Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Be so Uncomfortable

I've talked about a lot of the discomforts and pains that can come up on this blog many times before. As I've often said, you can feel discomfort in any part of your body or energy field. All of you is embraced by a spiritual awakening. Where you are in resistance to that embrace and to your own divine energy is where you will experience pain.

One point that I haven't emphasized as much is the simple physiological response of the body to perceived threats. When we interpret something as a threat to our emotions, intellects, egos, and bodies, there is typically a tensing in the body. Our body readies itself to defend itself, to run away, or to freeze/hide from the issue. I'm sure many of you have already identified your typical responses to upset situations. You may try to attack an issue or another person mentally. Some people runaway emotionally. Some people simply freeze up physically and become non-responsive. There are many iterations of this response, and they are all unique to your upbringing and genetic predisposition.

But in terms of letting go of issues that are emerging, this response adds pain on top of pain. It is closing a door in front of the door that is slowly and sometimes agonizingly be pulled open. As such, it stops the healing and your spiritual growth. In this way, we have to learn how to unlearn our physiological processes that try to fend off the emerging discomfort--whatever it may be--to fully embrace it and let it go.

Shutting Yourself Down

Monday, August 24, 2015

Has God Turned His Back on You?

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One of the powerful and powerfully uncomfortable feelings that some people have during an awakening is the feeling that God has turned his back on them (Please understand that "his" is a conceit to English language--I don't believe in any gender for God). It typically comes after the bliss stage of awakening. People tend to crash land into their issues, and it is very human to think that if we are feeling bad in some way, then something is going wrong. If we feel really awful, there is even this tendency to blame the Divine for our pain.

Spiritual Awakening Crash and Burn

But who/what is God? And what does this idea of feeling abandoned really mean? Both of these questions are powerful ones, and they involve powerful elements of human life. So let's engage in this topic of feeling abandoned by the Divine and explore it together.

Getting to Know Your God

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Webinar: Spiritual Sexuality, Healing, and Growth

Engaging with spiritual sexuality is a wonderful opportunity to affirm ourselves as sexual beings as well as to heal and grow on our spiritual journeys. Sexual energy is incredibly powerful, and it offers us additional opportunities beyond making babies and having a good time. Sexual energy can be very grounding during a spiritual awakening. It can be very healing for a variety of traumas and old wounds, especially sexual abuse. It can also open up our energetic system to help us expand more or get unstuck. Spiritual sexuality is a truly beautiful tool, and it is one to which we all have access.

In this webinar, I'll talk more about the role and uses of spiritual sexuality in a spiritual practice. I'll also talk about how it can be cultivated in the individual space as well as with a partner.

Whether it is spiritual healing, growth, or deepening into awakening, spiritual sexuality is a very present, here-and-now spiritual tool that can move a lot of issues in our bodies.

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Spiritual Sexuality, Healing, and Growth Webinar Full Description

Monday, August 17, 2015

Choosing Your Spiritual Friends Wisely

There's an old adage that says to "choose your friends wisely." I want to add a new twist to that statement. So today's blog post is about choosing your spiritual friends wisely.

In Western Culture's expanding spiritual horizons, there are more ways to connect with people of all spiritual faiths and disciplines than ever before. This is the gift of technology and the Internet. With all these new opportunities, it is very easy to assume that if someone is spiritual, then they're spiritual like you. But "spiritual" and "spirituality" tend to be two words that have vastly different meanings from person to person, and if you don't look beneath the surface in yourself, you won't really see beneath the surface meanings, ideas, and clothing that others have wrapped around themselves. From that blind or at least limited perspective, it's easy to end up deluding yourself and getting into very toxic relationships. This, of course, may seem ironic. How can you end up in a toxic relationship (friendship, romantic, teacher-student, etc) if someone is spiritual?

So let's explore this topic together and talk about what it means to choose your spiritual friends wisely.

Going Within to Understand Your Spirituality

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Error of Defending Your Beliefs

spiritual beliefs, spiritual awakening
The intent of this spirituality blog post is to point to the nature of most beliefs. Generally speaking, beliefs arise out of the past or concerns for the future rather than the necessity of the present moment. In so many ways, human beings are wrapping themselves up in a fur coat of beliefs to try to keep out the chill of reality. In so doing, they distort their sense of what life is and what is around them. Make no mistake, having ideas and seeing the truth of the matter makes us strong advocates and powerful people, but that power does not come from our beliefs. It's beliefs that should serve the truth and reality, and not the other way around. But when we impose our beliefs on reality, these beliefs take our power away as we try to defend something that does not exist and make reality be something other than it is.

For instance, none of you have to believe in gravity. It's here. It's what is. If you tried to believe that you can physically fly unassisted, reality would give you a very rude awakening. None of you have to believe that the Earth is round either. You can travel around the whole world if you choose. But at one point people's limited beliefs interfered with this understanding. People thought that the world was flat, and that limiting belief stopped a lot of exploration for fear that people would simply fall off the edge of the Earth. Limitation is the nature of beliefs more often than not.

Yet, rather than exploring our beliefs, people tend to defend them and quite vigorously if not violently. Crusades, feuds, and wars are born out of beliefs, and they cause needless suffering and pain. As such, we need to do a better job of understanding our beliefs, the fears that underlie them, and the ego's need to defend its identity if we want to find greater freedom and to truly know what to "defend" in life and what to simply allow to vanish like the immaterial thought that it is.

Learning to Explore Your Beliefs

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Webinar Recording: Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations

A spiritual awakening takes you towards what is most true, natural, and healthy for you, and that includes your body. If your body wants more weight on it, it'll add weight as you shift and grow. If it wants less, it'll lose weight. If it wants different kinds of food, it'll make that request known--loudly and clearly. It can be surprisingly vocal.

And we have been surprisingly deaf to the needs of our bodies. Our bodies are our one and only instrument for engaging with this world, and here we are having done all kinds of strange things to it from neglect to restrictive clothing to overly-intense workouts to poor diet and more. Why shouldn't it be surprising that the body might make some loud demands after awakening?

As always, this webinar recording isn't for getting medical advice, but it is a time to talk about common body shifts and the occasional ailment. For medical advice about your physical sensations, check in with a Western MD.

But once you come back with a clean bill of health, you may notice that a lot of upset physical sensations resolve themselves with a little time and attention. Depending on your physical state of health, you may need to put some or a lot of effort into taking care of your body. The body functions in the physical world, so it doesn't matter how much "energy healing" or intention setting you do. If you want to make conscious changes to align with your body's truest shape, you have to take action. For instance, if you are grossly obese, then your body will want exercise and a healthier diet. For you, body transformation will very likely be dramatic.

For others, it will be less dramatic and less clear to anyone externally what has changed inside. But you'll feel it. Please remember that your body doesn't care about social beauty ideals or running a marathon. It has it's own level of health and abilities that it prefers, and you will be much more at peace in your body when you align your mental ideas with that physical wisdom.

Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations Webinar Recording

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

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Monday, August 3, 2015

How to De-energize Old Pain With Relaxation

spiritual construct, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening, spiritual relaxation
I will start by simply saying that using relaxation to release issues is not a new idea. I'm not the only one who talks about it, and I've already talked about it in a number of different ways in past posts like these two:

Dissolving Issues With Awareness

How to Find and Release Physical Pain During a Spiritual Awakening

Furthermore, I want to be clear that having awakened spiritually is not a prerequisite to using your awareness to dissolve issues. Any one of you can do this.

When we look at an issue or old pain with awareness, we are taking our energy away from it. We relax to make space for something to come up, and then when a thought, physical pain or emotion arises, we simply look at it without trying to justify it, fight it, flee it, or any of that. Because issues take a lot of energy to believe in, hold onto, repress, and so forth, they often come up quickly simply when we shift to this perspective.

Especially for the body, letting go and releasing takes on the form of relaxation. Holding on requires physical tension. Many of you may already have discovered how tense you are all the time. That's merely a sign that you are holding onto things in your body. Bringing greater relaxation into your spiritual practice will open you up to what is being held down and locked inside of you. And when you relax and open up, that's when the fun begins.

Intense Energy Amidst De-Energization

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