Intimacy without Intimacy

A poem by my student and friend, Susan. 

Latin: “De”

Meaning: “Away”

Reaching out to the vastness slightly beyond my fingertips.

I might as well be a camel in search of water,

Of course I do not know it is already stored in a safe place.

Almost there.

Once I have it, then I will need nothing else. I will be fulfilled. Finally.

If only it were not so close yet beyond me,

away from my grasp.

Almost there.

If only I…

If only he..

If only she..

If only this…

If only that…

So far away.

Latin: “Ire”

Meaning: To Travel, To Go

I can feel the heat of the pavement rising up and into the soles of my callused feet.

Why does this journey have to be so long?

My mind exacerbates the situation.

Feeling the weight transfer from my heel to the ball of my foot with every step.

Traveling onward, the ground supporting me, kicking up dust and debri

Along the way.

“Desire”: To Travel Away From One's Self

To think, feel, talk, and act in desirable ways without seeing the illusion behind it.

What an elusive way for the ego to enter through the back door of my mind.

I desire this event to happen,

this person to act,

to satisfy my mind,

even despite the temporary outcome. Not that bad, right?

There’s always a next time. A next time for the ego to continue it’s non-evolutionary cycle.

The more desire is grasped, the farther it pulls me away from knowing my Truth.

It fuels the need to disperse my power to everyone else, but through myself.

The understanding of one’s intimacy without needing intimacy.

The pressing search through the desert has ended.

The water of life has been found within.

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.


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