Gratitude to Mother Earth

Another poem from Susan as well as picture of hers. Enjoy.

Tall life force,
Allowing me to fall into your embrace
As I lean against your trunk
Feeling my heart beat melt into yours
To see your face,

Your waves crash onto the land
The hum of your voice soothes me.
My body sways with yours.
As I take your hand.
Your support is my life boat,
Your love is my sail,
During the rough seas.
I can never fail
On this journey.

My belly touches your belly.
Compassionately held in your
Of forgiveness and
Of grace.
You feed me with all that I need.
All that I am.
You planted this seed
So that I may bloom
into knowing who I am to become.
I already am
Divine feminine, Divine flower.
Rooted into your fertile soil.
My cord connected once again.

Help me to break free from the walls
Of this seed.
Pushing through the dirt,
Gasping for air,
To know the feeling of sunlight on my stem.
I must tear,
Through the walls that resist me
From staring into your rays.
You never left me,
You never will,
For all of my days.

I forgot
Where you were.
Yet you were in front of me,
All the while.
My Guides, sent by you
To show me what was
For me.
Oh how I did not foresee
The beauty I now know within.
Reminded again, and again.

Susan started to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator four years ago when she was introduced to the works of Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now" by Jim Tolles. Her life has been transformed in countless ways since then.


  1. This is a powerful poem, Susan. You've painted an intimate portrait of the divine feminine with your words here. Love it!!


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