Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recording: What Maturing After Awakening Is Like

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The rock and roll of the initial years of a spiritual awakening tend to lead us towards greater maturity if we engage with our work. Unlike most people's perceptions of maturity, this inner maturity is timeless. You don't actually need work to achieve it. The spiritual work we do is a revealing of this innate maturity, and in that revealing, a human maturation process emerges. In this way, we go inwards to oneness before growing outwards into the ever-changing and evolving human world. In so doing, we tend to take on certain characteristics of patience and acceptance, and a lot of our more juvenile desires tend to fall away.

Additionally, some traits like resilience and confidence are different than how other people experience them. These traits arise in the absence of doubts and fears, whereas for most people they arise through taught behaviors and overcoming obstacles. As such, resilience from the awakened space is far more powerful because the individual no longer has to compete with fear and doubt that is often still stuck in other people who have developed a more human resilience.

There are plenty of other traits that are revealed within us, and from this deep, innate maturity, we grow into wise, caring human beings. You can listen to the whole talk below. Enjoy!


Date of Recording:
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6 PM Pacific Time

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Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Grow up Smart and Live Your Dreams

I have the honor to work with a lot of young people. Late teenagers and early twenty-somethings often find their way to my spirituality blog, and I am always happy to get a chance to influence them. There are so many ways that as we do not mature as we grow up in this culture. We do not grow wise. In general, we grow up dumb.

What is growing up dumb? It is not knowing ourselves. It is not questioning the structures and beliefs around us and within us. It is accepting that our lives have to look a certain way to live in "the real world" rather than following what we know is true for us.

And because society has a powerful influence over us, many people by their late twenties and early thirties have given up their dreams. They've believed what others have told them. Those things are statements like: "Your dreams aren't practical;" You should just get a job;" "You should get married, settle down, and have kids;" and so on. The people saying these things were taught these beliefs, and they blindly accepted them. Now, they pass on these infectious illusions to you without even realizing what they are passing on. These ideas are the plague of beliefs, and they have and continue to decimate the lives, loves, hopes, and dreams of millions.

So, it is my hope that if you are in your late teens or early twenties (or if you are ready for a fresh start, and you can start over at any time of your life) that this spiritual blog post can help you step into a life you love.

1. Start a Spiritual Practice

Monday, June 13, 2016

Spiritual Sticking Points and Why People Like Being Stuck

I get a lot of questions and concerns from people when they feel stuck. In these instances, feeling stuck feels bad to the individual. But there are times when people like being stuck. They like it because they have gotten something in life that they really want, and they want to hold onto that. When this happens, the spiritual path can be viewed as a threat to this thing, relationship, or situation that has come into their life. At which point, the individual may stop their spiritual practice and otherwise halt any kind of inner inquiry.

Given what society teaches and the depths of those unconscious teachings, a lot of ego ideas ensnare people, and that goes on for a long time on the spiritual path. A person has to connect with a lot of freedom and transcend a lot of inner issues before they see just how trapped they are. Thus, it is very easy for most spiritual seekers to find a reason to stop especially if growth is appearing to be harder and asking them to give up more things.

For those who have awakened, they may be exhausted. Because spiritual awakening tends to choose you instead of the other way around, many people feel forced onto the spiritual path, and as such, many who awaken have just been waiting for an exit to appear on this spiritual freeway. When they see it, they accelerate for the off-ramp as soon as they can.

Clearly, I am interested in people being completely free. But don't assume that I hold it against anyone for liking a sticking point. Especially for those who awaken and slog through intense inner trauma, it is completely human to want to stop dealing with so much pain. It's hard. That's just how inner healing and growth tend to be even if there isn't trauma. So today, I wanted to offer some compassion for those who prefer to be stuck as well as encouragement--and you knew this was coming--for continuing in your spiritual work.

Finally, a Pause in the Spiritual Storm

Monday, June 6, 2016

7 Popular Spiritual Awakening Questions

I get more than a few questions about spiritual awakening for obvious reasons, but there are a couple that come up repeatedly. Hopefully the following list will have one of your questions. If the question isn't in this list, however, I've probably answered it at some point somewhere on this blog.

If you can't find what you are seeking, I am always happy to answer questions through my contact form. For those who have awakened or want support in their spiritual journeys, you are also welcome to reach out to me about having a one-on-one session. Here's more information about that on this link:

About Jim Tolles one-on-one Skype Sessions

1. What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

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