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Spiritual Oneness Experiences

There are many, many kinds of spiritual experiences, but one of the truly powerful spiritual experiences is a oneness experience.

A spiritual oneness experience is essentially when someone feels interconnected to everything--they feel at one with everything. In the deepest kinds of oneness experiences, it's not exactly experienced. Or rather, the person is so deeply surrendered that the "I" who perceives experiences is gone. So the idea of an experience doesn't arise until the "I" returns again after the deep moment or moments of oneness. At this point, the ego says, "Hey, what was that?" and then the person realizes that they had a sense of total unity with life.

So yeah, this is a pretty significant moment.

Unlike awakening (which can have oneness experiences or not), this experience comes and goes--usually as much as the ego leaves and then returns. It tends to inspire a deep yearning towards spirituality. It's that deep drive for the Divi…

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