Free Spirituality Webinar and Free Monthly Newsletter

I'm busy as ever. Here are two new things that I wanted to announce.

What Is Spirituality Webinar
I wanted to let everyone in my readership know about a free webinar that's coming up on September 21st at 12pm PST. This should be an accessible time for most people around the world since I know that many of you are abroad. In the webinar, I will be tackling the topic of spirituality to help people see how spirituality is already in their lives and that it can be realized in every moment. I will also discuss associated topics such as religion and spiritual awakening. Ultimately, the point of this webinar is to give you a basis to create your own understanding of spirituality as well as other important concepts.

There will be time at the end for questions too.

Register for "What Is Spirituality?" on this link.

Free Monthly Spirituality Newsletter
Also, I now have a free monthly newsletter where I'll be sending out updates and tips on a regular basis. It's still a work in progress (what isn't on this path, right?), so I'm happy to get your feedback. For those of you who are subscribed to this blog (and most likely reading this post from your inbox), the newsletter is different from the subscription that is sending my blogs directly to your email. I wanted to mention that just in case there's any confusion.

Subscribe to The Wake Up Call--a free monthly newsletter.

Feel free to leave comments if there are different webinars that you'd be interested in attending. Thanks in advance!


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