Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Recording: Learning to Work Through the Layers Part 2

working through layers, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening
I offered this talk not too long ago, but I had to cut it short due to being sick and not having a lot of voice. Since it was really popular, I wanted to return to this subject and hopefully go into more depth as well as answer a few more of your questions than I was able to do last time.

For those who are new to the topic, this conversation revolves around how we learn to heal and grow completely. The four main layers I focus people on are:

the heart,
the body,
the mind, and
the spirit/subtle energy.

A lot of times people can get lost or stuck in different parts of themselves. Some people get lost wallowing in their emotions. Others get stuck in the intellect, as they try to make meaning and ideas about everything. Others ignore or avoid their bodies. And those who are sensitive may be overwhelmed by or otherwise avoidant of their energy sensitivities. Whenever we get stuck, our healing and spiritual growth can go no further.

Enjoy the recording!

Learning to Work Through the Layers Part 2 Recording

Date of Recording

Wednesday, April 5


6 PM Pacific Time


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Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Break Out of Repeating Issues

repetition, repeating issue, spiritual freedom, spiritual awakening, break free of the cycle
Many people feel like they end up dealing with the same issue over and over again. No matter how much they work on it, it seems to come back.

To break out of a repeating issue, we have to look at how we are working on an issue as well as paying attention to what we identify as the issue at hand. A lot of times we use the same spiritual tool again and again on every issue, and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So if you've intellectually dealt with an issue, journaling about it and talking about it probably won't get you anywhere. You likely need to find your way down into the emotional level to begin clearing that layer of the issue. Then that leads on to the physical and energetic levels, and when they are clear, that's typically when someone is free of an issue.

Too often, Westerners think that thinking about an issue will free them from it, and many people on the spiritual path somehow believe that just by noticing an issue that it'll go away. The part about witnessing issues is sort of true, but in my experience, true surrender to an issue allows it to fully surface and release. It seems that many people are only mentally witnessing issues and have somehow managed to cut themselves off from their feelings, bodies, and energy. It's a strange thing, but the cult of intellectualism that dominates Westerners' minds often negates these other aspects of our humanity. Truly, the mind and ego are products of the brain; they are inherently intertwined with the physical body. So how can we ignore so much of it?

Ultimately, what we don't like about repeating issues are how they make our emotions go and how they make our bodies feel. Ideas without sensations and emotions mean nothing to us, and so we naturally see that if an issue is still upsetting us and we've already worked to understand it conceptually, then it's time to pay a little more attention to the languages of the body, heart, and energy.

Getting Your PhD in Three Languages

Monday, March 20, 2017

A New Morality in the Age of Technology

spirituality, technology, spiritual awakening, new morality, becky stiller photography
Times are changing. The advantages of technology we now have go far beyond building a wheel or controlling fire. We are reaching right down into the very genetic core of life itself.

At the same time, we are able to communicate faster and faster. Just take this blog for example as an amazing form of technological communication. All around the world people can come here just like you, and they can do it almost instantaneously. I can also publish extremely rapidly without waiting for months or years for a publisher to post it. This is truly a miracle of science and technology.

Yet, there are costs. In the realm of communication, one cost is that anyone can say any thing they want too. So while we can communicate faster; people can also lie and subvert faster. Waves of panic can be more easily spread via communication, and that can lead to physical harm. And clearly just talking and posting on the Internet is the tip of the iceberg.

This leads us to many questions about how to use or not use technology. I think it's important that we start to really consider where we are going with technology. For a long time, technological advances were slow--like the stiff collar plow for horses many centuries ago. That was like the major invention for a century, and it helped plow fields faster and increase food yields. There was lots of time to consider both positive and negative impacts of the plow to the horse and the community. But now, things are proceeding so quickly and in so many fields, that we don't have time--or we just don't take the time--to grapple with the repercussions of all of these advances. There's also an open question about how technology is shaping our evolution. It is absolutely impacting how we interact or don't interact communally. What are the repercussions of these new ways of communicating? There is a lot going on that we don't fully understand.

All of this brings me to the very real spiritual issue of the need for a new morality in the face of all this technology.

Now, let's be clear that there are many parts of our religious and spiritual traditions that absolutely do apply and must be continued. Core principles like "be kind" and "be honest" are foundational aspects of all true religions, regardless of how those belief systems get manipulated from time to time. But then we run up against questions about contraception, genetic modification, genetic editing (which I believe is different than genetic modification), cyberwarfare, prescription medications, what to share on the Internet, digital privacy, and many more. Those new technologies challenge us to think in new ways. What does being kind mean in relationship to using prescription medications that may cause addiction or some kind of dependency? What does being helpful mean in terms of genetic modification when we don't know all the possible long-term ramifications of manipulating genes?

These are questions with which our long established religions never had to grapple. That's why I think collectively--and especially all spiritual teachers of all religions and backgrounds--we need to think about technology proactively in terms of spiritual morality.

And I don't proclaim to know all the answers here, nor am I providing total solutions. I am starting a conversation to get you thinking about this and to stoke the fires of discussion. How we advance in technology in the coming centuries can either bring greater kindness and prosperity to the entire globe or unrivaled power to destroy ourselves and much of the life around us.

Back to Spiritual Basics: 8 Key Moral Building Blocks

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Online Talk: Making Big Life Changes After Awakening

spiritual awakening, big life changes, major life changes, big spiritual decisions
The topic of how to make big life changes after a spiritual awakening is a common one. For some people, it's because they are confronted by changes that they've avoided. For others, the shift puts them into a new stage of life and that requires adjustment in the external world. For still others, this inner shift can cause a lot of fear to rise up, and then the person may try to "fix" the external world around them to make things feel "safe" again. Yet others can feel energized by spiritual revelations and want to share it with everyone as a speaker, teacher, or something else.

As you can see, theses are four very different scenarios, but they are pretty common. The first two need to make changes. The third one does not. The third person needs to sit in their fear figure out what the core of it is. And the last person should probably wait. There are many kinds of implications and applications of spiritual revelations, but usually whatever we have just learned is just the beginning. It's best to complete the full lesson before deciding that you are going to teach everyone else. It's like trying to teach others to do calculus after only one class of basic derivatives. There's a lot more to learn here.

Obviously, many situations aren't so clear cut, but I hope the following recording will help you find your way through the many changes that can arise after awakening. Enjoy!

Making Big Life Changes After Awakening Recording

Date of Recording

Wednesday, March 22


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Free Webinar: Holistic Approach to Emotional and Addiction Recovery

train car
I have the honor of being part of a panel of healers discussing how to heal from addiction. The talk will be happening this coming Thursday (March 16), and we'll all offer our insights into what it means to heal.

As usual, my focus will be on getting to the core issues because when you get to the core issue, all the other issues and patterns created out of it tend to fall apart. It's like uprooting a weed instead of cutting off its flowers. If you only cut off the flowers--like just dealing with the chemical addiction of heroin--that plant will create some new behavior pattern, i.e. grow a new flower.

So hopefully, our group perspective can help any of you struggling with addiction, recovery, or simply just core issues to break through to better health and a new layer of inner peace.

Expert Panel: Holistic Approach to Emotional and Addiction Recovery

Monday, March 13, 2017

Awakening After the Death of a Loved One

dead tree, death, loss of a loved one, spiritual awakening, renewal, spring time
I've written about so many topics in the more than six years of writing this spiritual awakening blog, but I don't think I've spent too much time talking about how awakening can arise after the death of a loved one.

I know I've mentioned how tragedy, in general, can spur many people towards the spiritual path, and I have written about how an individual near-death experience (NDE) can awaken some people. But I haven't spent too much time discussing the unique doorway that is losing a loved one, so I thought I'd spend some time talking about it today.

As I've mentioned before, tragedy is one of the way that life gets out attention in a big way. Suddenly, a lot of our unsaid illusions get shattered. In regards to today's topic, the tragedy could be the loss of a spouse, dear friend, a child, or someone else with whom you have had a significant connection. A hidden belief that this person would "always" be around gets exposed among many other things. In the instance of the death of a child, a powerful belief that a parent will out-live their children gets smashed to pieces. When a parent's child who hasn't come to adulthood returns to the spirit world, there are even more social beliefs that make the loss even harder.

In amidst that intensity, some times part of the ego breaks enough that light comes in. Some deeper illumination steps forward to show the person the truth and the love within them. Somehow, it's like that connection with a loved one draws a person towards the source, and the truth and love from source ignites something inside. And you awaken.

Grieving a Loved One as You Embrace the Truth

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Fear of the Unknown

reflections, mirror, snowy day,
The fear of the unknown.

Buckle up. Clear your schedule. This is a big one.

The fear of the unknown is a core issue that most people have. While we don't all share the same types of fears, most people seem to find something scary about unknown experiences. For many people, unknown body sensations and experiences can trigger the fear of the unknown. Other people find the uncertainty of the future scary. Some people find creating new relationships to be a trigger for their fear of the unknown. Some of you probably came to this blog wondering what was going on with your body after having an awakening. That fear drove you to action, which ultimately is what fear is designed to do. Fear doesn't make us sit and relax. It does the opposite. It agitates us to take action.

Other fears of the unknown can be a new job, leaving a job, leaving a relationship, going to a new city/region, leaving a home, not knowing how to solve a problem, and many more. For the purposes of this spiritual blog, I'll divide things up between the heart, body, and mind. Ultimately, these divisions are illusory. However, I think it'll help us start to wrap ourselves around this powerful fear, which drives many human decisions and deeper issues like xenophobia. Because, as I like to remind everyone, intellectually understanding a fear doesn't get rid of it. We have to break through on all levels to find freedom from it, and in this case, this is an issue that can take awhile.

The Fear of the Unknown and Living in Our Safe Little Comfort Zones

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Online Talk: How to Use Mindful Breathing

mindful breathing, conscious breathing, spiritual awakening
I often say, "Breath into it," when asked a question about how to face an issue, and for many of you, you may be wondering what that means. In my sessions, I have time to explain and get responses from my students as to what they are feeling to help them understand what it means to breathe into an issue. In a blog post, not so much.

Because of that, I felt like offering a talk about mindful breathing for my next free livestream on YouTube. You can bring any and all questions you have about how to use your breath to free yourself from pain and old, repeating issues. I probably will talk a little less than usual and leave more time to answer questions.

The breathing I have my students do is very simple, although there are plenty of other more rigorous breathing techniques out there. In general, I am pro-simplicity because the body can be a surprisingly simple organism. Focused breathing on different areas of the body go a remarkably long way in letting go of old pain and issues that get stuck in the body.

Mindful breathing, in general, is a great everyday spiritual tool to help you stay centered doing whatever it is that you are doing and to calm yourself when you are triggered. It's one of the tools that is a reminder to everyone that no one is too busy for a spiritual practice. If you say that to me, you're essentially saying that you have no time to breathe!

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to register below and invite a friend or three.

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Wednesday, March 8


6 PM Pacific Time


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