Finding Your Creativity

Building off the last post about sexuality, I'm focusing on igniting and harnessing creativity. Sexuality and creativity go hand in hand: sex creates life. But there is more to the idea of creativity than bringing babies into the world. In the spiritual process, I've found that creativity is essential to moving into and through an awakening.

What Is Creativity?
Flowing from the second chakra, creativity enriches our lives with a passion for new endeavors and new relationships. Creativity is often thought of in terms of art and writing. There's no doubt that those are embodied forms of creativity, and as I've mentioned, sex is one of the penultimate creative processes that we can engage in as human beings. But creativity can appear in virtually any situation that you're making something new, be it a business, a computer program, or a new bathroom. Creativity is simply the act of creating.

Creativity and Spiritually Awakening
Creativity is absolutely essential on so many levels with a spiritual awakening. In an awakening, you are re-creating yourself. You are rebirthing yourself. That's a powerful and intense process, and to walk down the path to ignite the awakening, you're actively deciding to engage in this self re-creation. This requires a lot of determination and passion to do so. You have to really, really want it. It's not an easy road because each of us has to do it for the first time. You'll need to create a lot of the steps and situations to bring it to fruition. You can't follow someone else's formula entirely, and no matter how many other people awaken, your awakening will be uniquely yours.

Creativity as a Processing Tool
I haven't talked too much about processing in these posts, but it's an integral piece of the puzzle. Processing is absorbing the lessons that you've learned and the energy moving into your life in a meaningful way to you. It helps you to fully integrate all the things that have happened in your life. As you do so, other issues can move or fall away. You stand more fully in your light.

One of the big problems that I see in committed seekers is an inability to stop and just process. This literally can mean lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. I know. Not very exciting, but in really high energy states, it may be all that you can do. At other times, accessing your creativity to paint or draw feelings and vague ideas that you can't express can be really helpful. I've already talked about how helpful journaling is my spiritual tools of the trade blog post. Using your creativity to write, draw, sculpt, mold, weld, or whatever outlet you choose can be an amazing expression for all the energy moving through you and an awesome chance to explore your creativity, especially if you've never felt like a creative person before.

Heavy-Lifting and Creativity
The heavier lifting part of using your creative energy will appear in creating a new job situation, creating a new relationship with yourself from top to toe, and creating new relationships with others. In the past years and now, I've expended enormous amounts of energy to create new situations to support me where I was at for that time. Let's be serious: a job search is a lot of energy. You are actively putting energy out into the world to create a new relationship with a group of people (i.e., a business). A lot of times that energy isn't reciprocated (i.e., you didn't get the job). But you repeat the process over and over until something connects.

When you are awakening, you really are re-creating yourself. I can't stress enough how much energy it takes to re-work the internal relationships you have with yourself. For instance, you're used to eating a certain way. Now you can't eat that way anymore. It's doesn't feel good. Beer and hot dogs make you physically ill. You have to create a new diet. So you search for new recipes and ideas, eat new things, and expend a lot of energy just with this one shift. That's a lot of creation, and it's a powerful process. It will change your life when you let it.

Rejuvenating Creativity
Now that you see that creativity is a really expansive thing, you can see how easily it is to wear out when you're awakening. There's so much going on. While creativity also gets fueled by connections to the divine (7th chakra) and a kind of marriage between self expression (5th chakra) and imagination (6th chakra), I really feel like the 2nd chakra is the key driver and supporter a lot of the time. Having a sexual practice as I mentioned before is one key supporter to keep yourself rejuvenated. Being creative with writing and art always seems to link me back up to the divine rather naturally through my crown chakra (7th). You can also do active visualization, bringing white light down through the center of your head into the area below your belly-button to nourish your second chakra, home of your creativity. If nothing else, take a bath, sit in a hot tub, or take a nap. Sometimes it's the simple basic things that help most.

As you build creative practices for yourself, you may be surprised what you create in your life. Allowing your imagination to run around like a little child can be illuminating. What do you want to make in life if you could make anything? Have fun. Be a kid. And you'll find that you're more creative than you've ever thought you could be.

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