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Donations for May Online Talks

Thanks to everyone who has stepped up and donated to support my online talks. I truly appreciate it.

If you already know that you'd like to support the talks coming up in May, you can do so on this link. Please leave a note that this is a donation for the talks.

Donate to Support More Talks

You are also welcome to request a topic. You can leave a comment below.

For those who don't know, I offer online talks for every $150 donated for them. However, for everyone who registers for these talks, these talks are absolutely free. By donating this way, those who have more free money can help me support those people who don't have as much.

Also, the talk recordings are all free. You can find the latest video recordings on my YouTube channel:

Jim's YouTube Channel

In general, I think voluntary giving is a really important lesson on the spiritual path. We're very much indoctrinated with involuntary giving and transactional giving. What does this mean? Read below.

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