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Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

Almost no one is ready to properly understand spiritual freedom. Again and again, I've had people come to me unprepared, and this class (subsequent classes) is meant to help prepare you for something that makes no sense to the dominant Western belief system. In short, we live in a time where the dominant Western Society message is that everyone can have everything all the time .  It is obviously a lie, but it is so pervasive that most people subconsciously believe it. And it infects everything, including spirituality. Letting go of ego/realizing spiritual freedom is so fundamentally different than trying to have everything that people legitimately need help before they can really start this path much less work well with a spiritual freedom teacher like myself or someone else. So this introduction to spiritual freedom class is meant to help you get pointed or re-pointed in the right direction (the latter for long-time spiritual seekers). What follows is a longer explanation about th

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