The Biggest Spiritual Expansion I've Experienced so Far

A friend of mine suggested that I add other voices to this blog awhile back, and while I haven't gotten that friend to do so just yet, the idea opened up a possibility for me--the possibility to begin to turn the blog into more of a chorus than a solo song. So here is the first new chord in this melody. I want to introduce you to my dear friend Susan, whom I've actually never met in person. I've had the amazing experience of watching her spiritual awakening from afar via social networks, emails, and phone conversations, and I must say I am astonished on a regular basis. She is becoming this increasingly radiant and bright soul who has shown the courage to face her fear, her despair, and her grief. While holding space for that, she also found the courage to make space for awakening, spirit, and deep love. It is igniting her.

Okay, I've nearly talked too much, but I want to set the frame for the beautiful new words that follow and will come in future blog post.

Light coming through me from the earth, the concrete, sole of shoe, and piercing up through the heels like a bolt, an explosion of energy--making its way up through the arteries of the legs and through every chakra.

Expansion. Unimaginable expansion beaming from within and radiating outward into layers of bubbles surrounding my whole being. The bubbles are thin but strong at the same time. My being passes through each one as if I am passing through each part of myself, feeling incredible energy flow through me. Visions appear at the base of each bubble. Infant turning into flower, but it isn’t the flower you and I know. Visions I cannot recall now that this surreal experience has passed.

I am not my body. I am displaced like thousands of microorganisms holding this energy. Lower densities sense the darkness of the room, the blur of the circle of people around me, the lull of my spiritual guide’s voice. Yet, the bubbles continue to expand to the point where I feel scared. Scared isn’t even a proper word. The feeling is so foreign. It overwhelms me. If only there was a more positive word than being scared. Wanting to stop the guide’s voice and direct everyone’s attention to what I am experiences. Is this real? Is this the new reality that I thought I beginning to know, but haven’t really experienced until now? Wanting to cry. Wanting to know if the others can feel this too. Wanting to invite them in to share it with me, since even trying to define this experience is diminishing its value as I write.

Spiritual guide, bring me back to my body. What a wonderful experience but how do I come back? Eyes are open yet the bubbles are still growing outward. A few tears of joy roll down my cheek. Maybe they can express this feeling. Can you feel this teacher? Yes I can. He pokes at the bubble as he sits to my right. The ripple effect. I can almost see the indentation. How clear the lining is. What is this? How miraculous. How ridiculous that I have been chosen to see this and embrace it as this time. Freaking out. Every fiber of my being says this is foreign yet it is home. Wonder if Martin Luther ever experienced such a thing.

Higher vibrations continue to resonate. They always have, just never had the awareness, true awareness, until now. The vocal vibration of the “Ong” of the group facilitated me to get to this place. What a simple sound yet profound. Still not grounded. Not wanting this experience to leave. Watching as the others talk amongst themselves, cuddled in their bodies again like swaddled babies. I’m beside myself. Teacher knows.

Lays hands on the top of my feet as he kneels to the earth, where it all began. Slowly, one, two or more layers descend back to me. Yet that is not enough. I feel drunk, high. Head feels fuzzy.  Yet it is so much more than that. Feel drained, yet at peace.  Bag of stones placed in my hands. The layers of bubbles fall much faster now. Heat from my hands radiate into the stone.

I am back to earth. Feeling in my body, my toes. Trying to decipher what just happened, although no judgment or definition needs to be made. It is beautiful. I can remember what it was like, although it wasn’t as intense as the moment it happened. Will I feel it again? To this extent? Blessing from God. Lord thank you for this.

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.


  1. Thank you for adding Susan, and thank you Susan for sharing this beautifully terrifying experience. Its inspiring to me, encourages me to stay on this path.


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