Refined Healing Techniques for Refining Your Energy

Okay, I'm jumping to a different point in the process of embodied awakening. I hope everyone had a chance to read up on my recent blog about integrating spirituality. It's a recurring theme as you refine yourself to whatever energy vibration it is that you are meant to hold. Each level you go through, you have to break things down, clear space, and integrate the energy into your awareness. It's an ongoing process for your whole life, but during the initial phases of awakening, it's much more intense. Once things settle down and you have the tools that you need, there becomes a rhythmic flow to it. It's kinda like going through the seasons. You understand that there are certain things to do during fall, winter, spring, or summer. Truly, it becomes that basic.

Refined Healing Techniques: The Demands of Your Process
Everyone is refining to a different and unique vibration. It will be distinctly your own even though other people will also be in similar vibrations. It's never quite the same, and that's fine. There are also many similarities that allow you to interconnect, and that's beautiful. But I don't want you to get caught up in comparing your shifts and your energy needs to anyone else's. Just because my awakening has proceeded a certain way doesn't mean that yours will. It may be more intense or less intense. You may feel like you're being refined to a super high vibration and not refined that much. Everyone's soul plan is different, and the whole point of the refining process is to clear away the junk and open you into the fullness of you--whatever that looks like for you. You can never undervalue the importance of just being you, and that requires no comparison.

With all that said, at each pass of the awakening energy (it always seems to come in waves--at least for me), there's a deepening and expanding of awareness. With that expansion, more pressure is placed on all the old pain points and some new pain points that may have been hiding underneath everything. This will require different frequencies of energy and potentially different healing techniques. Specifically, I want to call your attention to energy healing and energy healers, as there are many of them and more and more coming into that type of healing service. Because they truly aren't all the same. One healer and healing modality may help you to clear blockages or deepen your process at one time. Then after you've absorbed that particular energy, you may not need more of it. Kinda like my vitamins metaphor in the last blog. You're all full up on Vitamin A. It won't help you to eat more carrots now.

Exploring Your Other Spiritual Veggies
This may be frustrating if you've really attached to your healer or healing modality, and while attachment is always an issue in life, it can be a really troublesome one here. You are stuffing yourself full of carrots, but you need more niacin. It's not working. Perhaps some of you have experiences of this. You had such amazing experiences with a healer, and now, you don't feel anything. The healer--if he or she is inexperienced and immature--may tell you that you simply need to keep coming to work through it. This is where your inner knowing is especially crucial because you are now swimming out in very deep waters. The rational mind becomes pretty useless other than to hold space for your intuition. So you need to know if by going with this healing modality that you are working through something gradually or if this is an example of already having more than enough of that particular "vitamin" for your spiritual nutrition.

The Many Healing Modalities of the Spiritual World
Everybody seems to have a new modality these days. From Reiki to Craniosacral Therapy to acupuncture, somebody has got something to heal you. And many of them are wonderful. It's just that they have to be used appropriately and with awareness. You're not supposed to give up your own inner knowing and ability to sense and evaluate effectiveness to a "New Age Doctor." That's no better than how people give up their abilities to make informed decisions with Western Doctors (whom by the way, I wholly support. I don't understand why some in the New Age community want to throw out Western medicine. To me, healing is healing is healing. Use everything and the kitchen sink if it works and does no harm to anyone).

So step one is to tune into how you're feeling and what's coming up. You don't want to focus just on comfort because healing is often uncomfortable. I often use the metaphor of people walking around on broken legs. To avoid the pain, people numb themselves (alcohol, drugs, sex, television, workaholism, and so forth). When they come to the spiritual path and stop being numb, they can be in screaming pain, which is why many people run away from the spiritual path. Those who have the courage to continue have to set the bone, clear up damage to the surrounding areas, clean up infections, put their legs in casts, be in a wheelchair, and so forth. Obviously, it looks like you're worse off than you were before, but you're not. You're healing. And healing can get and look messy for awhile.

The Refining Process: One Issue Hides Yet Another
So you went to one type of doctor to fix your broken legs. Let's say that this is a metaphor for being in a terrible relationship that you couldn't escape from and where you gave up your power. Great. So now that's healing, you can suddenly sense that there's something wrong with your heart. You don't go to the same healer who set your broken bones to deal with a heart issue. Now you go to a heart specialist.

The same really can be truly for a lot of energy healing modalities. This a lesser known fact, which is part of why I'm writing to you. Some healers are generalists. They can move energy around in a kind of superficial way to do light healing. Others know how to go deeper in specific ways--specialists. Some healers work with different frequencies of energy, and once your energy attunes to it--essentially your energy learns the frequency and integrates it--then you don't need that healer anymore. And of course, you have a few people out there who work in great depth with all types of energy frequencies. Usually, this is working in pure white light, and it doesn't require any intermediaries. An intermediary can be like working from a tradition like Reiki, different psychic channels, Archangel Michael, and plenty more other connections than I can mention. A lot of people think they're working from the purest of pure, but they really aren't. It's part of a lack of understanding out there. It's not good or bad; it's just important for people to understand what they are, what they are capable of doing, and what their limitations are.

Let's use radio towers for an example. 
  • Let's say that some radio towers get certain frequencies and can only broadcast in a small vicinity.
  • Others can get those specific frequencies and can broadcast in a large vicinity.
  • Still others can get all frequencies, but can only do it in a small vicinity. 
  • The last group of universal receivers get all frequencies and broadcast broadly.
This isn't a matter of better or worse, and all of these healing transmitters have a role to play in healing the world on multiple levels. But for those of you learning how to refine yourselves to the appropriate frequency of your soul, it's important to recognize that these differences exist among energy healers and to select ones as appropriate to your needs.

Universal Transmitters Aren't For Everyone
And just for those egos reading this who are saying, "Well, I'll just go for the universal receiver to get the most bang for my buck," let's pause a second. You clearly have no idea what you're asking, and those of you who have gone "kaboom" in your awakening probably appreciate the value of healers working on small pieces here and there without taking the whole car apart at once. Healers who work through universal energy are very powerful individuals, and just being around them can cause shifts and ripples in others naturally. The nature of this pure universal energy is to awaken people to their deepest and truest selves. So, you only really want to engage with such a healer when you are ready for your whole life to change.


Not parts of it. Not just your love life. Not just getting rid of a general malaise and feeling that your life is directionless, but you still like where you live and the friends you have. Nothing is left alone, and everything is moving into the shift with such a healer. So that's your warning. They are obviously wonderful people to connect with to deal with deep trauma and pain, and they're also wonderful to connect with when you need to get past a serious blockage or to help stabilize in a higher vibration. Seriously, this is heavy juju, and this person doesn't even have to try to do it. That's the amazing thing about these healers; they're simply being what they are. That in and of itself, is a profound lesson for you.

Around and Around We Go
Healing often is cyclic. You'll heal out the same issue again and again. Each pass, you'll go a little deeper until you finally root it all out. And then, the issue and old cycles of pain drop out of your consciousness. You'll forget it in some ways until a situation shows up where you would have reacted a certain way and you don't. But you may not even notice it then. That's the beautiful part. Someone may have to point it out. It's amazing how deeply we can heal, and it's amazing how many people are here to assist you in doing so. So wherever you are in your spiritual path, healing will be a part of it. We all have so much pain in our consciousness that it's just part of the process. And for those of you in awakening, you'll have a lot of your own energy at your disposal to uproot these gnarly little pain points. With a little help from different types of healers at key times, all that dis-ease can be washed away, and you can simply be you.


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