Back from Hiatus: The Spiritual Teacher Is Ready to See You Now

The hiatus is over. I've taken time to settle and recuperate from all the intense internal changes that have gone on for me this year. Seriously, from October to the middle of June, it was all pretty intense with only a brief respite in January and February. For those of you in awakening, you understand what I mean here. It's not like I'm making things happen. It's more like a tidal wave has come, and I simply have to be with it and make space for all the waters that are flooding into me.

But with all that said, I am now grounded enough in this new space to expand my teaching practice. For those of you who have been waiting to get in touch with me, now is the time. If you are interested in assistance during your awakening, building a spiritual path, healing, or re-building a spiritual path, feel free to contact me through my contact form.

For those of you not in the San Francisco Bay Area, I do Skype sessions. These one-on-one sessions last about an hour. The process is very intuitive. We simply start to talk, and whatever comes up is usually what is meant to be discussed. Sometimes, I also add in guided meditations and other activities depending on what feels true to the situation. You are welcome to write down questions you have beforehand, but mainly I encourage you to come with an open mind and heart and to trust the process.

Most of all, these sessions are starting points. They're meant to help you get moving in creating the space you need for spirituality. For those in awakening, these sessions will very likely be a means to help you ground and create space for what is happening. For those in healing, we'll talk about what needs to heal and discover an appropriate solution together to unlock the healing within you.

Thanks for everyone's patience with me. Lots more great stuff is coming on the way. I'm fired up and ready to go!

Today's photo is a gift from one of my regular readers. Thanks so much Ricci!


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