Inner Knowing

My friend and student Susan offers another short vignette about the spiritual path. For my additional thoughts about inner knowing/intution, you can click on my "What Is Intuition?" blog post.

My friend, how can I make you see you are hurting inside?
You see it but you don’t acknowledge it.
I want to take the pain away from you and break the cycle.
However, you can only do that for yourself.
All I can do is show compassion, love, patience.
For my happiness is dependent on your happiness.
If you hurt, I hurt. If you are happy, I am happy.
We are all intertwined although we seem to be different people.
My inner knowing respects that you can only experience this.
You have moments of perceived happiness, but is it just a curtain?
Only you know if you look within.

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.

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