Monday, January 30, 2017

Being Present but not Lost in the Moment

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I talk a lot about being present on this spiritual awakening blog...A LOT. But I feel like people may have some confusion about being present versus lost in the moment. Some of this confusion may stem from spiritual experiences people have such as awakening. For many people, the experiences that they term "spiritual" are moments of blissful letting go. During those times, it's hard to focus on much of anything but the present moment. Other people have times of mental fogginess as they traverse the in-between space of thinking in one way to learning to think and understand life in another. That fogginess can happen a lot as people are learning to dissolve issues, and the fogginess forces people to be here and now because it feels like the brain cannot physically plan future events or recall past ones.

There are undoubtedly other examples I could cite. Some drugs and other substances can create powerful in-the-moment experiences, but the person using them loses autonomy. Essentially, being lost in the present moment is a loss of ability to function and/or a loss of access to different functions. In all my experiences, the matured spiritual person gains a greater ability to choose how they think and act. Their autonomy is only diminished temporarily.

So let's explore the reality of being present versus the experience of being lost in the moment and even lost in a sense of presence.

What Is Presence?

Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Be More Spiritually Conscious

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I speak about spirituality in two key ways. One way is from the perspective of non-duality. In non-duality, all is one. The other way is from the perspective of duality. In duality, there is separation. There is a "me," and there is a "you." While ultimately that separation is a fiction, clearly we have to live and operate in a world based on separation. Thus, I often blend together these two perspectives because despite being paradoxical, they are also both true.

In terms of becoming more spiritually conscious, I'm speaking from the space of duality. Clearly, plenty of people do harm to themselves and others and are not spiritually conscious. Are they still part of the whole of consciousness? Yes. They're like ice cubes floating on the water. The water molecule is the innate oneness. It's throughout all of the different states and structures water can be in. The path of becoming more spiritually conscious is giving up that hard, icy ego self and learning to melt into the water of oneness as much as is humanly possible. Ultimately, the deepest dissolution is death when we leave our bodies, but obviously, there's quite a bit we can do to dissolve our ego selves and become more conscious while we are living. If there weren't, there'd be no reason for us to be here on this spiritual blog together, would there? :)

With that in mind, let's talk about what it means to commit to the spiritual path and to become more conscious. As always, the most important place to start is becoming aware of ourselves.

Uncovering the Ego's Hidden Play

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recording: Learning to Work Through the Layers

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Many people get stuck in their healing and spiritual journeys because they think the spiritual path is all about thinking. We have a lot of cultural reinforcement for this  belief in Western Society. You hear people say that "if you change the way you look at something the way something looks changes" and "mind over matter." So people try to change their beliefs around core issues or just "move on with their lives," and then the issues don't go away.

What's going on?

What's going on is that human beings are multi-faceted, multi-layered beings, and each layer of us responds in different ways. The mind is about beliefs and ideas, but it is still very much a product of matter. If you have a brain injury, your mind does not function the same as before. This is a simple reality, but it seems like it is a reality that people forget on their spiritual journeys. Furthermore, a lot of people like to re-decorate their mental space with new spiritual ideas on their paths, but new ideas pasted over the same core issues do not resolve those issues.

Thus, it happens a lot that people find themselves still operating in the same old emotional and behavioral patterns even after all kinds of inner work. That typically means you haven't gone deep enough. You haven't gone into the emotional, energetic, and physical paydirt of the issues. When you swing your pickaxe in those arenas, you'll feel it. And depending on the intensity of the issue and your response to that intensity, you may feel quite a bit of pain. Then, then you'll know why people don't work though the deeper layers and prefer to create new spiritual beliefs instead.

In this talk I discuss how to engage mindfully with the heart, body, and energy to get to paydirt. I hope you enjoy it!

Learning to Work Through the Layers Full Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, January 25


10:30 AM to 11:15 AM Pacific Time


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Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Consciously Use Money

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As I often remind people, money is energy. It's not evil or bad. It's just a tool. Money is one way to direct our energy towards things we want in life like food, shelter, clothing, and so forth. Obviously, plenty of people use their money-energy poorly and unconsciously, and there are more than a few examples we could all go into of seeing money wasted in gluttony, war, and many other ways.

But for the sake of this spiritual awakening blog post, I am interested in how we can all learn to consciously use money. By "consciously use," I mean to understand what you are buying/supporting and why you are choosing to buy/support something. Even for something as simple as buying oatmeal raisin cookies, you are making a very important decision that influences hundreds of people in a myriad of ways. Where you buy the cookies is a vote of confidence for that store or baker. But you are also buying some kind of packaging and supporting the package-making company. You are supporting the farmers and growers who produced the oats, raisins, cinnamon, sugar, and so forth. You are supporting whatever means of transportation that shipped the cookies from where they were made to where you are now buying them. There's probably dozens of other influences going on here, but it should be clear that your money impacts a lot of people. And this is just talking about a batch of cookies!

There are many other things we can look at, but as always, our first step to making any kind of conscious decision is to go inwards. As we find ourselves clearer about what our motivations actually are, then we can take steps to make to be conscious in our decisions regarding money.

Knowing Your Ego Motivations

Monday, January 9, 2017

How to Embrace True Power

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True power is not a commonly seen or understood phenomenon. Most of what we're used to considering to be power is actually ego control. Ego control is where someone attempts to force situations towards desired outcomes. Desire is inherently an ego issue, and the ego looks to the external world to fulfill itself via validation among other things and to maintain a desired level of perceived safety. But what we really want is inside us, so too is true power.

War is a great example of the false power we're used to seeing. People who chose to go to war operate under the assumption that causing pain and death will bring an outcome that the individual or group of individuals desire. War is unnatural, and that's why war requires a huge amount of energy to destroy people and structures. This extreme example of false power inevitably leaves people on all sides of the confrontation deeply wounded physically and emotionally. Because this false power doesn't resolve real issues, the deeper issues that created the conflict will rise up again in a few decades often when the losing side has recovered enough to fight again. Thus, we see cycles of war that continue between different peoples for generations.

Rising Up to Face Abuses of Power

True power arises from several avenues that ultimately are all interconnected. It arises from knowing yourself. It arises from true love--the profound acceptance of everything as it is. It arises from the timeless presence that moves us intuitively to action. It arises from truth--the ability to see and speak about reality and not ego fantasy. True power is a profound force to build your life upon, and it allows us to co-create with life in extraordinary ways. Someone acting from true power does not force their will onto others, but that does not limit the individual's ability to act responsibly for those who are incapable of acting responsibly. Just as parents set firm boundaries with their children, a person wielding true power can set firm boundaries for those who are out of control and causing harm to themselves and/or others.

This all leads to the question of how to embrace the true power within you. It starts by going within.

The Sincere Journey Inwards

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Recording: Spiritual Awakening and the Return of Inner Stability

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When people awaken, the normal inner stability that they're used to tends to be thrown out the window. Even if someone felt very internally "messy," that mess tends to feel tens times worse after awakening. It's like a team of contractors marches into your home, and then they start pulling up floorboards, tearing out insulation, and dismantling the pipes. It makes for some rather intense and deeply unsettling years. Many people don't get very far in becoming more conscious after awakening because of the intensity of this inner de-stabilization. Some do all they can to kick out the carpenters, plumbers, tile specialists, hazmat team, and pest exterminators.

Others of you let them stay, and you learn how to help with this deconstruction so that you can naturally heal and grow. Eventually, this inner renovation has to end. That's how it is with every human experience. All human experiences have a beginning, middle, and end even as we learn to stay in the timeless present moment. Thus, inner stability seems to return to most people, but with some differences.

It's these differences that I discuss in this online spiritual awakening talk. I talk about how inner work continues on but in a different way, and I also answer a number of people's questions. Enjoy the recording!

Spiritual Awakening and the Return of Inner Stability Recording

Recording Date:

Wednesday, January 11


6 PM Pacific Time


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Monday, January 2, 2017

7 Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

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Every year, people make New Year's resolutions as a way to set intentions about what they want going forward. A lot of times, these resolutions are the usual ego desires, and we rarely ever inquire as to where these resolutions come from. It's not surprising that many resolutions don't pan out (like that commitment to go to the gym to work out) because we don't know ourselves well enough to understand the deeper realities of ourselves nor the issues that hold us back. This doesn't make resolutions an unworthy ritual. It simply means that if we want to set intentions for a new year that might stick, then we need to go deeper in understanding ourselves.

To help you along, I'm offering seven spiritual New Year's resolutions to go deeper in understanding yourself. They can help you to understand what you really want in your life. Hopefully, that might make it easier for following through on your other New Year's resolutions.


1. Be Here Now

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