Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Webinar Recording: Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life

Once a year, I like to turn my attention to the topic of highly sensitive people. As a highly sensitive person, I understand a lot of the unsettling emotions and energies that are going on around me pretty much all the time, but because of the spiritual path, I've learned how to be at peace with a lot of it. I've also learned how to use those different energetic feelings to help me go further in my spiritual work. So, I held this annual webinar to once again speak to all my sensitives, empaths, and whatever else word people are using for people who can feel other people's feelings.

Highly sensitive people (for whom others often use the word empathetic) feel tons of stuff. While most people hear the average restaurant conversation at 60 decibels, a sensitive person in the same situation can feel like they're "hearing" a jet engine roar at 120 decibels. Many additional levels of energy and information that go on but are invisible and "unheard" by others are present and potentially very loud depending on how sensitive a person is. That leads many sensitive people towards shutting down, hiding out, or regularly freaking out.

But being sensitive is a great gift when we are clear in ourselves. It allows us to know things that others don't know. It allows us to connect very deeply quickly and easily. The spiritual path helps us to stay clear and to let the many unstable energies pass through or roll off our energetic shoulders, so to speak.

Most of all, I emphasize in this webinar why the spiritual path is so important to embrace so that you can feel like a stable human being while maintaining your sensitivities, not shutting them down.

Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life Webinar Recording


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Resolve Power and Authority Issues

Power and authority issues are about as common as cockroaches in New York City (or bed bugs during those occasional outbreaks). They're unwelcome cohabitants in your life, and they're best eliminated as soon as possible.

Putting aside the sacred right of all beings to live for the sake of the metaphor, you get the point. Power and authority issues are nothing but trouble, and actually, they cause more than just a bad night's sleep. They corrupt our relationships, our societies, and our governments. The greater the issues people have around power, the more likely they are to abuse power, act out, pass on victim tendencies to their children, and otherwise re-act poorly to situations. And given that plenty of other people have these issues, they respond equally or even more poorly to the person who initially acts out of powerlessness, and around we go in cycles of pain and suffering.

Cycles of Pain and Suffering

But there is a way out. There's always a way out, and that's what I'm here to write you to about. No matter how difficult it is for you to claim power or to re-claim it where you've abdicated your authority, it can be done. And it can be done mindfully in most everyday situations without trying to pronounce your greatness or make someone else the enemy. On that note, let's talk about how to resolve your power and authority issues.

The Initial Abdication

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Motivational Tips To Keep You Going Through Tough Issues

Dealing with many internal issues can take us into some tough stuff. It can feel like grinding our way through an iceberg, and whenever we get into these old pains, this is when we hear the ego screaming the loudest. It shouts, "I never should have done this spiritual healing thing," or "Why did a spiritual awakening have to happen to me?"

And it has many other shouts, threats, fears, and additional issues that it piles on top of whatever issue you may be working through at the current time. It often comes with threats that this is hopeless or impossible, and of course, those are absurdities. In a universe of infinite possibility, only the ego can be so bold and arrogant to say that there is no possibility or possibility of hope.

While a little motivational support can be coddling the unconscious ego that doesn't believe in what is going on (or perhaps only partially so), I realize that we're human. We can get caught up in these doubts, and it's nice to have a little outside motivation and encouragement from time to time. So here it is. Hopefully, these five motivational tips remind you how important what you are doing is and that no matter how dark and bleak the ego thinks things are and no matter how intense the energy, emotions, and physical sensations, this healing and spiritual growth is totally worth it.

#1 When You Heal Yourself, You Are Healing Others

Monday, April 20, 2015

Focusing on Reality

A great spiritual tool for growing in consciousness after a spiritual awakening is simply this: focus on reality.

What is real right now?

What is actually happening in your current physical experience?

So often our triggers lead to inner threats about our future or repeats of past pains, and they have no bearing on what is actually happening in the moment. When the mind is this out-of-sync with reality, this shines a big bright light on problems with the ego. Along with that, seeing that we aren't in any actual danger allows us to let go more deeply to process whatever pain that may be surfacing. Remember that a past event we are feeling is long gone. Our ex-lover isn't yelling at us even though we're feeling the sadness of the event right now. The future status of our finances is also not right now. So long as we are warm, clothed, housed, and fed, money worries are not real. This doesn't mean we lose our ability to plan for the future. Actually, by focusing on what is real in this moment, we amplify our abilities to shape our futures.

In so many ways, a spiritual awakening is a shift back to reality. So much of what people have been taught is reality is wrong. There's no ifs, ands, or buts. It's just wrong. As such, people go through a lot of surprising spiritual revelations as they break away from these illusions and finally start to see life for what it is.

The Inner Conflict of Illusion and Truth

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Webinar Recording: Spiritual Awakening Stages and Cycles

I wrote a blog post about different spiritual awakening stages and cycles, but I soon decided to follow it up by holding a webinar on this topic. If you haven't read the blog post already, you can do so on the link below:

Spiritual Awakening Stages

One of the things I like to emphasize is that awakening is not linear. So the idea that you go from spiritual awakening stage 1 to spiritual awakening stage 2 to spiritual awakening stage 3 is generally speaking incorrect, although there are some shifts from which you generally do not go backwards. In speaking about spiritual awakening stages, we should not be harboring the idea that we'll get to some perfected stage. Such an idea is the nonsense of the unconscious ego that generally sees spirituality as a kind of safety. But no such safety exists except in the divine space that embraces everything, every change, every life, every pain, and every death.

With all that said, please enjoy the recording of this webinar, and keep an eye out for my next free webinar. They are every two weeks on Wednesdays alternating between 10:30 AM PT and 6 PM PT.

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Cycles Webinar Full Recording


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Brief Vanishing of Fear and the Power of Presence

From time to time, I have the lovely opportunity to witness someone's fear completely vanish. Poof! Like a wispy cloud, the fear evaporates, leaving nothing but the truth, love, and occasionally some giggles.

Because what else can you do but laugh when you see how vacuous, vaporous, and insubstantial fear really is? Truly, fear is nothing. It does not exist. While we can momentarily put aside the biochemical aspect of fear when an old survival instinct is triggered (such as a loud noise that makes you jump), fear predominantly is nothing. And in my sessions, some of my students occasionally have that truth come through loud and clear and find themselves suddenly with no problems or issues in the space of presence.

The immediate next question on everyone's mind is, "How do I get there?" Is there a trip I book on Expedia to get to it? Have they made app for that yet?

But seriously, the reason this arises is not because of action. It is because of the inaction of letting go. When we momentarily--for whatever reason--stop trying, the clouds clear up, and suddenly, we are in the clarity of our own presence.

The Cloudiness of Our Lives

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Ego Defenses and Traps You Need to Know

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The truth is so simple, yet we find so many issues with it. Why? Because our ego-self knows its days are limited, and the spiritual path is going to take us into a whole new world of the unknown. Of course, the world has always been unknown. It is constantly unfolding before us in surprising ways, but for the most part, we try to avoid this truth. We try to find safety through routine and making things as regular to us as possible. That familiarity is known, and what is familiar is often considered to be safe--even if it actually isn't (such as the woman staying with an abusive husband or vice versus).

Along the way, we have a whole host of ideas and reasons to stay in bad situations, to avoid seeing the truth, and to attempt to believe that we actually know what is going on. We don't.

In no other moment of life is this more apparent than during a major spiritual shift such as a spiritual awakening. The fact that we don't know what's going on with us, with life, or with how things will unfold is thrown right into our faces. Certainly, as we turn our attentions inward, we can find some level of "knowing" from the only place where it can be found--in our souls.

But along the way, we are running up against fears and beliefs and a whole slew of ego defenses and traps that are trying to keep us away from these deeper simpler truth of life. These defenses were put there by you, and most of us believe they will keep us safe. But they do not, and they can seem like common sense until we shed some serious light on them. So here are 6 ego defenses and logical traps to know about and some ideas about how to face them.

Ego Trap 1: Hyperbole and Exaggeration

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spiritual Awakening Stages

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Anyone who has been reading this spiritual awakening blog for some time knows that I avoid overly linear, goal-oriented language. Too many people are way too stuck in their egos, and they want to turn spirituality into a race to the finish line replete with awards and high-fives. But there is no finish line. There's just this moment, and that's more than enough to find our happiness and love. It's the only place to find it too, and fortunately, it's always where we are.

But our egos have learned how to piece together life events and time into linear mental stories. Think of a lot of what you think as a kind of inner movie, and a lot of the same themes play over and over--usually to no real good effect. Thus, part of the spiritual path is a deconstructing of the ego, which becomes a pretty big theme in the early parts of a spiritual awakening. Later on, a conscious ego can arise that appropriately understands that it is a tool to help us parse through billions of types of information (sensory, intellectual, energetic, and so forth) and make some kind of sense of it all. Consider how much data you receive when you drive a car. Most of this information you don't do anything with. Your ego learned to filter it out so that you could focus on the important stuff like the sudden deceleration of the car in front of you with its red brake lights on. In an instant, your ego tells you to stop.

Pretty useful, isn't it?

But our egos got out control, and so when I am talking about spiritual awakening stages today, let's try to not think in a linear way. Don't think that this stage comes then that stage comes. It's more like a Venn Diagram with multiple overlapping circles. And there are smaller circles within the bigger ones. So with that said, let me share some of the different spiritual awakening themes and circles that tend to arise.

Dispelling the Darkness and the Ego's Big Tantrum

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Webinar Recording: Spiritual Tips for Facing Fear

Fear is a fundamental human emotion. It's been built into our survival system to excite our bodies to fight or flee danger. But for most of us, it has gone haywire. We become easily afraid of a host of insignificant things, and when a significant event does come up, our fear generally causes us to react poorly, which often leads to greater problems.

As such, the spiritual path must embrace and face fear to help us find liberation. But spiritual freedom isn't about never feeling fear. Rather it is about being able to be at peace with it so that it comes and goes. With it's passing, we work on maintaining mindfulness and consciously choosing our actions rather that being driven to an unconscious reaction.

With that in mind, please enjoy this recording of my webinar offering some spiritual tips for facing fear.

Spiritual Tips for Facing Fear Webinar Recording

Date of Webinar Recording:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time
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