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Skipping Steps on the Spiritual Path

The title of this spiritual blog post should make it obvious where I am going with this.

You can't skip steps on the spiritual path.

But people sure do try.

One of my more favorite attempts at avoiding stuff is the "oneness" ego trick. The ego hears that there is nothing it can do to get closer to oneness. We are already one. Therefore, it believes that intellectually understanding this spiritual truth is enough. The ego doesn't investigate itself further nor all the attachments and illusions it has. That's all part of the oneness, right? So what difference does it make if you have a spiritual practice or not?

There's a litany of problems with this thinking, and one of the central issues is not appreciating the nature of human beings in how we change. Another is confusing intellectual understanding with spiritual realization. Those two are very different.

And while I could go on for some time about why that one ego trick is completely deluded, I'll just …

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