way of addressing it. Or perhaps it's a psychic experience occurs that doesn't fit the ego's idea of what is possible to perceive, and doubt comes in once more to deny the truth of your experience.

On the spiritual path, we learn to let go of doubt and simply see what is. If memories or difficult experiences arise that upset us, we need to accept them to engage with them with clarity and love. Otherwise, we get stuck and trapped in our spiritual growth, and we continue to suffer.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Webinar: Natural Spiritual Growth and the Calming of Awakening

The intensities of the initial spiritual awakening can be many and destabilizing, and that's to be expected when people have been living lives so cut off from their truth, kindness, and love. The rush of your own divine energy in the space created by awakening takes many off guard, shaking up their whole world. Most just want to get this whole thing over with. Very few embrace it, but to those who do, a great gift may be in store. It is the gift of coming into your natural spiritual growth.

Your natural spiritual growth would be what we all would do if we had a few spiritual tools growing up and simply allowed ourselves to flourish in whatever direction love most strongly took us. When awakening arises, it's like all the growth energy that has been dammed up bursts forth. We try to do decades of growing all at once, and that's exhausting!

But as the flood waters recede, we find that there is an inner flow that keeps moving if we have embraced this spiritual rebirth. As such, we continue changing, and as we come into natural growth (and not a spiritual plateau where we try to hold onto some new identity or avoid our next wave of inner changes), we can find an inner ease that keeps us moving and changing even as we remain connected to the timeless self that is changeless.

If this sounds interesting to you, please register below.

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Natural Spiritual Growth and the Calming of Awakening Webinar Full Description

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Spiritual Awakening Morsel: The Awakened Turning Point

The awakened turning point is a sacred moment when someone moves from being in resistance to their inner growth to embracing it. It often comes as someone finally has enough perspective on who they were to see the depth of unhappiness or out-right misery that they'd been living in. This is vital because most of resistance people place against their own growth and letting go of their ego comes from the assumption that they're "losing" something important and will somehow be hurt. Seeing how much hurt they'd been in undermines this perceived "threat."

Additionally, the turning point also tends to come as the person realizes how much more loving, at peace, healed, and wise they now are because of all these shifts and growth. So the ego threat that you're going to be hurt by the spiritual path is now seen as a lie, and depending on how deeply in your truth you are, it can become truly laughable.

This clarity and perspective creates the awakened turning point. The person realizes that this path and awakening truly are benefiting them beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. As a result, they whole-heartedly embrace their shifts because they may sense how many other hidden issues are still impeding their growth. At this turning point, you no longer want anything limiting your love. Thus, you pass from the dispelling the darkness phase into your embracing their light phase.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Spiritual Sound Bites: Alive and Natural Relationships

For the next couple of months, I'll be scaling back the length of my posts into these short spiritual sound bites. I'm focusing most of my writing energy on writing a second book, so for the time being, I hope you enjoy the plethora of spiritual awakening posts that are already on this site as well as these quick spiritual thoughts.

Alive and Natural Relationships

As you open up to your own inner life and vitality, you will notice from time to time that some relationships are particularly hard to define, but also are powerful, flowing, and deeply connective. They are, in fact, alive. An alive relationship is a natural relationship; the two terms are synonymous (although I am still figuring out my terminology on this). The relationship grows and moves in its own way with just a little commitment from both parties.

Because most people aren't used to this aliveness, people can be quick to put it into an old ego idea and call it romantic, friendship, this or that, or discount it entirely because it is so new and feels so different. But the more you open up and step out of old behavioral patterning, the more you're going to engage with people who don't fit any of your descriptions.

So go slowly.

Explore the aliveness with the other person/people and let go of judgment. You'll spend quite a bit of time in uncertainty and are likely to have your fear of the unknown exposed. But if you and the other person are sincere, the relationship will show you what it is and grow and evolve in ways that you might never have experienced before.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Spiritual Awakening and Enhanced Energy Sensitivities

Spiritual awakening takes you where you want to go...where your true self REALLY want to go.

This is often very different than where your ego thinks you should be going. Unfortunately, some people are pointed in such unhealthy and harmful directions that they have to do a complete 180 degree turn, and this really is the end of their old lives. To someone so deeply unconscious and now awakened, this feels like a horrendous trial, but it is truthfully where this person most wants to go. Because it's where the person's soul wants to go.

For many of you, part of what you want to do in this world involves being highly energetically sensitive and using those tools to varying degrees. I want to introduce (or reintroduce) the idea that energy sensitivity is no different than having a left hand. If you didn't have a left hand, you wouldn't use it. If you do have it, then you use it. The way people often approach energy sensitivity is to say, "OH MY GOD! I HAVE A LEFT HAND!" And then they try to deny it or ignore it or--goodness gracious--try to cut it off because it isn't what society currently considers normal (And social ideas around normality change constantly, so you shouldn't lose much sleep over them anyway).

Spiritual awakening simply brings into your awareness that you have this left hand or--in this case--these energy sensitivities. The ways you tried to numb or suppress them often disappear upon awakening, and so many of you become even more sensitive to yourself and to life than before. Some people who didn't think they were sensitive or who truly weren't suddenly can feel whole new worlds of sensations.

This can be overwhelming, but it is a great gift. And today's post is about helping you own, honor, and hone the gift of energetic sensitivity.

The Energy Drain of Every Day Life

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Webinar: How to Embody Your Spiritual Awakening

I want to be very clear from the beginning that I'm using the "embody" terminology because it is commonly used. The statement, however, is very much a misunderstanding. You cannot embody what you already are. The droplet of water in the ocean cannot become more water.

What I am going to talk about in this  webinar is how we let go of the ways that we ignore this truth or avoid it. In this way, we let go of the ways that we have learned to disown ourselves and the awakened space. Humanity has kind of become disembodied through ignorance and illusion. Taking the water metaphor again, we are ice sculptures floating on the ocean who have forgotten that we are part of the ocean. We are already and always embodying water, but in letting go of the hardness and rigidity of our ideas, fears, and pains, we melt back into a greater flow within ourselves and around ourselves.

This is why you often here me using terms like "dissolving" issues with awareness or "melting" into oneness. From this space, we can then get to interesting conversations about taking conscious action, which is what many people mean about embodied awakening. Once again, I have to emphasize that a spiritual awakening doesn't keep you free from pain. That is part of life, but the self-imposed suffering--most of it unconsciously done--can be released as we allow ourselves to simply be.

If this sounds interesting or helpful, please sign up below. I look forward to hosting you.

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How to Embody Your Spiritual Awakening Webinar Full Description

Monday, September 21, 2015

Emptying Out Your Ego

After awakening, it typically becomes a going-out-of-business sale for the unconscious ego. Everything must go. Sure, some people get a bliss high for awhile, but that never lasts. No human experience does.

This leads us right into the going-out-of-business sale, although it's not even a sale. It's more like you take all your ideas, desires, fears, hopes, issues, expectations, and pile them in your yard while setting them on fire. I know it may seem strange to add "hopes" in here, but a lot of unconscious ego hopes are based on other issues. When we feel bad, we hope to one day feel good. Instead of hoping, we turn towards what feels bad to address the real issue. We don't run away to wishful thinking that in this case we might label as hope.

As such, this kind of emptying out inside can be quite jarring and unexpected. It makes it seem like you are giving up things that you have to have, including seemingly good things. But as I've mentioned all over this blog, you have to trust your inner divinity and the process that is now moving. The more you do, the more this emptying out becomes rejuvenating and spacious.

But of course, many of you aren't oriented this way, so today's spiritual awakening blog post will focus on the feelings of being lost and losing desire as you sit and watch your old personality ignite in a ball of awakened fire.

The Loss of Desire After a Spiritual Awakening

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Webinar: How to Get Clear Intuitions

Intuition is our ability to know what is true for us. The better we are at hearing our intuitions, the more clearly we know what we want and want to do. It can extend out further into knowing how some things in life will unfold and how others are feeling, but it is far more important to focus on one's self and getting clear on how to listen to your intuition rather than figuring out anything about the future or for another.

With that said, most people are really unclear with their intuitions. Some people who are strongly intuitive have their intuitions corrupted by fear and social conditioning that distort the energy they are interpreting. I want to emphasize that intuition is an interpretation even when it seems so plain and obvious. I generally say that intuition is comprise of several interpretative steps, including:
  • Energy being interpreted into thought
  • Thought being interpreted into language
  • Language being interpreted into specific words and phrases in the mind
  • Words and phrases being interpreted into vocal expressions (i.e. speaking)

A lot can go wrong along the way, so our work on the spiritual path is to let go of our fears, pains, social conditioning, family conditioning, and anything else that can muddied up and distort the energy that is coming through at any of these steps.

On that note, please join me at this free webinar and bring your questions so that I can help you hear your intuition more clearly.

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How to Get Clear Intuitions Webinar Full Description

Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey

spiritual student, spiritual teacher, spiritual awakening, spiritual journey
Today, I am offering a spirituality blog post for all of you just starting out or starting over on your spiritual journeys. And let's not under-estimate the importance of starting over, shall we? Because many people will have been spiritual or religious people their whole lives, and then one day, you realize you don't know a thing, not one important thing. Suddenly, all the spiritual practices and ideas and robes and spiritual names come crashing down, and you feel like you're naked in a field with nothing to hold onto. This spirituality post is also for you.

When most people start their spiritual journeys, they are oriented externally. What I mean is that they have learned from society that their "answers" are out there. Others aren't looking for something so conceptual. They're looking for experiences. So they attempt to find some external stimulus to enjoy as an "awakened," "enlightened," or simply good feeling state. Those that get a taste of a really good feeling spiritual experience are often addicted to it, and they soon compare everything to the original or the latest and greatest experience they've had while trying to replicate the experience.

In this way, many spiritual beginners are quickly lost even when some feel like they've found a new home. The home you are seeking and the connection you are craving is inside you. It's always inside you and is you.

As such, the first and most important advice I can offer to beginners is to go within.

Turning Inwards for Your Truth

Monday, September 7, 2015

Spiritual Depression and Unconscious Ego Resistance After Awakening

Once again, I return to the post bliss state story of awakening. I get to talk about this part a lot because far fewer people go searching for answers when they're in spiritual bliss compared to when they drop into what I'll call today, "spiritual depression."

And the story is the same as most of the other blog posts I've published on this site. It's the ego that is depressed. It's ideas, toys, relationships, and so on are being taken from it, and it doesn't like it. I also like to emphasize that we're talking about the unconscious ego, here. It's my opinion that we always have an ego. It's just a lens to parse through tons of physical, emotional, mental, and psychic information to figure what is important and what isn't to surviving in this world. But when we don't know we're doing this, that's unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is in the dark and is self-ignorant. You don't realize that you can view life in different ways that are often dramatically different from how you now see life.

Which is part of why people can drop into a spiritual depression. The bigger the gap between the Truth of life and how you and your unconscious ego want it to go, the more depressed you can become. Additionally, deep inner shifts can take a lot of energy, and that low energy can be misinterpreted as a kind of depressed state too. So this spiritual depression post-spiritual awakening can have a couple different elements, and hopefully, this blog post can help you see it for what it really is and let go more deeply into the powerful and profound spiritual unfolding arising in you.

After the Bliss, the Ego Tries to Hold on

Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Be so Uncomfortable

I've talked about a lot of the discomforts and pains that can come up on this blog many times before. As I've often said, you can feel discomfort in any part of your body or energy field. All of you is embraced by a spiritual awakening. Where you are in resistance to that embrace and to your own divine energy is where you will experience pain.

One point that I haven't emphasized as much is the simple physiological response of the body to perceived threats. When we interpret something as a threat to our emotions, intellects, egos, and bodies, there is typically a tensing in the body. Our body readies itself to defend itself, to run away, or to freeze/hide from the issue. I'm sure many of you have already identified your typical responses to upset situations. You may try to attack an issue or another person mentally. Some people runaway emotionally. Some people simply freeze up physically and become non-responsive. There are many iterations of this response, and they are all unique to your upbringing and genetic predisposition.

But in terms of letting go of issues that are emerging, this response adds pain on top of pain. It is closing a door in front of the door that is slowly and sometimes agonizingly be pulled open. As such, it stops the healing and your spiritual growth. In this way, we have to learn how to unlearn our physiological processes that try to fend off the emerging discomfort--whatever it may be--to fully embrace it and let it go.

Shutting Yourself Down

Monday, August 24, 2015

Has God Turned His Back on You?

sky father, divine father, divine mother, god, spiritual awakening, spiritual god, spirituality
One of the powerful and powerfully uncomfortable feelings that some people have during an awakening is the feeling that God has turned his back on them (Please understand that "his" is a conceit to English language--I don't believe in any gender for God). It typically comes after the bliss stage of awakening. People tend to crash land into their issues, and it is very human to think that if we are feeling bad in some way, then something is going wrong. If we feel really awful, there is even this tendency to blame the Divine for our pain.

Spiritual Awakening Crash and Burn

But who/what is God? And what does this idea of feeling abandoned really mean? Both of these questions are powerful ones, and they involve powerful elements of human life. So let's engage in this topic of feeling abandoned by the Divine and explore it together.

Getting to Know Your God

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Webinar: Spiritual Sexuality, Healing, and Growth

Engaging with spiritual sexuality is a wonderful opportunity to affirm ourselves as sexual beings as well as to heal and grow on our spiritual journeys. Sexual energy is incredibly powerful, and it offers us additional opportunities beyond making babies and having a good time. Sexual energy can be very grounding during a spiritual awakening. It can be very healing for a variety of traumas and old wounds, especially sexual abuse. It can also open up our energetic system to help us expand more or get unstuck. Spiritual sexuality is a truly beautiful tool, and it is one to which we all have access.

In this webinar, I'll talk more about the role and uses of spiritual sexuality in a spiritual practice. I'll also talk about how it can be cultivated in the individual space as well as with a partner.

Whether it is spiritual healing, growth, or deepening into awakening, spiritual sexuality is a very present, here-and-now spiritual tool that can move a lot of issues in our bodies.

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Spiritual Sexuality, Healing, and Growth Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 17, 2015

Choosing Your Spiritual Friends Wisely

There's an old adage that says to "choose your friends wisely." I want to add a new twist to that statement. So today's blog post is about choosing your spiritual friends wisely.

In Western Culture's expanding spiritual horizons, there are more ways to connect with people of all spiritual faiths and disciplines than ever before. This is the gift of technology and the Internet. With all these new opportunities, it is very easy to assume that if someone is spiritual, then they're spiritual like you. But "spiritual" and "spirituality" tend to be two words that have vastly different meanings from person to person, and if you don't look beneath the surface in yourself, you won't really see beneath the surface meanings, ideas, and clothing that others have wrapped around themselves. From that blind or at least limited perspective, it's easy to end up deluding yourself and getting into very toxic relationships. This, of course, may seem ironic. How can you end up in a toxic relationship (friendship, romantic, teacher-student, etc) if someone is spiritual?

So let's explore this topic together and talk about what it means to choose your spiritual friends wisely.

Going Within to Understand Your Spirituality

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Error of Defending Your Beliefs

spiritual beliefs, spiritual awakening
The intent of this spirituality blog post is to point to the nature of most beliefs. Generally speaking, beliefs arise out of the past or concerns for the future rather than the necessity of the present moment. In so many ways, human beings are wrapping themselves up in a fur coat of beliefs to try to keep out the chill of reality. In so doing, they distort their sense of what life is and what is around them. Make no mistake, having ideas and seeing the truth of the matter makes us strong advocates and powerful people, but that power does not come from our beliefs. It's beliefs that should serve the truth and reality, and not the other way around. But when we impose our beliefs on reality, these beliefs take our power away as we try to defend something that does not exist and make reality be something other than it is.

For instance, none of you have to believe in gravity. It's here. It's what is. If you tried to believe that you can physically fly unassisted, reality would give you a very rude awakening. None of you have to believe that the Earth is round either. You can travel around the whole world if you choose. But at one point people's limited beliefs interfered with this understanding. People thought that the world was flat, and that limiting belief stopped a lot of exploration for fear that people would simply fall off the edge of the Earth. Limitation is the nature of beliefs more often than not.

Yet, rather than exploring our beliefs, people tend to defend them and quite vigorously if not violently. Crusades, feuds, and wars are born out of beliefs, and they cause needless suffering and pain. As such, we need to do a better job of understanding our beliefs, the fears that underlie them, and the ego's need to defend its identity if we want to find greater freedom and to truly know what to "defend" in life and what to simply allow to vanish like the immaterial thought that it is.

Learning to Explore Your Beliefs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Webinar Recording: Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations

A spiritual awakening takes you towards what is most true, natural, and healthy for you, and that includes your body. If your body wants more weight on it, it'll add weight as you shift and grow. If it wants less, it'll lose weight. If it wants different kinds of food, it'll make that request known--loudly and clearly. It can be surprisingly vocal.

And we have been surprisingly deaf to the needs of our bodies. Our bodies are our one and only instrument for engaging with this world, and here we are having done all kinds of strange things to it from neglect to restrictive clothing to overly-intense workouts to poor diet and more. Why shouldn't it be surprising that the body might make some loud demands after awakening?

As always, this webinar recording isn't for getting medical advice, but it is a time to talk about common body shifts and the occasional ailment. For medical advice about your physical sensations, check in with a Western MD.

But once you come back with a clean bill of health, you may notice that a lot of upset physical sensations resolve themselves with a little time and attention. Depending on your physical state of health, you may need to put some or a lot of effort into taking care of your body. The body functions in the physical world, so it doesn't matter how much "energy healing" or intention setting you do. If you want to make conscious changes to align with your body's truest shape, you have to take action. For instance, if you are grossly obese, then your body will want exercise and a healthier diet. For you, body transformation will very likely be dramatic.

For others, it will be less dramatic and less clear to anyone externally what has changed inside. But you'll feel it. Please remember that your body doesn't care about social beauty ideals or running a marathon. It has it's own level of health and abilities that it prefers, and you will be much more at peace in your body when you align your mental ideas with that physical wisdom.

Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations Webinar Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

Donations Appreciated:

This webinar recording is freely given! However, donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate by using the button in the upper right hand side of the blog. Thank you for your support!

Monday, August 3, 2015

How to De-energize Old Pain With Relaxation

spiritual construct, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening, spiritual relaxation
I will start by simply saying that using relaxation to release issues is not a new idea. I'm not the only one who talks about it, and I've already talked about it in a number of different ways in past posts like these two:

Dissolving Issues With Awareness

How to Find and Release Physical Pain During a Spiritual Awakening

Furthermore, I want to be clear that having awakened spiritually is not a prerequisite to using your awareness to dissolve issues. Any one of you can do this.

When we look at an issue or old pain with awareness, we are taking our energy away from it. We relax to make space for something to come up, and then when a thought, physical pain or emotion arises, we simply look at it without trying to justify it, fight it, flee it, or any of that. Because issues take a lot of energy to believe in, hold onto, repress, and so forth, they often come up quickly simply when we shift to this perspective.

Especially for the body, letting go and releasing takes on the form of relaxation. Holding on requires physical tension. Many of you may already have discovered how tense you are all the time. That's merely a sign that you are holding onto things in your body. Bringing greater relaxation into your spiritual practice will open you up to what is being held down and locked inside of you. And when you relax and open up, that's when the fun begins.

Intense Energy Amidst De-Energization

Monday, July 27, 2015

Facing the Abyss of Self-Hatred

cactus, spiritual awakening, spiritual pain, painful issues, self-hatred
Self-hatred is one of the defining issues of our times. It is all over the place in Western society. It is speaks in millions of voices and is seen in thousands of different ways. It all speaks in the discordant, grating chorus that says, " You are not okay as you are." Or perhaps more truthfully, each individual is saying, "I am not okay as I am."

From that core rejection, hatred of others, fear, and depression drive individuals to great lengths to feel okay and to feel good. But people don't understand what is really driving them. They don't understand the thorn in their hearts that's causing them to bleed and to feel so much pain. Instead, people blame others. Yes, it's Congress's fault I'm unhappy. It's my boyfriend's fault I'm unhappy. It's my boss's fault that I'm unhappy.... And on and on and on.

But when we turn inwards, we finally can grapple with this issue. It can be a particularly dark one depending on the person. It is not a fun thing to feel all the feelings of self-rejection, isolation, anger, fear, sadness, and hatred itself. However, until you get to core of this issue where you started believing that you are not okay, then self-hatred will be one of the things the defines your entire life no matter what you do, how noble you are, how "spiritual" you are, how much you insulate yourself from upsetting people and situations, or whatever your means of avoidance, numbing, and self-soothing are.

The Initial Feeling and Core Belief

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Webinar Recording: Feeling Spiritually Lost and Finding Your Way

Many people feel spiritually lost at different times of their lives. In the context of a spiritual awakening, we often feel this way because a lot of our ego and the reference points we used to have dissolve. In this way, we stop having a clear direction about where to go.

A lot of what the ego does is to tell us what to do to stay "safe." It is often quite wrong, and as we become more conscious and focused on the present moment, it is quite normal to feel lost at first. This is part of the sacred adjustment time where you realize that "lost" is a concept. The part of you making the judgment that you are lost is part of the problem. From this vantage point, I don't try to help you find yourself. Instead, I simply point out that you have always been here and now. You could never be lost from the present moment.

On the other side of the coin are those people still very stuck in the ego. In this way, they are lost because they are not focusing on reality. When you don't see the truth of life and try to live out ego illusions, you are lost.

Feeling Spiritually Lost and Finding Your Way Webinar Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


10:30 AM Pacific Time

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Peace of Natural Spiritual Growth

spiritual flow, spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, bodega bay, beach, waves, ocean, sky
It's my genuine belief that if people allow themselves to just be, then we would all naturally grow spiritually. It would simply be how we engage with ourselves and with life. We'd grow in the same way that our bodies grow. They naturally come into their appropriate shape, albeit some people have genetic diseases that are part of their physical expression.

However, we do not embrace spiritual growth. Instead, we learn to hold onto pain and conform to ideas of who and what we should be. This leads to tremendous amounts of pain, fear, anger, resentment, shame, and depression. People feel so much pain that they numb themselves, and then no one likes being numb. So we then over-stimulate ourselves with a variety of experiences and substances to feel again.

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

But all of that suffering can go away. When we are sincere on our spiritual paths, we can return to our natural spiritual growth.

Those of you who awaken feel like you're on an enforced march at gunpoint to this growth, but if you do not embrace this opportunity, you'll find a spiritual plateau. A spiritual plateau is simply a stable level of energy where you can hang out at. For those who do not have the intense opportunity of a spiritual awakening, you can come into your natural spiritual growth rhythms just the same--perhaps easier in some ways since you are more actively choosing it. In this space, we grow and shift and change naturally. We engage with the shifts, but we do not have to force anything. In this way, we are at peace with our spiritual growth even though there may be uncomfortable and upsetting moments.

I know this sounds a little far off for some of you, so let's talk about the journey inwards to our natural spiritual growth rhythms as well as what that feels like.

The Journey Out of Stuckness

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Number One Ego Issue

ego issues, spiritual awakening
Our unconscious egos can seem to offer us an endless array of issues to sort through. It can seem like you've no sooner tackled one than another issue pops up, leaving you in an endless game of ego whack-a-mole. But the deeper you go, the simpler things become. And the further you journey inwards, the more you find that it really is the same main issue that is being dealt with again and again in a hundred masks.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to respect your process. If you need to understand why you are choosing certain toxic relationships or bad job situations, start there. Look at what it is you think you want and what you're getting. Look at how you grew up and how that informed what you wanted. As you do this, you'll find all kinds of spiritual revelations and realizations that will further your growth and accelerate you towards dealing with the top ego issue.

Now, I do want to say that the ego has a couple of big issues, but we're going to biggest one, which leads us further in understanding the human animals that we are. Because make no mistake about it, evolution has built up layers and layers of deeper programs that greatly inform how we construct our egos. So to go to the next step and truly confront the number one ego issue, you're going to have to get to the biological roots and truth of the situation.

What Is the Number One Ego Issue?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Webinar Recording: Embracing All of Your Emotions

Many people think that spirituality is a path that allows us to feel good all the time. This is not the human experience. It has never been the human experience, and I find it very difficult to foresee that it'll ever be that way.

Yet, many people are constantly trying to have only "positive" experiences and emotions, and this creates a tremendous shadow-side to their personality and ego. Anger, sadness, and fear get locked behind a door of false happiness and humility, and this creates tremendous inner pain as someone attempts to be happy or positive all the time.

As many of you know, maturing on the spiritual path means embracing all of our emotions and experiences. It is also about letting go of the judgments of what is a positive or negative experience in life. The judgment is inherently coming from a place of ego that evaluates different things by criteria that is invisible to most people.

On that note, I hope to shine a light on some of these invisible motives in this webinar recording to help you embrace all your emotions and your whole expression as a beautiful human being.

Embracing All of Your Emotions Webinar Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Unwanted Awakening: Denying Your Self and Your Love

unwanted awakening, spiritual awakening, upsetting awakening
Spiritual awakening is always a surprise. As many of you already know, I speak of awakening as the spontaneous shift from unconsciousness to consciousness. But the light of awareness doesn't mean that we are free from all unconsciousness. Instead, that light allows us to see unconsciousness. It allows us to have a perspective and discern the difference between unconsciousness and consciousness that may have been totally invisible before.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

For someone who has been spiritual and wanted some kind of revelation or enlightenment, the arising of a spiritual awakening is a gift...most of the time. Because even with these types (and I suppose I'm in this rather small group), awakening does not bring freedom from pain. Freedom from suffering requires us to clean up our inner mess, and most people I know upon awakening find a lot of dirty dishes in their inner home. That can be surprising to the more naive spiritual people who think that spiritual awakening erases all problems and pain once and for all. While the problem-maker (the ego) may start, START to dissolve, the challenges of the world will remain. There is still hunger. There are still diseases. The world is a challenging and often painful place, and a spiritual awakening doesn't change that. Rather, it helps you to see all of those challenges clearly along with all the beautiful opportunities.

To the point of this post, many people who awaken are not spiritual, and some don't want to be. However, a spiritual wakening doesn't care if someone is overtly on the spiritual path or not because all of life is ultimately spiritual. Oftentimes, I get emails from people who tell me that they've never been spiritual, never meditated, never prayed, nor much of anything else. And then for whatever reason they awaken.

But some people don't want the illusion to end. Some felt comfortable in their lifestyle, and this awakening is very much an unwanted house guest. As such, they fight it tooth and nail. Today, I want to talk a little bit about that fight, what is really being resisted, and why this awakening is one of the greatest gifts you can ever receive.

The "Ah-ha" Moment Followed by the "Oh-no" Moment

Monday, June 29, 2015

Finding Alignment With Life

spiritual alignment, alignment, spiritual awakening, awakening alignment
One of our newest and most popular spiritual terms is "alignment." People are trying to find alignment with life, with relationships, with jobs, and other things. It sounds like a pretty difficult thing to do if you listen to some of the ways people are talking about it. But alignment isn't a difficult thing. Finding alignment with any moment is a process that isn't a process. It's a letting go of ideas and beliefs about how some thing should be so that we can interact naturally with what is.

To be sure, people have buried their intuitive and natural responses under a huge pile of pain, suffering, and wounds. This is why feeling in alignment with life seems like a big undertaking. We are so lost, bemused, and confused amidst our suffering that being in a natural flow seems like a foreign reality. Sometimes when people first start to touch it and things get a little bit easier, they can't believe it. Life is surreal. It may feel too good to be true.

And to be sure, being in alignment with life does not mean that things will always be easy. That's not how this world works. Pain is not an inherent sign that we are out of alignment, although more than a few types of pain and suffering are signs that we are. With all that said, let me explain what alignment is (especially for those of you who are like, "what is he talking about?") and what alignment means to us the deeper we drop into the awakened space.

What Is Alignment?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lost in Spiritual Bliss: Reclaiming Your Self From the Trap of Good Feelings

spiritual bliss, bliss, spiritual awakening, flowers, tree, blue sky
The big bang hits--or perhaps an understated shift that ripples profoundly, and you wake up. Life is no longer the same. One moment it was this way. The next moment everything was different, and for some of you, that opening of realization and clarity brings enormous spiritual bliss.

Now, I'm not talking about a good-feeling, spiritual high that lasts a few  hours or maybe days if that. I'm talking about the bliss state that can last weeks or months or even years. Yes, it can feel so good that you never want to come back down from it, and who would even think that there is something wrong? When so many traditions and spiritual people are saying that this is what you want, if you get it, why would you think to question it?

But the truth is that any human experience is transitory. The awakened self is no more aligned with blissful good feelings than with sad, dark nights (which often come after the bliss for a variety of reasons I'll talk about shortly). However, the human ego that wants to hold onto blissful feelings is very much at play, and it can cause a person to make a lot of poor choices and miss opportunities.

This is also a time of a lot of ungrounded mental truths. A truth understood only mentally such as "we are all love," is not understood at all. From this space of profound clarity come huge blindspots at the outset of awakening, and people often give up relationships, possessions, homes, jobs, and more to attain some type of purity that is unattainable (because we have always been pure consciousness and love). In an interesting way, these misunderstandings tend to lead towards the dark night and energy crashes where they can be illuminated, and the bliss state ends.

Ultimately, reclaiming yourself from the trap of spiritual bliss is about allowing yourself to experience it without holding on to it or turning it into anything more than another a human experience. Doing so will allow yourself to get out of the trap of good feelings and naturally bring about your next level of spiritual growth.

Stagnating in Bliss: How Can this Feeling Be Bad?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Spiritual Bypass: The Illusion of Avoiding Your Difficulties

spiritual avoidance, tree, regional park, spiritual awakening, spiritual bypass
Here's a fun phrase: spiritual bypass. It's gotten popular as some people have realized that's what other people are doing on the spiritual path. As always, it's easier to point out what others are doing wrong rather than to look at oneself, but there is a lot of truth about this.

Oh right. What's a spiritual bypass?

A spiritual bypass is attempting to use spirituality to make yourself feel good all the time and avoid your difficulties. It is an attempt to make life safe and predictable, and it is couched in "spiritual" words and done by doing "spiritual" things. Sometimes, it's done by leaving "society" for spiritual communities to get away from all these "unconscious people." Sometimes someone ignores or abandons difficult relationships because they're not "spiritual" enough people. It can be attempted in a whole host of ways, but ultimately, the spiritual bypass is an attempt to avoid oneself and the difficulties and pain inside of them.

The truth is there is no such thing as a spiritual bypass, and if you are attempting to avoid aspects of yourself mirrored to you by life, then you are still unconscious and are not walking the spiritual path at all.

Rose-colored Glasses and Promises of a Better Life

Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Become a Better Spiritual Parent

spiritual parenting, spiritual parent, spiritual children, spiritual kids, spirituality and parenting
These two cuties are my long-time student, Brandy's sons.
The spiritual path is often misunderstood in many ways, and one of the misunderstandings that I commonly hear is a confusion that somehow parenting and the spiritual path are in conflict with each other. Many people believe that living a domestic lifestyle full of diapers, paying for college, and helping on homework assignments can't coincide with walking a spiritual path. This immediately shows some important misconceptions.

The spiritual path is always here and now. It is about engaging with whatever is going on in the moment with all of your attention and doing your best to remain open-hearted. These spiritual truths are so simple, and that's why anyone and everyone can walk a spiritual path, including parents.

Furthermore, in no other vocation is so much on the line as being a parent. If you're a parent reading this, I want to emphasize that you are shaping the world. If you are helping your children to stay open-hearted, present, and engaged with this moment, then they'll likely grow up into more loving, well-adjusted, and kind-hearted people. If you are ignoring, neglecting, abusing, or doing something else unkind to them, then they will likely grow up to be fearful, hateful, ashamed, and/or depressed people. Those types of people spread even more pain in the world. Happy, whole-hearted people typically spread kindness. That is the nature of our human behavioral patterning for 90% of people in my experience. They act out what they see and learn from childhood. Just as you are doing unless you've done a lot of self-work.

In this post, I'll offer my thoughts about spiritual parenting, but I've also included additional perspectives from some of my students who are parents. I hope you take the time to read through this longer than usual blog post, and if what I say may not resonate for you, hopefully some of the spiritual parents' thoughts below will help you to see how spirituality and parenting are a natural fit, how vital it is to be a spiritual parent, and how you can become a better spiritual parent.

Being a Spiritual Parent in the Here and Now: You Can't Be Anywhere Else

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Webinar: Achieving Your Highest Spiritual Potential

spiritual growth, spiritual potential, spiritual achievements, spiritual awakening
The topic for this spirituality webinar was a request from one of my students, and I think it's a topic that definitely needs our attention. It needs our attention not for actually explaining how to achieve your highest spiritual potential but to help you understand the ego self that is seeking this end goal.

Now, let me be clear; at the outset of a lot of spiritual journeys, many people need this kind of self-improvement mentality. When you're dealing with abuse, old pain, addictions, and the general inertia of being stuck in old patterns, having the aspiration to achieve some kind of potential or goal is extremely useful. It gets people moving.

However, as you mature on the spiritual path, this idea of achievement becomes increasingly problematic. We have to ask what part of us wants to achieve something and why?

What is potential? And when you've achieved this "potential" what will be different?

What will you have that you don't now have after achieving this goal? Why do you need to achieve something?

Is this pursuit an embracing of something or actually a running away?

These and some other questions I'll offer will hopefully help you to delve into this idea so that you do not get trapped in a pursuit that will keep you blind to the truth.

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Achieving Your Highest Spiritual Potential Webinar Full Description

Monday, June 8, 2015

Giving Up Something You Don't Want to Give Up

spiritual awakening, spiritual letting go, tree, leaves
One of the watershed moments of the spiritual path--a moment when somebody starts to understand what this path and this life are all about--is when they have to give up something they don't want to give up.

I can't tell you when it'll come. It can come early on your spiritual journey or late. It depends on you and your particular ego-self. Some of us with particularly sneaky egos actually want the spiritual path, so some of the initial things that get left behind are easy to do. But, this is because we don't really have an ego investment in them. So what's really interesting is when someone well on their spiritual path has to give up something that they are invested in.

This type of choice happens to most sincere parents all the time when they have kids. They suddenly are forced to grow up by putting someone else's needs first. For many adults, they've never actually done this before, but the further we grow, the more often life will challenge our attachments. However, it is the first really big time that we have to let go that can really set the stage for future growth or continued grasping, and I felt like helping you prepare and/or let go in this spiritual blog post today.

It Was All Going So Well...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

9 Spiritual Truths to Live By

I know a lot of spiritual truths can sound esoteric and unrealistic. When someone says that we're all one, what does that mean really? And how do you live that truth in your daily life?

In this spirituality blog post, I offer a number of spiritual truths that you may have heard. I offer my brief explanation about the spiritual truth, and then below it I give you a short list of suggestions for enacting that truth in your daily life.

I hope that these little explanations and ideas for living spiritual truth make spirituality a little more accessible to you. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.


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Spiritual Truth 1: We Are All Connected

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Uncomfortable Truth About Being Open-Hearted

The uncomfortable truth about being open-hearted means that you accept all of your emotions.

When you read that on this spiritual awakening website, you're probably not that impressed. You may think, "Well, yeah. The heart is open. It lets everything come and go. Sure. What's the big deal?"

Let me say this again.

The uncomfortable truth about being open-hearted means that you accept ALL of your emotions.

All of them. No emotion is left out. Cranky, crabby, scared, tired, bored, awkward, angry, and all the rest are accepted just as much as happy, joyful, grateful, loving, and so on. Every comfortable and uncomfortable emotion you can have is allowed in an open-heart.

Are you understanding this now?

Probably not. I say this not in a derogatory way, but in referring to the physical reality of this truth. Many of my students conceptually know this for some time, but then one day as they're sobbing in a coffee shop, it hits them that that experience is also part of being open-hearted. Having the inner heart strength to be with whatever emotion arises and then the openness to let it go are both essential elements of being open-hearted. Because if you start to hang on to upset emotions, you'll only collect tons of pain. This is, truthfully, part of why so many people find being open-hearted so uncomfortable. In the initial phases of opening our hearts to ourselves and to life, a host of blocked up unhappy emotions typically gets pushed to the front to be released. Doing that means you have to feel them, and then you can at last be free of them.

Closing Our Hearts: The Clogged Emotional Body

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Webinar Recording: The 3rd Annual All About Energy Talk

Every year, I like to hold a webinar to talk about the wide-ranging experiences people have with energy and the different sensations people often feel. This year marked the third time I've done so, if you can believe.

To be sure, the number of ways we can experience energy is infinite. But for many who awaken, they often have no idea why they are sensing what they are sensing nor how to interpret it. For many people who have always been sensitive, they haven't gotten any better at interpreting these sensations in a meaningful and non-superstitious way.

Energy is all around and within us. We live in a field of energy, and we are part of that field. However, some of us are more sensitive to it than others. Noticing the different ripples, swirls, pulsations, tingles, and all the rest can be quite overwhelming for the really energetically sensitive people. For those suddenly with new sensitivities because of your spiritual growth or a spiritual shift, it can be quite disconcerting.

And energy is a part of us, and it is nothing to be frightened of. The clearer we are in ourselves, the clearer we are about what meaning--if any--a particular energy sensation has for us or what it may indicate about others and our surroundings. As always, getting to know us is the most important part of understanding and interpreting energy.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording below, and I encourage you to join me future free webinars, which are typically every two weeks and alternating between 6 PM PT and 10:30 AM PT.

The 3rd Annual All About Energy Webinar Full Recording

For some more thoughts on this topic, you can check out this blog post:

The Nature of Energy

Date of Recording:

6 PM PT Wednesday, June 3, 2015
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