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Building a Heart Strong Enough for Awakening

In an earlier blog post, I talked about preparing the mind to handle the intensity of a spiritual awakening. If you haven't read it, I recommend reading it before reading this post.

In this spiritual work, it tends to be the case that the stronger the mind, the more ability there is to allow for intense emotions from all sides of the spectrum. Whether the emotion is fear or joy, terror or bliss, a mind that has properly been prepared has space to be with these strong emotions, and that gives the heart room to heal and grow.

With that said, the thinking and tools that are useful for the mind are often much less useful for the heart. The heart has its own language, and becoming heart-strong has its own unique and important process. In this process, a person learns to heal and release old emotions, and the person learns to be with more and more uncomfortable emotions. The person also learns to be open to powerfully joyful emotions without clinging to them. This is part of learning t…

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