Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 Popular Spiritual Awakening Videos

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For those of you who are new to my spiritual teaching or didn't already know, I have a YouTube channel with a bunch of spiritual awakening and other spirituality-related videos. The channel is under my name: Jim Tolles.

Since my channel has been up for awhile, I felt like sharing the videos over there that have become most popular. Most of them should really surprise you if you have been a long-time reader. Many of you probably read the spiritual blog posts I have on these same topics. But if you enjoy listening more than reading (or just feel like switching it up), then you'll appreciate these spiritual awakening videos.

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Spiritual Awakening Signs Video

Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Find and Release Physical Pain During a Spiritual Awakening

For my awakening friends, you probably have found some surprising pains stuck in your body as you've gone through your spiritual shifts and realizations. It can be quite a shock to discover how much pain you've been living in, and of course, physical pain is one of the hardest things with which to come to peace. Everything in our anatomy says that we should fix physical pain more so than most any mental or emotional pain that we may feel. But this fixing attitude is fraught with problems, and it rarely takes the time to truly understand why a physical pain has manifested in our bodies. As such, deeper rooted issues are never fully understood, and we tend to find situations and remedies that offer relief, but not release. By the way, the difference between relief and release can be found on this link:

Understanding Releases and Relief on Your Spiritual Journey

Simply put, relief is when the pain is numbed, masked, or sent back into remission. Release is when part or all of an issue leaves your body and energy. Clearly, the better of the two is obvious, but most people don't know what releasing an issue is like. We live in a world where people have become masters of self-delusion, numbing, and denial. As such, most people don't know how to release a mental issue, much less a body issue. Which brings us to the topic of today, and one which I hope to leave you a little more emboldened to find the roots of all your pains and to realize deeper peace in your heart, mind, spirit, AND body.

Tracking the Many Trails of Pain

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Webinar: Energy and Life Shifts After Healing an Issue

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I spend a great deal of time on this spiritual website helping people get to the point where they can engage with an issue to heal it. But guess what? Once something shifts, you're not really done. You're now in a new space, and the deeper fear of the unknown that abides in many people can turn this amazing opportunity to grow into a threat. Additionally, the rawness and vulnerability that people often feel can be unsettling, and it is an important practice to know how to sit in this space of greater openness and clarity to allow it to unfold for you.

Conversely, many of you are early on in your self-healing, and as such, healing one issue can naturally lead to a shift that opens a gate to a host of other issues. Some people may conclude that they have done something wrong, when in fact they've done something very right. This is a common juncture for those carrying intense pain and trauma to self-sabotage their healing and turn back.

The energy and the subsequent life shifts that arise after healing an issue are new territory for most people, but it's also not without additional support. That additional support is your expanding awareness and willingness to go into difficult feelings. From that dedication, you can get into a healthy cycle of self-growth--expanding and contracting as you move through different issues--and naturally growing into the life that resonates most deeply for you.

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Energy and Life Shifts After Healing an Issue Full Description

Monday, February 16, 2015

Enlightened Exercise: Discovering Your Body's Natural Shape

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Enlightened exercise is not about a certain state of awareness or fitness goal. It's about aligning to your body's needs and how to achieve your optimum health. That last phrase may sound a little cliche and like a goal. But your body does know what optimum health is, and it can't be described by a nutritionist, doctor, personal trainer, or whomever. Only your body truly knows what that feels like, and while we certainly take advantage of what all the aforementioned people may have to offer us, the more we relax into our body awareness, the more easily we can find out what exercises and general health strategies work best for us.

Enlightened exercise is also not about doing yoga or anything that currently carries the "spiritual" label in today's culture. To be sure, yoga is an awesome system for alignment of heart, body, mind, and spirit. It's also much more than the physical regimes that have become popularized in the West. But it is not the only system to be used, and it cannot supplant your own awareness around what kinds of exercise you need.

Because the more you can sense what you need, the more you will heal, grow, or stabilize in whatever way you currently need to. This will lead you inevitably towards a level of health and a body shape that best suits you in your journey this lifetime.

Your Body's Natural Shape

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Am I Having a Spiritual Awakening?

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I get this question a lot: "Am I having a spiritual awakening?" The short answer is probably not. Spiritual awakening--as I define it--is actually quite rare. That doesn't mean that you're not having a spiritual shift, but allow me to expand your spiritual vocabulary. Our English language is quite lacking in this regard, and while I am making up definitions, they're only meant to be pointers to help you address your situation appropriately.

Because there are all kinds of spiritual shifts. Spiritual shift is my over-arching term for pretty much any movement towards greater awareness and consciousness. Under that umbrella term, there are little spiritual epiphanies, spiritual realizations, major spiritual revelations, and of course, spiritual awakenings.

None of this is meant to diminish whatever experience you may be having. It's meant to help you best assess what kind of help and support you need. In truth, language is always supposed to be at our service and not the other way around where we attempt to fit ourselves to other people's ideas as well as our own. That last point is part of the great insanity and sickness of our times, and it has caused so much misery.

With that said, let's get to work on helping to answer your question of if you are having a spiritual awakening.

Am I Awakening Spiritually?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Spirituality and Making Love

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Reclaiming our bodies in the context of Western Culture obviously includes how we eat, sleep, and exercise. But it also includes how we appreciate and own our sexuality. Too many religions have marginalized or shamed sexuality, and that inherently isn't spiritual. I say this because spirituality embraces all things. Strangely enough in Western Culture, people are more okay with watching various levels of extreme violence, but if you show a penis or a vagina, people immediately get upset or embarrassed.

But there's nothing to be uncomfortable with concerning our sexuality. Our sexuality and our genitalia are innate aspects of us. It is ridiculous that I even have to emphasize it, but because of the level of shame people have been taught around sexuality, I have to. Furthermore, sexuality can go beyond simply continuing the species, which is its primary function. There is wonderful creative and enlivening energy in orgasm, and it can fuel many aspects of your life (as well as be extremely grounding and nourishing if you are awakening).

Normally, I focus on spiritual sexuality in terms of the individual because there is so much deep connection that can happen in our own spaces. If you haven't read the following blog post, I really encourage you to check that out before reading on:

Understanding Spiritual Sexuality

However, when you have a dedicated partner or lover, there is an opportunity to really drop into amazing spaces of love. It can often require a lot of heart work because of the emotions that come up the deeper you go, but with a lot of love, communication, and space, you can transform your sexual unions with your partner into a profound place of abiding love.

Love Is Always Here

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Family Issues

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We can't kid ourselves--family issues can be some tough stuff with which to grapple. Why is that? Those issues are all interlinked with some of our most basic patterns and concepts about life. Family and the people closest to us during our upbringing taught us everything. They taught us how to eat, clothe ourselves, think, speak, act, and live. It's no wonder that these can be some really tough issues to crack.

But in so doing, we are not in a place of blaming, appeasing, or coddling our families. They are who they are. They have their paths to follow just as we do. Depending on your relationship with your family, you'll get more or less participation in helping to break old issues. But by and large, you're probably on your own the deeper you go. Many of the "common sense" ideas you grew up on will get uprooted and shown as untrue or twisted up with hidden fears. Some of the very things that used to comfort you about your family (maybe it was those big family dinners) will suddenly become unbearable because of whatever is being hidden or buried under a mountain of food. It can be quite startling for some people to find out how sick their families are after believing otherwise. And of course, it can go the other way where you realize how much more beautiful they are than you'd once thought.

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Spiritual Awakening and Family Issues Full Description

Monday, February 2, 2015

Speaking Your Truth

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Speaking your truth should be a natural and effortless action, but this is rarely the case. Too many ideas, fears, and lies have gunked up the vocal cords. People don't know what they're saying or why they're saying it. Because human beings are creatures that mimic patterns, we mimic our family and social circles. If there is a lot of freedom in speaking, them we have an easier time speaking our truth. If there is a lot of repression and judgment, then we may have a great difficulty in speaking about meaningful things. Even for someone who talks a lot, it doesn't mean that anything they're saying is even remotely related to their inner truth.

On this spiritual awakening blog, I offer you a different pattern to mimic--as much as you like. I don't mean copying my words and just saying what I'm saying. That's what got you in trouble in the first place. I mean that you have at least one example of someone who is speaking his truth. There's a kind or resonance to words spoken or written from this place inside, and that's what has drawn many of you repeatedly to this blog.

This post is actually a compilation of older blog posts that can help you anywhere you are on your spiritual journey from breaking your silence and finding your lost voice to really relaxing into sharing all the wonderful messages flowing from your spirit that want to go out into the world. Click on the "Read More" to find what you need.

5 Blogs to Help You Speak Your Truth

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