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Feeling Your Teacher's Presence in Daily Life

The power of a student-teacher relationship has many, many aspects, and for some connections, that power extends beyond direct interpersonal connection. It extends into the energetic/spiritual world where we are all one and are never separate from one another. That can create the experience for a student of feeling his/her spiritual teacher energetically being with them during their daily life.

To be sure, not many spiritual teachers do this, and there are plenty of students who project their feelings onto things. Sometimes, those projections create delusions of connection and spirits that aren't there. This is why being dedicated in one's inner work is so key, especially with subtle energies. By being clear and letting go of ego blindspots, people can correctly interpret energy and energetic connections.

How to Correctly Interpret Energy (video)

If you have happened upon a teacher where this kind of connection is happening, here are some thoughts to help you navigate this ama…

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