Free Spirituality Webinar: How to Build Your Spiritual Practice

My next free webinar is called, "How to Build Your Spiritual Practice."

It will be at: 6pm Pacific Standard Time on January 18, 2012.

This webinar is meant for beginners, intermediates, and advanced. It's a webinar that will help you to start out with the right intentions in your practice. So many people have these grand illusions and delusions about getting to some perfect place in their lives, and that's not the point of spiritual practice at all. So this spirituality webinar will spend a good deal of time talking about how to question the assumptions we have and as well as how to look for the assumptions that we don't know we have.

This can be especially helpful for advanced and intermediate people on the spiritual path. Perhaps, you've been meditating for 20 years, and you feel like you "haven't gotten anywhere." Even if you intellectually know that there's no where to go, you may feel at a loss on your path after doing everything you've been told. In this way, this spirituality webinar would be better titled as "How to RE-Build Your Spiritual Practice."

As always, there's a deeper level of energy and connection that happens underneath the words, and for those people who simply want to tune into that, feel free to join in even if you're not that interested in the topic.

You can register for this webinar on this link:

"How to Build Your Spiritual Practice" Registration