Expanding Your Imagination

Imagination. The space of the creative mind. Where life bends into new shapes and sizes. This is where the magic can happen. This is where you actively dream the world you want to create.

Day-Dreaming and Imagination: Remembering the Wisdom of Your Childhood
At some point in our development, imagination gets denigrated to the position of a childhood tendency like sucking on your thumb or grass-stains on your pants from playing in a field. I don't know why. The imagination is at work in so many things that are being created that it's a wonder that some companies don't create a time just for imagination. You think I'm kidding? Well, you've obviously not spent much time around Internet technology start-up companies. Computer engineers can be incredibly creative and imaginative in finding ways to make something work. The entrepreneurs of a start-up are actively "imagining" a new company and sometimes even new business models. Take a look at what's springing up in the world of social entrepreneurship, and you can see the imagination at work to turn business into a tool for social good. Seriously, the imagination isn't just for kids anymore.

Using Your Imagination to Find Your Path
I spent a good deal of time in the summer (along with healing from an appendectomy) opening up my imagination. I'd realized that so much had happened and shifted in my life that I'd stopped dreaming in the last couple of years. It wasn't necessarily bad. I felt like a lot of dreams and the things I wanted and the way I wanted to be were happening. I do feel really blessed that I've been able to manifest the dreams that I've had into my life. But by last summer, it was time to open up again from this new place--this new person that I'd developed into. In some respects, the spiritual awakening process is a constant re-meeting of yourself. So it becomes very normal to have to check in with yourself to meet you and to decide what dreams are now appropriate. I think that in this way I found out that nothing but the spiritual path and helping and teaching others about spirituality mattered to me. It also opened up ideas about how to proceed with this blog and quite a few other things that I'm quietly working on and am not yet ready to share.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild
There are probably few simpler tools than this on the spiritual path: let your imagination run wild. Just let it go. Imagine you're the king of the world, an astronaut, a green alien, a stay-at-home mom with x-ray vision, and anything else under the sun, moon, and stars. That's the best start to this process. Don't focus it at all. Just let it open back up. Feel like a kid. Maybe this sparks some creative urges in you. Then paint it out, wood-carve it out, or what ever comes to you. The point is to let things flow again. Get out of this adult mind that believes life can only be one way.

As your imagination opens back up, you may find little bits of inspiration coming to you. Trust those inspirations. See where they take you. Further along, there may be a big inspiration. Now, you can start to focus your imagination around that big inspiration. A big inspiration could be to start a family, start a business, change careers, and many other things. What else should go with that inspiration? If you want to start a family, what else do you need right now? Baby books? A bigger home? A partner (very important to help shoulder the burden or at least get the baby process started =)? Your imagination should definitely be part of all this because as you dream up the next adventure in your life you will feel more like the amazing co-creator that you naturally are as a human being.

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