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Being Spiritually Ready Versus Prepared

Today's topic is aimed to help separate two very different concepts that get co-mingled. One is about being ready, and the other is about being prepared. Very often, these two ideas are merged together, but I think in the context of spiritual awakening that it is important to separate them with distinct meanings.

It's so common for people to have experiences they aren't prepared for and for which their soul is ready, and it's equally common for spiritual seekers to have done tons of preparation and have nothing really emerge. It's kind of like making a baby. By a woman's mid teens, her body is ready. Is she financially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically prepared? Probably not. On the other side, you can have a 45 year-old woman prepared on all fronts, but her body doesn't want to conceive or at least not as readily. While biologically she is ready, on some deeper level, something doesn't want to be created. Something is unready. In many ways,…

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