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Getting One-on-one Spiritual Support

We all need support from time to time in life, and that includes needing help on the spiritual path.

The nature of the ego is to stay in its patterns. The ignorance of the ego makes it hard to even realize what those patterns are. Left to our own devices, we generally will replicate the same kinds of thinking based off the same kinds of beliefs. As a consequence, we generally do the same types of things over and over again. Even when we feel like we're doing something brand new, how we may be doing it may still follow the same basic patterns.

For example, a person may decide to quit the job that they hate, but then they've gotten hired onto a new job that they found by analyzing career opportunities through the same way of thinking. Maybe they like this job better, but it may even be similar in the responsibilities that the person had in the last job. And with so many other possibilities filtered out automatically by the ego, this person would not have even scratched the surf…

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