This blog is a shout-out to all the people, Web sites, and bloggers who have supported me in one way or another. I'm not going to attempt to name everyone, but a few people are standing out in my mind and in my heart today.

Gratitude for Interdependence
As many of you know, there is nothing that we do in this world by ourselves. Everything is a partnership with others or even the universe--we are just so interconnected and interdependent. I'm not gaining the momentum and readership in spiritual teaching because of what I've done. I'm gaining it because of what others have done with me and for me. By myself, I could easily be another dead blog that no one knows about.

So in a very different way, I'd like to thank StumbleUpon and Google. Thanks to all the visionaries, computer engineers, marketing people, finance people, and everyone who has put together the organization to create the tools that are driving almost 90% of my traffic. Without you, I'd probably only have a couple hundred friends and friends-of-friends who ever look at this thing. Because of you, nearly 9,000 visits come through this blog a month, and that's an increasingly growing number. And to take it one step further, without Blogger, I'd have to use another tool, and without blogs, I would not be able to project my voice in this way.

Guest Postings, Link-Love, and Commendations
Thanks to everyone who has linked to this blog and to those who yet will. This helps spread the word even more, and I am honored that you liked this blog enough to do so. Some great blogs have linked to me too including Alexys Fairfields' Soul Meets World blog. Alexys, I've appreciated your comments and our blog conversations. Thanks also to Kris Cahill for linking to me from Psychic Everyday and for all that she's doing helping people on their spiritual paths.

Of course, I have to thank all the people who've let me guest post on their sites. Evita over at is awesome. She's brought together more than a few lightworkers and healers, giving them a vehicle to share their voices, and she even had me featured as the person of the month in April. Most recently, Jonathan at let me post a new article about discovering a spiritual path. And I just feel so humbled to have been given the opportunity to write on these as well as other sites and speak to new audiences around the world. It seems like I get to connect with some new and amazing people every day, and these are a lot of the online people who are helping to be my digital community to do so.

Thanks to all the readers, email subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, StumbleUpon followers, and so many more. All of you are helping to create this new paradigm shift because that's what this blog and so many others (like the ones that I've mentioned) are about. We're changing the world, and we're coming into this New Earth by connecting in such meaningful, kind, and generous ways. I read a quote on my Facebook feed today, and it said: "We need each other. So much."

So true. And thank you.


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