Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Webinar Recording: The 3rd Annual All About Energy Talk

Every year, I like to hold a webinar to talk about the wide-ranging experiences people have with energy and the different sensations people often feel. This year marked the third time I've done so, if you can believe.

To be sure, the number of ways we can experience energy is infinite. But for many who awaken, they often have no idea why they are sensing what they are sensing nor how to interpret it. For many people who have always been sensitive, they haven't gotten any better at interpreting these sensations in a meaningful and non-superstitious way.

Energy is all around and within us. We live in a field of energy, and we are part of that field. However, some of us are more sensitive to it than others. Noticing the different ripples, swirls, pulsations, tingles, and all the rest can be quite overwhelming for the really energetically sensitive people. For those suddenly with new sensitivities because of your spiritual growth or a spiritual shift, it can be quite disconcerting.

And energy is a part of us, and it is nothing to be frightened of. The clearer we are in ourselves, the clearer we are about what meaning--if any--a particular energy sensation has for us or what it may indicate about others and our surroundings. As always, getting to know us is the most important part of understanding and interpreting energy.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording below, and I encourage you to join me future free webinars, which are typically every two weeks and alternating between 6 PM PT and 10:30 AM PT.

The 3rd Annual All About Energy Webinar Full Recording

For some more thoughts on this topic, you can check out this blog post:

The Nature of Energy

Date of Recording:

6 PM PT Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

12 Great Spiritual Awakening Posts You Probably Missed

As I sit here writing this post in April 2015, I've now been writing this blog for five years (although I say that I really started it in earnest in August 2010). That's a long time, and I've written a lot of stuff. Many of you had no idea that I or this blog even existed, and that means there's probably a whole bunch of great spiritual awakening posts you've missed.

Plus, some of my creatively titled posts don't catch peoples' eyes because you may not immediately know what they're about. Additionally, search engines tend to be even more literal-minded. So a blog post titled "How to Build Your Sandcastle" is assumed by Google and other search tools to be about building actual sandcastles and doing stuff at the beach rather than a metaphor for the ephemeral ego.

With all that said, I've delved down into this here bag o' blog posts and dug up a bunch of these lost gems. I've added a short synopsis of what they're about so that you can find the ones that interest you most. I hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what ones are your favorites in the comments. Thanks!

1. Breaking the Glass

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Signs of a Maturing Soul

The signs of someone maturing on the spiritual path aren't that hard to spot. Especially for those of you who have awakened, embracing your spiritual awakening lends itself to often dramatic inner shifts. However, that still doesn't mean that other people will notice. In a world where people are caught up looking at the surfaces, many people won't be able to see past the packaging to notice all the inner crap that has been removed from inside.

Which as always is why we don't look for external validation on the spiritual path. Coincidentally, this is a sign of a maturing soul. The maturing soul needs external approval less and less as s/he develops. This doesn't come from a sense of being better than anyone. Quite the reverse, it comes from a deep sense of humility. Along with that, the maturing soul embraces the space of being nobody. Nobody doesn't need validation. Nobody doesn't need to be somebody.

Be Nobody

But some of this may not be immediately apparent to those of you earlier in your shifts. You may wonder what a maturing soul looks/feels like and not understand the maturation process that you're in. So today's blog post offers some sign of soul maturation, and most of them only you in the honesty of your own heart will know if they're arising.

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Less Interested in Approval

Monday, May 18, 2015

After Healing Abuse: The Collapse of the Victim Mentality

Healing abuse is powerful medicine. It's necessary medicine for a world with so much pain and suffering. Consider the below statistic:

"On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States—more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year."

-- The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Obviously, we know that the number of people impacted who are physically abused on a global scale is huge, but the prevalence of this kind of pain and suffering is not my point today. However, I don't want to get into the topic of what comes after healing an abuse without reinforcing this point. Abuse is one of the many things that people in the U.S. and many other corners of the globe close their eyes towards. As if by not looking at something that the issue will simply vanish.

But it doesn't.

And after someone has been violated, it's a long, torturous journey back to health. Without healing, life is just long and torturous with no real sense of hope in sight. That sense of hopeless causes people to become perpetrators of abuse (acting out their own pain on others), drug addicts, alcoholics, sexaholics, severely depressed, and suicidal.

But when someone has taken the journey back to health and released all the pain that a traumatized body can hold, something beautiful happens. A person gets their life back. A person gets to feel free, open, light, and genuinely happy, and the old victim mentality that sought to protect a person, but instead caged them and kept them caught in cycles of pain...well, it collapses.

And this is not myth. This is not science fiction. This is fact. So let me share some of what I've had the opportunity to witness and facilitate.

Breaking Out of the Pain

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Webinar: Tips for Creating Conscious Relationships

Next week's webinar tackles the task of how we can all learn to create conscious relationships. This is a topic I've covered before in numerous other spiritual blog posts, and as always, I emphasize that it all starts with your relationship with yourself. Dealing with your own baggage is the first step to developing conscious relationships with your romantic partner, children, friends, family, business associates, colleagues, and more. Until you cross that bridge, you are very likely trying to control others in your relationships in futile attempts to make yourself feel a certain way. This is the nature of unconscious relationships.

In this webinar, I'll offer tips about what makes a conscious relationship different from an unconscious relationship. Much of what you'll hear will be the usual good relationship advice (clear communication, making time for each other, yada yada yada). But there's more to it on the spiritual path because we also learn to find our issues reflected back to us in our relationships. A conscious relationships offers us the chance to grow through the intensity of connections, especially in romantic partnerships. There's also the opportunity to practice discerning when it's time to let go of someone and when it's time to lean in and be more committed to a relationship.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to register for this next free spirituality webinar below.

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Tips for Creating Conscious Relationships Webinar Full Description

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Animal Within: Retraining the Primal Instinctual Body

A lot of times, I hear people in the spiritual world say that fear is just a word. Well, the word fear is a word, but the experience of fear is obviously much more than a word. It's a whole body experience, which--by and large--we don't enjoy. Some people learn to interpret fear in some different ways such as excitement, and while I don't know if there's a difference in the biochemistry of general fear versus excitement fear from something like bungee jumping, I don't think that most people want to feel that much agitation and intense energy on a regular basis.

Thinking of fear in terms of agitation can also be a helpful road into appreciating the animal body we live in. The animal DNA and physiology that we are built on top of used to need these instinctual increases of certain types of hormones and neurotransmitters to agitate the animal into actions. Some of the most basic actions are fight or flight. I don't know the science behind it, but even the "freeze" response has a quality of agitation and rigidity. Everything is held really tight. It's not a relaxed stillness at all.

The point in all of this is that we have very basic animal instincts still hard at work in us, and they are driving most everything. For as "civilized" as we like to think we are, most of what we do is underpinned by the animal needs within us. The deeper we go on our spiritual path, the more we have to reckon with this. This doesn't mean avoiding these qualities. It means embracing them with awareness to consciously retrain them. This is deep work, and there is only so much I can point to in one little spiritual blog post. But let's get started because to truly be conscious people means that we have mastered the deepest layers of unconscious behavior, including the primal body.

Before We Could Think

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After a Spiritual Awakening Unleashes All Your Emotions

After a spiritual awakening opens up your heart, every emotion you can imagine becomes available to you--every single one. In an open heart, we embrace every emotion that we can humanly experience. We remove our limitations on what we can feel, so we can feel the fullness of love, compassion, terror, hatred, sadness, and more. This is what it means to be truly open-hearted.

Do you understand what it means to be unlimited now? I hope you do. And I'm sure it's not what you normally thought of in terms of having no limitations.

Because having no limitations is all about our inner world. We're not talking about being able to fly and jump over buildings. These superhero stories are metaphors for the inner space, which is vastly clogged and complicated by limiting beliefs. After a spiritual awakening, many of those beliefs are washed away, some are momentarily broken, and others remain in tact. It is different for everyone, which is also why some people have more or less of an emotional release inside of them at different stages of their spiritual awakening.

Furthermore, just because you have some of the more upsetting emotions during this great time of spiritual healing doesn't mean that you get lost in them. It doesn't mean you act out feelings of terror, hatred, jealousy, and so on. You have to learn how to process them mindfully, and that's a big part of what I'm talking about today.

And I realize that having this emotional turbulence is deeply challenging for many people. Wading through all the joy, bliss, anger, hatred, fear, self-loathing, and more that can come tumbling out is powerful work. It is not insurmountable. With dedication to your practice and to staying present with what is moving, the emotions will pass and the waters will settle into a deeper state of peace.

No More Bliss; Get to Work

Monday, May 4, 2015

7 Signs that You're a Wounded Healer

The wounded healer is anyone who serves others, but who has not healed many of the issues that they aim to help others heal. The wounded healer is also someone who attempts to do lots of helpful and healing things for other people as a means of avoiding taking care of themselves. The unconscious mentality is that if they can help enough other people, then they'll feel good or safe or loved.

Of course, this is unconscious for most people. Most wounded healers feel like they've done everything they need to do to take care of themselves. No one thinks (at least no one I know) that they're a wounded healer. So it's a tricky topic to discuss because the humility required to realize that you are a wounded healer typically is not yet present. If someone has that humility, they are probably seeking to address their issues because by and large, healers do try to take care of their issues.

But there are some signs that you may be a wounded healer or that you may be working with one. I'll take some time in this post to say what those are and what it takes to come back into integrity with the service you want to offer.

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The Initial Wounding and the Grand Cover-Up

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