Igniting Your Inner Healer Healing Session

My next free webinar will be set up as a healing session. This will be pretty different than anything I've done before, and if you're interested in connecting more deeply with your own healing abilities, I encourage you to register.

Date: February 28, 2012
Time: 10am PST (Please be sure to find the correct time for your timezone)


Session Break Down
  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Settling In
  3. Guided Healing Session/Meditation
  4. Coming Out
  5. Q&A

I can take you into deep places very quickly when you're ready, so I encourage you to be in a safe and quiet place for this. Ideally there aren't any distractions (children you have to look after, cells phones, email, etc.).

The essence of this session is to help you connect with the healing that your energy's natural intelligence already has. This may be intense; this may be easy. You may feel nothing; you may feel lots of things. What's important is to come to it with an open mind and to trust the process. As with anything on the spiritual path, you have to learn how to trust the process.