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Donations for my Winter Break

It's that time again. Time for rest.

Usually I take about a week and a half off at the end of the December to re-charge my spiritual batteries, and I'll be doing that again this year.

Unfortunately, being self-employed means that I don't have any paid-time-off, so like I did last year, I'm posting this request for donations to help cover the time of my not working.

Your donations support my still rising costs of living like rent, food, healthcare insurance, other insurances, and more. None of this is going to any lavish vacation on a desert island. You're just supporting the basics.

So if you'd like to help me, I'd appreciate you making a donation. The goal this year is to get to around $2,000. Thanks for your help!

Donate to Support Jim's Time-off
I would also encourage you to donate appropriately to your financial situation. For some of you, a $2 donation is all that you can offer. If you feel moved to give, that's wonderful and whole-heartedly ac…

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