I'm Jim Tolles, and I'm a spiritual teacher. I help people to grow, heal, and find spiritual freedom. I teach intuitively from the Truth and Love of this moment. I trust the sacred process that arises between the student and teacher to show what most needs to be shown. When a student is sincere in their inner dedication and their personal work, a lot of amazing shifts can arise in that sacred space.

I can't emphasize enough that this spiritual work is a joint partnership. Students cannot rely on a teacher such as myself to give them anything except tools and ways to find their own answers and peel away the false ego self. If you understand this, then you will have an amazing opportunity to flourish with me.

I've been working with students since 2010, and I've seen a lot of issues and helped people transmute a lot of pain. I've also helped my students find a lot of joy, peace, clarity, wisdom, humility, compassion, and love.

In my work with students, I help people address a wide variety of issues including:
  • Integrating a spiritual awakening
  • Calming the mind
  • Opening the heart
  • Going deeper and expanding your spiritual awareness
  • Healing sexual abuse and other traumas
  • Finding and releasing the root causes of issues
  • Learning how to speak your voice
  • Identifying and letting go of mental traps and ego games
  • Learning to be with heightened energy sensitivities
  • Releasing and resolving family karma and more
Ultimately, all of this is about journeying to spiritual freedom. In true freedom, we are free of all ego attachments and undisturbed by the body feelings and sensations. We are free to be as we are and live in whatever way we are divinely inspired.

Teaching Philosophy
How and what I teach varies depending on where you are and what you need. The strongest teaching is in presence. I can be direct and forceful to help break through the shell of lies that constricts you, and I can be soft and gentle. In general, working with a spiritual teacher such as myself can be extremely unsettling. Things may feel very pleasant in one moment, and then another moment is very uncomfortable as difficult realizations surface that you don't want to hear or from which you have been hiding. In this way, a lot of courage, determination, and perseverance is needed to walk this path.

For other thoughts about what a spiritual teacher is, you can click on this link.

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Prospective Students and Others Interested in Working With Me

I expect that you'll do the work on the path. No spiritual teacher gives you anything. They are simply here to help you realize that which you already know. So, if you're coming from a background where you think you need to get something from someone else, you'll have to start your own practice by erasing that idea before you can work with me.

You also need to have a certain level of humility to be open to the truth and to be ready to work with me. Trying to prove yourself to me or show that you're somehow more "enlightened" to me are examples of ego arrogance who doesn't yet know the humility of being led on the journey inwards.

My students have reminded me that I hold a very powerful, non-judgmental, safe space for them to explore both their inner light and dark. In so doing, they feel free to be themselves with whatever is happening for them at that time. This further assists them as they drop into new internal spaces and face things that are deeply vulnerable. Additionally, even outside of a session, students feel deeply supported on their spiritual paths by me.

I work with people in a three main ways including:
  • Connecting Via Skype
  • Connecting thru In-Person Private Sessions (For Local Long-term Students Only)
  • Connecting in Group Sessions Such as my Free Webinars

Those Seeking a Path
You may simply want to feel a little more connected in your life, but you may not know how. I can help you find the right tools to enhance your spiritual practice and enrich your daily life. Spiritual tools can be things such as:
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • energy work
  • breathing practices and more
The spiritual path is not a complicated one. You don't need to go sit by yourself on a mountaintop for weeks on end. Being present in the current moment is the greatest gift you can give yourself and all those around you no matter how busy of a businessperson, parent, or something else you are.

Souls Seeking Healing
I work with those in need of healing to develop spiritual practices and find the healing tools you need to address specific issues in your life. Whether it's grief over a loved one, early childhood trauma, sexual abuse, or some deep karma that has been locked in you for most of your life, it can be healed. The key is unlocking your own inner healer as well as finding the right supports to conduct healing in a safe, sacred way.

I am also an energy healer, and I work naturally through my intuition. My work is always with the intention that the universe performs the highest good through our combined connection. While you can ask for my attention on certain areas in your energy, I will ask that you trust the universe and what arises naturally in the session. It doesn't matter if you are a long way from me or in the same room because there is no time and space. Everything is one, which allows healing to arise anywhere and in any way. Most of all, the more deeply you trust in the space of session, the more you will learn how your energy already wants to heal you and how to join with that inner divine flow.

Souls in Awakening

Anyone in awakening can feel completely out of sorts. It's a bewildering and scary place initially because spiritual awakening falls so far out of the realm of what the ego considers "normal." It also can be a blissful, ecstatic, and extremely connected space. I'll work with you to find appropriate grounding, feel less disoriented, and help you to fully embody this energy as you shift from an old way of being towards spiritual freedom. I'll also remind you regularly that you are not "crazy," but are in fact waking up to real "rationality" from the insanity that we live in.

Deepen a Spiritual Practice
You may find that all the old spiritual tools don't work the same way as you move through awakening. I can help you to let go of tools that no longer work for you and to find new ones to address your needs. For instance, meditation may have worked really well for a long time, but it may now be time to move. A conscious dance or yoga class may now be needed. The deeper you go, the fewer tools you need, however. The power of presence and staying simply as the neutral observer become the central healing tools. In those deep spaces, I can meet you. Together we flow together towards whatever needs to arise for you.

Address Core Unconscious Issues
As we heal, we unveil more and more layers of unconscious issues. We tend to start in the mind and work our way down. We work through cultural, family, past life, and other karmic issues. We also work into the animal instinctual body to deal with the unconscious impulses around survival and procreation, which underpin a lot of the core issues we have around things such as money, romantic partnership, and so on. In addressing these root causes, you can find new levels of freedom, and I am happy to help you trace things down to these deep roots to uproot this old system of unconscious behaviors.

Opportunities for Active Students

In working with me in one-on-one sessions, my students have the opportunity to engage in other programs such as mentorship to become a teacher or healer, personalized guided meditations, regular email correspondence, and one-on-one weekend intensives.

Information About Email Exchanges

Spiritual Teacher and Healer Mentorship Program
For those who are local or who are willing to have an extended stay in the Northern Nevada area, I mentor those who are aspiring or who are current spiritual teachers and healers. For those who are just beginning, I can help you create a healthy foundation to build upon and do the work that you are called to do. For those who are already practicing, I can help you to go deeper and clear the next level of issues within you so that you can expand your work. When we clear more internal space, the depth and expansiveness of the work we can offer to the world grows.

Click on this link for mentorship program details.

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One-on-One Weekend Intensives
For those who want to go deeply to clear old issues and to open to a deeper awareness, I offer one-on-one weekend intensives.

Read more about the intensive weekend on this link.

Speaking to Groups and Offering Workshops

I work with groups of all sizes. I can offer meditation classes to teach you some simple fundamentals to help you relax. I also offer more in depth workshops such as my "Awakening Your Writing" workshop. This workshop helps you learn how to turn a journal into a tool for self-exploration, healing, and awakening.

At this time, I am working by suggested donation, but accept amounts of all levels as every comes from different financial situations. I look forward to helping you find your truth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About My Sessions


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