I Sit to Sit

My friend and student Susan offers her latest experiences on the spiritual path.

I sit in the dark room staring at the barren trees outside.
I remind myself of my intention.
No point to practice this if the intention for nothingness is not set.
I am empty yet full, or am I? Why do I question?

As soon as the intention is set the Light gently comes through the top of my being.
It feels soft, not as intense as before. That is ok. The connection with my Lord is there.

Imagining the Light flowing through each sphere. All of which feel to be spinning at the same pace except the one at the core of my being, my heart. Trying not to judge why. Kindly reminding myself to stay present as each un-present thought tries to make it’s way in.

Energy between my palms
This desire to explore more. Slowly bringing my hands apart, then closer, then apart. The energy feels light and clear the further apart my palms are from each other. As my palms get closer the energy is dense and is repelled by the two barriers. The hands move in circular patterns, the energy follows.

These hands know where the healing is needed. They scan the front of my body.
As they pass each chakra the energy feels light, except at the heart of the problem. The energy feels dense and stronger. Then, for no reason at all I slowly and rhythmically wave my hands towards me as if I am cleansing myself.

One hand is brought to my chest. Then the other. I bring compassion. I bring love. I hold my palms against my heart tightly. Then suddenly a tear falls down my right cheek. A sense of fullness, love, and compassion overwhelms me. I embrace the feeling of being abandoned and realize I cannot abandon myself. Everything I need is within.

My hands repeat the process. The heart is spinning faster. Feeling lighter but knowing more work must be done.
I sit to sit
I sit to be
I write to write
Nothing more.

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.