National Congress on Spiritual Sexuality and Sexual Healing

I am always amazed at what opportunities find me on the Internet. I had a person reach out to me via my blog contact form to write about the upcoming National Congress on Spiritual Sexuality and Sexual Healing. The conference is happening in NYC from the 29th to the 31st of October.

Obviously, I can't commend or critique this conference, as I've never been to it and don't know the presenters currently. However, I can not emphasize enough the value of this conversation and the importance of pretty much everyone becoming more deeply aware of their sexuality.

Sexual Dysfunction Rampant: Solutions Needed
There is an awful statistic that something on the level of 1 in 4 women have been raped, and I believe that's the conservative number. I've also heard that that number goes up to 50% by some estimates. And before we stop there, let's not forget that men are also sexually abused and raped. This is even more taboo, which puts men in possibly even worse circumstances. That doesn't make light of the trauma that many women endure, but for a man who has been raped (this happens a lot in war), so much of his identity is judged if he tries to come out and explain what has happened and get helped.

Let's stop there. Let's just say rape and sexual abuse are horrible, and they cause horrible problems which people continue to act out as perpetrators and victims in endless cycles. We need to break that cycle and help people heal.

Spirituality and Sexuality
In many respects, sexuality is very much in the space of the divine mother. The divine mother aspect in the world has been, well, raped, burned at the stake, and fragmented into multiple pieces (Mother Mary vs. Mary Magdalene). The divine feminine is in ascendancy in this cycle, and she is much needed. One of the ways that she's returning is in the renewed appreciation of the power of sexuality and the deepening of love in that space. When sexuality is reactivated, it's not just about pleasure or procreation. It also can be about healing and enlightenment.

This is heavy magic. It blows out mental structures. Everyone knows that. What are you thinking about when you orgasm? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, your mind is blown. That's part of why this mind-focused culture is petrified of sexuality. Because when you give yourself up to the divine mother in that moment, walls come down. The more you deepen your practice, the more walls you can bring down. It's phenomenal.

Reactivated Sexuality Clearing Sexual Abuse
A lot of people end up in different sexual communities and practices trying to get back to the divine feminine and their sexual power. However, too few sexual teachers have been available, and so much social taboo has sublimated many of the ones out there. Subsequently, people who need healing or who simply have a great deal of power in their sexuality end up acting out unhealthy patterns in these communities and their relationships.

And to pull this whole post together, that's why congresses on spiritual sexuality and sexual healing are so important. They are putting the information back at a more accessible level. The teachers are able to deliver their messages, and people can finally come back to healing their sexuality. Then they can own it, and when they are fully empowered with it, their creative abilities go off the charts. It's astonishing stuff. It's everyone's birth-right. And it's in you waiting right now.


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