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Online Talk: Releasing Attachments

At the heart of the path to spiritual freedom is releasing attachments. Whatever we are attached to can bring about suffering, including attachments that seem to create good things in our lives.

Consider that you really love your most intimate relationship. You're attached to it. Then, like all things in the human world, it goes away. Now, that attachment makes you upset.

Or during the relationship, the attachment puts all kinds of expectations upon your partner. If they act the way you want, you're happy. If they don't, then you're not. You are suffering, and you are causing your partner to suffer to meet your demands.

There are all kinds of ways that ego attachments cause suffering and every kind of scenario you can imagine. Ultimately, there is no "good" attachment, even though we may think so.

In this next talk, I'll discuss this topic in greater depth and happily answer your questions. You can register on the link below, and please consider donating…

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