Finding Purpose in Life

spiritual purpose
My student, Susan, talks about opening up to her soul's purpose on her journey.

I recently walked into a bathroom of a local coffee shop. Handwritten graffiti was haphazardly plastered on almost every inch of the walls. My eyes spontaneously scanned the checkerboard floor where more nonsense was written in black marker. Suddenly a moment of clarity came to me when my eyes caught a phrase hidden amongst the clutter of words surrounding it. It stated, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” A smile immediately came to my face as I stood there. What an awkward place to be in to receive such wisdom. It was almost as if I heard it before, but not knowing where from. To no surprise the same phrase whispered into my ears the next day as I was listening to a audio-book talk from a spiritual teacher, Robert Pino. Other experiences, like this one, all point to the same source. They have all been helping me come to understand my mission, or purpose, in life.

I have been desperately searching for my mission, not realizing until now that I already know it. My spirit has known it since I was born. I am a healer. Creation has chosen me to be a healer. Physical therapy and the infinite other forms of healing are all just human experiences that can allow me to cultivate my mission. I am already living my future as a healer, so why have I been feeling the need to search for it? The one thing that was inhibiting me from seeing this was my perspective on the subject.

What Is Your Perspective?
Although I am reaching completion of my formal education to become a physical therapist assistant, I kept having this nagging feeling that physical therapy was not going to be my only career. There was something more out there for me. Then I thought, “Why bother if I already know I can do more?” Through further contemplation I found that wanting something more out of my path as a healer would only lead to more wanting and therefore leaving me unfulfilled. However, if I changed my perspective I could see that there is a benefit to everything that I do and everything that I experience. Even seemingly unfortunate events are of a benefit to me. Then I realized physical therapy is a necessity in order for me to do more. I am already putting my future into action. My future is what I am doing now in this very moment. Everything that I do is the right thing, because it comes from the spirit. Even seemingly bad choices are of a benefit because they give me wisdom through experience. Sometimes wisdom can only come through experience. It is all a matter of having a different perspective.

Am I playing just another role?
I came across the subject of role playing while I was struggling with finding purpose in life. I noticed through various experiences over the last few weeks that I needed to explore this concept more so that I could better understand it within myself.

Role playing is but another trick of the ego to attempt to give purpose to my life. The word “purpose” is only a word to help me conceptualize how I am going to live my human experience as a spiritual being. It gives me a reason to show my skills and the Light within me. However, the ego desperately wants to make something more of the word, often by attaching the label of a role. Magically the role playing I do in my daily lives has a purpose. I am a student, a caregiver, a friend, daughter, etc.. Is all this role playing necessary? Perhaps it is to bring organization to society, but nothing more. For me, purpose is being IN anything of ANY moment that is presented to me all the while being a watchful observer of the ego. I am healing something or someone with every action I make, whether it be performing a physical therapy treatment or smiling at someone sitting in the car next to me. Everything I do affects someone in a healing way even if I cannot visibly see the results.

Cultivating this awareness takes practice, though. I have to ask myself constantly, “Am I being my authentic self in this moment?” It is all too common to instantly react and put up some kind of barrier when interacting with others, especially in a group or work setting. After all, who wants to be judged by his/her coworkers or peers? Fear? Judgment? Perhaps the question to ask should be is my perception of this moment causing me to feel judged? Once I do this, I often notice I am the one creating judgments, leaving me confused as I judge my own judgments.

Completion…The word surrounds me all the time. But through an open heart and open mind I know I am completing my purpose even as I write these words. The shift in consciousness the world is experiencing is forcing us all to align with our mission and be our authentic selves. When will you realize you are a spiritual and authentic being having a human experience, not the other way around?

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.


  1. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I love this!!!! How perfect that it was tucked between random words on a patterned floor...waiting right there for you to discover!!! And then to hear the words gives me the chills!!!


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