Monday, February 27, 2017

Spiritual Growth and Discovering New Worlds of Expansion

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Much of this spiritual awakening blog is dedicated to healing. I talk about facing issues ad nauseam because we are so good at avoiding issues. We have pain, illusions, and fears locked inside, and they skew how we see ourselves, others, and the world in general. We have to clear that debris to begin to see reality.

And so, we do begin to see. Then we see more issues inside as well as spiritual truth. So we clear a little more. Then we clear a little more, and at some point, you feel like you walked into this clear, open field where there are no problems. Is this the end of the journey?

No. Now we can have fun. Now we can grow.

Spiritual growth tends to paired with spiritual healing for a lot of the spiritual path. That healing brings with it an opportunity to explore and grow into more of life, but in shining a brighter and brighter light, we also illuminate more issues inside of u. So the inner work continues. Sure, there are times where we have blissful and fun experiences, but those experiences pass. Many people try to side-step a lot of issues even as they experience new spiritual things. That avoidance keeps them stuck in the healing phase and limits spiritual growth. But as I said, you can and do pass through the healing phase. Then you have space to grow naturally and beautiful into your life.

I want to emphasize that spiritual growth isn't a particular experience to be had. It's an arising that opens your eyes and abilities in ways that you can't possibly imagine until there is inner space to grow. That usually means healing and clearing away self-lies and pain so that something can sprout inside. Then you get to learn how to tend that sprout.

So on this topic of spiritual growth, I wanted to talk about how to tend to those little sprouts growing inside of you.

Be Here Now

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Importance of Mental Resilience After Awakening

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As I've watched a lot of people enter into the transitional phase after awakening--aka the spiritual awakening process--I've seen many responses. I've seen people give-up. I've seen people get bogged down and stuck in pain. I've seen people create new illusions for themselves and find a way to spiritually plateau. And I've seen people move through the transition into new realms of openness, love, and peace.

For any of those who have really opened into these new realms, mental resilience seems to be a key and common trait among them. This mental strength is a kind of paradox because especially early on, it comes from the ego self. The person has to make a decision to endure, to trust, and to learn from the process. While initially it seems like that decision has already been made, people can wear down the spiritual awakening train and derail it. It's a great sorrow to see someone do that, but depending on their illusions and the pain they carry, the person may be fully set against transformation. Even something as powerful as a spiritual awakening can be stopped.

To really embrace this transformation, at some point, the person has to choose to do so. They have to get on-board. And they'll have to choose to do it again and again at each major internal crossroads. That choice is the part of a necessary mental resilience that the person must have as they learn to embrace discomfort and the unknown.

Without this fortitude, it's easy for people to return to their habitual way of thinking and living. I know that many of you have had this experience, especially after a spiritual opening. You glimpse the truth, but then you return to what you know. A lot of old patterns, beliefs, and bodily experiences--such as how that old fight or flight instinct works and feels in your body--are not going away easily. They only go with dedication and determination, and those are critical aspects of mental resilience.

Developing Your Mental Strength

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recording: Intuition 101

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Once or twice a year, I like to do a free talk about intuition. Lots of people use this term, but we all generally have different meanings. In this talk, I share my definition of intuition as well as how to get better at using it. I also offer some thoughts on how to differentiate ego talk from intuitive knowing.

In general, intuition is our own inner compass that directs us towards things that feel most true. That may or may not lead to ease and comfort in life, but it certainly seems to lead towards really living life.

One thing I want to emphasize right now is that intuition isn't a good feeling or a bad feeling. It's not even a feeling. It's more like a sense of things that comes before the feeling. Consider it to be your own divine messenger, and how you respond to the message is the feeling part that we often mislabel as intuition. The message is neither good nor bad, and our feelings about our intuitions depend heavily on our beliefs. Sometimes, we can have bad reactions to a message that may actually bring something good to us. That's one reason why doing inner work is crucial to interpreting intuitions correctly, and trusting our intuitions is a critical way to learn how to grow with life and be humble about all the things we don't know.

I hope you enjoy the talk.

Intuition 101 Recording

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Wednesday, February 22


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fear of Losing Your Mind

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After a spiritual awakening, people can have many kinds of fears arise. One common fear is the fear that that you are losing your mind.

This is an interesting topic, and it is one to tread carefully on. Not everyone is in the same psychological space, and moving through a time where the ego is dissolving away takes a certain level of care and surrender. Surrender is always key because in letting go of our resistance to inner change, we reduce the stress that we place on ourselves psychologically, emotionally, and physically. But there is a kind of tenacity and focus that is needed to learn how to let go and what to believe in, which are usually far fewer things than people think. Wisdom tends not to be as much about creating new beliefs as seeing what is already here.

However, there is another side of this discussion that revolves around people who are trying to make a spiritual awakening happen and to destroy their ego. If there is any situation where someone could do serious psychological damage to themselves, I'd place it with the group of people who are trying to get to enlightenment as a goal or are trying to mimic whatever they think "spiritual teachers" and other awakened people have, which is ironic (We don't "have" anything). In this way, there is a tendency to do more extreme things to make the person believe that s/he is getting somewhere on the spiritual path. To those individuals, I say, "stop." You are already here. The bigger issue is what you are running from by trying to get some place else. If you haven't dealt with your issues and you actually do awaken, then those issues will jump out of you in a whirlwind of intensity that you may not be psychologically ready to handle.

On this note, let's talk about what it means to be mentally prepared to let go of your ego.

The Ego, the Mind, and the Brain

Monday, February 6, 2017

How to Follow Your Heart

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I and many other people in the spiritual, self help, self improvement, and other venues often talk about following your heart. Follow your heart and you'll enjoy your work and your life because you're doing what you love. That's the gist of it, right?

But what does that mean? What does that even look like?

Sometimes, people confuse fun and amusing past times as being something that they want to do for a career, and let's be clear: career and past times are two very different things. There are some things that you're happy to do full-time and deal with all the other aspects of the work that would surround it. There are definitely some things that you would not want to do as a full-time job. A lot goes into converting a passion to a career, and many of the essential parts of work that you'd have to do could suck all the life out of the central passion you are trying to turn into a full-time job.

So let's talk about the practical aspects of following your heart. As always, the path to following your heart starts by going within.

Going Within to Know What you Love

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Recording: How to Deal With Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

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When a spiritual awakening arises, people may feel dumped on with intense feelings and sensations. Sometimes, it starts out all blissful, but it's not long before that changes in a true spiritual awakening. Those of you who have powerful, blissful spiritual openings tend to return to normal, and then the next part of that journey tends to be a craving for experiencing those feelings again. But for those who truly awaken, the river is unleashed. The torrent of internal energy moves through you and re-shapes you whether you are doing anything or not. Awakening seems to leave nothing untouched and no stone unturned.

Thus begins an incredible inner healing and growth process. People can experience lots of different spiritual awakening symptoms during the transitional years. I don't really like using the term "symptom" because you are not sick. But since that is the common jargon, I'll use it for now. The types of spiritual awakening symptoms you may experience depend on you. They depend on your issues and your response to stress. There are a whole load of issues that arise simply because we get scared of our fear. We get freaked out by new sensation, and that tends to create a whole lot more troubling sensations and experiences. It's really our own response to inner and possible outer difficulty--if you've got serious stuff going on in your daily life--that can take people down the path to a dark night of the soul. That experience, however, isn't when most people do the deepest healing. That's because the individual is usually in too much voluntary resistance. They have to learn to let go to go deeper, and when people have learned that, you can be in far more intensity, but it won't seem as dark to you.

Some spiritual awakening symptoms that are common include:
I hope you enjoy the recording of the talk. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

How to Deal With Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, February 8


6 PM Pacific Time


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