The Next Generation of Conscious Children

As I connect with more parents on the spiritual path, I feel like it's important to spend a little time talking about how important parenting is with the consciousness and paradigm shift that's going on. First of all, I think children are great because they'll do just about anything. So to me, you've already got your own little spiritual community going in your living room; you just need to get over yourself and your own hang ups (Will it be weird to have a conscious dance party with my kids in the kitchen?) and go for it. It really beats a lot of other things you might do with your kids (watching more mind-numbing television, filling them with sugar, etc.).

This isn't meant to be pedantic--just setting up a frame of reference because like everything else going on with spirituality, I seem to be shifting how people look at the bigger picture.

Spirituality and Parenting: No Need for Separation
Because so many people seem to think they have to meditate in absolute silence or go on yoga retreats far away, spirituality appears to not be something for children. What nonsense. Spirituality is in everything, and if you love your children (and I sure hope you appreciate what gifts they are), then spirituality is almost certainly already going on with you and your kids. How could it not? You have been part of the life creating process, and I can't think of anything more intrinsically spiritual than that. Life is amazing. It's more than a few chromosomes coming together in a party in a woman's uterus. I hope you know that too.

So, when you look at your children, I want you to start to see your own little spiritual community. You can do all kinds of things with them. Chanting is easy enough. It's not like they really care about the words (at least for the little ones--the bigger ones might, but then you tell them that's it's about the sound more than the words). The little ones will really enjoy the sounds. They most certainly will come to find something you had not. They're not blocked up with stupid ideas of what they can or can't do. And in many respects, that's the biggest spiritual lesson that you can offer to your kids; don't limit them. This isn't meant as in don't limit their access to sugar--you know what's better in that regard than they do. But there are so many other forms of creative expression that you can make space for as they discover themselves and their unique gifts in the world.

The Torch From the Indigoes Gets Passed On
I really hate generalizations and labels about groups of people. So for those of you who aren't familiar with the term "Indigo Children," this is a term that's meant to more or less describe the conscious awareness of a whole bunch of children born in the late 70s and early 80s I think. I dunno. The time frame may be slightly different. I honestly don't care. Indigo children is one of those terms that obfuscates more than clarifies (just like the word obfuscate--how many people know what that means?). It also feeds into the ego thing of "these children are special." As if others are not? But still, there is some truth to saying that there were a whole load of kids with a lot of active awareness that have been growing up since that time. I am sure that I'd get classified as one of them.

And it's not to say that there haven't been other children like this in other generations and time periods. As I connect with people in their mid-twenties, I can feel how strong so much awareness is in them. I'm sure it's bursting out of the teenagers, and down into the younger children, it's going to be a whole other shift into consciousness in this world. Because a lot of them--to use an expression by my mother--are coming in with "the lights on." I would say the lights aren't just on, but a few of them feel like gi-normous spotlights to me. I met one little girl once, and I suddenly felt extremely young compared to her.

Parents like you are helping to not just keep those lights on, but to shepherd them into a much more profound and everyday embodiment of that awareness that has rarely happened in any large numbers on this planet (at least as far as I'm aware).

Spiritual Parenting and the Spiritual Work of Raising a Highly Aware Child
It's amazing to me that I rarely hear people talk about the spirituality of raising a child. Maybe I just haven't been attracting that stuff, but so often, spirituality is placed in the singular quest of the individual. The individual is idealized as having to tramp off into the wilderness to find his/her self and leave the world behind. Well, that's nonsense. You'll take whatever experience with you that you already have inside, and eventually, you've got to come home anyway. In some ways, the return home is almost more important than the departure. And in truth, some of the greatest shifts in consciousness will come out of the challenges that you face in your home.

But I'm not intending to turn the family home into any more of a battleground than it has unfortunately been turned into by parental egos teaching their children's egos how to be petty, greedy, jealous, and otherwise small-minded. I think that's why some of the conscious children get depression so easily--it's horribly sad to be around such mean-spiritedness. I've heard from at least one person how that heavy depression has been with her all her life, and I can't help but frame it in my own mind as the severe dejection of the soul. It's as if the soul suddenly looks around and feels so trapped and dismayed that it'd rather run right back out of this life. And of course as Eckhart Tolle's story shows us, interest in suicide isn't an uncommon thing for a depressed soul, but let's not go down that dark path, please.

Making Space for Growth: Yours and Your Children's
This post is getting depressing, and that's not where I mean it to go. Instead, I encourage you to see your spiritual path and that of your children as parallel paths. You won't necessarily get into indepth conversations about the Baghavad Gita initially, but there's so many other things that you can do together. Furthermore, it's beautiful spiritual work to raise your children with love so that they can flourish and evolve into highly-conscious beings on the planet. Your work with your children is the very essence of the paradigm shift. Certainly all the rest of us waking up is a big deal, but many of the young children won't need to go to sleep at all. You're going to make space so that they don't. You can't control what happens for your children or the paths they'll choose, but in doing your own work and inviting your children into spirituality in playful and explorative ways, your children will have the opportunity to grow more from their natural soul intelligence than from social conditioning being imposed on them.

Natural Shifts in Consciousness: The Next Generation Takes Us Further
Each generation is going to be its own powerful wave. Those bright little lights in the eyes of your children are going to flourish and ignite into bigger flames in their hearts as they grow into their life paths. It's impossible to say what they'll do. I think a lot of us who've awakened now aren't exactly sure what we'll do yet. But we're opening the door further for them just as the generation of baby boomers (ack, another generalizing term!) began exploring a lot of the spiritual and mystical knowledge before us. It is a lot of work, and it may be forgotten in some ways as these conscious children come into their own. Many things will just be so much easier because of this path that we've blazed for them. Such is the way of these things, and that's okay. But for now, if you're a parent with a child who may have a few special abilities--finding things no one else can find, healing little wounds with a touch of the finger, and other astonishing talents--let them grow. Encourage them, and you may get to see some truly amazing people grow up within your loving arms.


  1. I have a 4 1/2 year old child who has given us complete "hell" over the past 4 years. He has been acting out since the age of 1. We just thought the terrible two's came early and stayed late for we waited all this time and he's only progressively gotten worse. My husband and I are positive, loving individuals. We teach our children peace, love and respect. But with my son....nothing we have taught him has made any impact. We know we cant be bad parents, for our other two children are fine and a great examples of positive behavior. I was just recently looking up conscious awareness for children, when I came across info on Indigo children and I have to say that I believe we have one living in our home. I always thought maybe this little boy was trying to teach me something, but wrote it off as him being a disrespectful child with no boundaries whatsoever. Thank you for the info on your site. It has given me some clarity into all these years of stress. Namaste!

    1. Thanks for your note, AshP. If your child is very aware, then it's very important to help him to express whatever it is he's trying to express. The limitations of a body may be very frustrating to an advanced soul, so finding ways to help him relax into the exploration of his body may be important. You have to understand from the soul level that bodies are incredibly restrictive and dense things. They're not at all comfortable to live in. It's like trying to cram a dinosaur into a tin can--not comfortable at all.

      I can't speak to what or how he may be acting out, but I'd encourage you to find some different ways of parenting with him. Perhaps sound healing will be interesting (i.e. search on sound healing on youtube). Listening to different tones may elicit different responses. Some meditative stuff (not too much) might also be helpful. Like 5 minutes of lying on the ground with your eyes closed and practicing breathing.

      These are just some thoughts to get you going. You're on an exploration with this child, and I hope you all of you find some amazing things.


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