Monday, May 30, 2016

How People Create Problems out of Nothing

People have surrounded themselves with problems. There are problems like what to eat and what to wear. There are problems regarding how to get others to like you or how to get others to do what you want. There are problems about finding romantic partners. There are problems about deciding what to watch on TV. There are problems about how to raise children, and there are problems about how to succeed at your job. The number of problems in people's lives can feel insurmountable, but fortunately, most of them don't exist.

In a spiritual awakening blog post that I wrote some time ago, I talked about the problem of having no problems. When someone awakens or sincerely lets go into their divine presence, tons of these so-called problems vanish. But how can this be? They all seemed so real a minute ago. But as I said, many of them don't really exist beyond your ego's belief in them. However, some people are so used to making problems that they can turn having no problems into a problem itself. It's truly insane.

Today I wanted to help you better understand how the ego makes problems, and while there are real difficulties human beings face in this world, those are far easier to face when we aren't being crushed in a pile of fake problems at the same time.

What Are Real Problems?

Monday, May 23, 2016

When Your Spiritual Awakening No Longer Matters

The subject of this spiritual blog post may seem surprising, but it's a reality for some people. For those who really dissolve away into spaciousness and love, spiritual awakening no longer matters. It simply becomes a past moment that was a gateway to other moments. Kinda like birth.

Being born into our human existence was a really big moment for all of us, but it is not something we rank particularly highly anymore once we're here. When we're here, growth becomes everything as we mature into fully functional human beings that can take care of ourselves. In this way, spiritual awakening is similar. The first few years after awakening are often dominated by a drive towards a new equilibrium where we can function from a place of deeper maturity and clarity.

However, unlike the growth of our bodies, moving into deeper states of clarity is not assured. Many people can and do successful fight this inner change, and others partially embrace the inner shifts that arise. This can lead to very strange understandings of truth because of how the idea of truth can be twisted together with human blindspots and pain.

But those of you who do really embrace it, you may find that your spiritual awakening is starting to or no longer matter, and I felt like writing a little bit about that today.

The Loss of the Evaluator

Monday, May 16, 2016

Feeling Alienated After Awakening

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One of the common feelings people have after a spiritual awakening is of being alienated from other people in their life. Usually, this experience comes after any blissful experience that may have arisen.

For many people at the very outset of a spiritual awakening, they have a bliss phase, which ultimately does not last. No human experience lasts. As they come out of that particular experience, they suddenly notice that most people aren't remotely interested in changing behaviors to be in alignment with love and truth, and some people don't even like the fact that you're changing to be in alignment with such things. This can feel quite alienating.

For others who are walking the conscious path and haven't awakened, the gradual stepping away from old unhealthy patterns creates the same type of situation. For as kind as you can be, many people don't want to accept you as a new person, and so you may find yourself far more friendless than you would have expected.

The root of the issue in both scenarios is basically the same and where you might expect it: it's in the ego. So today, I'd like to talk about facing this feeling of alienation and letting go into the deeper space of oneness where all is embraced and no one is alien from another.

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Light-washing the World

Monday, May 2, 2016

Using Intuition to Make Stressful Decisions

I've spent more than a minute talking about intuition on this spiritual awakening blog. You can find several of those posts in the following compilation to help you in your development of your intuition:

Intuition: A Short Guide to Improving Your Inner Knowing

Eventually, though, life will probably give you a situation or two where you have to make a snap decision or a choice under highly stressful circumstances, and you don't have time to ruminate, contemplate, and meditate to unwind ego programming from your divine knowing. You're just going to have to make a choice. As many of you know, your divine knowing is way better at finding the most truthful path through a situation than that old, rusty ego self full of its illusions, lies, and fears. In times of emergency, disaster, or otherwise higher stress moment, the stakes are often extremely high sometimes impacting your long-term health or safety. Clearly, making an intuitive decision is ideal.

But how do you do this when you are really stressed, upset, or even terrified? Let's talk about it.

Slowing Down First

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