Nourishing Your Body and Soul

I'm always concerned about how little attention the body receives on the spiritual path. So many spiritual traditions get lost in more esoteric rituals that the body can become an afterthought. In some traditions, it's some kind of evil thing to be transcended or abused. I think that's ridiculous. Our body is as much a part of our spiritual path as anything. I mean, can you have a spiritual path on Earth without having a body?

So don't go beating yourself up, and also, don't get lost in pleasures of the world. There is a beautiful balance to be had, and here are a few blog posts aimed to help you discover that balance within you.

Eating to Live and Living to Eat
For these suggested posts, I'm focusing on food. Eating disorders abound in life as well as fasting too much on the spiritual path. There's a time and a place for fasting, but first of all, it's time to pay attention to your body to figure out what foods it needs for nourishment.

Blog #1: Healing Bad Eating Patterns and Habits

Part of what I like about this post is the comment about admitting that you don't know why you eat what you eat. You don't, do you? How many of you have even considered why you eat the foods you eat. It's just what got served in your family or in the restaurants around you. Now, you need to pay attention to what those foods are doing or not doing for you. It's how we bring awareness to our nourishment.

Blog #2: 6 Tips to Healing Bad Eating Habits

I like this blog because the tips are so down-to-earth. I do my best to keep the advice in this blog relevant to everyday life. Not everything translates perfectly to the page, but this post is about as real as I can get anything. If you can't find a tip in here that can help you, I'm going to wonder how committed you are to making changes for yourself. Because on this path, you have to make a commitment, and not everything you will do will put a nice taste in your mouth.

Blog #3: Awakening to Your Food: Enlightening Your Diet

I like the re-emphasis of choice in this blog post. Understanding how make the choices you make around food is very empowering, and you really can become extremely in-tune with your body to know what foods are right for you right down to specific times of day for eating them. Enlightening your diet is really about listening to your body. It's not about doing what other people say. How can anyone but you know what is right for your body?

Empowered Eating: The Spiritual Path of Nourishment
I just really like the alliteration in the above subhead--empowered eating. Isn't that some ridiculous jargon? Ah, who cares, right? You get the point. Take power over your eating habits and connect with you body's needs. You'll be amazed at how good you will feel.


  1. I've been thinking more lately about my body, what food I put into it, and what demands I make on it. I'm training for my black belt test in taekwondo next month, so I am asking a lot of my 59 year old body right now. My body is letting me know it's close to its limits. So I'm trying to nourish it and care for it more than usual. These are great posts full of inspiration and information. THanks!


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