Resting in Your Spiritual Wisdom

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Many people are curious about the post-spiritual awakening world. What is it like? When will it get here? And this is kind of hard to express because you dissolve reference points. A lot of the ways that I used to think are gone. So how can I express the difference if I don't have that other reference point to make a comparison. That's part of the culmination of spiritual awakening integration or embodiment. You simply are in this space of being. Could you imagine asking a Redwood tree how it is to be a Redwood tree? It is as it is.

Yet, I do see some of the value in trying to express some of this, and for this blog in the "After the Awakening" category, I'm talking about resting in our wisdom.

The Relaxation of Knowing What You Know

One quick thing that I'll mention is that this blog and the section its in comes after embodying the awakening. A lot of people refer to post-awakening more in the way that I've set up the "Surviving the Awakening" category and the "Awakening" page. In that phase of this process, you're still integrating all of this awareness that is you and learning how to act from it in the world. This spirituality post isn't focused that way because there is no real struggle between the old falling away and the new being born. Now, there are still old things falling away, and there are new moments, ideas, and other things being born when you are resting in your full awakened awareness. But the struggle is gone. Only where the unconscious ego shows up again with a preference is there struggle, and old parts of the ego may occasionally show up. It's just not a big deal. Nothing is really that big of a deal to those who are anchored in their awakened awareness. This is the relaxation of being. You don't need to attempt to be anything other than what you are.

Spiritual Wisdom Flows Easily

In this space, your inner knowing or intuition flows easily. You can hear it clearly, and you can choose to act from it or not. Most of us at this point simply choose to act from it, but we still have choice. That's a big thing to remember. Tuning in to this inner space doesn't mean we always do what we intuitively sense. I don't have any good examples of why I wouldn't continue to use my intuition in all aspects of my life, but the greater point is that we still have choice. It's not rigid or dogmatic. And listening to our intuition still means that things may not go to our ego's preference or liking. And we still have an ego, by the way. However, the spiritual or awakened ego knows what it is. It knows that it is merely a lens to see the world, and it knows that it is not the only lens through which to view the world. That actually allows for more of our wisdom to flow because we know when to get help, and we know when we need to do something on our own. And as always, we can drop even more deeply into the intuitive space to see where this flow is taking us and what is appropriate for us.

Trusting in Unconfirmed Intuitions

The Blame Game Is Gone

One thing that is certainly not part of resting in wisdom is the blame game. There's no use to it. This isn't mindlessly pacifist or lenient. We just know that there's no point in demonizing others. But we do own our truths, and we expect other people to take responsibility for what they do. From that space, there are conscious consequences. I would imagine that an enlightened penal system would still exist for those who still don't understand themselves and are unconscious. The difference is that people wouldn't be punished for the sake of punishing them. Rehabilitation would be more central because now we can come from a space of love and wisdom.

In many ways, awakening is like becoming a spiritual parent. You can see how so many people are spiritual children. Beating and berating a child does nothing but turn him/her into a monster who will continue that cycle of pain. Instead, we set firm boundaries and help them to understand their world in a new and more conscious way. From the light of understanding, people can potentially be healed through a corrections system. And of course every level of society needs to become conscious. Not even one aspect of our society can play the blame game if we want to create a new and healthier civilization.

Unlikely to Be Called to Violence

I am terming this subhead "unlikely" because being awakened, you see how hurting another is hurting yourself. But you still reserve the right for self-defense from grossly unconscious people. If someone is waving a gun at your head, you may be intuitively called to defend yourself. But that's about it. Otherwise, physical violence serves very little purpose, and it's uninteresting in many ways. Personally, I don't like anything that hurts my body or makes me feel needlessly uncomfortable. So hitting things and other people just isn't interesting. Many people (people into contact sports for example) end up having their identities hooked into being able to cause violence on others, and this is something that many people will have to let go of as we spiritually grow as a collective society. It will change sports, not get rid of it. Could you imagine how much more fun sports would be if it was about just playing and not ruthlessly competing?

Bullied, Beaten, and Abused: The Prevalence of Physical Violence in Western Culture

The Freedom to Share or Not to Share

But just because you have all this wisdom doesn't mean that you'll share it in words with others. Some people will wake up and simply be in the world. They won't feel called to "do" anything. Being a human being isn't about doing. Some of us will only ever share our wisdom because we're directly asked. Others share simply on the energy level. However, their wisdom still connects to all of us because we are all interconnected. Which is a beautiful way to share in and of itself.

We Are All One: The Law of Interconnection

So you may have some very awakened people around you, but they may simply not be moved to share. That's okay. If this is you, that's okay. Not everyone is meant to be a spiritual teacher sending this stuff out on a blog to thousands of people around the world. It's a role I feel called to do. If that changes for me, then I will stop. That's simply part of being tuned into myself and being aware of what feels true in this state of awareness.

Nothing to Do, But Rest in Being

As you can see, there's really not that much to say. Once you've integrated with the spiritual wisdom of awakened awareness, you may not realize how wise you are. You may only notice it when you are around other people or someone says, "Wow. That's so amazing. I'd never thought of that." Then an external reference point, i.e. the other person, will have momentarily appeared, and with their value system, you'll be judged as wise while they self-judge themselves as not being wise. It won't really matter that much to you. You are as you are. And that's perfect and wise in just the right way for you.

This picture of a bridge in nature comes from my regular reader, Becky Stiller. Thanks so much!


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