Spiritual Awakening 2018, 2019, 2020 and So On

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There was some kind of enthusiasm going on for spiritual awakening in 2012 back when I first wrote this blog. It was definitely fun stuff. People were excited about the idea of peace, love, and harmony entering all of humanity in one fell swoop. People did what they usually do, however, which was to look for some external event to make life all better. Yes, in 2012, many spiritual quests, techniques, and journeys were the latest sugar pill. Take two, and you'll feel better in the morning. I don't know how anyone can really believe this stuff except that the unconscious ego is always looking outside of itself for fulfillment. So I guess this was inevitable.

As 2012 ended and prophecies, portals opening, vortices closing, alien predictions, and every other kind of hoo-hah got to a fever pitch, life went on. Because life and awakening aren't a single moment or experience, and if this is a revelation for you, let me take a moment to explain what spiritual awakening really is.

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Going Within for a Timeless Event

Here's the big truth about spiritual awakenings: they are timeless. They are always here in the moment. There's no lead time. There's no post awakening time. Now this may sound counter to what I blog about, but the truth of the matter is that this blog is dedicated to living from this awakened awareness. It's not about the process of making a spiritual awakening happen or perpetually re-enacting a high-state experience and the associated feelings. Your state of consciousness will always change in the physical world. How awakened awareness feels as you integrate it into your daily life feels different than that first hit. Think of it like the first time you tasted something really good. As you get used to it, it's still really good, but it doesn't have the same kick.

Plus, you are still human after an awakening, which is why the furor that we had going on around 2012 was especially amazing. I think a lot of people were presuming that all human difficulties would be washed out of this world by the end of that year. I certainly was open to that possibility.

But the prediction I made at the end of that year was this: we would all still be human.

And that has been the truth. We all still have issues. We all still make mistakes. We love. We get angry. We get scared. We grieve because all of this is part of the great tapestry of human life. It is part of the whole, and awakening has no preference over any part.

It's all sacred.

The Great Hope for a Better World

But if there is one great hope for a better world, it is you. Yes, you. You are the only one in charge of you no matter what year it is nor what vortex is opening. You are the only one who can embrace all of you. If you don't do this, no one else will. If you don't chose to live life from a more conscious and kind awareness every day, no one else will. There's no time to wait for someone else or for some wave of global awakening energy to wash you along to a better or "perfect" life (whatever that means for you). If there is any kind of wave of awakening energy, it's because others have walked through that door to embrace their greatest darkness and their greatest light. In so doing, perhaps they did make a path a little clearer for you.

Nonetheless, spiritual transformation still comes back to you. If you are waiting on the sidelines for some perfect moment to jump in, don't. Don't get in. You'll be leaping in with so many expectations that you'll drown. This spiritual awakening water is not what you are expecting. You simply have to let go of the idea of the perfect moment and all of your expectations, and then jump in. Or maybe you should just jump in anyway knowing you're going to have to get rid of expectations as quick as you find them. You have to cut those cords and many other attachments, and then you might just learn to swim in this amazing ocean we call life.

Choosing the Conscious Spiritual Path

And Then the 2012 Party Was Over

And then 2012 was over. People went on. 2013 came, and then it went. I'm sure people have been cooking up plenty of new prophecies, predictions for opening vortices, parallel dimensions, and the usual stuff since then. There is always something going on in the universe. That's part of why I hold astrology very lightly and rarely use it as a reason for anything I ever feel on my inner plane of existence. There's always a planet in retrograde somewhere. You can't use the external world as an excuse for how you are feeling or if you are ready to awaken. In many respects, awakening is something your soul is already planning to do or not. Still that doesn't mean that there isn't value in preparing yourself for an awakening and learning to release your attachments. And how do you do that? You follow your heart and you face your fears and darkness.

How to Face Your Inner Darkness

Because as years roll by, following your heart will help create the possibilities for spiritual awakenings in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and so on. Who knows what your influence will be on the world as you do your inner work and follow your heart? Perhaps your inner work makes space for your children to awaken or your friends or your spouse. You can't possibly know all the ramifications of this sacred work. And as I tell people, if you haven't had an awakening, then follow your heart. If you have had an awakening, then follow your heart. Either way, find out where this spiritual path is leading you.

Spiritual Awakening 2019 and 2020

And let's not stop. Let's get excited about every year. Let's make every year an excuse to make space for spiritual awakening. Let's make space for there to be spiritual caretakers to those who have an awakening. Let's make space to have more love in our relationships. Let's do the work to clear away the old hurtful structures and patterns in our lives and societies. So when  year after year people prophesy that a great blue moon in alignment with Jupiter's retrograde in conjunction with the portal opening in the Pleiades has now created the perfect time for spiritual awakenings in 2021, we will make that prophecy come true.

And while we are the ones that have to walk through those portals into awakening, we also help create them with our intentions. So where are your intentions? Still waiting? I hope not.

Slowing Down and Removing Expectations

Let's take a brief breath as we look at this year and the years to come. Let's slow down. This planet is spinning really, really fast. You'd think there was somewhere to go. With spiritual awakening, there is no where to go. That's the point of this blog and part of why 2012 was a little silly (The Mayan prophecy at it's core is an astronomical prediction about when the sun starts a new cycle). Because awakening can't be at any other moment than now. Sure, I bet some people had some amazing spiritual experiences in 2012. When the moment was gone, many of them probably went back to their life and wondered why things were still the same. Some others may have had some big internal shift, and that truly is a beautiful thing.

When you do awaken, that's when the real work begins for you to embody it and live from that space in this world. That's part of what this spiritual awakening blog is dedicated to, and it's why I expect that I'll have plenty of people to talk to about spiritual awakening in 2018, 2019, 2020, and so on. Because it is one thing to wake up, and it is yet another to de-program all the unhealthy ego patterns of thinking and acting. It's a whole lot of work to learn to live and act in loving harmony on this planet.

Letting Go of Prophecies, Coming Into the Moment

So let go of the prophecies and predictions. They're just ego games to put your hope for yourself, for life, and for this world into the future. Bring your hope and your happiness to this moment. Bring your awareness to this moment. Be here now.

Be Here Now

Perhaps you can make the spiritual awakening prophecies come true by embracing the fullness of you. Then, perhaps all of this enthusiasm and excitement will really grow into an unstoppable tidal wave of consciousness and love that will radically re-shape the whole planet into a world of peace.

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