Awakening Your Voice: Speaking with New Integrity

An awakened voice begins to pull together multiple pieces of your overall intelligence. You can speak in very grounded and authentic ways. There is no lie in your voice. To speak falsely will choke you up, and coming down this corridor, to speak disingenuously about how you feel becomes harder and harder to do. You won't be able to say you like the turkey if you don't really like it. It's not cruel, even if the other person doesn't like to hear that. It is simply being in your truth.

Your Voice and Responsibility

The more awareness that manifests for you, the more responsibility comes with it. These are tools for the healing of the world and not playthings to show off. If you can regale a whole crowd with a story, then you will find that only certain types of stories are okay. Most often, these are the ones that are moving you forward with your soul's purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to bring joy to people through laughter. Other times, it's to share a message for healing or action. It will depend on what you're supposed to do with your voice.

For many, your responsibility to your voice will simply be to be honest. It is a simple little thing, and all the major religions pretty much agree that it is essential. Whether it's the Buddhist tenet of practicing "Right speech" or the Christian commandment that "Thou shalt not bear false witness," people have known for millennia that honesty is essential. So too in the awakening of your voice, wherever there is dishonesty, that is a blockage to you opening fully into all the things you need to say.

Opening to New Levels of Speech
Opening to the deeper abilities in your voice will vary. It may be that you find you're a natural singer. You may be an amazing orator. You may also be a powerful counselor or therapist. Being with people, you can use your abilities to listen in conjunction with your words to help people heal or become more aware of something. The ways that speech get used in life are many.

Even if you're already very proficient with your voice, the more deeply you are in integrity and intention with it, the more you'll be able to do with it. I've had spaces in my life where I'm kinda like "Wow, did I really just say that? I didn't even know that I knew that." Which is leading to an even bigger aspect of an open, clear voice: you can become a conduit for divine messages.

Prophesying and Channeling: Tools Anyone Can Do
Prophesying and channeling allow words to come down from your connection to the divine. People in these spaces often have no prior knowledge of the information that they're talking about. Edgar Cayce was an amazing example of this. He could go into a trance to pull down information to accurately heal people or predict many events. However, in my own life, I can tell you that you don't need to be in a trance to pull in this information. The important part is having a clear path that you hold without judgment.

As your upper energy centers are clearer and clearer, things can more easily flow down through you. Everyone will have different levels of ability to do this. It depends on what you're supposed to do, and everyone has their specific gifts. Some people will be naturally gifted at doing this, and others will have to put more energy and intention into it. But as you learn to simply say what arises, you are clearing the way for this to manifest. This, of course, is different than just bluntly blurting out whatever unconscious, random idea comes to you. In earlier sections of connecting with your voice, you should have been working on understanding why you say what you say and clearing away negative feelings. If nothing else, the awakened voice speaks with love.

Once again, having friends where you can just talk through things really helps. At first, talking through things helps to heal things and open your voice. As you go along, more becomes possible.

But you got to take the muzzle off.

Your Silence Serves No One
There's a lot of wisdom percolating in people these days, but some people come to think that they have to be silent and say nothing on the spiritual path. They are afraid to get into an ego-battle, I think. I get that. Certainly, an awakened voice doesn't care about being right. It cares about simply expressing itself. Its words are its expression, and the clearer you are, the more you truly have to offer. In that space, your silence serves no one. It's also not about being perfect in what you say. That's another ego idea that keeps people locked up. There is no perfect expression, at least not for the ego. The perfect expression for you is trusting yourself, speaking from the heart, being in your vulnerability, being in your truth, and just letting the words come out.

Too much silence from kind, open, spiritual people has let a lot of other noise hold sway. Those of us speaking and writing now are aiming to make more space for authentic voices. Let yours join in this growing chorus, and you may begin to feel your Truth activate even more deeply in your life.

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  1. Wow, I'm blown away by your website. It's addresses questions I've had for so long and couldn't find other people tackling. Kudos.

    1. You're welcome. Thank you for reading the posts. I'm glad that they can help you on your path.


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