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Online Talk: Misunderstandings That Trap People on the Spiritual Path

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With an over-abundance of spiritual information and spiritual practices now available online, never have spiritual seekers had so much access to spiritual support. In one day on the Internet, you can learn how to do kundalini yoga and meditate. Then you can listen to a half a dozen spiritual teachers from any spiritual tradition from anywhere in the world. After that, you could sign up for a number of spiritual retreats in any corner of the globe you like. This really is pretty awesome!

Yet, despite this access, so many misunderstandings about the spiritual path abound. Those misunderstandings cloud people's understandings and can trap them in their healing and spiritual growth.

The results of being trapped on your spiritual path can include:

  • clinging to and defending beliefs, 
  • having the same issues arise over and over, 
  • feeling like you always have to do more spiritual work,
  • having to keep finding new spiritual teachers or communities to feel connected, and other things.

In this free talk livestreaming on YouTube, I'll offer some ideas on common misunderstandings people have to help you identify them so that you don't get stuck in your spiritual growth.  I hope in this talk I can help you dissolve any misunderstandings you have so that you can flow and grow.

Please feel free to invite friends to this talk. There is no limit on attendance.

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6 PM Pacific Time


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Spiritual Sticking Points and Why People Like Being Stuck

Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Practical Spiritual Awakening Strategies

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There's a lot of naivete around the spiritual path and especially around spiritual awakening. Many people--mostly those who haven't awakened--think that a spiritual awakening immediately erases all problems and pain in life, and then you can go on living la-di-da throughout all of life. I have not yet seen that happen for anyone, although I don't doubt the possibility of it. However, for most everyone else, a whole lot of work ensues as the seed sprouts and starts pushing up through dirt and debris into the sunlight. And then more work ensues as the person gets out of the pain and dirt of their own suffering and starts maturing and actually living in the real world.

And there is a maturing process in all this awakened stuff. It's something that I'm beginning to touch on in blogs like: How to Guide Your Awakened Energy. However, the topic of today is really about getting through those initial years--yes, I said years--to a stable mature level of ongoing growth where you understand yourself and the process of maturing as a spiritual human being.

Finally, before I launch into this subject, I want to address faith. Real faith is trusting the flow and the divine. False faith is expecting God to give you hand-outs without you doing your part. The divine river of life will keep pulling you along, but you have to paddle. And there are no guarantees in life. There is just life. So even as you have faith in the changes that arise after a spiritual awakening, I encourage you towards ongoing humility. Because if things are easy for you in life in regards to having food and safe shelter, you are lucky. Not everyone is so lucky even in rich countries. And if you don't have those things, find humility and appreciation that you are even alive. It took trillions of events just to bring you into existence.

We all are given a different number of support systems in this life, and it is not fairly dealt out. It will not continue to be fairly dealt either. But we can have faith in ourselves and in this beautiful inner transformation to help us best engage with the challenges and opportunities life presents us.

With all that said, let's talk about some practical strategies for engaging with your transformation after a spiritual awakening.

Practical Strategy #1: Plan Your Finances for 3 to 5 Years

Monday, May 15, 2017

Simplicity and Spirituality: The Loss of Ego Complication

natural simplicity, ocean, beach, rocks, spiritual simplicityOne of the many beautiful aspects of the spiritual path is how simple everything becomes. The more the unconscious ego dissolves away, the more we see what is necessary in our lives and what is not.

For the Westerner and for many of those who are adopting a lot of Western ways around the world, life has become exceedingly complicated. There are pressures of all kinds to succeed in relationships, jobs, endeavors of all sorts, and more. The tools and means that a person needs to achieve all of these goals seem to get more and more complicated every year too, and the amount of energy needed to get everything and hold onto it can feel astronomical.

It's all very, very exhausting.

In some ways, this is why I think many of you find yourself exhausted at the outset of a spiritual awakening. It's not a sign of inner work yet; it's a sign of how tired you already are from doing all this.

But then you get on the spiritual path. Maybe you have an awakening. Maybe you are just called to it. And the true spiritual path starts taking things from you instead of giving you things. This aspect of the spiritual path can be distressing at first, but then as you get used to giving away clothes you don't wear, emptying out closets of junk, releasing false beliefs, and so forth, you feel lighter and free. You realize how few clothes, beliefs, and other things you actually need to survive in the world, and you begin to divorce yourself from the concept that external things, people, and situations bring you happiness. Happiness is already within you.

As you realize that, you start to willingly simplify.

So let's talk about this path towards simplicity and what it means to everyday life.

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What Is Spiritual Simplicity?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Online Talk: Spiritual Awakening and Dealing With Disorientation

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One very common experience for people who have had a spiritual awakening is disorientation. Awakening dissolves false beliefs and other ideas to help you see the truth. But of course initially, we don't realize what our false beliefs are nor how they affect how we see and understand the world. We're usually quite surprised when we lose these beliefs. In losing those beliefs, we lose our habitual way of understanding and interacting with everyday life. Suddenly, we don't understand what we are doing, how to interact in life, or even how to think!

That can be very disorienting, and for some people, this is very distressing.

However, anyone who goes through any kind of spiritual shift can have some level of disorientation. So you don't need a big spiritual awakening to be disoriented at times on your spiritual journey. This disorientation and then a re-orientation are natural parts of a shift in perspective and moving towards your natural awareness. You simply need to let go of these different issues and beliefs that have skewed your understanding of what is real. As your "eyes" adjust to see what is real, then you can engage with reality from a place of clarity, which is a powerful way to interact with life.

The real problem tends to be when people try to hang onto their beliefs instead of accepting reality. That's when someone can get in a tailspin and end up in that troubling dark night of the soul. The person can be so committed to wanting to believe whatever it is they have been taught to believe and down they go. It doesn't matter that the Earth isn't flat and the sun doesn't revolve around the Earth; the person just wants to keep believing that it is flat and the Earth is the center of the galaxy. This is the nature of our false beliefs. As you learn to let them go, you realize the absurdity of believing in something for the sake of believing in something, and you become much clearer about life and how to interact with it.

If this topic is of interest to you, feel free to register to below. I look forward to having you!

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10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Monday, May 8, 2017

Energy-caused Involuntary Muscle Spasms or Kriyas

kriyas, spiritual energy, ocean, Bodega Bay, spiritual awakening
I can't believe I haven't written about this topic of energy-caused involuntary muscle spasms yet, but there's so much to talk about on the spiritual path. It's hard to address it all!

For some people, they have involuntary muscle movements as they experience energy more deeply and go deeper inwards. One word that I have heard for them is called, "Kriyas." I am not going to use this word because I don't like to tread on other tradition's terminology, and many of those traditions have specific connotations. According to Wikipedia, one "meaning of Kriya is an outward physical manifestation of awakened kundalini, such as a spontaneous body movement related to Kundalini energy flow."

That definition is too narrow for me. I've found that plenty of people who haven't awakened can have these spontaneous body movements, and Kundalini tends to be a very specific term regarding spiritual awakening. I can't say that many people who have awakened feel their energy in some of the ways that a Kundalini awakening is described. Hence, you don't hear me use that term much at all either.

Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Experiences

Instead, I simply say energy because energy can be anywhere in the body, and your energetic experiences can arise anywhere in your body, not just one specific region. So, for the sake of this blog post, I'm going to use a made-up acronym for Kriyas. Let's shorten energy-caused involuntary muscle spasm to ECIMS.

With all that said, let's get into this topic of muscle reactions in relationship to energy to talk about what is going on.

When in Doubt, See a Doctor

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Using the Search Tool

Thanks to all of you who responded to my recent blog survey. I appreciate it.

One thing from the feedback that became clear is that it's not particularly obvious where the search tools are on this blog.

If you look in the upper left-hand side just below your browser's toolbar, there should be a search box there (At least that's where it appears on my laptop).

The other search tool is located on the right-hand side between the "Receive Notifications" and "Featured Post" widgets. I've put a picture of what it looks like here in this post.

Down below, I've pasted a link that you can use to search this blog through Google's interface. Essentially, if you type in into the Google prompt, you can create the same type of search set up. Then you type your specific keywords words after the above words. So for instance, if you wanted to find information about sleeps issues, you'd write: sleep issues

I hope this helps you to find answers more easily on this spiritual awakening blog. Please let me know if you need additional help.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Spiritual Truth and Paradoxes: Expanding Your Mind Beyond Simplistic Ideas

The spiritual path is simple, but not simplistic.

I suppose for a spiritual blog post about paradoxes that I might as well start with a statement that seems a little at odds with itself, but let me explain.

The simplicity of the spiritual path draws our attention to the present moment. It draws our attention to the breath. It draws our attention to the space of awareness within us. These are enormously simple steps, and yet there is a great power in them. But in seeing the truth of any present moment, we do not over-simplify. There are certain elements of life that have complication or challenge to them, and residing in the present moment allows us to see those realities. When people get too simplistic on the spiritual path, there is a tendency to denigrate or ignore things that are too complicated. You may hear people say something like, "That's not real."

And the question of what is reality is an interesting one. I'll add it to my list of about ten topics that I want to write about next.

But while hunger is ultimately illusory, it's a very real sensation in the body, and disregarding it as "ultimately" not real will cause a lot of suffering to someone. What some people have to do to get food may also not be easy, and so they may have to expend a lot of time and energy to eat. For something so basic as eating, the process to feeding oneself and a family can get complicated or impossible in areas of extreme poverty or famine. If you are so lucky as to not have to do a lot to keep a full belly, be grateful.

With simplistic thinking, there is a narrowing of understanding. There is a tunnel vision that does not allow someone to see life fully, and in American English and thinking, simplistic thinking tends to lead to overly black-and-white distinctions such as right and wrong, good and evil, winners and losers, and so forth.

As you open your mind, you'll find that narrow, simplistic thinking is not ultimately very useful. Some of it causes people to act inappropriately or hurt themselves or others. Furthermore, the more you open to spiritual truth, you will find certain aspects of reality that are seemingly opposite to each other and yet are equally true. On this topic, I hope to shed a little light as to why understanding spiritual truth means embracing paradoxes--things that seem to be mutually exclusive, but are equally true.

The Ever-Present Marriage of Oneness and Separation

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Recording: How to Correctly Interpret Energy

energy sensitivities, energy, spiritual energy, spiritual awakening, satellite dish, blue sky
I have a lot of discussions with people about energy, and I am still amazed at how wrong many people often are in their interpretations. It's not really anyone's fault. Most people have no training in this stuff, and so we usually engage with these things from the most simplistic side of our feelings--does something feel good or does something feel bad?

Unfortunately, we have a lot of beliefs and pain that filter energy and determine how we view something and how we should feel about it. For example, a person may see a man and then have a bad feeling about that person. Then they won't interact with them or are defensive around this man. But where does this bad feeling come from? What does it really mean? Sometimes, strong energetic connections pull out pain inside of us, and if we misinterpret the pain as coming from another person, then we miss the chance for an amazing and healing connection.

The reverse is true too. People can have good feelings about others and different situations, but really it's just the ego and a host of unconscious associations that tell you to feel good based off of a lot of unconscious observations that you don't realize you're making. That's not energetic interpretation; that's just unconsciousness and mental associations at work. In this instance, those associations that are giving you good feelings will have you connecting with others who potentially are toxic to you, and that can create further confusion. How could you have a good feeling about something and now things are going so poorly?

The ego can certainly make a muddle of things, so here is the recording of a talk about energy to help you untangle things. Enjoy and please feel free to share this link with others.

How to Correctly Interpret Energy Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, May 3, 2016


6 PM Pacific Time

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Additional Spiritual About Energy

Here is some more information on this topic:

Monday, April 24, 2017

Finding Your Calling as a Spiritual Teacher

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Finding your calling as a spiritual teacher is a big deal. You are placing yourself in a position where you will help people face some of their darkest issues and learn what it means to melt into their truest light. It is no small thing to take up this mantle, although for many of you it may feel like this calling picks you.

Today, I want to discuss what it means to find your calling as a spiritual teacher and why it is a choice that should not be made quickly or lightly. A lot can go on in the work of a spiritual teacher, and that can demand far more of you than you realize.

There are a lot of naive ideas out there about spiritual teaching, and there are plenty of people who are simply trying to make themselves feel good through helping others. The latter is the path to becoming a wounded healer and does not truly serve anyone, including yourself.

7 Signs that You're a Wounded Healer

So let's talk about how you make this choice to work as a spiritual teacher and how to know when it is time to pick up the keys to this amazing car.

Learning How to Work on Yourself

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog Survey

As technology continues to evolve, sometimes my blog will have to evolve too.

My main concern is that the blog is loading quickly and looking good on phones and tablets. I am also concerned about how search engines may be ranking my blog in regards to that functionality and other coding things. The second one is always difficult to figure out, but with the first, I am reaching out to all of you to get your input.

So I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out the survey below.  You can click the link or use the embedded form. It's the same survey either way. It's only 10 questions long, so it shouldn't require much of your time.

If you have input on the content that I post here, you can email me directly. The point of this survey is about the functionality of the site, not the writing and topics.

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

In love and kindness,


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Shattering Core Issues With Spiritual Awareness

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Today's blog post continues along the lines of many of my past blog posts. Two of the more notably similar spiritual blog posts are as follows:

Dissolving Issues With Awareness

Releasing Issues Intentionally

The difference in today's post is really about the intensity that grows within us as we have learned how to shed top-level and mid-level issues. The more we understand through experience how much we benefit from releasing issues, the more we want to do it. Additionally, we grow more and more confident and trusting of ourselves as we see that facing issues continually brings peace, joy, and clarity. Above all else, we lose attachments to the issues we find because realize that despite old toxic beliefs, those attachments and issues emphatically do not give us what we want. In releasing attachments, we derive a huge amount of power in dissolving issues.

Always remember that whatever the issue--whether a top-level issue like having debt or a core issue like hating yourself--what gives it power is our attachment to it. The more attachments we have to the issue, the more ways we energize it and re-create it every day. The longer we do this in our lives, the more unconscious we are about all the issues we are creating. It's like building a whole factory inside, and all the conveyor belts and assembly people keep chugging away even if you aren't paying attention. That's why paying attention is the first step to getting anywhere on the spiritual path.

However, it is not the last step. As you grow and take ownership of your own space, you become powerful. You can choose what goes on in your inner space, and that inherently leads you smack dab in the middle of your most powerful issues--your core issues. These are the ones the basically define your whole ego, and they are happy to re-grow themselves if we do not go deep enough in facing our issues. But as you continue to become more aware, you develop the capacity to shatter your core issues simply by bringing your spiritual awareness to them. You notice them. They break apart. It gets that simple.

If this sounds too fantastical, please read the blog posts I linked to above before continuing. If you've done enough inner work to sense how true this is, please continue.

A Short Hit-list of Core Issues

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recording: How to Stop Spiritual Bypassing

spiritual bypass, spiritual bypassing, spiritual avoidance, easy way out, spiritual awakening
A lot of people are just looking for an exit to easy-town on the spiritual path.
Spiritual bypassing has become a popular term of late. It seems people have found another way to avoid themselves or at least attempt to avoid themselves. That's really what a spiritual bypass is--it's just a term for self-avoidance.

Specifically, a spiritual bypass is trying to do something "spiritual" to avoid doing something uncomfortable or otherwise believed by the person to be undesirable. Sometimes the things we need to do in life aren't actually hard, so from time to time, a spiritual bypass will cause the person to avoid some really wonderful things. This is just another aspect of the ignorance of our unconscious ego selves.

Because we are good at being sneaky and fooling ourselves, I thought it'd be useful to dedicate a talk to this subject to help people better identify when they are spiritual bypassing an issue. Through identification, you can then adjust your behavior to stop doing it and face what you have been avoiding.

Enjoy the recording! You can find more recordings on the right-hand side of the blog under "Categories" or click on this link:

Past Recordings

How to Stop Spiritual Bypassing Recording

Date of Recording

Wednesday, April 19


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Additional Spiritual Info

Here is some more information on the topic of spiritual bypassing:

The Spiritual Bypass: The Illusion of Avoiding Your Difficulties

Avoiding Parts of Your Spiritual Work

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Second Spiritual Awakening and Finally Finding Guidance

spiritual phenomena, spiritual awakening, spiritual guidance,
Life is full of interesting phenomena, isn't it? One interesting phenomenon that I've heard about on and off for the last several years is the occurrence of a second spiritual awakening. It's quite extraordinary for someone to have even one spiritual awakening, much less a second. But in this universe of infinite possibilities who is to say you can't have a third or a fourth or more?

However, I do want to distinguish between a spiritual awakening and a spiritual opening. A spiritual awakening is like a plant sprouting from its seed. A spiritual opening is more like hearing echoes of springtime outside your shell. Those echoes remind us that there are other things beyond what we currently know. They remind us that the universe is far more vast than our conception, far more expansive than our little seed shell, and far bigger than our conception of ourselves, aka the ego. Spiritual openings can inspire us to heal and prepare to sprout. A lot of good things can come from a spiritual opening, but they are not the opening of the seed and the destruction of your old world. That comes with awakening.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

For those who have had more than one awakening, for whatever reason, they fought the first one, avoided it, and suppressed it. From what I've heard this makes for a miserable couple of years. It also sounds like the individual sort of knows that things aren't right, so it sounds like you don't really go back to sleep. But who is to say, right? I'm speaking more from what I've been told, but the main theme is that the person doesn't get on this bus. And there are many reasons why they don't. One of which is lack of guidance.

This leads me to the main topic of today's blog post, which is the importance of spiritual guidance after a spiritual awakening. For many people, proper guidance is crucial otherwise the person may miss the proverbial bus despite all the intense pressure to get on, and you never really can count on a second awakening to jump start the whole thing again.

After Avoiding the First Awakening, the Misery

Monday, April 3, 2017

How to Guide Your Awakened Energy

inner flow, go with the flow, awakened energy, carson river, nature, spiritual awakening

This one little term seems to endless perplex people, and yet it is so integral to today's topic and most spiritual healing and growth. In surrender, we let go of holding on to our ideas about how life should go. In surrender, we let go of being in control or out of control. Strangely enough, we can be holding on even when we seem to be doing the opposite. It just depends on the person's ego. If the person wants to hold on to being out of control and/or victimized by life, it'll find ways to actively avoid decisions and doing things s/he needs to do. And so even that is a strange kind of control, and it makes surrender just as crucial.

But surrender is not the end of human development.

You see, most of humanity is too lost in their ego stories to really understand what life is doing or how it is flowing. We are in this massive ocean of consciousness, but we are all Hell-bent on doing whatever it is we think we should be doing to get whatever it is we think we want. So we are rowing onto reefs, beaching ourselves, and capsizing our proverbial boats. Some of us are just paddling around in circles. So we all have to learn to surrender as basically step one on our spiritual journeys. Then we can start to listen, and in listening, we can begin--just begin--to understand how the ocean of consciousness is moving.

In a spiritual awakening, it can feel like a captain comes up on deck, wonders what in God's name we've been doing, and then grabs the helm and redirects us. Depending on our beliefs, we can feel more or less like we've lost "control" of our lives and no longer know anything. This is a good thing. In time and as you heal, you can discover a lot about how the ocean actually moves. Then one day--about the time you no longer think you need to do it--the captain decides you are ready to direct the boat again.

It's this part of the development of a human soul that I am interested in today. Despite what is said about surrender in most traditions, it is not the only big lesson. There are ways we can guide and should guide ourselves. We have an enormous amount of freedom to live as we so choose and to follow our soul's bliss. But it really tends to be much later on in our spiritual journey that we are actually ready and intelligent enough to do so. So allow me to talk about how this intelligence actually works and how to guide your awakened energy.

It's Not About What You Want

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Recording: Learning to Work Through the Layers Part 2

working through layers, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening
I offered this talk not too long ago, but I had to cut it short due to being sick and not having a lot of voice. Since it was really popular, I wanted to return to this subject and hopefully go into more depth as well as answer a few more of your questions than I was able to do last time.

For those who are new to the topic, this conversation revolves around how we learn to heal and grow completely. The four main layers I focus people on are:

the heart,
the body,
the mind, and
the spirit/subtle energy.

A lot of times people can get lost or stuck in different parts of themselves. Some people get lost wallowing in their emotions. Others get stuck in the intellect, as they try to make meaning and ideas about everything. Others ignore or avoid their bodies. And those who are sensitive may be overwhelmed by or otherwise avoidant of their energy sensitivities. Whenever we get stuck, our healing and spiritual growth can go no further.

Enjoy the recording!

Learning to Work Through the Layers Part 2 Recording

Date of Recording

Wednesday, April 5


6 PM Pacific Time


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Additional Spiritual Info

Here is some more information on the topic of spiritual healing:

Spiritual Healing

Recording: How to Heal on the Spiritual Path

Learning to Work Through the Layers Pt 1

Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Break Out of Repeating Issues

repetition, repeating issue, spiritual freedom, spiritual awakening, break free of the cycle
Many people feel like they end up dealing with the same issue over and over again. No matter how much they work on it, it seems to come back.

To break out of a repeating issue, we have to look at how we are working on an issue as well as paying attention to what we identify as the issue at hand. A lot of times we use the same spiritual tool again and again on every issue, and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So if you've intellectually dealt with an issue, journaling about it and talking about it probably won't get you anywhere. You likely need to find your way down into the emotional level to begin clearing that layer of the issue. Then that leads on to the physical and energetic levels, and when they are clear, that's typically when someone is free of an issue.

Too often, Westerners think that thinking about an issue will free them from it, and many people on the spiritual path somehow believe that just by noticing an issue that it'll go away. The part about witnessing issues is sort of true, but in my experience, true surrender to an issue allows it to fully surface and release. It seems that many people are only mentally witnessing issues and have somehow managed to cut themselves off from their feelings, bodies, and energy. It's a strange thing, but the cult of intellectualism that dominates Westerners' minds often negates these other aspects of our humanity. Truly, the mind and ego are products of the brain; they are inherently intertwined with the physical body. So how can we ignore so much of it?

Ultimately, what we don't like about repeating issues are how they make our emotions go and how they make our bodies feel. Ideas without sensations and emotions mean nothing to us, and so we naturally see that if an issue is still upsetting us and we've already worked to understand it conceptually, then it's time to pay a little more attention to the languages of the body, heart, and energy.

Getting Your PhD in Three Languages

Monday, March 20, 2017

A New Morality in the Age of Technology

spirituality, technology, spiritual awakening, new morality, becky stiller photography
Times are changing. The advantages of technology we now have go far beyond building a wheel or controlling fire. We are reaching right down into the very genetic core of life itself.

At the same time, we are able to communicate faster and faster. Just take this blog for example as an amazing form of technological communication. All around the world people can come here just like you, and they can do it almost instantaneously. I can also publish extremely rapidly without waiting for months or years for a publisher to post it. This is truly a miracle of science and technology.

Yet, there are costs. In the realm of communication, one cost is that anyone can say any thing they want too. So while we can communicate faster; people can also lie and subvert faster. Waves of panic can be more easily spread via communication, and that can lead to physical harm. And clearly just talking and posting on the Internet is the tip of the iceberg.

This leads us to many questions about how to use or not use technology. I think it's important that we start to really consider where we are going with technology. For a long time, technological advances were slow--like the stiff collar plow for horses many centuries ago. That was like the major invention for a century, and it helped plow fields faster and increase food yields. There was lots of time to consider both positive and negative impacts of the plow to the horse and the community. But now, things are proceeding so quickly and in so many fields, that we don't have time--or we just don't take the time--to grapple with the repercussions of all of these advances. There's also an open question about how technology is shaping our evolution. It is absolutely impacting how we interact or don't interact communally. What are the repercussions of these new ways of communicating? There is a lot going on that we don't fully understand.

All of this brings me to the very real spiritual issue of the need for a new morality in the face of all this technology.

Now, let's be clear that there are many parts of our religious and spiritual traditions that absolutely do apply and must be continued. Core principles like "be kind" and "be honest" are foundational aspects of all true religions, regardless of how those belief systems get manipulated from time to time. But then we run up against questions about contraception, genetic modification, genetic editing (which I believe is different than genetic modification), cyberwarfare, prescription medications, what to share on the Internet, digital privacy, and many more. Those new technologies challenge us to think in new ways. What does being kind mean in relationship to using prescription medications that may cause addiction or some kind of dependency? What does being helpful mean in terms of genetic modification when we don't know all the possible long-term ramifications of manipulating genes?

These are questions with which our long established religions never had to grapple. That's why I think collectively--and especially all spiritual teachers of all religions and backgrounds--we need to think about technology proactively in terms of spiritual morality.

And I don't proclaim to know all the answers here, nor am I providing total solutions. I am starting a conversation to get you thinking about this and to stoke the fires of discussion. How we advance in technology in the coming centuries can either bring greater kindness and prosperity to the entire globe or unrivaled power to destroy ourselves and much of the life around us.

Back to Spiritual Basics: 8 Key Moral Building Blocks

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Online Talk: Making Big Life Changes After Awakening

spiritual awakening, big life changes, major life changes, big spiritual decisions
The topic of how to make big life changes after a spiritual awakening is a common one. For some people, it's because they are confronted by changes that they've avoided. For others, the shift puts them into a new stage of life and that requires adjustment in the external world. For still others, this inner shift can cause a lot of fear to rise up, and then the person may try to "fix" the external world around them to make things feel "safe" again. Yet others can feel energized by spiritual revelations and want to share it with everyone as a speaker, teacher, or something else.

As you can see, theses are four very different scenarios, but they are pretty common. The first two need to make changes. The third one does not. The third person needs to sit in their fear figure out what the core of it is. And the last person should probably wait. There are many kinds of implications and applications of spiritual revelations, but usually whatever we have just learned is just the beginning. It's best to complete the full lesson before deciding that you are going to teach everyone else. It's like trying to teach others to do calculus after only one class of basic derivatives. There's a lot more to learn here.

Obviously, many situations aren't so clear cut, but I hope the following recording will help you find your way through the many changes that can arise after awakening. Enjoy!

Making Big Life Changes After Awakening Recording

Date of Recording

Wednesday, March 22


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Burning up in the Fire of Divine Grace

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Free Webinar: Holistic Approach to Emotional and Addiction Recovery

train car
I have the honor of being part of a panel of healers discussing how to heal from addiction. The talk will be happening this coming Thursday (March 16), and we'll all offer our insights into what it means to heal.

As usual, my focus will be on getting to the core issues because when you get to the core issue, all the other issues and patterns created out of it tend to fall apart. It's like uprooting a weed instead of cutting off its flowers. If you only cut off the flowers--like just dealing with the chemical addiction of heroin--that plant will create some new behavior pattern, i.e. grow a new flower.

So hopefully, our group perspective can help any of you struggling with addiction, recovery, or simply just core issues to break through to better health and a new layer of inner peace.

Expert Panel: Holistic Approach to Emotional and Addiction Recovery

Monday, March 13, 2017

Awakening After the Death of a Loved One

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I've written about so many topics in the more than six years of writing this spiritual awakening blog, but I don't think I've spent too much time talking about how awakening can arise after the death of a loved one.

I know I've mentioned how tragedy, in general, can spur many people towards the spiritual path, and I have written about how an individual near-death experience (NDE) can awaken some people. But I haven't spent too much time discussing the unique doorway that is losing a loved one, so I thought I'd spend some time talking about it today.

As I've mentioned before, tragedy is one of the way that life gets out attention in a big way. Suddenly, a lot of our unsaid illusions get shattered. In regards to today's topic, the tragedy could be the loss of a spouse, dear friend, a child, or someone else with whom you have had a significant connection. A hidden belief that this person would "always" be around gets exposed among many other things. In the instance of the death of a child, a powerful belief that a parent will out-live their children gets smashed to pieces. When a parent's child who hasn't come to adulthood returns to the spirit world, there are even more social beliefs that make the loss even harder.

In amidst that intensity, some times part of the ego breaks enough that light comes in. Some deeper illumination steps forward to show the person the truth and the love within them. Somehow, it's like that connection with a loved one draws a person towards the source, and the truth and love from source ignites something inside. And you awaken.

Grieving a Loved One as You Embrace the Truth

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Fear of the Unknown

reflections, mirror, snowy day,
The fear of the unknown.

Buckle up. Clear your schedule. This is a big one.

The fear of the unknown is a core issue that most people have. While we don't all share the same types of fears, most people seem to find something scary about unknown experiences. For many people, unknown body sensations and experiences can trigger the fear of the unknown. Other people find the uncertainty of the future scary. Some people find creating new relationships to be a trigger for their fear of the unknown. Some of you probably came to this blog wondering what was going on with your body after having an awakening. That fear drove you to action, which ultimately is what fear is designed to do. Fear doesn't make us sit and relax. It does the opposite. It agitates us to take action.

Other fears of the unknown can be a new job, leaving a job, leaving a relationship, going to a new city/region, leaving a home, not knowing how to solve a problem, and many more. For the purposes of this spiritual blog, I'll divide things up between the heart, body, and mind. Ultimately, these divisions are illusory. However, I think it'll help us start to wrap ourselves around this powerful fear, which drives many human decisions and deeper issues like xenophobia. Because, as I like to remind everyone, intellectually understanding a fear doesn't get rid of it. We have to break through on all levels to find freedom from it, and in this case, this is an issue that can take awhile.

The Fear of the Unknown and Living in Our Safe Little Comfort Zones

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Online Talk: How to Use Mindful Breathing

mindful breathing, conscious breathing, spiritual awakening
I often say, "Breath into it," when asked a question about how to face an issue, and for many of you, you may be wondering what that means. In my sessions, I have time to explain and get responses from my students as to what they are feeling to help them understand what it means to breathe into an issue. In a blog post, not so much.

Because of that, I felt like offering a talk about mindful breathing for my next free livestream on YouTube. You can bring any and all questions you have about how to use your breath to free yourself from pain and old, repeating issues. I probably will talk a little less than usual and leave more time to answer questions.

The breathing I have my students do is very simple, although there are plenty of other more rigorous breathing techniques out there. In general, I am pro-simplicity because the body can be a surprisingly simple organism. Focused breathing on different areas of the body go a remarkably long way in letting go of old pain and issues that get stuck in the body.

Mindful breathing, in general, is a great everyday spiritual tool to help you stay centered doing whatever it is that you are doing and to calm yourself when you are triggered. It's one of the tools that is a reminder to everyone that no one is too busy for a spiritual practice. If you say that to me, you're essentially saying that you have no time to breathe!

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to register below and invite a friend or three.

Register for this Free Online Talk
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Wednesday, March 8


6 PM Pacific Time


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Monday, February 27, 2017

Spiritual Growth and Discovering New Worlds of Expansion

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Much of this spiritual awakening blog is dedicated to healing. I talk about facing issues ad nauseam because we are so good at avoiding issues. We have pain, illusions, and fears locked inside, and they skew how we see ourselves, others, and the world in general. We have to clear that debris to begin to see reality.

And so, we do begin to see. Then we see more issues inside as well as spiritual truth. So we clear a little more. Then we clear a little more, and at some point, you feel like you walked into this clear, open field where there are no problems. Is this the end of the journey?

No. Now we can have fun. Now we can grow.

Spiritual growth tends to paired with spiritual healing for a lot of the spiritual path. That healing brings with it an opportunity to explore and grow into more of life, but in shining a brighter and brighter light, we also illuminate more issues inside of u. So the inner work continues. Sure, there are times where we have blissful and fun experiences, but those experiences pass. Many people try to side-step a lot of issues even as they experience new spiritual things. That avoidance keeps them stuck in the healing phase and limits spiritual growth. But as I said, you can and do pass through the healing phase. Then you have space to grow naturally and beautiful into your life.

I want to emphasize that spiritual growth isn't a particular experience to be had. It's an arising that opens your eyes and abilities in ways that you can't possibly imagine until there is inner space to grow. That usually means healing and clearing away self-lies and pain so that something can sprout inside. Then you get to learn how to tend that sprout.

So on this topic of spiritual growth, I wanted to talk about how to tend to those little sprouts growing inside of you.

Be Here Now

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Importance of Mental Resilience After Awakening

Lake davis, ice, snow, nature
As I've watched a lot of people enter into the transitional phase after awakening--aka the spiritual awakening process--I've seen many responses. I've seen people give-up. I've seen people get bogged down and stuck in pain. I've seen people create new illusions for themselves and find a way to spiritually plateau. And I've seen people move through the transition into new realms of openness, love, and peace.

For any of those who have really opened into these new realms, mental resilience seems to be a key and common trait among them. This mental strength is a kind of paradox because especially early on, it comes from the ego self. The person has to make a decision to endure, to trust, and to learn from the process. While initially it seems like that decision has already been made, people can wear down the spiritual awakening train and derail it. It's a great sorrow to see someone do that, but depending on their illusions and the pain they carry, the person may be fully set against transformation. Even something as powerful as a spiritual awakening can be stopped.

To really embrace this transformation, at some point, the person has to choose to do so. They have to get on-board. And they'll have to choose to do it again and again at each major internal crossroads. That choice is the part of a necessary mental resilience that the person must have as they learn to embrace discomfort and the unknown.

Without this fortitude, it's easy for people to return to their habitual way of thinking and living. I know that many of you have had this experience, especially after a spiritual opening. You glimpse the truth, but then you return to what you know. A lot of old patterns, beliefs, and bodily experiences--such as how that old fight or flight instinct works and feels in your body--are not going away easily. They only go with dedication and determination, and those are critical aspects of mental resilience.

Developing Your Mental Strength

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recording: Intuition 101

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Once or twice a year, I like to do a free talk about intuition. Lots of people use this term, but we all generally have different meanings. In this talk, I share my definition of intuition as well as how to get better at using it. I also offer some thoughts on how to differentiate ego talk from intuitive knowing.

In general, intuition is our own inner compass that directs us towards things that feel most true. That may or may not lead to ease and comfort in life, but it certainly seems to lead towards really living life.

One thing I want to emphasize right now is that intuition isn't a good feeling or a bad feeling. It's not even a feeling. It's more like a sense of things that comes before the feeling. Consider it to be your own divine messenger, and how you respond to the message is the feeling part that we often mislabel as intuition. The message is neither good nor bad, and our feelings about our intuitions depend heavily on our beliefs. Sometimes, we can have bad reactions to a message that may actually bring something good to us. That's one reason why doing inner work is crucial to interpreting intuitions correctly, and trusting our intuitions is a critical way to learn how to grow with life and be humble about all the things we don't know.

I hope you enjoy the talk.

Intuition 101 Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, February 22


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fear of Losing Your Mind

spiritual illumination, living in the dark, spiritual awakening, lamps, ceiling
After a spiritual awakening, people can have many kinds of fears arise. One common fear is the fear that that you are losing your mind.

This is an interesting topic, and it is one to tread carefully on. Not everyone is in the same psychological space, and moving through a time where the ego is dissolving away takes a certain level of care and surrender. Surrender is always key because in letting go of our resistance to inner change, we reduce the stress that we place on ourselves psychologically, emotionally, and physically. But there is a kind of tenacity and focus that is needed to learn how to let go and what to believe in, which are usually far fewer things than people think. Wisdom tends not to be as much about creating new beliefs as seeing what is already here.

However, there is another side of this discussion that revolves around people who are trying to make a spiritual awakening happen and to destroy their ego. If there is any situation where someone could do serious psychological damage to themselves, I'd place it with the group of people who are trying to get to enlightenment as a goal or are trying to mimic whatever they think "spiritual teachers" and other awakened people have, which is ironic (We don't "have" anything). In this way, there is a tendency to do more extreme things to make the person believe that s/he is getting somewhere on the spiritual path. To those individuals, I say, "stop." You are already here. The bigger issue is what you are running from by trying to get some place else. If you haven't dealt with your issues and you actually do awaken, then those issues will jump out of you in a whirlwind of intensity that you may not be psychologically ready to handle.

On this note, let's talk about what it means to be mentally prepared to let go of your ego.

The Ego, the Mind, and the Brain

Monday, February 6, 2017

How to Follow Your Heart

redwoods, love, energy, spiritual awakening, spiritual awakening process
I and many other people in the spiritual, self help, self improvement, and other venues often talk about following your heart. Follow your heart and you'll enjoy your work and your life because you're doing what you love. That's the gist of it, right?

But what does that mean? What does that even look like?

Sometimes, people confuse fun and amusing past times as being something that they want to do for a career, and let's be clear: career and past times are two very different things. There are some things that you're happy to do full-time and deal with all the other aspects of the work that would surround it. There are definitely some things that you would not want to do as a full-time job. A lot goes into converting a passion to a career, and many of the essential parts of work that you'd have to do could suck all the life out of the central passion you are trying to turn into a full-time job.

So let's talk about the practical aspects of following your heart. As always, the path to following your heart starts by going within.

Going Within to Know What you Love

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Recording: How to Deal With Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Snow, path, spiritual path, spiritual awakening, spiritual awakening symptoms
When a spiritual awakening arises, people may feel dumped on with intense feelings and sensations. Sometimes, it starts out all blissful, but it's not long before that changes in a true spiritual awakening. Those of you who have powerful, blissful spiritual openings tend to return to normal, and then the next part of that journey tends to be a craving for experiencing those feelings again. But for those who truly awaken, the river is unleashed. The torrent of internal energy moves through you and re-shapes you whether you are doing anything or not. Awakening seems to leave nothing untouched and no stone unturned.

Thus begins an incredible inner healing and growth process. People can experience lots of different spiritual awakening symptoms during the transitional years. I don't really like using the term "symptom" because you are not sick. But since that is the common jargon, I'll use it for now. The types of spiritual awakening symptoms you may experience depend on you. They depend on your issues and your response to stress. There are a whole load of issues that arise simply because we get scared of our fear. We get freaked out by new sensation, and that tends to create a whole lot more troubling sensations and experiences. It's really our own response to inner and possible outer difficulty--if you've got serious stuff going on in your daily life--that can take people down the path to a dark night of the soul. That experience, however, isn't when most people do the deepest healing. That's because the individual is usually in too much voluntary resistance. They have to learn to let go to go deeper, and when people have learned that, you can be in far more intensity, but it won't seem as dark to you.

Some spiritual awakening symptoms that are common include:
I hope you enjoy the recording of the talk. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

How to Deal With Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, February 8


6 PM Pacific Time


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Being Present but not Lost in the Moment

spiritual presence, spiritual awakening, wheel,
I talk a lot about being present on this spiritual awakening blog...A LOT. But I feel like people may have some confusion about being present versus lost in the moment. Some of this confusion may stem from spiritual experiences people have such as awakening. For many people, the experiences that they term "spiritual" are moments of blissful letting go. During those times, it's hard to focus on much of anything but the present moment. Other people have times of mental fogginess as they traverse the in-between space of thinking in one way to learning to think and understand life in another. That fogginess can happen a lot as people are learning to dissolve issues, and the fogginess forces people to be here and now because it feels like the brain cannot physically plan future events or recall past ones.

There are undoubtedly other examples I could cite. Some drugs and other substances can create powerful in-the-moment experiences, but the person using them loses autonomy. Essentially, being lost in the present moment is a loss of ability to function and/or a loss of access to different functions. In all my experiences, the matured spiritual person gains a greater ability to choose how they think and act. Their autonomy is only diminished temporarily.

So let's explore the reality of being present versus the experience of being lost in the moment and even lost in a sense of presence.

What Is Presence?

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Be More Spiritually Conscious

spiritual consciousness, spiritually aware, spiritually conscious, spiritual awakening, snow, nature, beautiful nature
I speak about spirituality in two key ways. One way is from the perspective of non-duality. In non-duality, all is one. The other way is from the perspective of duality. In duality, there is separation. There is a "me," and there is a "you." While ultimately that separation is a fiction, clearly we have to live and operate in a world based on separation. Thus, I often blend together these two perspectives because despite being paradoxical, they are also both true.

In terms of becoming more spiritually conscious, I'm speaking from the space of duality. Clearly, plenty of people do harm to themselves and others and are not spiritually conscious. Are they still part of the whole of consciousness? Yes. They're like ice cubes floating on the water. The water molecule is the innate oneness. It's throughout all of the different states and structures water can be in. The path of becoming more spiritually conscious is giving up that hard, icy ego self and learning to melt into the water of oneness as much as is humanly possible. Ultimately, the deepest dissolution is death when we leave our bodies, but obviously, there's quite a bit we can do to dissolve our ego selves and become more conscious while we are living. If there weren't, there'd be no reason for us to be here on this spiritual blog together, would there? :)

With that in mind, let's talk about what it means to commit to the spiritual path and to become more conscious. As always, the most important place to start is becoming aware of ourselves.

Uncovering the Ego's Hidden Play

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recording: Learning to Work Through the Layers

spiritual layers, working through layers, spiritual path, spirituality, spiritual awakening
Many people get stuck in their healing and spiritual journeys because they think the spiritual path is all about thinking. We have a lot of cultural reinforcement for this  belief in Western Society. You hear people say that "if you change the way you look at something the way something looks changes" and "mind over matter." So people try to change their beliefs around core issues or just "move on with their lives," and then the issues don't go away.

What's going on?

What's going on is that human beings are multi-faceted, multi-layered beings, and each layer of us responds in different ways. The mind is about beliefs and ideas, but it is still very much a product of matter. If you have a brain injury, your mind does not function the same as before. This is a simple reality, but it seems like it is a reality that people forget on their spiritual journeys. Furthermore, a lot of people like to re-decorate their mental space with new spiritual ideas on their paths, but new ideas pasted over the same core issues do not resolve those issues.

Thus, it happens a lot that people find themselves still operating in the same old emotional and behavioral patterns even after all kinds of inner work. That typically means you haven't gone deep enough. You haven't gone into the emotional, energetic, and physical paydirt of the issues. When you swing your pickaxe in those arenas, you'll feel it. And depending on the intensity of the issue and your response to that intensity, you may feel quite a bit of pain. Then, then you'll know why people don't work though the deeper layers and prefer to create new spiritual beliefs instead.

In this talk I discuss how to engage mindfully with the heart, body, and energy to get to paydirt. I hope you enjoy it!

Learning to Work Through the Layers Full Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, January 25


10:30 AM to 11:15 AM Pacific Time


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Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Consciously Use Money

true green, money, consciously using money, spiritual nature
As I often remind people, money is energy. It's not evil or bad. It's just a tool. Money is one way to direct our energy towards things we want in life like food, shelter, clothing, and so forth. Obviously, plenty of people use their money-energy poorly and unconsciously, and there are more than a few examples we could all go into of seeing money wasted in gluttony, war, and many other ways.

But for the sake of this spiritual awakening blog post, I am interested in how we can all learn to consciously use money. By "consciously use," I mean to understand what you are buying/supporting and why you are choosing to buy/support something. Even for something as simple as buying oatmeal raisin cookies, you are making a very important decision that influences hundreds of people in a myriad of ways. Where you buy the cookies is a vote of confidence for that store or baker. But you are also buying some kind of packaging and supporting the package-making company. You are supporting the farmers and growers who produced the oats, raisins, cinnamon, sugar, and so forth. You are supporting whatever means of transportation that shipped the cookies from where they were made to where you are now buying them. There's probably dozens of other influences going on here, but it should be clear that your money impacts a lot of people. And this is just talking about a batch of cookies!

There are many other things we can look at, but as always, our first step to making any kind of conscious decision is to go inwards. As we find ourselves clearer about what our motivations actually are, then we can take steps to make to be conscious in our decisions regarding money.

Knowing Your Ego Motivations

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