A Profile in Spiritual Awakening

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I have the amazing privilege of connecting deeply with many people and hearing lots of amazing stories. Recently, one person wrote back to me about how she embraced her spiritual awakening and made the changes that she was both afraid to make and needing to make. The results are pretty awesome.

Above all else when you read this, I encourage you to look at this story as an example of what you can do for yourself. I really am just a cameo in Ioana's shift, and while I appreciate the energy, dynamism, and general love and presence that I offer to help people get over the hump, most of just about anyone's shift is 99.5% you (and God too).

So enjoy this profile in spiritual awakening; I hope to share more as others have the courage to share with me and who graciously allow me to post on this blog. Know that you can make the changes that your heart truly desires, and know that things truly can work out better than you could possibly image.

From Ioana:

I contacted you around this time last year. I was 24 then, working (unhappily) as an engineer, and undergoing some massive changes. Back then, I was suffering greatly from all sorts of ailments that no one could identify...and all attempts to do so only made me worse. You had sent me your E-book and some wonderful words of hope, and you have since given me a great spiritual perspective that has done MUCH healing.

I know I didn't keep in touch, but I thought that you would appreciate this follow-up!

As I contacted you back then, I was preparing to return to my home country, Romania. And as I was leaving, I printed out your WHOLE book. I read it diligently over the next week. In an interesting turn of events, the man sitting next to me on the flight to Romania (last March) was impressed to see your book, and we started a conversation. He revealed to me that a spiritual awakening of sorts pushed him to change careers and become a film director. This story was so powerful to me, and your book was so powerful at helping me rebuild my confidence within a spiritual context that I paid attention to the signs!

Some months later, I went to San Francisco to attend the IONS conference on science and spirituality, and I was even further inspired there to incorporate my spiritual understanding into my life more. I used my new confidence and my full appreciation of the creativity that had awakened in me to produce a commercial in my old engineering firm (totally out of the blue, I was a lab geek), and have since started my own video production company.

My life is on track now, I have met a wonderful, spiritually-awake partner, and I am happier, more fulfilled, and more grateful than I have ever been in my life. And maybe the biggest blessing...I finally quit smoking!! Watching this habit fall away was just monumental. :)

Thank you for being a positive influence in my life. I have been very excited to see your work develop and continue to bring hope to many.

You are awesome!!

Much love and light,