My Prayers for the Week

One of the things I haven't talked too much about on this blog is prayer. I pray a lot. I pray before eating my food. I pray before going to sleep at night. God is on my speed dial list, and I use that number regularly.

A lot of times, my prayers are in the form of gratitude or in sending love and positive energy to others. I realize that I don't actually know what's right for others, which is why prayer is a such a beautiful practice. The Universe is much smarter than I am about how everything should unfold, so I do my best to let the Universe figure out the details while I offer up my love to those who need it.

A Week for Prayer
This is so much change and shifting going on in the world, and primarily, my heart is called to pay attention to North Africa and the Middle East. Lives have been put on the line, and lives have been lost. I don't know where any of this is leading, but I invite you to share these prayers with me if you feel moved to (and you don't have to if you don't feel that movement in you heart; simply find what you do feel moved to pray for to bring prayer authentically into your practice).

In my family, we have a beautiful saying as part of our prayers. It goes: "Everything will work out better than we can possibly imagine." I think mom made it up, and I've incorporated it into numerous prayers. In essence, it accepts that we can't imagine what the best outcome looks like. Certainly, you've probably seen a lot of strange stuff happen in life that you never thought could happen. I studied history in college for one of my degrees, and I learned about all kinds of strange things that you'd never thought could have happened. So I use this saying in my prayers to honor the deeper divine mystery that I can never really know how things need to unfold.

Sending Peace, Love, and Prosperity to the Middle East and North Africa
Here are my three prayers for the week. Join me if you'd like to.

  1. May everything work out better than we can possibly expect in the transition of governments in Egypt.
    1.  After amazing the world with mostly peaceful protests in Egypt, a transfer of power and of governmental style is process. But the road is still very tremulous. The next big step is for them to hold elections, which appear to be overly complicated and potentially leading to a lot of dissent and unnecessary confusion.  Who knows what the motives are behind all of that? This is the latest that I've read:
  2.  May everything work out better than we can possibly expect in the formulation of a new political system in Libya.
    1. I don't think anyone really appreciates how volatile Libya is. I think in the U.S. we have a very blind attitude that somehow democracy can just be spread all over whatever pains you around the world. Nonetheless, a new cabinet has been formed to create an interim government as they set up for elections. That cabinet is already drawing heat for not being representative of one minority group. Here is the latest as of today:
  3. May everything work out better than we can possibly expect in Syria.
    1. I have no idea what to even say about Syria. Since March, the Syrian government has murdered over 3500 protestors who have wanted to oust the current leader in that government. The Arab League of Nations has approved sanctions against Syria, which is an unprecedented move for that organization according to CBS News. It may be a situation where things get a lot worse before they get better, but that's why I leave this prayer up to God to resolve. The latest is here:
May your prayers bring love and light to all those around the world in these difficult times of change and rebirth.


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