Wednesday, January 27, 2016

9 Steps to Mindfully Deal With Another's Anger

One of the most challenging experiences for many people is handling people who are angry at them. When someone is angry at you and blaming you for something, it can trigger all kinds of internal responses. Some people respond fearfully and want to run away. Others respond fearfully, but then turn it into anger and fight back verbally or physically. Others can freeze up entirely. In many respects, dealing with an angry person can strip us right down to our most basic, animalistic impulses.

But obviously, we can do better. We can offer other people more mindful responses even if they aren't offering the same. If we don't, then we will simply continue the cycles of pain and suffering that are gripping this world.

Cycles of Pain and Suffering

On this note, let's talk about some mindful steps to deal with angry people and potentially shift relationships towards healthier interactions.

What Is Anger?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Coming Home to the Infinite Within You

Life is change for the human being. It's always growing, declining, dying, and being born. It is an inevitable aspect of life for us. Yet many people attempt to use spirituality to avoid this undeniable human truth. They hope to find some form of safe comfort in the external world, and thus, many spiritual seekers are essentially refugees from this truth. This happens for innumerable reasons, but mainly, it happens because people fear pain and death.

But pain and death are here. And no "home" can be so safe that it is devoid of these things.

As people mature on the spiritual path, we learn to let go of this kind of seeking. We seek refuge in spirituality by letting go of "home" and residing in the changeless space that embraces all this change. This is what I mean when I say that we come home to the infinite within us. We cannot deny change in our human forms. Rather, we can embrace the infinite love, presence, and serenity that we are all part of, and through that depth, we accept all the pain, death, hate, love, joy, ecstasy, and everything else that comes up in human life. We accept all of it as part of our home.

Wanting to go Home

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