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Let's get back to the spiritual basics.

For starters, you are here now.

We are all one.

Oneness is consciousness.

You are already spiritually free.

These are simple statements, aren't they? Yet they are profound, and we must realize the truth of these things. We can't just intellectually know them.

Realization is a deep understanding of the reality of something, and to totally understand something heart, body, mind, and energy/spirit is to have a complete realization.

Spiritual Basics

The following links are meant to help you with your spiritual foundation and with understanding that any spiritual inner work you do is an unworking of the ego and your attachments. The spiritual path is a big spiritual demolition project, and when the attachments are gone, the tools used to remove the attachments are also dissolved. The space that is revealed is reflected in the original four statement above--you are free; you are one; you are here now; and we are all one consciousness.

How To Get Started on the Spiritual Path

Here are 3 spiritual practices you can do as part of your regular spiritual practice:
  • Have 30 minutes of seated, silent meditation every day
  • Journal about your thoughts and beliefs, learning to find the origins of where those ideas came from.
  • Practice coming back to awareness and disidentifying with your thoughts from time to time throughout your day.

These posts are intended to give you some tools and support structures as you start to dissolve your ego.

You may also find my ebook helpful:


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