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Expressing Love in a Cynical Society

Let's get right to it:

I love you.

Immediately, all kinds of responses have been triggered in people, depending on their relationship to love. Some of you accepted this easily. Others who are more open felt it. Yet others may have even experienced an energetic surge ripple through letting you know just how deeply I have expressed this.

But far more rejected this simple statement. The basic responses are as follows:

Doubt. Because we are taught to have all kinds of beliefs about when and how love should be offered, doubt is often the first issue to wreck the party. It likes to use beliefs like, "You can't love me because you don't know me" or "You're just saying that to make yourself feel good." There are plenty of other reasons.Fear of expectations. Since love is often giving conditionally, people expect all kinds of demands following those 3 little words. Some will see this loving statement as an expectation for a romantic connection. Others will i…

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