Spiritual Synthesis Versus Being a Spiritual Pack Rat

spiritual knowledge, spiritual awakening
I listen differently than I used to listen. I hear things on multiple levels. When someone says something to me, I often hear about four other messages at the same time. Someone could say, "I've got to get this job done." Underneath that, the person may also be saying: "I feel so overwhelmed," "I'm not smart enough to do this," and "I hate this work. I really want to be doing something else." Plus, there's the energy of the words and the person, so all and all, a lot of information gets passed from one person to another in any conversation. The difference for me is that I've attuned my awareness to pick up on the details.

Over time, I also notice themes in what different people are telling me. If I hear a similar thing from multiple people, I start to feel like there's a message there for me. One of the themes that I've seen come up is the issue around mixing spiritual lineages. There's a lot of concern about doing this, and I thought that it'd be important to differentiate between smart spiritual synthesis and being a spiritual pack rat.

The Spiritual Pack Rat: Can I Fit Another Buddha Statuette in Here?
The spiritual pack rat is a very active seeker. This person checks out all kinds of spiritual teachers, traditions, experiences, and things--oh, so many things. This person gathers them all up in a kind of spiritual materialism, as if having more of all those "spiritual" things will bring them closer to higher awareness. If you are one of those people, please stop. You aren't getting anywhere, and if you're really gung ho, you can even hurt yourself if you mix too many practices. For instance, kundalini yoga is pretty powerful pretty much all by itself. To mix it in with some other spiritual practices can explode your energy out into places where you can't integrate back easily. This sounds dramatic, but I wanted to catch your attention.

The problem with being a spiritual pack rat is that you're without guidance. Doing this shows that you have not yet fully developed your inner knowing to fit things together in a delicate spiritual collage. Instead you have a pile of Tibetan prayer flags, an autograph from the Dalai Lama, a picture with an archbishop, and two or three statues of Ganesh. You probably have all kinds of amazing experiences, which you'll likely turn into a book called "My Spiritual Journey." I am not denying that this is a wonderful interest in spirituality, but until you actually delve into the center of you, you do not know what you're doing. You're driving a car without a destination, and you could get into a crash or get lost.

Spiritual Synthesis: Blending Things Together in a Meaningful Way
I suppose this is part of my gift. I've always been able to see how things in my life fit together. And I can see that for others. The information just comes to me. With it's from the universe or the spirit of the other person, I don't really feel a need to say. But because of all the clearing work that I've done, nowadays, it's exceptionally clear where someone needs to heal and what particular spiritual tools can help.

Of course, my knowing doesn't get you out of your responsibility to trust your knowing. I'm like scaffolding. I'm helpful to have around while you start doing the work to build your connection to the divine and expand your awareness. When you see yourself more clearly, that intuitive knowing starts to arise all on its own--unforced and effortless. I know you may be frustrated because that's not the case now, but in time, things will shift if you are diligent, loving, and patient with yourself and your spiritual path.

Knowing the Way Home
Ultimately, there's a big difference between mixing and matching wisely versus hoarding. It has to do with the place from which you launch your expedition. When you strike out from a place of intention and knowing yourself, it's like having a map as you head into the jungle. It's so much easier to find what you need. You may not feel like you can do this though. You may feel like you have to do the search before you can find your knowing and know what you need to know (phew, that's a lot of uses of the word "know"). But your knowing is always in one place: in you. The world has gotten everyone so used to looking outside for support and things that you give up your deepest power, your deepest love, and your deepest awareness on external experiences and ideas. Stop. Come back to center. Come back to yourself.

If you really feel confused, you can contact me, but I still think just stopping and possibly meditating are the most helpful. A self-retreat can help to momentarily break away from all the noise of your life. Above all, be ready to heal yourself and clear away the blocks to your deeper growth. It's all awaiting you inside of you. Just let go and trust that you already do know the way.