Faith and Trust on the Spiritual Path

I have written so much on this blog that I'm going to spend a little time surfacing some of the posts that haven't gotten as much attention as others. I've got over 500 posts at the moment I am editing this, and while some of you have really delved through a lot of it, some of it gets missed. That's okay, and I'm digging into it a little to share a couple of the ones that feel important right now.

Especially in these times of change, I think faith is a core part of the most important things we need in life, and so today's spiritual blog compilation is dedicated to faith, letting go, and trust.

Ya Gotta Have Faith
I don't intend to tell you how or what to believe in, but I can tell you that there's so much in this world that happens that I don't understand that faith is the only way that I know how to make it through. We try so hard to account for everything and make huge scientific laws. And what good does that do us when your mother who has never had a drop of alcohol gets severe psoriasis of the liver?

We don't become blind believers on the spiritual path, but we do learn to understand what we can and can't control in life and what we can and can't intellectually know. With these thoughts in mind, I've surfaced the below post about faith and God:

Your Divine Connection: Faith and God

There's No Rubber Padding in this World
There's no way to make life any safer, and I think it's an important point to remember as you embark fully on your spiritual path. If you think that there's some place of total material abundance, rainbows, and fluffy bunnies, you're on the wrong path. This is what people seem to be trying to turn the spiritual path into it. Make no mistake about it, the spiritual path is a path of immense love, but love isn't always to our preference. The higher love that we connect with may bring challenging issues into our lives, and that's simply how it works. You won't feel safe, per se, and in truth, the idea of feeling safe from all the challenging and difficult things that go on in the world is a total illusion.

So here's a blog to encourage you to let go of this idea of safety. We are not blindly wandering around the wrong parts of town in doing this, but we do understand that we can't control our worlds nor force them into imagined lands free of any peril or difficulty.

Letting Go of Safety

Expanding Your Trust in Spiritual Awakening
For those of you waking up, you'll find that you don't feel safe at all at times, and other times, you'll feel incredibly safe. What happens in those beautiful moments is that you've let go of the idea of what safety looks like, and you're trusting the process. The more trust and faith you bring into the process, the easier it'll go. You will still be challenged, but it becomes easier to be with the challenges and to just let them go. Don't make a story out of it. Don't make the spiritual awakening an ordeal that you have to get through. Don't do anything but fully accept it. If you do that, then you'll find so much more ease in this transitional time, and you'll see so much more of the new life that you've always wanted--but perhaps didn't think you could have--suddenly being birthed.

With these thoughts in mind, here's a post about trust.

Trusting the Process of Spiritual Awakening

Walking In Humility on Your Spiritual Path
True faith is very humble. It brings with it a sense of trust that all is going as it should. It is not blind; it'll actually make you see and sense what needs to be shifted or guided in a new course very clearly. All of the spiritual path is about empowering you to take action when appropriate as well as when to simply be still and allow things to unfold without active intervention. It's an amazing course to take, and I hope these blogs that I've highlighted help you to follow it to your heart's true wishes.


  1. I have a (ok, a couple of hundred,really) question....... In all of my readings (yours, Deepak, Echart, Dail Lama, Wayne Dyer, etc.) there is talk of trusting.....intuition, the Tao, the spiritual process, Nature, etc. And many references are made to and in nature.

    But always my mind goes back to aN instance where a beetle was flailing in a pool and someone took pity on it and carefully placed it on the side of the pool, out of the water. It continued to flail for a minute or two until it finally got it's bearings again and started to walk. Only to hav e small bird swoop down and eat it up. My question?

    We know that the world of form owes us nothing in terms of our happiness coming from anywhere but within. But to trust in the path, or the Tao...... Doesn't necessary mean we will be 'okay', then, does it?

    If what is, is and what will be, will be, isn't it just as likely
    that wecould be that beetle that was saved from drowning only to be eaten by the bird as it would be to be that hungry bird that someone saved a special morsal for?

    1. Yes.

      And we could also be the beetle that regains its wings and flies again.

      One way or the other, we will all die, and in the death of the physical, we transmute into the fullness of spirit. There is no safe way to live life, so you might as well go all-in to live the life that you truly want. Would you rather get eaten after flailing around in things you don't care about or would you rather be eaten after having done your utmost to live the life of your dreams?

  2. As I said, so many questions as I try to put it all together in a daily practice. Thanks for your response. As always, your words ring true for me. But if it were me n that story, I imagine I'd rather be the storyteller or watcher..... The one who took the beetle out of the water and later shared the story with me. I suspect that beetle never knew the impact it ended up having on so.many people. .

    Thanks Jim


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